7 Best Kanban Project Management Software (2024)

In this guide, I rank and review the best kanban software on the market based on their features, use cases, prices, and more.
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The term “project management” does not conjure up images of fun and excitement in the workplace.

At the same time, many understand that without good project management, there is not much that can be achieved in a professional situation.

In fact, only 35% of project managers surveyed in 2020 said they were quite satisfied with the system in place at the time - a statistic that leaves something to be desired.

Kanban was created as a project management technique that helps keep projects on track and on budget.

In fact, it's good to know that in recent years, this process has been adopted worldwide by organizations of all types to help them manage their work more effectively and with better results.

Without the right project management tool Kanban, people will feel lost, unmotivated, and start to lose focus — and that's when things start to go downhill quickly.

The only problem with implementing a Kanban solution into your workflow is that there are a ton of options you can choose from, which I think makes it more difficult to choose the best solution for you.

Whether your business uses a sales management software, a contact management software or any other type of software, you will find that the Kanban methodology will improve the functioning of your process, if implemented correctly.

With so many options available, we decided to do some research and came up with this list of the 7 best kanban software tools for 2021 based on real user reviews, usability, and features offered - let's get to the heart of the matter.

What is the best Kanban software?

Here are my picks of the best Kanban software.

1. Zoho Projects.

zoho homepage

Zoho Projects is a cloud-based project management software that helps organizations plan, track, and collaborate on projects.

Zoho Projects streamlines all of an organization's workflow activities, like planning projects, assigning tasks to members in real time, and tracking who completed what task.

And the best? You can access it from anywhere - on a desktop computer or on a mobile phone - so you can stay home without wasting a minute.

The company's aim is to make it easier for users to remain productive, no matter where they are in the world, through an intuitive interface. With Zoho Projects, businesses can get their work done on time.


With Zoho Projects, you'll be able to break your projects down into simpler work pieces. These work items can be assigned to your team members and you can track their progress.

You can create checklists so that everyone knows exactly what they need to do to complete the project successfully.

Here are the main characteristics:

  • You can track bugs and issues to ensure they are fixed quickly so your team can continue their work.
  • Collaborate on and access documents from any computer, anywhere in the world. This allows you to focus more on your work without worrying about losing track of what your team members are saying.
  • With Zoho Projects, if another member of your team is working on a particular project with you, you'll be able to see what's being done and by whom.
  • You will be able to see the progress of each project in real time, allowing you to know where your team is at.


Zoho pricing

With 3 different plans, you can choose the one that fits your needs.

Free :

  • Up to 3 users
  • Characteristics:
  • 2 Projects
  • Attach files up to 10MB

Premium : $5/user/month

  • Up to 50 users
  • (10-day trial available)
  • Characteristics:
  • $3/customer user/month
  • Unlimited projects
  • 20 project templates
  • Attach files up to 100GB

Enterprise : $10/user/month

  • No upper limit
  • (10-day trial available)
  • Characteristics:
  • $3/customer user/month
  • Unlimited projects
  • 30 project templates
  • Attach files up to 120GB
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2. monday.com.

monday.com homepage

Monday.com is a software company that creates and sells project management tools for teams of all sizes.

The company's mission is to empower people to work without limits, so they can create, run, and evolve the workflows of their dreams on a single platform, with ease.

Monday.com provides an easy to use interface where employees can plan, track, and deliver their team's best work in real time, no matter where they are in the world. This can be done with a few mouse clicks or swipes on tablets or smartphones.


Monday.com is a Kanban project management system that focuses on what's important without burdening yourself with excessive detail.

Here are the main characteristics to look for:

  • Improve your time management skills by automating repetitive tasks so you can spend more time on important projects and deadlines
  • Improve customer satisfaction by having a single version of the truth that provides last-minute visibility into project status, upcoming milestones, and other key information.
  • View your work in different views to see what's happening right now and what's to come, understand your team's backlog and how you can change the course of action if needed.
  • So you will feel more confident because you won't have to worry about forgetting anything.


Monday.com pricing

With 5 different plans to choose from, Monday.com offers you the freedom and flexibility to choose the best package for your needs.

  • Individual : Free
  • Basic : $8/seat/month
  • Standard : $10/seat/month
  • Pro : $16/seat/month
  • Enterprise : Contact Monday.com for more information.
Start 100% Free with Monday.com

3. ClickUp.

clickup homepage

ClickUp is a web-based project management software that allows teams to collaborate in one place.

The company favors simplicity, which allows everyone to easily organize their work and communicate with team members.

The application was designed specifically for modern, remote teams that value collaborative teamwork.

It also offers features like time tracking, resource management, feedback, and chat, which allow users to share what they're working on and stay in touch without needing to email or call.

The goal of ClickUp is to provide you with everything you need to focus on what matters: your work.


Here are the main characteristics to look for:

  • Easily find everything you need, no matter where it is on your systems, so you can focus on your work.
  • Organize your tasks, projects, and files in a custom Kanban board, complex or simple, to keep you and your team on track and in sync.
  • Integrate other tools for even more functionality at the click of a single button - no need to switch between software or applications.
  • Manage your entire business from a single view so you can see what everyone is doing without switching between software or applications.


clickup pricing

Offering two types of packages, ClickUp is a highly customizable platform that is aimed at businesses of all sizes and in all sectors.

Gratuit :

  • This includes 100MB of storage, unlimited tasks, unlimited members, and two-factor authentication.

Unlimited package : $5 per month

  • With the unlimited plan, you can take advantage of viewing multiple Kanban boards and calendars in your account.
    With this $5/month plan, you won't have to worry about running out of space or exceeding your quota, as it offers unlimited storage, unlimited dashboards, unlimited integrations, and advanced features like goals, portfolios, and custom fields.
Get started with ClickUp

4. Asana.

asana homepage

Asana is the world's first team productivity software. Asana helps teams organize their work, connect and collaborate better, and get things done without wasting time on busy (but unproductive) work.

With Asana, you can create a project from scratch or import your existing projects from other tools like JIRA, Basecamp, or Trello.

Once your project is set up in Asana, you can break it down into tasks with due dates and assign them to specific members of your team. You'll always know who is working on what task at any given time and how close they are to completing it.

It is a project management software created specifically for teamwork: from small things to big images. The company's engineers are on a mission to ensure that people can work together more effectively to solve the right problems.

If you want to see an in-depth comparison of Asana and Monday.com, check out my article Asana vs Monday.


Stay on top of your work and never miss a deadline. With Asana, you can organize your team's work into projects and tasks, allowing you to have multiple views, including swimlanes.

Share files, notes, or messages directly from Asana to stay up to date without having to leave the interface.

Here are the main characteristics to look for:

  • Less time wasted on repetitive tasks: You can create custom checklists, follow specific steps, or add your questions as a task progresses.
  • One place to follow everyone's work: You no longer need to exchange emails to find out what project team members are assigned to or where you left off in a document.
  • With Asana, you can see your team's progress and see the big picture of what needs to be done.
  • With Asana, you can set up a task to be completed multiple times, add members to a project at any time, and drop files into your tasks to make sure nothing gets lost in the email abyss.


Basic : $0

  • Free forever
  • Perfect for individuals or teams who are new to project management.

Premium : $13.49 per user per month

  • or $10.99 per user, per month, billed annually)
  • For teams that need to create project plans with confidence.

Business : $30.49 per user per month

  • (or $24.99 per user, per month, billed annually)
  • For teams and businesses that need to manage work between different initiatives.
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5. Wrike.

wrike homepage

Wrike is the most powerful work management platform in the world. With Wrike, you can empower your modern agile teams and business and achieve more than ever before.

Their flexible and collaborative solution, which integrates with existing systems, allows everyone to remain in control of their work globally - and to achieve their goals this year and beyond.

With Wrike's simple but flexible interface, your team can organize projects in one place and collaborate effectively to achieve all of their goals.

Whether you need help managing tasks or tracking time spent on specific tasks, Wrike has the tools to get the job done right.

Plus, with powerful automation features like repeatable schedules and integrations with other apps like Slack, Trello, Jira, and Google Drive/Docs, it's never been easier for your team to be productive while working together.


If you want to understand what needs to be done - before you start working - then Wrike is the one to try. It is as simple as that.

Wrike's process breakdown feature ensures that the flow and status of the total project duration are visible at all times. At a glance, you can make informed decisions about the evolution of your projects.

Here are the main characteristics to look for:

  • The project manager can manage multiple projects with greater control over each project in order to meet deadlines and get work done more quickly.
  • You'll be able to launch your product on time, as it will no longer be a last-minute rush to make sure everything is complete.
  • Reduce stress and fatigue so your team can continue to work at their best.
  • Ensure that no missing parts are forgotten in a project by involving all stakeholders at the right times.


wrike pricing

With four different plans, Wrike offers a pricing plan that's right for your business.

Gratuit : For teams that are just starting out

Professional : $9.80 per user/month

  • For fast-growing teams, this plan offers project planning and team collaboration.

Business : $24.80 per user/month

  • For all teams in an organization, this plan offers a customized platform for each team or use case.

Enterprise : Contact us to find out more

  • For large teams, this plan offers enterprise-grade security and scalability.
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6. Celoxis.

celoxis homepage

Celoxis Is a agile project management software All-in-one kanban that will make your life easier.

With Celoxis, you can manage every part of your professional life — from project requests to deadlines and everything in between. You'll never be stressed again thanks to their meticulous engineering, beautiful user interface, and unparalleled simplicity.

Celoxis is an all-in-one system when it comes to project management tools. With Celoxis, you can benefit from enterprise features, dynamic dashboards, and tons of customizations in a cost-effective solution.

Track requests from a variety of sources and sort them according to your key performance indicators while developing a dynamic plan that automatically adapts to changing real conditions.


With Celoxis, you will be able to gather information about your projects through their fully customizable portfolio dashboards.

Here are the main characteristics to look for:

  • Easily allocate resources to tasks based on availability, demand, and skills to complete projects more quickly and maximize profits.
  • Broaden visibility to stakeholders by sharing updates and letting them ask questions through their preferred communication channel.
  • Ensure that an ongoing project is visible at all times for better decision-making and governance.
  • Get real-time visibility into budget expenses, receivables, and project and portfolio profitability to make smart, strategic business decisions.


celoxis pricing

These are the two formulas available from which you can choose:

Cloud : $22.50 per user per month (billed annually)

This plan offers:

  • Free support
  • Free clients and virtual users
  • 2GB of file space per user

There are also several options when it comes to the billing cycle for this package. These include:

  • Monthly billing
  • Billed annually
  • Billed 2 times per year
  • Triennial billing

On-premise : $450 per user (billed once)

This plan offers:

  • 1 year of free support
  • Free clients and virtual users
  • Includes all upgrades
Start with Celoxis ->

7. Jira.

jira homepage

Jira Software is a powerful agile and kanban project management tool used by the best software teams in the world. Jira software was designed to allow your team to plan, track, and release quality software every day.

Through high-fidelity job tracking and real-time data visualizations, Jira helps you understand what needs to be done, who is currently doing it, and how they are progressing. So you can make the right decisions with confidence, knowing that the information you have is always up to date.

Get real-time insight into team activity and improve collaboration with Jira boards, sprints, Kanban views, and more.

Plus, Jira comes with hundreds of pre-built integrations that allow you to connect to your existing tools. With everything you need to plan and track software projects in one place, Jira software is the best agile project management tool available.


With Jira, you can track progress against project parameters to better understand the health of your work.

Here are the main characteristics to look for:

  • Get your team focused on providing value
  • Communicate the plans with stakeholders and use the part roadmap software from Jira to connect to your team's workflow in just a few clicks.
  • Save time by automating tasks and processes in Jira Software Cloud so you can focus on the work that matters most.
  • Track progress with a wide range of flexible charts and integrated reports, designed to be highly intuitive for everyone from project managers to business users.


jira pricing

With four different plans, Jira can adapt to your budget and needs.

  • Gratuit : Always free for 10 users
  • Standard : $7 per user
  • Premium : $14 per user
  • Enterprise : Billed annually. Enterprise plan pricing is available when you enter 801 or more users above.

Monthly or annual payment cycles are available for all plans (except for the free plan).

Discover Jira ->

What is Kanban software?

According to the Kanban software development process, prioritizing work is crucial when it comes to delivering items.

The aim of this method is to create a continuous workflow within a company. This means that it should be easy for a work item to move from one stage to another and that tasks should not get stuck in a given phase.

The advantage of this method is that it is easy to understand, so even those who are not very familiar with project management can follow its steps easily.

That being said, not all organizations can afford to use Kanban software to manage their projects, as this type of Kanban system can be quite expensive depending on the features you need and the plan you choose.

To use Kanban software well, you need to spend time and effort developing your workflow process. This will allow you to plan your work well and assign the right tasks to each member of the team.

Additionally, when choosing a Kanban tool, you need to understand that some features may be more important than others depending on the needs of your organization.

For example, a project management tool may not include a customer relationship management solution. That's why it's best to compare different Kanban software solutions to find the one that offers exactly what you need and nothing more.

There are other things to consider, such as price, scalability (if your business continues to grow), personal preferences, add-ons, ease of use, and learning curve.

A good kanban tool should allow users to manage their entire workflow and all of its dependencies without any problems. It should also include all the essential functionalities to keep track of work items at each stage of a project.


What is the best Kanban software?

To use Kanban software well, you need to know exactly what your organization needs. Since there are a large number of different options on the market, it is easy for work items to get stuck and become bottlenecks in the wrong phase or not to be completed effectively.

You are more likely to succeed if you base your decision on the characteristics you need before any other factor.

That's why it's best to get in touch with others who are already using kanban software or to get in touch with businesses that offer this service and see which of the two would be more useful based on your specific needs.

Do I need to customize my Kanban software?

If you are looking for something simple but at the same time flexible to be able to adapt to a growing business, it may be time to take the development of your Kanban software into your own hands.

If you decide to create custom kanban software, you'll have better control over the end results. However, there are a few things you should keep in mind if you want this process to go smoothly, as it is not an easy task at all.

Not only technical knowledge is required, but also design skills. So you should not rush or entrust this task to someone who is new to programming languages and tools.


As you can see, Kanban software is a popular option that is used by many organizations today. It's easy to use and works well when it comes to making the most of your available resources.

It allows work items to be monitored as they move from one stage to the next. It is also ideal for promoting the success of your applications and projects.

Here are my picks for the best Kanban software:

  • Asana : Simply one of the best tools on the market
  • Zoho Projects : The best for managing resources and collaborating with your team
  • Monday.com : The best solution for creating workflows on a single platform
  • ClickUp : The best solution for creating a customized workflow based on your specific needs.

By using the best Kanban-based software in your organization, you'll be able to see the project management process in a whole new way.

This could help you become more effective and efficient in your overall workflow, which means you'll get better results with every project that comes your way.

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