7 best time tracking software: time tracking (2024)

The use of time tracking software is important for a business to respect its budget, its time spent, and the use of its resources.
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Want to jump straight to my top picks? The best time tracking software is Monday and Wrike.

Using the right time tracking software is very important if you want your business to stay on budget while maintaining accurate resource usage data.

It is quite worrying to note that more than 34% of employees devote up to five hours a week to meetings that lead to nothing. This is a problem that time tracking can help solve.

Time tracking also plays an important role in using payroll software to ensure that employees are paid fairly for the work they do.

The problem with time tracking is that finding the right software for your business (whether you're self-employed or a multi-employee business) can be expensive and time consuming.

Most of the software available is either too complicated or too simple to meet your needs. If you've never used time tracking software, it can be hard to know where to start looking.

To help you out, I've reviewed the best time tracking software options available on the market right now so you don't have to. Let's go directly to exploring the solution that best suits your needs.

What are the best time tracking software and applications?

Here are the best time tracking software and apps that are currently available.

1. monday.com.

Monday.com works great if you're looking to manage all of your time tracking processes (and more) from a single dashboard.

By organizing your workflows with this time tracking application, you can see what is happening within your team at a glance and easily switch between projects.

By setting up workflows with Monday, you can create tasks for each of your employees so everyone is on the same page.

Plus, these tasks are automatically added to everyone's calendars, so everyone knows exactly when and where they need to be to complete tasks.

Using Monday's productivity features as part of task management software makes it a powerful time tracking tool that will give you the best of both worlds: an intuitive application for your team members and total control of all processes within the company.

You are also able to integrate Monday with your existing tools so that time is tracked with other important details. This can be useful if you're looking to streamline your workflows into something that works great for the entire business.


  • Customer support is available at any time of the day so you can get the help you need when you're feeling overwhelmed.
  • Monday's focus on workflows makes it easy for employees to manage their time, even from their mobile device.
  • With personalized views, you can track the use of your time and know what employees (and you) need to work on.
  • Use automation to save time and streamline processes. This ensures that everything is reported correctly, regardless of what platform the team member is on (desktop or mobile).


monday.com pricing

There's a 14-day free trial to help you understand if Monday.com is the right software for you. A credit card is not required to set up this trial.

After the test, you have the choice between 5 formulas:

  • Individual: $0 (free forever)
  • Basic: $8 per seat per month
  • Standard: $10 per seat per month
  • Pro: $16 per seat per month
  • Company: Contact them for a personalized quote

The prices above are based on a team of 3 seats. Prices will change depending on the number of seats required. You also save 18% if you pay annually instead of monthly.

Start 100% free with monday.com

2. Wrike.

wrike homepage

Wrike allows you to streamline your workflows and seamlessly manage all of your projects from the same intuitive platform.

Wrike is proud to be a cloud-based tool that can be used to manage everything from small tasks to big projects, so it's ideal for those who want an all-in-one solution.

With its customized workflows (easy to implement and use), your team will be able to quickly track time without having to worry about wasting time trying to get everyone on the same page.

This application also has an intuitive interface, which allows team members to quickly learn how everything works, without a big learning curve. So it's ideal for small business owners (or managers) who want their employees to be able to use Wrike with ease.

Additionally, Wrike offers a comprehensive set of timeline views that allow you to see how workflows are developing over time. This allows you to keep an eye on projects and tasks, so nothing is ever overlooked.


  • Create interactive Gantt charts that allow you to see how tasks will unfold over time.
  • Maintain clarity with reports that show what is happening and where specific work fits into the big picture. Managers can thus ensure that everything is done on time and as planned.
  • Focus on what's important in your work so you and your team can more easily understand what tasks need to be addressed right away.
  • See what has happened in the past, what is happening now, and predict what will happen in the future in any project - and at any point in the process.


wrike pricing

With 4 different pricing plans, Wrike can help with time management strategies for any type of team. The following plans are available:

  • Free (ideal for teams starting out): $0 per user per month
  • Professional (for teams that evolve): $9.80 per user per month
  • Business (for a company with multiple teams within it): $24.80 per user per month
  • Enterprise (for large businesses): Contact Wrike for a custom quote
Start with Wrike.

3. Time Doctor.

timedoctor homepage

Time Doctor is one of the best time tracking options for a number of reasons. Employees appreciate being given a way to track their time that's not complicated to use - and that's exactly what Timedoctor offers.

Time tracking is automated for projects previously set up in this software, allowing you to see where the team excels and where they need help. Personal and team development can thus be significantly improved.

Monitoring and analyzing your staff's schedule will allow you to have more committed employees on each project. That means you'll also be able to bill customers accurately and, at the same time, be assured that you're not paying for unproductive or free time.


  • With Timedoctor, you'll see how much time your employees spend on each project and task, which is perfect for collecting data that your business can use for accurate billing.
  • Managers receive regular, weekly reports that include hours spent, websites visited, application usage, task and customer distribution, and more.
  • Promote work-life balance and avoid burnout by avoiding excessive stress.
  • You can track how much time you spend using certain programs or applications, as well as how much time you spend on different sites.


timedoctor pricing

The price depends on the number of users in your organization. At the bottom of the scale (1 user), the prices are as follows:

  • Basic: $7 per month
  • Standard: $10 per month
  • Premium: $20 per month

A free 14-day trial is also included with all plans. Regardless of the plan you choose, there's no contract and you can cancel anytime.

Try Time Doctor Today

4. Hubstaff.

Hubstaff homepage

Hubstaff provides a clean, lightweight application for multiple devices.

Whether you use it for desktop, Chrome, mobile, or the web app (whether you're on Windows, Linux, or Mac), you'll be able to create an unlimited number of projects, set timers, perform advanced timing, and get reports, all in one place.

Hubstaff is ideal for startups looking for an intuitive interface that makes it easy to track time so they can focus more on the business side of things. It's also ideal for larger businesses with dispersed staff.

Organizations of any size will be able to track time and receive reports with Hubstaff, allowing for accurate billing and project management.

Automating team management and billing will save you time and money, and Hubstaff is the best solution for that.

Focusing on making your business profitable doesn't have to be complicated when it comes to time tracking — with Hubstaff, all you need to do is click, track the time, and let the software do the rest.


  • Hubstaff is used by a wide range of businesses across over 100 industries, which means it offers a variety of features to meet your needs.
  • Set weekly budgets or deadlines for teams and get alerts when projects go over budget or deadline.
  • Work with peace of mind, because everyone knows what to do first and when it's time to change tasks.
  • Track multiple projects per customer and see exactly how your team is spending their time without needing to add new timers for each project.
  • Use tracking data from seasoned employees and combine it with onboarding software to ensure that new hires get a smooth and constantly evolving start within your business.


hubstaff pricing 1

With annual (you get two months free with this option) and monthly payment plans, there are three main plans you can choose from based on your business needs. It is about:

  • Hubstaff time
  • Hubstaff office
  • Hubstaff field

When it comes to Hubstaff Desk (the best for team management and time tracking for those who work behind a desk), the pricing plans are as follows.

hubstaff pricing 2
  • Free office: Free for a single user
  • Desk Starter: $5.83 per user per month
  • Desk Pro: $8.33 per user per month
  • Business: Contact Hubstaff to get a personalized plan that fits your needs.

5. Paymo.

paymo homepage

Paymo allows you to create and manage tasks for your team, while making it easy to see who is doing what, so nothing falls through the cracks.

It is also ideal for tracking the time spent on various projects, as it allows you to easily determine the time spent per task, as well as understand the amount of work done by a specific person or a certain group of people.

The app gives you plenty of ways to see what's going on, including the ability to organize tasks into projects, subtasks, and stages.

So you can focus on what's important, ensuring that everything goes without a hitch or delay, while the ability to create custom reports ensures everyone is on the same page.


  • A desktop app and mobile apps for iOS and Android allow you to track working time in the office or on the go.
  • You can also quickly identify if someone is available to work, and see if someone is overbooked (or even underbooked) so you can make room for the necessary changes.
  • View a detailed list of tasks and subtasks to make sure nothing has been forgotten. You can also view all projects at a glance in one convenient location.
  • Keep your customers informed of the evolution of the project through static and live reports.


paymo pricing

With 3 plans available, you have the option of paying annually or monthly.

The Paymo plans that are available are as follows:

  • Free: $0 per user per month
  • Small office: $9.95 per user per month (no user limit)
  • Businesses: $15.79 per user per month (no user limit)

There is an unlimited 15-day free trial for the above paid plans.

6. Clockify

clockify hoomepage

Clockify allows you to understand the productivity of your team and provides you with detailed reports on who is working on what task as well as various project tags and filters.

Clockify has a simple interface that allows managers and employees to get to work right away. This allows your team to remain productive without wasting time manipulating complicated functions.

With the ability to define tags and labels for specific tasks, Clockify allows you to stay focused on what's really important, instead of being distracted by additional features that can cause confusion and delays.


  • Time tracking and daily task analysis can be used to detect areas for improvement, determine how much time employees spend on ad hoc requests, and automatically allocate time to the right employees.
  • Invite your staff to track time spent on tasks, identify who is working on what, manage workload, and provide attendance data to payroll and accounting.
  • Make sure your customers know how much time you've worked on their projects, how much time you've spent on each task, and what percentage of the work you've done.
  • Create accurate invoices to send to customers based on the reports generated.


clockify pricing

Clockify comes with 4 standard plans that you can choose from. All plans (except the Enterprise plan) are free to try to help you understand how the application works. Here are the 4 standard Clockify formulas:

  • Basic: $3.99 per user per month (billed annually)
  • Standard: $5.49 per user per month (billed annually)
  • Pro: $7.99 per user per month (billed annually)
  • Business: $11.99 per user per month (billed annually)

If billing is monthly, the cost of each package increases slightly.

7. Toggl track.

toggl track homepage

Toggl Track can be used regardless of the size of your business or even the workplace. Whether you have one employee or a hundred, working in the office or remotely, Toggl Track can provide the right solution for your business.

It provides all the information about how your team is spending their time through its simple interface, while helping you stay organized by following specific tasks on different projects.

It is a tool that provides you with valuable data on the time required to complete projects. It is perfect for teamwork because it allows managers to see how time has been spent and helps to plan future projects based on this data.

Staying accountable inside and outside your team is a breeze with Toggl Track's practical reports. This is one of the best features of the software, which is just another reason why Toggl is considered to be a great time tracking software.


  • Set up Toggl Track to suggest time entry ideas based on the program you're using (for those who are more forgetful).
  • The Toggl Track Calendar view includes the date and time of a calendar event, allowing you to add or start time entries based on scheduled events.
  • With one of Toggl Track's main features, you can automatically track every app or website you use for more than 10 seconds and then turn that data into time records.
  • Send team time tracking reminders to the right people to ensure time tracking is done properly.


toggl track pricing

A 30-day free trial period is provided for all premium plans, as well as a 10% discount for an annual payment.

There are 4 packages included with Toggl Track, as follows:

  • Free: $0 for up to 5 users
  • Starter: $9 per user per month
  • Premium: $18 per user per month
  • Business: Customized price for an unlimited number of users

What is time tracking software?

Time tracking software is a tool used to track time spent on specific tasks at work.

When you spend hours working on something, it can be difficult to determine how much time has been spent on that specific project — especially if there are multiple people involved in certain tasks.

This can lead to differences of opinion about the progress of a task, or even to disputes between colleagues about who should complete a group of tasks depending on who started them or the time devoted to these tasks.

That's where time tracking software comes in: employees will be able to accurately track their work hours and employers can easily access this information to make important decisions.


All of the best time tracking apps are designed to work seamlessly with the other programs and services you're already using in your business.

Time-tracking applications can provide detailed reports, analytics, and frequent update notifications for managers at all levels, while offering basic features like user enrollment, project configuration, and task assignment at no additional cost.

To summarize, the best time tracking software and applications are:

  • Monday.com : The best solution for setting up workflows that work perfectly on a single platform.
  • Wrike: The best solution for seamlessly managing time tracking across multiple projects.
  • Time Doctor : The best way to create a more productive workforce in seconds.
  • Hubstaff: The best solution to spend less time monitoring and more time developing.
  • Paymo: The best way to keep your team in sync and engaged.
  • Clockify: The best for a time tracking solution that works well across multiple devices.
  • Toggl track: The best for those who want to turn time tracking into a simple process.

By keeping the characteristics mentioned above in mind when choosing a time tracking application, you'll be able to choose the perfect software and start monitoring your team's work hours and productivity like never before.

What time tracking tool do you use for your business? Let me know in the comments section below.

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