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Wrike : Full Review, Testing, and Presentation (2024)


Wrike is a cloud-based project and task management platform that is fully configurable and allows you to work in a secure environment.

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What is Wrike?

Wrike is a comprehensive cloud solution for project management, merging multiple tools to optimize the efficiency of business tasks.

  • Unified solution: Combines multiple workflow tools for easy task and project management.
  • Accessibility: As a cloud application, accessible via web browser, mobile device, or desktop.
  • Remote collaboration: Built for teams of all sizes, facilitating remote collaboration.
  • Impressive growth: Acquired by Citrix for $2.25 billion, demonstrating its value and rapid growth.
  • Foundation and History: Founded in 2006 by Andrew Filev, Wrike is based in Silicon Valley and has over 1,000 employees.
  • User base: Used by over two million people around the world, attesting to its importance in project management

In summary, Wrike is a must-have tool for effective, unified, and accessible project management.

Wrike Users

Wrike is designed to be easy to use, while offering a robust suite of management software features.

This makes it a popular choice among a variety of professionals.

  • Project managers: Project managers use this project management software to organize their teams, manage tasks, track deadlines, and ensure project coordination.
  • Marketing teams: Marketing teams use it to plan their campaigns, collaborate on content, and track their goals.
  • Tech companies: Technology companies use this tool to coordinate product developments, manage software versions, and track technical issues.
  • Non-governmental organizations (NGOs): NGOs use Wrike to plan programs, coordinate volunteers, and manage resources.

Regardless of your sector of activity, it offers a multitude of features that facilitate project management. Here are some of the benefits that Wrike offers its users:

  • Adaptability: This tool can be adapted to a variety of industries and roles, which means that no matter what your job is, Wrike has the tools to help.
  • Real-time collaboration: it offers real-time collaboration tools, which means your team can work together effectively no matter where they are.
  • Integrations: This tool integrates with a variety of other tools, which means you can centralize your work in a single platform.

In conclusion, it is a tool for project management flexible and sturdy that is used by a variety of professionals. Whether you're a project manager, a marketing team member, a tech company, or an NGO, Wrike has the tools to meet your specific needs.


Wrike is an online project management platform with an impressive range of features, allowing teamwork to be structured and simplified.

1. Task Management and Collaboration

The core of this software is its ability to facilitate task management and collaboration.

  • Organization of tasks: Break down complex goals into manageable tasks, set deadlines, or attach files to each task.
  • Progress monitoring: See the progress of tasks and the individual contribution of team members.
  • Facilitated communication: Mention teammates in tasks to make it easier to exchange information and follow up on conversations.
diagrammes de gantt
Gantt charts

2. Dashboard and Activity Stream

Wrike offers an intuitive dashboard and real-time activity stream for total control over your projects.

  • Project Overview: Track deadlines, tasks, and activity flows at a glance.
  • Integrations: Import emails and associate them with tasks or projects, and use your favorite business applications with numerous integrations.

3. User Group Management and Access Control

Wrike allows you to customize user groups for optimal distribution of tasks and projects.

  • Selection of members: Choose the right team members for each task or project.
  • Custom user groups: Create custom groups, assign different levels of access control, and selectively share files.

4. Custom Workflows

With Wrike, you can create custom workflows to streamline every stage of your project.

  • Adaptation to team processes: Create workflows that match the way your team works.
  • Data usage: Use relevant data from your platform's custom fields to create dashboards that contain the information that's most critical to your business.

5. Calendar and Mobile App Synchronization

Wrike offers calendar sync and mobile apps for seamless project management no matter where you are.

  • Calendar sync: Integrate this software with popular calendars like Outlook Calendar, Google Calendar, and iCalendar for an overview of your project milestones.
  • Mobile applications: Stay connected with your team at all times with Android and iOS apps.

6. Time Tracking and Extensions

For an even more accurate project management software, this software offers time tracking and several extensions.

  • Time tracking: Record the time spent by each team member on tasks for better planning and budget management.
  • Expansions: Use extensions like Wrike Resource, Wrike Proof, Wrike Proof, Wrike Publish, Wrike Integrate, and Wrike Analyze to increase the functionality of your platform.

In summary, this software offers a range of features to make project management more fluid and more productive. Its robust and customizable features make Wrike a top choice for any business looking to optimize project management.

Customer Support

Wrike, a tool of choice for project management, makes a point of offering quality customer service to its users.

support chat bot

Here is a detailed review of their support and complementary services.

  • Support channel: This software offers support via live chat, email, and phone, even for users on the free plan.
  • Learning resources: A community forum, video tutorials, and a knowledge base with interactive guides are available for users.
  • Support for non-subscribers: For non-subscribers, email communication with customer service is the best way to get accurate information about the software.
  • Questions about plans: For specific questions about features and pricing, it's best to contact Wrike Sales.
  • Responsiveness: Wrike email support is fast and efficient, with response times typically under 24 hours.
  • Premium Support Package (at additional cost): Includes priority phone support, on-demand email support, weekend reminders, and live chat from the workspace. Response time is guaranteed in one hour.

It offers varied and responsive customer support, which is essential for smooth and effective project management.

customer support-email-response

Wrike integrations

Wrike offers several integrations classified by categories even in its free version:


  • Salesforce : Ensures complete accountability and visibility on customer projects within Salesforce.
  • HubSpot : Enables two-way sync between Wrike and HubSpot, making it easy to communicate across your organization.
  • Pipedrive : Automates the transfer of sales data from Pipedrive to Wrike, allowing sales and project teams to work together more effectively.

Instant messaging

  • Slack : Converts discussions into structured work and facilitates project collaboration within Slack.
  • Wrike for Microsoft Teams : Integrates project management with Microsoft Teams, turning conversations into structured work.

Document Management

  • Google Drive : Collaborate on files by attaching documents directly to tasks from your Google Drive account.
  • dropbox : Keep your files and tasks together with file upload integration.
  • Microsoft OneDrive : Quickly attach Microsoft OneDrive files to Wrike tasks for even smoother document collaboration.

Spreadsheet Management

  • Google Sheets : Integrates Wrike with the popular Google Sheets tool in real time, linking tasks and spreadsheets in minutes.
  • Microsoft Excel : If you're used to managing tasks through Excel spreadsheets, you can import and export your Excel spreadsheets to and from Wrike with a single click.

Business intelligence tools

  • Table : Integrate Wrike with Tableau for advanced analytics and reporting, providing greater visibility into project performance.

Visual Collaboration Tools

  • Miro : Connect Wrike to Miro to link tasks to maps in minutes with real-time, two-way sync.

Workflow Automation

  • Automation Engine : Accelerates daily workflows, reduces repetitive tasks, and optimizes processes by automating commonly used actions.

These integrations, and more, make Wrike even more powerful and adaptable to the specific needs of your team.


This powerful tool of project management, offers a variety of pricing plans to meet the needs of teams of all sizes.

This section details the costs and features of each option.

  • Free: Perfect for small jobs with basic features Includes access to Wrike mobile and desktop, sharing with five Wrike users, and up to 2GB of storage.
  • Professional ($9.80 per user/month): Great for smaller teams, offering dashboards, task and subtask management, more integrations, and more storage space.
  • Business ($24.80 per user/month): Designed for all team sizes, provides advanced features like custom fields and workflows, real-time statuses, and better team management.
  • Company: Customized plan for large businesses, with advanced security features and extensive customization. Price is available upon request.
Important note: All paid plans require a minimum of five seats. Premium add-ons can be added to enhance the functionality of your plan.

It offers a flexible range of plans to adapt to your needs in project management, from small teams to large businesses.

Security and Privacy

When it comes to the project management online, security and privacy are essential.

As such, This software distinguishes itself by providing a secure and robust platform for all your management software needs.

In this context, let's look at the specificities of security and confidentiality.

Security Measures

It takes security seriously, putting in place strict measures to protect its users' information. Here's what you can expect from this software when it comes to security:

  • Safety certifications: This software is certified ISO/IEC 27001 and SOC 2 Type II, a guarantee of compliance with the highest international security standards.
  • Data security: With 256-bit AES encryption, it ensures that your data is secure during transmission and storage.
  • Data backup: This software makes regular backups and stores your data in geo-redundant data centers to ensure their safety in the event of an incident.

Data Confidentiality

In addition to security, it also respects your privacy, with a transparent privacy policy that respects the GDPR.

  • Transparency: The privacy policy of this software is easy to understand, and the company is committed to not sharing your information with third parties without your consent.
  • RGPD compliance: As a company that respects European regulations, this software is GDPR compliant, giving you more control over your personal data.
  • Data control: With this software, you can control who sees your information and how it's used, with customizable access control features.

It offers a secure and privacy-friendly platform for project management. If you are looking for a solution to manage your projects with peace of mind, this software is an option to consider.

Alternatives to Wrike

1. Monday

Wrike vs Monday

Monday is a work management platform that offers total visibility on all your tasks through a simple interface.


  • Features a dashboard-like layout for a clear overview or Gantt charts
  • Designed for various types of users: marketers, sales, software developers, human resources managers, etc.
  • Strong focus on team activities


  • Free version for students and non-profit organizations.
  • Paid plans start at $8 per user or $24 per month.

It's a great solution for teams, especially if collaboration is key to your organization.

Learn more about Monday here

2. ClickUp

Wrike vs ClickUp

ClickUp is an all-in-one project management platform, with features that focus on tasks, documentation, and goals.


  • A comprehensive work management tool with task-oriented functions, gantt charts, documentation, and goals.
  • Offers numerous integrations with your favorite platforms.
  • Free lifetime plan with access to the basic function and 100MB of storage.


  • Free lifetime plan.
  • Paid plans offer more features and storage.

If you are on a tight budget or if you are just starting out in the online world, ClickUp could be a great option.

Discover ClickUp here

3. Trello

Wrike vs Trello

Trello is the Kanban solution par excellence, facilitating work management through information “cards” and visual boards.


  • Easy work management through the use of information “maps” and visual tables
  • Great for simple tasks and lists


  • Free plan with limited features.
  • Features can be expanded starting at just $9.99/month.

Trello is a great choice for visual thinkers, solopreneurs, and small businesses that are self-taught.

Learn more about Trello here

How do I get started with Wrike?

Wrike is a powerful project management tool known for its smooth hierarchical structure that organizes your work intuitively.

From the highest level, spaces, to individual tasks, each element of your work finds its place.


Here's an overview of how you can get started with Wrike:

  • Creation of spaces: Spaces are like central hubs that contain and organize all of your team's work, including folders, projects, tasks, and subtasks. You can configure them according to your departments, teams, customers, or different types of work.
  • Home page: When you launch Wrike, the “My Home” page gives you an overview of your workspace. On the left side, you'll find your inbox with new messages and notifications. You have the option to “snooze” any notification that requires further attention.
  • Browsing: In the center of the “My Home” page, you will find all the spaces (team and staff) of which you are a member. Just below, you'll see recent, pinned projects/tasks. Wrike AI also offers recommended tasks that are located above your spaces.
  • Wrike tools: On the right-hand side, a vertical navigation bar brings together all of Wrike's tools. This includes a to-do list, starred projects, calendars, timesheets, dashboards, and reports. These tools can also be accessed by clicking on the launch icon in the top navigation bar.

Getting started with Wrike is easy thanks to its intuitive navigation and powerful features.

Its hierarchical system allows you to structure your work effectively, to improve the productivity of your team.


Final Verdict

Wrike is a robust work management tool that's trusted by industry leaders like Google and Dell.

However, its pricing structure can be baffling, with lots of premium features hidden behind pricier plans.

If your budget allows, Wrike is worth exploring. For tighter budgets, alternatives like Asana or ClickUp might be more appropriate which also offers a free version.

At the end of the day, the ideal tool depends on your specific workflow. Good luck with your search!

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