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Lumen5 : Full Review, Testing, and Presentation (2024)


Lumen5 offers a perfect result for your video needs, whether it's promoting, informing, or entertaining your target audience.

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What is Lumen5?

Lumen5 is a AI-powered video creation tool ideal for beginners and professionals based in Canada.

  • Fast Video Creation Platform: Lumen5 allows you to create videos in a few minutes on the internet
  • Accessible to Beginners: No previous experience required to use the tool.
  • Marketing Use: Effective for marketing, entertainment, and social media education.
  • Large Target Audience: Suitable for freelancers, marketing teams, businesses, and social media users.

Lumen5 stands out as a versatile and easy-to-use solution for video creation impacting, adapted to a variety of users.


Lumen5 is a tool that offers many features to create the following video:

1. Video creation

Lumen5 (text to video)
Lumen5 video creation tool: Video articles

Lumen5 is characterized by its ease of use, allowing you to create impactful videos in a few minutes.

  • Media drag and drop: Easy to add photos, videos, sound clips, and text boxes into your content project in minutes
  • Limited Time: The videos are limited to five minutes, focusing on the essence of your message.

This feature makes Lumen5 ideal for quickly creating engaging videos for social media or content marketing.

2. AI-Assisted Video Editing

Lumen5 (text to video ou articles en videos)
Lumen5 (text to video or “blog posts to video”)

Lumen5 is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to facilitate video editing, making the process accessible even to novices.

  • Automated editing: The AI in this tool ensures high quality production without manual editing of the content
  • Advanced Customization: Adjust saturation, brightness, contrast for a unique rendering of content

Lumen5 is positioned as a key tool for those looking for professional quality without the complexities of traditional video editing.

3. Audio to Video Transformation

Create engaging videos from simple audio files, a great asset for podcasts and other audio content.

  • Easy Audio Download: Import your audio files to create videos instantly.
  • Great for Marketing: Perfect for turning podcasts into visual content for social networks.

Lumen5 stands out by offering an easy way to bring your audio content to life.

4. Automated AI Workflow

Lumen5 machine learning
Lumen5 - Video creation platform

Video editing is child's play with Lumen5's machine learning and natural language processing.

  • Intelligent video content automation: The AI in this tool determines the duration of the scenes and the keywords to highlight.
  • Time saving: An automated workflow for consistent video quality and significant time savings.

Lumen5 is proving to be an ideal solution for creators looking to maximize their time while producing high-quality video content.

5. Predefined Video Templates

templates de Lumen5
Lumen5 - Video creation platform for brands

Save time and maintain brand consistency with Lumen5 video templates.

  • Wide choice of content templates: Over 50 templates available upon registration to create a video in a few minutes
  • Easy Customization: Change and save settings for future use.

Lumen5's templates are perfect for anyone looking to quickly create videos while maintaining their brand's visual identity.

Articles en Videos
Articles in Videos

With its AI-based features, ease of editing, and customization options, Lumen5 is a must-have choice for anyone looking to produce quality video content quickly and efficiently.

Lumen5 pricing

Lumen5 is a platform that offers a range of pricing plans adapted to various video creation needs:

Tarifs de Lumen5
Lumen5 tool
  • Free plan: 5 videos per month, standard library, over 3000 music tracks, Lumen5 watermark.
  • Starter plan: $19/month, access to 15 million media, 720p resolution.
  • Premium plan: $49/month, Starter features plus 2 million media from Getty Images/Shutterstock, 1080p resolution, font and color customization.
  • Business Plan: $149/month, includes Premium plus 160 million media, music, and custom fonts for brands
  • Enterprise Plan: $500/month, account manager, team management, unlimited access to premium media, full brand control.

Lumen5 stands out for its pricing flexibility, offering options suitable for both casual users and brand businesses looking for advanced features.

Customer Support

Lumen5 tool

Lumen5 offers various customer support channels to meet the needs of its users.

  • Live Chat and Email: Quick replies, chat history to review past interactions.
  • Help Center: Rich in FAQ and content guides, easy search by keywords or chatbot.
  • Learning Center: Blog with video creation tips, product updates, and news.
  • Social networks: YouTube tutorials, active Facebook community, presence on Twitter, LinkedIn and AngelList.
podcast de Lumen5
Educational Podcast - Lumen5 Tool

While it can sometimes take a few hours for the live chat to respond, Lumen5 makes up for it with comprehensive educational resources and an active online community.

Alternatives to Lumen5

Lumen5 has a few alternatives as follows:

1. InVideo

InVideo Video Editor

InVideo is an intuitive online video editor designed to turn your ideas into professional videos in minutes.


  • Customizable templates: Over 5000 options, including logo reveals and educational videos.
  • Media Library: Access to over 8 million stock items.
  • Branding: Easy integration of watermarks, fonts, and custom colors.
  • Conversion: Create videos based on articles or posts with over 50 themes.
  • Collaboration: Multi-user functionality for joint projects.
InVideo Key Features - add your own branding


Free plan: Start with an InVideo watermark on your creations in its free version

Business ($15/month)

  • Removing the watermark
  • 60 video exports per month
  • 10 iStock media per month
  • 10GB cloud storage
  • Pro access to the Filmr application

Unlimited ($30/month)

  • Unlimited video exports
  • 120 active iStock every month
  • 100GB cloud storage for video content
  • Access to Filmr Pro
Get started with InVideo

InVideo is an effective and affordable solution for creating videos in a few minutes.

Its ease of use, combined with a wide range of features, makes video editing accessible to everyone, regardless of the level of expertise.

2. Filmora

Filmora Key Features

The Filmora marketing solution exceeds Lumen5's offering by positioning itself as a professional editing suite for intermediate and seasoned directors and a good user experience.


  • Pro Edition Suite: GIFs, noise reduction, color correction, color correction, text editing, audio mix, video stabilization, scene detection, audio equalizer.
  • Advanced editing: Image overlay, video tracking, split screen, audio attenuation, green background.
  • Transitions and Filters: Variety of transitions, filters, titles, motion elements.
  • 4K support: High resolution editing for professional quality.


Monthly plan

  • Windows: $7.99/month
  • Mac: $19.99/month

Yearly plan

  • Windows: $39.99/month
  • Mac: $51.99/month

Perpetual Plan (one-time payment)

  • Windows: $69.99
  • Mac: $79.99
Get your Filmora license here

The Filmora marketing solution is a smart choice for those looking for advanced video editing features without the high cost associated with high-end software.

The lack of a free version and the need for a system with relatively high specifications could be obstacles for some users.

3. WeVideo

WeVideo is positioned as a robust video generator, allowing an enriched video editing experience thanks to its multitrack interface.


  • Green Screen: Special effects in paid versions.
  • Screen recording: Live capture of on-screen actions.
  • Mobile application: Accessible on Android and iOS for mobile creation.


For independent creators/businesses

  • Power: $4.99/month
  • Unlimited: $7.99/month
  • Professional: $19.99/month
  • Business: $36.99/month
Get your WeVideo subscription here

The WeVideo marketing solution stands out as a serious alternative for creating videos, especially in an educational context.

However, its free plan is quite limited, encouraging you to explore its paid subscriptions.


Is Lumen5 free?

Yes, the Lumen5 marketing solution is free for everyone and forever. Its free version gives access to some features. But it's usable enough to explore the limits of what this video maker can do.

Who is the Lumen 5 best suited for?

Lumen 5 is best suited for someone new to video creation and marketing.

Final Verdict

The Canadian-based company excels at creating videos quickly for first-time users or those who need frequent social media content, thanks to its effective artificial intelligence.

However, the lack of extensive customization limits its usefulness for more complex projects.

Great for an introduction to video creation, it's recommended that you test the free version of Lumen5 first before moving on to the paid options.

outil Lumen5
Lumen5 tool
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