Detailed Full Review of Google Gemini: All you need to know (2024)

Meet Google Gemini, the innovative AI platform that is transforming your digital experience. Explore its advanced features for perfect optimization

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Google Gemini (formerly Google Bard) is the backbone of your digital experience powered by AI.

This introduction answers users' main questions about Google Gemini, the nature of this platform, and its features without excessive disclosure, while remaining concise and engaging.

gemini 1.5 Pro

Key points

  • Google Gemini is an artificial intelligence platform that personalized the digital experience and includes two versions: Gemini Pro and Gemini Advanced, offering advanced functionalities in information processing and complex tasks.
  • This technology competes with GPT chat uses AI for multi-modal understanding of content, the enrichment of real-time personalization, and the optimized management of services such as Gmail, Google Drive, and other Google products.
  • Google Gemini focuses on data security and privacy with measures such as end-to-end encryption, fraud and spam protection, and compliance with European data protection regulations.

What is Google Gemini?

Illustration de l'intégration de Google Gemini avec d'autres services Google

Google Gemini is a revolutionary platform that promises to offer a personalized digital experience throughartificial intelligence. Imagine a world where you can:

  • create dynamic and interactive content that perfectly matches the preferences of your users, including ads
  • benefit from seamless integration with other Google services like Google Search and Google Assistant
  • make your digital experience smoother and more efficient

Google Gemini makes it all possible.

But that is not all. Google Gemini is divided into two distinct versions, Gemini Pro and Gemini Advanced, which each offer unique and advanced features. Let's go further in these two versions.

Gemini Pro and Gemini Advanced

Gemini Pro is an advanced language model that can process up to one million tokens and manage vast amounts of information, such as hours of video and audio, or vast text documents.

Imagine the power of Gemini Pro to analyze one hour of video or eleven hours of audio in a single pass. And that's not all.

By learning in context, Gemini Pro can learn new skills from long instructions without additional adjustments, surpassing Gemini 1.0 Pro in 87% of the benchmarks for large-scale language models.

On the other side, we have Gemini Advanced. Equipped with the Ultra 1.0 model, Gemini Advanced offers expanded capabilities for complex tasks such as programming, logical reasoning, and collaboration on creative projects. In other words, if you're a developer or a creative person, Gemini Advanced could be your new ally.

logo de google gemini

The AI behind Google Gemini

But how does Google Gemini manage to do all of this?

The answer lies in the artificial intelligence that powers it.

Google Gemini is a multi-modal AI system that can intelligently understand and discuss almost any type of content, paving the way for a future where AI could analyze and interact with various types of information in real time.

Gemini's sophisticated reasoning skills allow it to deeply understand complex data and create personalized content using next-generation models. In addition, the models developed for Gemini could contribute to the advancement of next-generation AI applications, including image analysis and response generation. In other words, Google Gemini Advanced represents a significant realization of the importance of advances in the field of generative AI for Google.

How do I use Google Gemini?

Photo montrant l'utilisation de Google Gemini pour la création de contenus personnalisés

Now that we have a better understanding of Google Gemini, let's move on to the crucial question: how can we use it to improve our digital lives?

One of the answers to this question lies in creating personalized content and managing your Google account.

Content creation

Illustration de la gestion de compte Google avec Google Gemini

With Gemini, creating personalized content is at your fingertips. Gemini 1.0 is designed to recognize and understand text, images, and audio simultaneously, allowing for a nuanced understanding of multimedia content. This means you can create unique cross-modal content, integrating different modalities like videos.

In addition, Gemini has the ability to process live content, such as streaming video and speech, thus enriching the personalization of content created in real time.

Integrate with Google Cloud Vertex AI

Illustration des capacités d'IA de Google Gemini pour les développeurs

Google Gemini can be integrated with Google Cloud Vertex AI, giving developers access to advanced multimodal models.

Through Vertex AI, developers can work with:

  • Texts
  • Pictures
  • Some videos
  • Of the code

By taking advantage of Google Gemini's advanced reasoning and generation capabilities, this device provides exceptional performance across multiple sites.

In other words, Google Gemini gives developers the tools they need to create generative AI applications with enterprise-ready controls and data privacy.

Creating custom applications

In addition to integrating with Vertex AI, Google Gemini can also be used to:

  • create custom applications
  • demonstrate advanced coding abilities
  • Understand, explain, and generate high-quality code in the most popular programming languages

In addition, Google Gemini offers the possibility to:

  • Reasoning and solving problems across large blocks of data
  • Analyze and synthesize complex multimedia content
  • Analyze and synthesize large sets of code

Managing your Google account

Google Gemini is not only used to create content, it can also help you manage your Google account more effectively through its service. For example, Gemini will be integrated into:

  • gmail
  • Docs
  • Slides
  • Sheets
  • and other Google services

This will strengthen collaboration with AI for account management and productivity.

Additionally, Google Gemini 1.5 Pro can be used to:

  • Manage large data sets effectively
  • Managing complex tasks
  • Optimize the management of Google services such as Google Drive, Google Meet, and Google One.

Security and confidentiality

Data security and privacy are major concerns in today's digital world. Fortunately, Google Gemini takes these issues very seriously. Google Gemini has a robust security system that uses Google's secure infrastructure to protect user data.

Additionally, it offers several data protection measures, such as end-to-end encryption for user interactions and the ability to anonymize data for greater security.

Protection against fraud, abuse and spam

Illustration de la protection contre les fraudes et le spam avec Google Gemini

In addition to protecting your data, Gemini also protects against fraud, abuse, and spam. It uses machine learning technologies similar to those used by Google to detect and prevent fraudulent activity, abusive behavior, and spam.

In addition, Gemini Advanced and the Ultra 1.0 model have been designed with strict security controls, ensuring safe account management.

Compliance with the RGPD

When it comes to regulatory compliance, Google Gemini is designed to meet the strict standards of the GDPR to ensure data protection and privacy for EU citizens.

This means that even if you're based in Europe, you can use Google Gemini with confidence knowing that your data is protected to the highest standards.


Tarifs  de google one

The price of Google Gemini varies depending on the version. The paid version, called Gemini Advanced, which uses the Ultra 1.0 language model, is priced at $19.99 per month.

This offer provides access to better performance, 2 TB of storage on your Google account, and other benefits of Google One.

The most powerful version, Gemini Ultra 1.0, is also available via a $20 per month subscription, offering enhanced capabilities and cloud storage

Alternatives to Google Board

1. BotSonic

BotSonic focuses on providing conversational AI solutions to improve customer engagement and automate customer support services. It is particularly suitable for businesses looking to optimize their customer service through automation.


  • Automating answers to frequently asked customer support questions
  • Integration with popular email platforms for extended accessibility
  • Customizing responses to reflect the tone and brand of the business
  • Analysis of interactions to continuously improve the quality of service


  • BotSonic generally offers a usage-based pricing structure, with free options for basic features and paid plans for access to advanced features and higher usage volume.

BotSonic is an effective solution for businesses aiming to automate their customer service, offering customizable tools for improved customer interaction.

FIND OUT MORE >> Try BotSonic Now

2. Claude AI by Anthropic

Claude AI is a conversational artificial intelligence developed by Anthropic, designed to provide safer, more reliable, and more understandable human interactions. It is distinguished by its approach focused on ethics and advanced contextual understanding.


  • Contextualized and adaptive dialogues for a better understanding of queries
  • Designed with a safety and ethical approach to minimize bias
  • Ability to interact in a multitude of areas with a nuanced understanding
  • Easy integration with other platforms for a broad user experience


  • Specific pricing details for Claude AI were not widely available to the public at the last update. It is recommended that you contact Anthropic directly for information on plans and pricing.

Claude AI represents an advance in conversational AIs, with an emphasis on safe and ethical interactions, making it an attractive option for organizations looking to integrate responsible AI.

3. ChatGPT by OpenAI

GPT chat is an advanced conversational AI developed by OpenAI, capable of generating detailed and contextually relevant answers in a multitude of areas.


  • Ability to generate texts in a variety of styles and formats
  • Advanced natural language understanding and generation capabilities
  • Adaptability to a wide range of use cases, from education to content generation
  • Natural language interaction with users for a smooth conversational experience


  • Free access with some limitations to LLM GPT-4
  • Subscription plans for advanced features and extended usage

ChatGPT stands out for its flexibility and ability to adapt to various text generation tasks, offering a powerful alternative for users looking for a versatile conversational AI.

How do I access Google Gemini in France?

So how can you access Google Gemini if you are in France? The answer is simple: you can change the language on your Google account and use a VPN to bypass geographic restrictions.

1. Change the language

To change the language in which Google services are displayed, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to your Google account.
  2. Go to the “Personal Information” section.
  3. Select the language you want.
  4. Google services will now be displayed in this language.

If you have problems changing the language, you can clear the cache and cookies in your browser and then set the preferred language again.

2. Use a VPN

interface de protonVPN connecté aux USA

The other way to access Google Gemini in France is to use a VPN to get an IP address located in the United States.

A VPN virtually changes the location of your computer, allowing you to access online services as if you were in another country.

It's important to choose a reliable VPN that offers servers in the US to ensure an uninterrupted experience when accessing Gemini.



How does Gemini work?

Gemini works as a multi-modal model that can perform complex tasks in mathematics, physics, and other fields, as well as understand and generate high-quality code in a variety of programming languages.

What are the main features of Google Gemini?

Key features include the ability to help with physics homework, summarize emails, capture notes during a video call, and generate custom themes for Chrome.

Is Google Gemini better than OpenAI's GPT-4?

Google touted Gemini's superiority in benchmarks, saying that Gemini Ultra exceeds current peak results on “30 of 32 widely used academic benchmarks.”


In short, it is an AI platform that has the potential to transform our digital daily lives.

By offering a personalized experience, by making it easier for us to use and manage our Google account, by protecting our data and by offering powerful options and tools, it is paving the way for a smarter and more interactive digital future.

  • Offers a variety of translation options.
  • Automatic selection of the language to be translated.
  • Adaptability to common and non-standard expressions.
  • Difficulty with Romanized languages.

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