6 Best AI Ads Generators Ranked (2024)

Learn how AI ad generators can optimize your marketing campaigns and drive sales and revenue growth
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According to a report by the research firm Gartner, by 2025, 80% of technology solutions will incorporate artificial intelligence elements.

This figure highlights the growing importance of AI, especially in key areas like marketing. Building an effective marketing campaign is now a multi-dimensional challenge that requires the use of smart tools to stand out and increase revenue.

Today's marketing is no longer limited to intuition; it uses AI to provide valuable insights and help make decisions based on tangible data. One of the areas where AI is particularly useful is in generating ads. For example, using AI algorithms, a business can create targeted ads that truly connect with the audience, while saving time and resources.

In this article, we will explore the main AI ad generators available, their advantages, and distinctive characteristics. We'll also guide you on how your business can use these tools to strengthen its brand, design powerful marketing campaigns, and drive sales and revenue growth.

What is an AI Ads Generator?

Un AI ad generator (Artificial Intelligence) is an innovative technological tool that uses the advanced features of AI to create attractive and effective advertisements.

How AI Ad Generators work

AI ad generators use machine learning and natural language processing to:

  • Analyze a huge amount of data
  • Understand best practices for diverse audiences, market segments, and advertising platforms

From this information, AI generates advertising texts that are both persuasive and optimized to ensure maximum performance.

Optimizing Ads with AI

An AI ad generator can also:

  • Testing different versions of an ad
  • Determine which version is the most efficient

This makes ad optimization much more efficient and economical.

In conclusion, an AI ad generator is a valuable asset for any advertising campaign. It saves time and money while maximizing the chances of success.

List of the best AI ads generators to speed up your marketing

Whether you're a marketing agency or a business owner who needs to produce ads quickly and efficiently for your customers, here are the best AI ad generators that can help you reach your goals.

1. Adcreative.ai

Adcreative.ai is an advanced ad generation tool, using AI to help brands design highly effective ads and social creations for their marketing campaigns across a variety of platforms.


  • Platform integrations : allows you to interact with various social media platforms.
  • Team collaborations : promotes teamwork and productivity by integrating team members.
  • Social media engagement powered by AI : uses AI to optimize social media engagement
  • Generating texts and titles : Create catchy titles and text for your ads.


  • Starter : $29 per month (Price reduced to $21 per month)
  • Prime : $59 per month (Price reduced to $44 per month)
  • Ultime : $99 per month (Price reduced to $74 per month)
  • Scale : $149 per month (Price reduced to $111 per month)

Adcreative.ai is a leading “AI ad generator” that makes it easy to create engaging, targeted digital ads in seconds.


2. Simplified

Simplified is an ideal application for small businesses or startups that want to carry out social media marketing campaigns with ease and efficiency.

This AI-powered platform helps you generate ads that are tailored to your brand assets, your target audience, and the platform of your choice.


  • Simplified handles the design work for you, saving you time and effort.
  • It's optimized for conversions, ensuring that your ads will generate results.
  • You can create ads for a variety of social networks and advertising platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads.
  • You can choose from a variety of customizable templates to create ads that match your brand and message.


  • Free plan: Access to essential tools and resources to get started, with 1 user seat.
  • Pro Plan: Starting at $6/month ($9/month with no discount), access to premium features and integrations, with 1 user seat.
  • Business Plan: Starting at $10/month ($15/month with no discount), offers a set of personalized tools, advanced AI, and premium support, with 5 user seats.

In summary, Simplified is an exceptional option for small businesses or startups looking for an AI ad generator to optimize their time and increase their conversion rate.


3. Writesonic

Writesonic is an AI ad generator specially designed to help you create engaging Facebook ad copy that delivers results.


  • Generates high-converting ad copy that engages your audience in seconds
  • Reach a wider audience on Facebook with ad copy generated in over 25 languages
  • Designed to make the process of creating ad copy for Facebook faster, easier, and more effective


  • Free trial : 0$, 10,000 words/month, 1 user, includes various features like Chatsonic, Botsonic (1 bot max), over 100 AI models, landing page builder, browser extension, etc.
  • GPT 3.5 : $16/month, unlimited words*, 1 user Everything from a free trial, plus Voice Brand (up to 3), full article rewriting.
  • Business : $33/month, 600,000 words/month, 5 users. Includes all the features of the free plan, and unlocks GPT-4 and GPT-4+, Botsonic (unlimited chat bots), API access, bulk processing, priority support, and more.

In summary, Writesonic is an “AI ad generator” that aims to optimize your advertising campaigns on Facebook, thereby improving your conversion rate.


4. Creatopy

Creatopy is a platform combining human creativity and AI technology, to help businesses design, automate, and expand their advertising production and delivery.


  • Create ads from scratch or choose from custom templates : gives you the freedom to design unique ads or to opt for efficiency with ready-to-use templates.
  • Integrating dynamic data into ads through intelligent scaling : allows you to personalize your ads with relevant data.
  • AI-driven approach to adapt ads to different platforms : optimizes your ads to be effective on a variety of platforms.
  • AI-powered advertising post generation feature : uses AI to produce relevant and engaging advertising posts


  • Free plan (0$ per month): 3 static designs, JPG export, access to free graphic resources.
  • Plan Create ($32 per month/$17 per month, billed annually): free features, unlimited animated designs, access to additional resources, 3 brand kits.
  • Automate Plan ($45 per month, billed monthly): everything from the Create Plan, plus design automation, automatic scaling, unlimited brand kits.
  • Enterprise plan (Custom quote): everything from the Automate Plan, plus options for 10+ editors, member organization, training, API integration, premium customer support.

In conclusion, Creatopy is an “AI ad generator” that optimizes the ad creation process by bringing everyone together in a single design tool.

5. Smartly.io

Smartly.io is a tool that uses artificial intelligence to optimize advertising creations on popular social media platforms.


  • Possibility to quickly adapt pre-designed dynamic models or create your own.
  • Scale advertising creations while remaining in line with your brand across all social platforms.
  • Personalize ads with dynamic content in real time by connecting a product catalog, data source, or API to an image or video model.


  • Pricing information for Smartly.io is not publicly available.
  • You can get this information by contacting Smartly.io directly or by visiting their website.

To conclude, Smartly.io is an “AI ad generator” tool that ensures accurate targeting and optimization of your advertising campaigns on social media.

6. Tune the Ads

Tune the Ads is an artificial intelligence-based ad generation tool that increases conversion rates on Google.


  • Google Ads integration: Manage your campaigns effortlessly.
  • Excel compatibility: Effective monitoring and organization of your ads.
  • Generating multiple ads: Increase your chances of effectively reaching your target audience.


  • Starter plan - $9.00/month: Basic AI models, 10 ad groups/month, email support.
  • Pro plan - $24.90/month: Advanced AI models, 50 ad groups/month, multi-platform support.
  • Business plan - starting at $200.00/month: Customized AI models, over 300 ad groups/month, personal manager, and various billing options.

In conclusion, Tune the Ads is a solid choice for those looking for an AI ad generator to improve their presence on Google Ads.

Benefits of an Artificial Intelligence Ad Generator

Artificial intelligence (AI) has opened up new possibilities for marketing and advertising. In particular, AI-based ad generators bring significant benefits, making campaigns more accurate, effective, and profitable.

1. Ad Targeting Accuracy

Thanks to AI, ads can be shown to people who are most likely to be interested in your products or services.

  • User data analysis : AI uses data to define the profiles of customers who are most likely to be interested in your products.
  • Customizing ads : Each ad is tailored to match the interests and preferences of the target audience.

2. Optimization of advertising campaigns

AI-based tools are able to continuously adjust your ads to maximize their effectiveness.

  • Test and adaptation : Ads are constantly tested and adjusted to ensure the best performance.
  • Maximizing return on investment (ROI) : Optimization leads to an improvement in ROI by increasing the effectiveness of advertisements.

3. Save time and money

Automating the ad creation process saves valuable resources.

  • Automated decisions : AI can automate decisions based on data, saving time.
  • Reduction in human errors : By minimizing human intervention, AI reduces potential errors in the ad creation process.

4. Improving the Customer Experience

Using AI in ads can improve the customer experience by providing relevant and engaging ads.

  • Real-time personalization : AI can adapt your sales and marketing strategy to provide a personalized experience for each customer.
  • Understanding buying habits : AI uses predictive analytics to understand customer behaviors and buying habits.

In sum, the use of AI-based ad generators can significantly improve the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns, leading to better business performance.


In short, the age of AI has revolutionized the way we design marketing campaigns.

Leveraging AI ad generators to create targeted ads can save time and money, while improving the results of your marketing efforts. Businesses that adopt these technologies are therefore positioning themselves for continued growth and success.

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