How do I combine SurferSEO and Jasper AI? (2024)

In this article, I share how to integrate Surfer SEO and Jasper AI to get the ultimate SEO combination for research and creation.
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Attracting visitors to the site is essential to Create a blog that makes money.

Harnessing the power of search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most effective methods for increasing visibility and traffic.

Two tools that can work hand in hand to help improve your SEO are Surfer and Jasper.

Surfing SEO is a keyword research tool that uses artificial intelligence to provide information about search engine optimization, helping you identify the keywords that are most relevant to your target audience.

Jasper AI Is an assistant of AI copywriting that helps create SEO-optimized content based on specific data tailored to your needs.

By combining the information provided by Surfer and Jasper's automated content creation capabilities, you can easily create SEO-rich content that has lasting value.

In this article, I'll show you how to integrate Surfer and Jasper to get the ultimate SEO combination, while giving you tips on how to get the most out of both platforms.

What is Surfer SEO?

surfer homepage

Surfing SEO is an AI-powered SEO platform that helps you optimize your content for search engine rankings.

Surfing provides data-based information that helps you determine which keywords are most effective for your content.

As search engine results pages (SERPs) become increasingly competitive, it is essential to keep up with these changes and adapt your content strategy accordingly to stay ahead of the competition.

So with Surfer, you can ensure that your content is always up to date and relevant.

You can also connect Surfer to your Google Search Console to get real-time on-page SEO recommendations.

The area where Surfer excels is its SEO content editor, where you can see the target keywords and how many times to include them per article in an attempt to rank for a particular query.

When it comes to keyword research, Surfer provides more than just keyword suggestions — it gives you an overview of the competition, which keywords are likely to work and which won't.

Once you log into your Surfer SEO dashboard, you can create custom campaigns for specific queries and monitor their success over time.

With this data-driven approach, you can make changes and adapt your content strategy.

For more details, you can read my detailed Surfer SEO review

What is Jasper AI?

jasper homepage

Jasper AI (formerly Jarvis) is a tool that facilitates content marketing and automated content creation.

Jasper is a great choice for quickly producing high quality content that is suitable for SEO thanks to artificial intelligence.

It is an intuitive platform that allows anyone to easily create engaging content.

As part of your content strategy, you can use Jasper to produce content based on the specific data you provide to it.

Search engines appreciate sites that are authoritative and in-depth on the subject at hand, and Jasper can help.

With a content writing workflow that integrates seamlessly with a writer's modus operandi, Jasper makes it easy to generate quality content at scale.

To optimize existing content, you can also use Jasper to add more relevant information and update your content.

You can also use folders in Jasper to organize content, allowing you to find ideas and plan future messages without leaving the platform.

So you will never be stuck in generating content again.

For beginners, advanced users, and anyone in between, jasper is a powerful tool for improving website content and staying ahead of the competition.

Despite its interface in English, Jasper is 100% usable in French. I hope that my suggestion to translate the interface for French-speaking teams will be taken into account very soon 😊
interface français Jasper AI
For more details, you can read my detailed Jasper AI review

How to integrate Surfer SEO with Jasper AI

Here are the steps for a successful integration:

  • You will need to create two separate accounts on both platforms. Both tools offer trials so you can test them risk-free.
  • Open your Jasper account and click on the cog icon to access the settings.
paramètres Jasper AI
  • Select “Integrations.”
integrations Jasper AI
  • You will then find a section called SurferSEO with a corresponding button on its right side. Before pressing this button, make sure that you have logged in to SurferSEO first; otherwise, there will be no connection between the two applications.
Activer l'intégration de Jasper AI et Surfer SEO
  • When everything is ready, press the blue button to finalize the integration process!

To ensure the integration was successful, open an existing document in Jasper or create a new one by clicking on the “+” sign. Select “start from scratch” or “Blog post workflow.”

choix des options Jasper AI

If you notice the SurferSEO icon at the top center of your screen, that means the integration was successful. However, if this is not the case, try to log out and reconnect to both applications with the same browser (while deleting the cookies).

To start using SEO mode, click on one of the documents you created previously in the left window. You will find all your documents from this point on.

Bug resolution

If the previous instructions didn't work and Surfer still doesn't appear on Jasper AI, here are a few things to help you fix the problem:

  • Make sure you're using Surfer and Jasper AI on the same browser. For Jasper AI to detect that you are connected to Surfer, allow third-party cookies in the Chrome browser.
  • To ensure that all content is displayed correctly on your browser, take the time to remove any pop-up blockers you may have in place (I've had bugs with Brave and Opera on occasion).
  • If you are using a virtual private network and the Surfer prompt does not appear in Jasper AI, remove your virtual private network to see if that solves the problem.

If you could not find the bugs, Jasper Ai support is very efficient and fast.

For example, it only took a few hours for them to answer all my questions:

Support de Jasper AI

Benefits of using this integration

Here are the benefits of using the combination of Surfer SEO and Jasper AI for SEO purposes.

Quick analysis of the keywords to target

Tableau de bord de Jasper AI

Thanks to the Surfer analyzer, you can quickly and accurately obtain a complete analysis of the keywords to be targeted.

The benefit of using a real-time keyword research tool in content creation is that it helps ensure that your content is up to date and relevant.

Access to data from +200 countries

While users see a content score that they're looking for as high as possible when creating content, the data that Surfer analyzes in the background helps you understand the factors that contribute to the score.

When you use Surfer SEO to generate content sheets, it uses data from over 200 countries and regions around the world.

This process ensures that your content is aimed at a broad range of users who are interested in the subject at hand.

Surfer also uses natural language processing (NLP) keywords in its recommendations.

Thanks to this, Surfer can accurately identify topics related to your query and suggest content ideas accordingly.

It would take a lot of time and be very expensive if you had to do this manually, step by step.

Powerful SERP analysis

Achieving the desired results in SERPs often requires a thorough analysis of your competitors' SEO strategies.

To create optimized content, you need to understand the search intent of Internet users when they search on Google.

The right SERP landscape can help you create anything from the right titles, content structure, and word choices to optimizing your content for visibility.

You can use Surfer SEO to analyze your competitors' websites and backlink profiles to create powerful text that stands out from the competition.

Creation of content that interests the audience

While it's easy to generate keyword-focused content, it's just as important to keep your target audience in mind.

Your Jasper AI account allows you to create content that is intended for an audience that matches the intended keywords.

Chrome extensions

extension chrome de Jasper
extension chrome de surfer seo

Surfer and Jasper AI offer a Chrome extension that can take their capabilities to the next level.

You can quickly discover the best performing keywords to target and create content that ranks better on search engine results pages without needing to be on a specific platform.

Fast way to generate content

Whether it's a tutorial on using a product or using templates to generate quality content on a topic, you can use Surfer and Jasper AI to create content quickly.

By focusing on creating content quickly, you can stay ahead of the curve and never miss an event due to a lack of materials.

You can also use Jasper to submit guest articles to create backlinks to your website and improve your visibility on search engine results pages.

Creation of titles, introductions, conclusions, FAQs, etc.

modèles de Jasper AI

On-page SEO-optimized content is essential for your website to rank higher on search engine results pages.

However, no one will read your content if the title, subtitles, and content are not catchy.

Jasper AI allows you to use the right information to create titles that appeal to your target audience.

Plus, it helps you generate intros and outros for your content so that your readers stick around long enough to read the entire document.

New Writing Ideas

modèles marketing jasper AI

In digital marketing, copywriting consists of writing persuasive content that encourages readers to take action.

Although SEO per user doesn't apply as much in this area, you can still find ideas in keywords to help you craft persuasive text.

As far as Jasper is concerned, there are tons of copywriting-specific templates that make it easy to create texts.

How to get the most out of Surfer and Jasper

Here are some of the top tips to help you get the most out of this integration:

Make sure you do thorough research on your competitors.

Whether you're complementing existing blog posts or creating content from scratch, it's critical to thoroughly research topics related to your industry and target market.

By manually researching the topic you're creating content about, you'll get valuable information about what kind of content people are looking for that can also rank well.

Surf recommendations for on-page SEO.

Surfer provides several useful SEO tools that you can use to optimize your content for search engines.

For example, you have access to valuable metrics such as the number of words an article should have, the number of titles and paragraphs, the average word count for target keywords, and so on.

A quick Google search and a review of the top-ranking pages for a given keyword will also allow you to find out how they are optimized and what are the most effective elements for higher rankings.

Use Jasper to create content based on keyword opportunities

While Surfing is great for optimization purposes, Jasper can provide marketers with additional tools to create content that delivers value and ranks higher in SERPs.

Using tools and writing templates like the Blog Outline or Blog Post Topic Ideas, marketers can generate blog post ideas based on relevant keywords or topics related to their industry.

Also, consider using Jasper for more minor content creation requirements.

These requirements may include creating meta descriptions or developing titles and headers.

Monitor progress and adjust strategies if necessary

Once you've created your SEO-optimized content, it's critical to monitor its performance regularly.

This tracking will help you identify what works best for your target keywords and what items need to be optimized further to get better ranking results.

Use Surfer SEO to conduct content audits

Finally, take advantage of Surfer's site audit feature, which helps marketers assess their current SEO setup, find errors, and fix them.

To do this, you can conduct an SEO audit of your content to ensure that it is sufficiently optimized for search engine robots and visitors.


Combining the power of these two tools with other software and services can be a great way to optimize your content for better rankings.

Here is an overview of the integrations offered.

1. Surfing SEO

Here are some of Surfer SEO's integrations:

  • Google Docs : Integrating Google Docs into your Surfer workflow allows you to easily create and collaborate on content, track changes, and ensure quality control.
  • WordPress : Integrate WordPress with Surfer to streamline the process of quickly creating content for your blog or website.

2. jasper

On the other hand, here are some of Jasper's most popular integrations:

  • Copyscape : Copyscape is a great tool for checking for plagiarism and ensuring that your content is unique.
  • Grammarly : Grammarly helps improve the grammar, spelling, and clarity of your content. You can quickly check for errors and fix them instantly from the content editor.


Surfer prices start at $59 for the Basic plan, $119 for the Pro plan, and $239 for the Business plan.

surfer seo prix

Jasper pricing starts at $29/month for the Starter plan and $59/month for the Boss mode. For Enterprise customers, there is a personalized price based on their needs.

Jasper also offers a Surfer SEO account trial for $1 for 30 days. You will find the link to register in your Jasper interface.

jasper prix

These are paid monthly; you can also opt for an annual payment on both tools to save money.


In this Jasper and Surfer SEO review, I looked at how combining these two tools can help you create content that is optimized for better SERP rankings.

With the ability to create content briefs, monitor rankings, and conduct site audits using Surfer SEO and Jasper's various content creation tools, you can easily optimize your content for search engine robots and visitors.

With these tools, you can create unique, high-quality content that matches your goals of SEO.

Start with SurferSEO.

Start with jasper.

More information: The right SEO strategy for bloggers can take your blog to the next level, helping you rank better in the SERPs and attract more readers.

In addition, know which SEO tools using and how to combine them as part of a productive workflow can help you create quality content that will take your blog to new heights.

Would you like to test a solution other than Surfer SEO? Read my guide to Best alternatives to Surfer SEO !

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