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Bramework : Full Review, Testing, and Presentation (2024)


Bramework is software for writers who want to produce books at a much faster pace without compromising the quality of their work.

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What is Bramework?

Unlike others AI writing tools which offer a myriad of short text templates, Bramework is focuses mainly on writing long articles.

Its features include an AI writing assistant, an AI blog title generator, an AI blog outline generator, keyword research, a tool for ranking website keywords and a plagiarism checker.

It is a newcomer in the sector of AI software, but it promises to change the way we write blog posts.

Thanks to GPT-3 then to GPT-4 and its exclusive technology, Bramework helps you write long, compelling, and SEO-friendly blog posts and content that convert.

It's so powerful that you only need to tell the AI what keyword you want to target, and the software will almost entirely generate the blog post for you.

Who is Bramework for?

Most of AI writing assistants offer dozens of short content templates, such as product descriptions, social media advertising texts, personal biographies, product names, SEO descriptions, and more.

This AI writing assistant focuses on providing an exclusive tool for long blog posts.

For this reason, it offers a powerful text editor packed with lots of cool features to improve your text and create better articles.

Bramework testimonial
Bramework customers

Bramework is aimed at a select group of people - bloggers, entrepreneurs, and marketers.

Bramework is a fantastic tool for writing blog posts that are optimized for SEO. With Bramework's keyword research tool, you can establish a content strategy and use the writing assistant to write your articles in a fraction of the time you would need to do it yourself.

Website owners, SEO writers, digital marketing firms, and marketers can also benefit from using the Bramework AI software for their long-form content.


Bramework is a platform for optimizing content and AI-assisted writing designed to help bloggers, content marketers, and businesses create blog posts, web content, and SEO-optimized posts more effectively.

Bramework dashboard ai writer

Here is a detailed review of the main features of Bramework, enriched by a critical conclusion for each.

1. Generating Engaging Headlines

Bramework uses artificial intelligence to generate catchy, SEO-optimized blog titles that are likely to attract more clicks and engagement.

  • Suggested Headlines: Offer a variety of titles based on keywords and the chosen topic.
  • SEO Optimization: Headlines are designed to not only be engaging but also to improve search engine rankings.

The ability to generate engaging and SEO-optimized titles is a valuable asset, especially in a saturated digital environment. However, customization and manual adjustment may be required to ensure that titles accurately reflect the tone and style of the brand.

2. AI-Assisted Content Writing

Bramework Assistant in the Long Form Editor
Assistant with artificial intelligence from Bramework

Bramework provides an AI-assisted writing tool that helps develop long-form content, such as blog posts, by suggesting structures, paragraphs, and formulations.

  • Writing Help: Offers content suggestions to help start and structure articles.
  • Improving Productivity: Accelerates the writing process by providing ideas and formulations.

The AI-assisted writing tool is extremely useful in overcoming writer's block and improving productivity. Nevertheless, human editing and revision remain crucial to maintaining the quality and authenticity of the content.

Bramework ai writer for blog post

3. Keyword and Competition Analysis

Bramework Keyword Research Analyzer
Bramework word analysis

Bramework integrates keyword and competition analysis features to identify SEO opportunities and understand how to position yourself compared to competitors.

  • Keyword Research: Identifies relevant keywords and their search volume using its artificial intelligence to guide content strategy.
  • Competitive Analysis: Provides insights into the performance of competing content and opportunities for improvement.

Keyword and competition analysis features are essential for developing an informed and competitive content strategy. The effectiveness of these tools depends on the accuracy of the data provided and the ability to interpret them correctly.

Bramework long form editor

4. Real-time SEO optimization

Bramework helps optimize content for SEO in real time, providing recommendations to improve organic SEO throughout the writing process.

  • Optimization Suggestions: Tips on using keywords, article structure, and other SEO factors.
  • Instant SEO Audit: Evaluates the SEO quality of the content and suggests improvements.

Real-time SEO optimization is crucial to ensure that content has the best ranking potential as soon as it is published. While these recommendations are valuable, they are no substitute for a global SEO strategy and human expertise.

Bramework Long form writing assistant dashboard

5. Publishing and Sharing Made Easy

Bramework offers options to publish content directly on blog platforms and to easily share on social networks.

  • Platform Integration: Allows direct publishing on popular CMS like WordPress.
  • Social Media Sharing: Facilitates the sharing of content on various social platforms to maximize reach.

Publishing and sharing features make it easy to deploy content and help reach a wider audience. However, effective management of publishing channels and a coherent sharing strategy remain necessary to fully exploit this potential.

6. Affiliate program

If you are a fan of affiliate marketing, the affiliate program by Bramework offers attractive monthly recurring commissions of 30% for one year for each person you recommend to Bramework.


Bramework Pricing

Their plans offer a variety of options to adapt to each need, from individual use to agency requirements:

  • Basic ($19/month): Great for individual users with 10,000 words via AI and plagiarism check for 1,000 words.
  • Starter ($49/month): Designed for small teams, offering 40,000 words via AI and plagiarism check for 10,000 words.
  • Professional ($79/month): Adapted to larger teams, with 100,000 words by AI and plagiarism check for 20,000 words.
  • Agency ($199/month): The ultimate choice for large businesses, with unlimited words by AI and plagiarism check for 100,000 words.

These plans offer remarkable flexibility to meet a variety of needs, from the casual user to large agencies.

The wide range of features included even in the basic plan is nice. However, the significant gap in plagiarism check limits could require adjustments for users who have high needs in this area.

Overall, the offer is competitive, but a reassessment of the plagiarism checker's limitations on the lower plans could make it even more appealing.

Alternatives to Bramework

Here are three relevant alternatives to Bramework, focusing on their features, pricing, and a critical conclusion for each service:

1. SEO surfing

SEO surfing is a tool designed to help content creators and SEO specialists optimize their blog posts and web pages for search engines through detailed analysis and data-based recommendations.


  • Content Audit: Analyzes existing content to identify opportunities for SEO optimization.
  • Content Planner: Generates guidelines for creating new content, based on keyword and competition analysis.
  • SERP analysis: Examine search engine results pages to identify trends and winning strategies.
  • Integration with writing tools: Can be used in parallel with other writing tools for complete optimization.


  • Subscriptions: Plans start at $59/month for the Basic plan, with options for additional features and deeper analytics.

Surfer SEO is particularly powerful for the analysis and SEO optimization of existing and new content. Compared to Bramework, it offers deeper SEO insights and is ideal for content marketers who are focused on improving organic rankings.

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2. SEMrush Writing Assistant

SEMrush Writing Assistant is a tool integrated within the SEMrush suite, designed to improve content quality by providing real-time recommendations based on SEO best practices.


  • SEO suggestions: Offers tips for optimizing content, including the use of keywords, readability, and tone of voice.
  • Originality analysis: Check the uniqueness of the content to avoid plagiarism.
  • Easy integration: Available as a browser extension and plugin for popular text editors.
  • Performance monitoring: Allows you to monitor the performance of the content in terms of SEO and engagement.


  • Based on SEMrush subscription: Requires a SEMrush subscription, with plans starting at $119.95/month.

Compared to Bramework, it benefits from integration with the SEMrush suite of tools, offering a more comprehensive solution for digital marketing, although its cost may be higher.

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3. jasper

jasper is an AI-assisted writing tool that helps users create content for blogs, emails, websites, and social media. It is designed to generate creative content ideas and to write high-quality texts in a short period of time.


  • Content templates: Provides a variety of templates for different types of content (social media, blog posts, etc.)
  • Voice commands: Allows the generation of content through voice commands for more intuitive writing.
  • Multilingual support: Able to write content in multiple languages.
  • Team collaboration: Offers features to facilitate teamwork on content projects.


  • Subscriptions: Plans start at $29/month for the Starter plan, with more advanced options available for business needs.

Jasper stands out for its ability to quickly generate creative content and its ease of use. It is a great alternative to Bramework for those looking for a versatile AI tool that can support a wide range of content creation needs.

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Final Verdict

In summary, Bramework is an assistant that is presented as a powerful solution for creating web content and SEO strategy, such as blog posts, offering tools for writing assistance, keyword analysis, SEO optimization, and publishing.

While the platform offers advanced features to speed up and improve the content creation process, human supervision and intervention are essential to ensure the quality, authenticity, and strategic alignment of the content produced.

The AI writing assistant is almost as good as the combination of Jasper AI + SEO surfing to help you optimize the SEO of your blog posts in order to rank them in Google.

However, it is much cheaper than these two tools combined.

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