Top Sites to Download Royalty-Free Images in 2024

Discover the best sites for free, royalty-free images today. Enhance your best projects with high-quality visuals!
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Are you looking for free, royalty-free images that are out of the ordinary?

According to a study by Statista, using engaging images can increase visitor engagement on a website by over 94%.

Instead of stumbling across the usual cliches of smiling businessmen in suits, why not explore sites that offer original and memorable visual content?

Whether for Start your blog or create a website, quality images are essential to capture the attention of your audience.

Fortunately, platforms like or Depositphotos offer a wide selection of royalty-free photos, ready to be used.

In addition, combined with photo editing tools And of image management, they can transform your visual design.

In this article, I'll guide you through the best stock photo sites to boost your projects today.

What are the best sites for free royalty-free images?

After using tons of free royalty free image sites for my blog, here are the amazing free royalty free image sites to choose from:

1. Depositphotos : 70,000 free images and weekly updates


Depositphotos provides you with a selection of more than 70,000 free images. Every week, discover new trendy shots chosen to enrich your imagination

Its multilingual search engine boosted by AI, finding the perfect photo is child's play.

Save precious time by saving your favorites in your favorites, so you can easily find them as soon as you get inspired.


  • Get free access to over 70,000 free images
  • Discover a new selection of trendy images for your projects every week
  • Find the perfect photo in the blink of an eye thanks to the smart search engine


  • “Flexible” offer starting at €9.99 for 10 images
  • “Subscription” offer starting at 29€/month for 30 images/month
  • “On Demand” offers with image packs starting at €44.99
tarifs de Depositphotos

👍 Pros : Extensive selection, strict quality control, flexible licenses.

👎 Cons : Few free content, high rates for trending content, account required.

© ️ Copyright : Royalty-free photos after purchase for commercial, editorial and personal use, without attribution.

2. Visme : Over 1 million HD photos at your fingertips

image du site web de visme is the ideal source for creators to bring your ideas and creativity to life.

With over 1 million high resolution images covering a multitude of trending topics, you are sure to find the perfect visual to illustrate your next project.

Whether you are looking for authentic images to humanize your communication or artistic shots to enhance your creations, offers you an incomparable choice.


  • Access content that is constantly enriched with more than 1 million images
  • Multi-language interface (English, French, Spanish...)
  • Find inspiration with authentic and artistic images covering all themes
  • Take advantage of an intuitive tool to search and discover the best visuals for your projects


  • Free version with limited features
  • “Personal” offer starting at 12.25€/month
  • “Business” offer starting at 24,75€/month
  • “Enterprise” offer with personalized rates
tarifs de visme

👍 Pros: Wide selection of resources, online customization tools, stock share with professional templates.

👎 Cons : Advanced features for a fee, limited free resources.

© ️ Copyright : Royalty-free for commercial and non-commercial use, with no attribution required.

3. Freepik: Millions of vectors, photos and PSDs

site web de freepik

Looking for even more options? So don't miss out on Freepik And its Millions of free graphic resources : Photos, vector illustrations, icons, icons, PSD templates, etc...

In this toolbox, you'll find everything you need to bring your projects to life.

With carefully selected content and exclusivities created by the Freepik design team, focus on quality and originality.

One simple attribution is enough to use most assets for free, even in a commercial setting.


  • Access a huge library of varied and quality graphic elements
  • Discover Freepik exclusivities, unique content created by a team of in-house designers
  • Use the majority of assets for free, even for commercial projects, by simply adding an attribution


  • Free access to the majority of assets with attribution
  • “Premium” offer starting at €9.99/month for downloads without attribution and exclusive assets

👍 Pros: Astronomical quantity of resources, variety of formats, professional quality, effective research.

👎 Cons : Time-consuming choice, mandatory account, premium content, free download limit.

© ️ Copyright : Free assets with mandatory attribution to Freepik, exclusive assets that can be used without attribution via a paid subscription.

4. Unsplash: The reference for photographers from all over the world

Unsplash - image du site web

With Unsplash, dive into the world of photography with a community of more than 100,000 talented photographers from the four corners of the globe.

Discover new exceptional photos, carefully selected every day among more than a million free images.

Whether it's illustrating your blog posts, enhancing your presentations with an image or simply finding inspiration, Unsplash is the ideal ally to bring all your creative projects to life.


  • Explore one of the largest free image banks, with over a million photos
  • Discover new exceptional photos taken by photographers from all over the world every day
  • Take advantage of a free license that allows you to use images without restrictions, even for commercial purposes


  • 100% free access to all photos
  • Unsplash+ starting at $4 per month
  • Possibility to make donations to support photographers
prix de Unsplash+

👍 Pros: Huge collection, high quality, great variety, intuitive search, free use.

👎 Cons : Very popular, repetitive photos, limited filtering, no categorization.

© ️ Copyright : Free and royalty-free photos for commercial and non-commercial use, without mandatory attribution.

LEARN MORE: Visit the Unsplash website

5. Pixabay: 1 million royalty-free images, illustrations and videos

Pixabay banques avec licence commune

Pixabay Is a A must for all creatives looking for exceptional visuals.

With more than a million media: illustrations, vectors and video files shared by its members, it is a real treasure to bring your projects to life.

Thanks to its intuitive search engine and carefully moderated content, find the image that perfectly suits your needs has never been easier.

In a few clicks, access quality visuals, royalty-free and usable with peace of mind, even in a commercial setting.


  • List of over 1 million images, illustrations, and videos covering all topics
  • Enjoy intuitive search and quality content that is carefully moderated on the platform
  • Multi-language interface (English, French, Spanish...)
  • Download and use the visuals for free, even for your commercial projects


  • 100% free access to all images, videos and illustrations
droits de chaque image des banques de Pixabay

👍 Pros: Bank of more than 2.6 million free resources, varied categories, effective keyword research.

👎 Cons : Uneven quality, general images that are sometimes dated, sorting and limited collections.

© ️ Copyright : Pixabay licensed images, royalty-free for commercial and non-commercial use, without attribution.

LEARN MORE: Visit the Pixabay website

6. Flickr: The incredible photo gallery of enthusiasts from all over the world

page de flickr

Browse among the numerous thematic groups to find the inspiration and visuals that best fit your needs.

With its advanced organization, editing, and sharing features, Flickr is much more than a simple image bank, it is a real social network dedicated to photography for creation.


  • Access a huge gallery more 10 billion images taken by enthusiasts
  • Discover categories of numerous free free photos, ideal for illustrating the creations of your next project
  • Interact with the community and share your most beautiful images


  • Free account with a maximum of 1000 images
  • “Pro” offer at €6.49/month with unlimited storage and advanced features
prix de flickpro

👍 Pros: Diverse collection, precise search by keyword or style, numerous royalty-free images, community spirit.

👎 Cons : Variable credits, interface to be modernized, manual sorting required.

© ️ Copyright : Variable between photos and photographers, many under Creative Commons license.

LEARN MORE: Visit the Flickr website

7. Pexels: Quality and variety at the service of your creativity

plateforme pexels

Pexels opens the doors to over 3 million free videos and imagess, selected with care.

Browse beautiful portraits, breathtaking landscapes, and more visual treasures, all without copyright.

Thanks to smooth navigation and a search by color, finding the image that will enhance your creations becomes a real breeze.

Pexels is theideal ally to bring your presentations to life, illustrate your articles or even create professional and impactful printed materials.


  • Explore over millions of exceptional visuals with free copyright
  • Find the perfect photo in the blink of an eye thanks to an intuitive search engine
  • Enhance your creations with high-resolution images, ideal for printing


  • 100% free access to all videos and images

👍 Pros: Artistic collection carefully selected by photographer, royalty-free images, efficient research.

👎 Cons : Smaller catalog, recurrence of popular images, sorting by color absent.

© ️ Copyright : CC0 licensed photos and videos, royalty-free for personal and commercial use, attribution not required.

LEARN MORE: Visit the Pexels website

8. Foodiesfeed: When food photos make your mouth water

Foodiesfeed is the go-to haunt for Food photography enthusiasts and catering professionals.

Whether you are looking to illustrate a pound recipes, to create a mouth-watering menu or menu, or simply to enhance your Instagram account, the high quality photos from Foodiesfeed will be your best allies.

And with a royalty-free use, even for commercial purposes, only your creativity will be the limit!


  • Get access to over 1500 artistic and mouth-watering food photos, with new ones added every week
  • Download and use images freely, without attribution, even for commercial projects
  • Find inspiration for your own culinary creations with varied and authentic shots


👍 Pros: Collection dedicated to cooking, great variety, high quality, classification by categories.

👎 Cons : Unique theme, number of photos still accurate, limited search, account required.

© ️ Copyright : Royalty-free photos that can be used free of charge for commercial and non-commercial use, without mandatory attribution.

LEARN MORE: Visit the Foodiesfeed website

9. Icon8: Millions of icons, illustrations and photos for all your projects

site web de  icon8

Icon8 is good more than a simple image bank.

It's a must-have resource for any creative person looking for quality icons, illustrations, and photos, all free and royalty-free.

The smart search engine and thematic collections allow you to find the graphic elements you need in the blink of an eye.

The icing on the cake, the images are available in various formats and styles, to adapt perfectly to your creations.


  • Get free access to millions of royalty-free icons, illustrations and photos
  • Easily find what you are looking for thanks to the smart search engine and thematic collections
  • Take advantage of graphic elements in different formats and styles to enhance all your projects


  • Free access to millions of icons, illustrations, and photos
  • “Pro” offer starting at €19.99/month for advanced features and premium assets

👍 Pros: Huge collection, variety of styles, multiple formats, powerful search engine.

👎 Cons : Plenty of time-consuming choices, recent paid resources, account required.

© ️ Copyright : Most assets are free and usable without attribution, some paid for commercial use.

LEARN MORE: Visit the Icon8 website


What are free royalty-free images?

Royalty-free images are free images that are easily available on the internet and that anyone can use.

What popular images are available for free?

There are a number of popular images that are available for free. These include images of nature, people, and architecture.

What is the quality of these free royalty-free images?

The quality of free royalty-free images can vary, as they are often taken by amateur photographers. However, there are high-quality images out there, many of which can be found in royalty-free libraries. Some of the most popular images are even redone to be better.


With so many options available online, it can be difficult to make the right choice when it comes to stock photos.

A good way to choose your favorite photostock site is to test it out and search for several to find the images you need.

In summary, the choice of its royalty-free image site will depend on its needs and priorities:

  • For quality artistic photos: Unsplash, Pexels,
  • For authentic and vintage images: New Old Stock, Flickr
  • For appetizing food visuals: Foodiesfeed
  • For stylized icons and illustrations: Icons8, UnDraw
  • For varied resources on a low budget: Pixabay, Freepik
  • To create and personalize your visuals:

The main thing is to find images on the internet that enhance your content and your visual identity.

Do not hesitate to draw from different sources to avoid the pitfall of “cliché” images that are a bit too often seen.

Because beyond the quality of the images, it is your artistic sensitivity that will make the difference.

So get inspired by the best, dare to make original combinations and create visuals that look like you. That's the magic of design!

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