10 Best AI-Assisted Book Writing Software (2024)

In this guide, I've ranked and reviewed the best AI book writing software, so you can choose the one that's best for you.
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Writing a book can Quickly turn to the puzzle, even for the most motivated authors.

Find inspiration, structure your ideas, develop your style... So many challenges that can slow your momentum creative. What if artificial intelligence became your ally to boost your literary productivity?

That's the whole point of AI-assisted writing software.

Thanks to machine learning, these new generation tools support you at each stage of writing: Generation of ideas, character development, automated writing... Enough to free your pen and let your imagination run wild!

Of course AI will never replace your literary genius. But using it as a co-pilot, you might well see your creativity and efficiency take off.

Croissance des publications de livres digitaux dans le monde
Growth of digital book publications around the world

A promising sector, when you know that the market for AI writing software is expected to reach $760 million by 2026.

So, ready to test the power of AI on your writing ?

Find your next high-tech companion, whether you're a seasoned novelist or an apprentice writer.

Let's go!

List of the best AI software for writing books

Here are the best AI book software to consider.

1. Jasper AI : The most comprehensive, ideal for novels and essays

page d'accueil de Jasper

Writing a book can be a real challenge, even for the most experienced authors.

Jasper AI is an AI-powered writing assistant designed to help you at every stage of your creative process, from generating ideas to writing chapters.

With its advanced language models and intuitive features, Jasper AI is the perfect companion for any aspiring writer.

Key features for writing books

  • Generator of ideas to find inspiration and structure your plan
  • Helps create consistent and memorable characters
  • Dialog generator for natural and fluid exchanges
  • Expanding text to expand descriptions and scenes
  • Rewrite paragraphs to improve style and flow
  • Sentiment analysis to ensure the emotional impact of the text
  • Detection of inconsistencies and continuity errors
  • “Ghost writer” mode to adapt the style to a specific author or genre


Tarifs de Jasper

Jasper offers these pricing plans:

  • Starter plan starting at $29/month
  • Boss Mode plan starting at $59/month
  • Business plan on estimate

The new unique blog post feature is fantastic and allows you to create a post from an idea in seconds.

Our Take

Jasper AI is a must for any author who wants to boost their productivity. Despite a certain cost and time to get started, its varied models, its automated recipes and its multiple languages make it the ideal ally for writing quickly and well. A must for overcoming the blank slate permanently.

👍 Pros : Rapid increase in content production. Over 50 templates and 25 languages. Recipes to automate the creative process.

👎 Cons : Rates can be high, especially on Boss Mode offers and above. Learning curve to master all features.

2. Rytr : Engaging stories and dialogue for news and storylines

Page d'accueil de Rytr

Rytr is an AI-based writing assistant that positions itself as a true co-author for your book projects.

Thanks to its algorithms of AI content generation and its pre-trained language models, it can help you write entire chapters in a few clicks. Whether you're writing fiction or non-fiction, Rytr adapts to your style and tone for a smooth and consistent result.

Key features for writing books

  • Chapter generator based on an outline and keywords
  • Library of book templates for various genres and styles
  • Integrated search tool to enrich the content of your chapters
  • Suggested transitions and sequences between sections
  • Optimizing the style according to the preferences of the target audience
  • Analysis of readability and language level
  • Detecting repetitions and awkward turns
  • “Ghostwrite” function to write in the style of a famous author


Tarifs de Rytr

Rytr offers these different plans:

  • Free plan with 5000 characters/month
  • Saver plan at $9/month for 50k characters
  • Unlimited plan at $29/month for unlimited use

Our Take

Rytr is the perfect tool for authors looking for a versatile and accessible AI assistant. Its ease of use, its varied use cases and its free plan make it a smart choice to increase productivity, regardless of the type of writing. Enough to unleash your creativity without breaking the bank.

👍 Pros : Intuitive interface with accurate predictions. Multiple use cases (books, marketing, web...). Over 30 languages and tones available. Free plan.

👎 Cons : Less suited to very specific or technical writing needs.

3. Writesonic : Step-by-Step Guide, Perfect for Writing Beginners

page d'accueil de Writesonic

Writesonic is an AI writing assistant who is positioned as a real coach to help you write your book effectively and professionally.

With its adapted templates and templates, it guides you step by step through the writing process, from planning to revision.

Whether you need help structuring your story or fine-tuning your style, Writesonic has a solution.

Key features for writing books

  • Book plan templates for various genres and formats
  • Chapter summary generator to clarify content
  • Dialogue coach to create natural and revealing exchanges
  • Paragraph expansion tool to detail key scenes
  • Narrative rhythm analyzer to measure highlights and breaths
  • Detector of repetitions and awkward turns
  • Optimizer of readability and fluidity for a text that is pleasant to read
  • Constructive feedback generator to improve in each chapter


tarifs de Writesonic
  • Free plan with 6250 words/month
  • Short plan at $12.67/month for 12000 words
  • Long plan at $19/month for 25,000 words
  • Economy plan at $29/month for 45,000 words

Our Take

Writesonic seduces with its pedagogical approach and its multilingual support. Perfect for quickly generating content in various languages and getting started with AI-assisted writing. However, credit management and content instability can be frustrating over time. To be preferred for one-off projects.

👍 Pros : Generating content in more than 20 languages. Video training and responsive customer support. “Sonic Editor” mode to collaborate with the AI. Varied tones and SEO templates.

👎 Cons : Limited credits, including on paid plans. Uneven content quality across languages and themes.

4. AnyWord : Adapts style to tone, ideal for non-fiction books

page d'accueil de Anyword

Anyword is an AI writing assistant specializing in optimizing texts to capture attention and generate engagement.

With its predictive models and conversion algorithms, it helps you find the most powerful formulations for your book. Whether you're writing an inspiring autobiography or a practical guide, Anyword helps you find the words that hit the mark.

Key features for writing books

  • Analysis of best-sellers of the genre to identify key ingredients
  • Optimizing titles and subtitles to attract attention
  • Shocking slogan and phrase generator for cover text
  • Identify high-impact keywords and phrases
  • Rewrite paragraphs to make them more engaging
  • Predictive analysis of reader engagement and feedback
  • Suggestions for persuasive and memorable turns of phrase
  • Previewing the effect of different formulations on readers


Tarifs de Anyword
  • Free plan with 1000 words/month
  • Basic plan at $24/month for 15000 words
  • Data-driven plan at $83/month for 30,000 words
  • Professional plan at $332/month for 125,000 words

Our Take

Anyword is the Swiss Army Knife for marketers looking for ultra-targeted and effective content. Its predictive AI and omnichannel optimization make it possible to create the right message for the right person in the right place. A significant investment that can transform your ROI, if you take the time to master it.

👍 Pros : Content performance prediction. Specific optimization for each channel (web, mobile, email...). Integration of context and audience for highly personalized content.

👎 Cons : High rates, especially for smaller projects. Learning curve to exploit the full predictive potential.

5. Copy AI : Immersive characters and settings for fantasy and sci-fi

page d'accueil de Copy.ai

Copy.ai is a versatile writing assistant that has recently expanded its functionality to support authors in writing their books. With its advanced language models and specialized tools, it helps you turn ideas into engaging chapters.

Whether you're stuck on a key scene or looking to boost your dialogues, Copy.ai has the solution.

Key features for writing books

  • Pitch and synopsis generator to structure your story
  • Character creator with description, motivation, and story arc
  • A tool for generating dialogues based on personality and emotion
  • Paragraph expander to flesh out descriptions and actions
  • Sentiment analysis to measure the emotional impact of each scene
  • Suggestions for transitions and sequences between chapters
  • Style optimizer to adopt a dynamic and fluid tone
  • Generator of impactful chapter and section titles


tarifs de Copy.ai
  • Free plan with 2000 words/month
  • Pro plan at $35/month for 40,000 words
  • Team plan at $49/month per member for 100,000 words per user

Our Take

👍 Pros : Over 90 different types of content. Specialized templates for each stage of the funnel. Great for content marketing. Generous free trial.

👎 Cons : Less suitable for long writing such as books. Content that is sometimes generic and requires personalization.

Copy.ai is the essential ally for marketers and entrepreneurs who want to create varied and engaging content. Its numerous templates and its free trial make it a must for quickly testing ideas and improving your copies. However, allow time for rewriting to adapt the tone to your brand.

6. Peppertype.AI: Stimulates creativity, ideal for collections of poetry or short stories

page d'accueil de Peppertype.ai

Peppertype.ai is an AI writing assistant that focuses on creativity and originality.

With his models trained on innovative literary works, he helps you think outside the box and find a unique voice for your book.

Whether you're looking to shake up genre codes or create a radically new universe, Peppertype.ai will stimulate your imagination.

Key features for writing books

  • Generator of original and surprising plot ideas
  • Creator of unusual and memorable characters
  • Tool for generating quirky and revealing dialogues
  • Description expander for immersive and new environments
  • Style analysis to get out of gender codes and stereotypes
  • Suggestions for unpredictable twists and reveals
  • Interactive storyteller to explore different directions
  • Creative writing challenges to stimulate imagination and audacity


page de signup de Peppertype.ai
  • Free plan with 5 generations/day
  • Starter plan at $25/month for 50,000 words
  • Growth plan at $165/month for 1 million words
  • Enterprise plan on quotation for personalized volume

Our Take

Peppertype.ai is the perfect brainstormer to find inspiration and overcome blank page syndrome. Its ease of use, versatility and low price make it a good first step in AI-assisted writing. To be completed with a more advanced tool to refine your writings.

👍 Pros : Great for quickly generating ideas and sketches. Support for many use cases (book, article, ad, email...). Attractive pricing with free trial.

👎 Cons : Basic content that often requires customization. Fewer languages supported than some competitors.

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7. Bramework: Write, edit, and publish ebooks and self-published books

page d'accueil de Bramework

Bramework is more than just an AI writing assistant.

It is a complete platform designed to support authors from A to Z in their book project, from the first idea to the publication. In addition to its advanced AI-based writing assistance features, Bramework offers planning, collaboration, and layout tools for a smooth and integrated creative process.

Key features for writing books

  • AI assistant for idea generation, research, and writing
  • Mind mapping tool to structure ideas and plans
  • Text editor optimized for long writing (focus mode, progress bar...)
  • Generator of titles and slogans for an impacting book
  • Voice dictation and automatic transcription function
  • Co-writing space to invite co-authors or reviewers
  • Cover generator and automated layout
  • Publishing tips and connecting to self-publishing platforms


tarifs de Bramework

Bramework offers you these plans:

  • Flex plan according to use
  • Grow plan at $19/month
  • Pro plan at $99/month
  • Business plan on estimate

Our Take

Bramework is the solution of choice for authors who want to write a book quickly and boost their web visibility. Its SEO approach, its search tools and its intelligent rewriting make it possible to create effective content in record time. The perfect companion for web writers who want to make a name for themselves.

👍 Pros : Writing books 5x faster. SEO optimized content to increase traffic. Integrated image search and keyword tracking. AI rewrite to improve SEO.

👎 Cons : Rather specialized in writing books for SEO purposes, less in pure creativity.

SEE MORE: Get started with Bramework

8. ClosersCopy: Versatile, suitable for all book genres and lengths

page d'accueil de ClosersCopy

ClosersCopy  is a versatile writing assistant for all content creators, from web editors to book authors.

With its comprehensive array of AI-powered features, it supports you every step of the way in your writing process.

This platform does not rely on the same type of AI (GPT-4) than many other AI copywriting tools because it uses its own proprietary AI.

Whether you're looking for inspiration, fine-tuning your style, or optimizing your texts for SEO, ClosersCopy has the solution.

Key features for writing books

  • AI wizard to generate chapters from a brief
  • Writing templates adapted to different book genres
  • AI paraphrase tool to vary the turns and make the text more fluid
  • Generator of metaphors and figures of speech
  • Style analyzer to adopt the tone of an author or a reference work
  • Advanced grammar and spelling checker
  • SEO optimization for book descriptions and metadata
  • Integration with leading text editors and publishing platforms


Tarifs de ClosersCopy

Several pricing plans are offered:

  • Free plan with 300 credits/month
  • Power plan at $49.99/month for 45000 credits
  • Superpower plan at $79.99/month for 300,000 credits
  • Superpower Squad plan at $99.99/month for 3 users

Our Take

ClosersCopy seduces with its unique AI and its varied models that boost originality. Her flexibility and her community approach make her a great ally in finding inspiration and developing her own style. An investment that requires a bit of practice, but which can transform your pen permanently.

👍 Pros : Proprietary AI for original content. Numerous writing templates. Possibility to create and reuse your own frames. Community assistance.

👎 Cons : Longer learning curve than other tools. Interface that may seem complex at first.

SEE MORE: Get started with ClosersCopy

9. WordHero: Against the blank page, perfect for long-term projects

pafe d'accueil de WordHero

WordHero is an AI writing assistant that is positioned as a true creative companion for authors. With its brainstorming and idea-generation features, it helps you find inspiration and unlock your inner writer.

Whether you're running out of plot ideas or looking for the perfect name for your character, WordHero has the answer.

Key features for writing books

  • Generator of story ideas based on genres and themes
  • Creator of evocative and memorable character names
  • Dialogue generator for natural and revealing exchanges
  • Worldbuilding tool to create rich and coherent worlds
  • Scene expander to flesh out descriptions and actions
  • Style analysis to adopt the tone of a genre or author
  • Suggested turns and twists to jump-start the plot
  • “Unlock the Writer” feature with creative exercises and writing challenges


Tarifs de WordHero

WordHero offers a monthly and annual plan.

These are the following monthly plans:

  • Free plan with 10 generations/month
  • Creative plan at $9/month for 100 generations
  • Storyteller plan at $19/month for 1000 generations
  • Novelist plan at $49/month for 10,000 generations

Our Take

WordHero is a smart facilitator for aspiring writers. Its simplified process, its personalized advice and its image bank offer a reassuring framework to get started. The quality of the first draft is not always there, but the tool helps to make progress. A good choice to start with peace of mind in AI-assisted writing.

👍 Pros : Content generation in one click. Feedback on the quality of writing. Over a million royalty-free images. Guided process in 3 steps.

👎 Cons : Less control over generated content than other tools. Revisions and adjustments are often required.

SEE MORE: Get started with WordHero

10. Sassbook: Combines AI tools, ideal for multi-genre books

sassbook homepage

Sassbook is an AI writing assistant dedicated to creative and literary writing.

With his specialized language models trained on works of fiction, he is able to generate original ideas, compelling storylines, and memorable characters.

Whether you're writing novels, short stories, or screenplays, Sassbook will stimulate your creativity and help you find your voice.

Key features for writing books

  • Plot generator based on archetypes and narrative patterns
  • Character creator with psychological profiling and dialogue generator
  • World builder with description of environments and cultures
  • Scene expander to develop descriptions and actions
  • Emotional analyzer to measure the impact of each scene
  • Photo and photo detector to guarantee originality
  • Suggested plot twists and alternate endings
  • Mind mapping tool to visualize narrative structure
  • Automatic summary via sound text editor


Tarifs de Sassbook

Sassbook offers the following plans (billed annually):

  • Free plan with 1000 words/month
  • Creative plan at $10/month for 20,000 words
  • Storyteller plan at $25/month for 100,000 words
  • Novelist plan at $50/month for unlimited use

Our Take

Sassbook is a tool for writers on the go. Its panel of complementary AI tools makes it possible to automate tedious tasks and to find ideas in the blink of an eye. A precious gain of time, provided that the coherence of the whole is reworked. Perfect for laying the foundations of a novel in record time.

👍 Pros : Combination of multiple AI tools (writer, summarizer, title generator...). Specific AI to develop characters and plots. Automating time-consuming tasks.

👎 Cons : The result is sometimes confusing due to too much coverage of topics. Requires sorting and reorganization work.

SEE MORE: Get started with Sassbook

What is an AI-assisted book writing software?

When writing books, AI software tools help authors get their ideas on paper quickly and easily, without getting lost in the details.

Using artificial intelligence to help authors write books is a relatively new concept, but it's fast becoming one of the best ways to write a book.

Many book software also has features that help write grammatically correct sentences and correct spelling mistakes. These tools can be a great way to produce an error-free book.

Consideration should also be given to the required writing style, with many AI software programs offering the ability to define the tone of voice and give clear instructions on how the book should be expressed.

Whether it's writing science fiction, creating historical fiction, or writing a science fiction book, the various AI writing software options available on the market mean there's a tool to suit every need.

Features of a good AI-assisted book writing software

In the field of writing software assisted by artificial intelligence, it is essential to have a complete and flexible tool.

Here is an overview of the key features:

  • Customizing the workflow : Define specific writing goals.
  • Easy content sharing : Sharing options through various channels.
  • Plagiarism check : Ensure the originality of the content.
  • Grammatical correction : Elimination of grammatical mistakes.
  • Simplifying the language : Adapt writing to a more accessible level of reading.
  • Varied use cases : Adapted to various writing needs.
  • Unlimited words : Unlimited writing capacity in some premium plans.
  • Integration with other tools : Compatibility with various platforms and tools.
  • Tone and style analysis : This software now offers advanced tone and style analysis functionality, allowing writers to adapt their content to the target audience and specific context.

In conclusion, good AI-assisted writing software doesn't just make writing easier; it also enriches content, making it more accessible, relevant, and engaging for the target audience.

These tools are constantly evolving, integrating innovative features to meet the changing needs of writers.


At the end of this comparison, one thing is obvious: AI writing software has everything to stimulate your creativity and boost your productivity as a writer. Whatever your project or your level, you will find in this selection a valuable ally.

  • For big projects such as ebooks and novels, rely on complete solutions such as Jasper AI, Rytr or Writesonic.
  • If your goal is to produce marketing content in series, choose specialized tools such as Copy.ai or Anyword.
  • For fans of creative brainstorming, Peppertype.ai and Shortly AI will be your best partners.
  • Finally, demanding authors will fall in love with the advanced functions of ClosersCopy or Bramework.

But remember: while AI enhances your writing, it doesn't replace it.

Choose a tool that fits your working method, test it without any preconceived ideas and always adapt its suggestions to your unique style. At this price, you will become an augmented writer, combining the best of technology and human creativity.

Find out more :

Whether it is a AI-assisted sales software that helps close more deals, of a AI-generated content detection software to ensure the originality of the content or tools of AI customer service chatbot that help reduce the number of tickets opened by a business, AI is changing the business landscape.

Thanks to GPT3-AI, many of these new AI tools are more affordable and more user-friendly than ever.

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