AutoGPT: What is it? + Examples of use (2024)

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In recent years, language models based onartificial intelligence (AI) like ChatGPT technology based on (GPT-2, GPT-3, GPT-3.5, GPT-4, and soon to be GPT-5) have made significant progress in natural language processing tasks, revolutionizing the way we create, communicate, and interact with textual content.

One of these advances is the development of Auto-GPT released in April 2023 and Founded by Toran Bruce Richards - a pre-driven automatic generative transformer, by OpenAI and based on GPT-4.

croissance github et git de autogpt

Auto-GPT is a cutting-edge open-source application based on GPT-4 that has the ability to generate human-type text from a prompt (simple text - no code) or a summary given input.

In this comprehensive article, we're going to explore the capabilities, limitations, and applications of this technology.

Let's go and discover the power of this new IAG (artificial general intelligence) model.

Auto-GPT is a project that has been available since the end of April 2023 by cloning the GitHub repository via git, which brings the latest advances in terms ofartificial intelligence and natural machine language processing.

github autogpt agent gpt auto gpt online auto gpt gratuit

It is based on the state-of-the-art GPT-4 linguistic model created by OpenAI, which allows users to create powerful applications without human intervention, from prompts (text) because it can act independently (without intervention).

By harnessing the combined power of GPT-4 + Auto-GPT, users are able to create innovative video games and programs covering a wide range of applications, from personal to professional use.

GPT-4 openai pour Auto-GPT

This advanced technology is something capable of accomplishing an impressive number of activities, such as accessing the Internet to search for and gather relevant data, similar to that of a human being, storing and recalling past data, and much more.

Auto-GPT page git
Auto-GPT Github

All this has been made possible since April 2023 thanks to the collaborative effort of its director, Toran Bruce Richards (creator of a similar program called BabyGPT), a video game designer, numerous individual engineers, developers, contributors, and sponsors in the open-source community.

toran bruce richards Auto-GPT
Toran Bruce Richards - Founder of Auto-GPT
contributeurs Auto-GPT
Auto-GPT contributors

Difference between ChatGPT and AutoGPT

AutoGPT and ChatGPT share the same GPT architecture but were designed for a different purpose and activities.

Instead, AutoGPT is intended for automating text code generation, while ChatGPT is optimized for language and conversation processing, such as systems like chatbots and virtual video assistants.

Although the two models share similarities in their architecture and training method, they have different strengths and applications.

Here are the main differences between AutoGPT and ChatGPT:

  • Objective: AutoGPT AI is intended for automating text generation autonomously, while ChatGPT is designed specifically for natural language processing and conversation.
  • Training data: AutoGPT AI is trained on a mass of textual data to learn language patterns and structures, while ChatGPT is trained on human conversation data.
  • Seizure: AutoGPT generates text based on text input, while ChatGPT generates output through a prompt
  • Text completion: AutoGPT AI can complete sentences and paragraphs based on input, while ChatGPT is optimized for conversational responses.
  • Summary: AutoGPT can summarize text based on input, while ChatGPT is not designed for this task.
  • Content creation: AutoGPT can generate articles, blogs, and other content written based on input, while ChatGPT is not designed for this task.
  • Support: ChatGPT can be used to create chatbots that provide customer service to users, while AutoGPT is not designed for this task.
  • Virtual assistant: ChatGPT can be used to create virtual assistants that can understand and respond to user queries in a natural way, while AutoGPT is not designed for this task.
  • Natural language optimization : ChatGPT is optimized for natural language processing, while AutoGPT is not designed specifically for this task.
  • Human answers : ChatGPT based on GPT-4 is optimized to generate responses similar to those of a human, while AutoGPT focuses on generating high-quality texts based on a given input.

Ultimately, while these 2 techs share some similarities — they were designed for different tasks and have different strengths and limitations.

It is important to understand their differences in order to choose the most appropriate language model for a given application or task.

How to use this artificial intelligence

The latest version offers three modes available, which you can use according to your preferences and needs.

1. GPT 3.5 mode

mode GPT3.5 Auto-GPT

Before you can access AutoGPT, you need to have a vs code+ devcontainer that you can install hither or a Python 3.8 programming language (a later version is also applicable) and a OpenAPI API key, which is only available by using GPT chat More or via the waiting list (registration by SSO or email).

API openai Auto-GPT
How to use Auto-GPT and GPT-3.5

However, if you don't want to take advantage of the subscription plan for this API or wait to be approved on the list, there is another option: GPT 3.5 ONLY mode.

GPT-4 and GPT-3.5 being both accessible on Auto-GPT, you can switch between these two major language models, depending on what's available.

2. Voice mode

As the name suggests, voice mode allows Auto-GPT artificial intelligence to read text generated using a human voice.

To let artificial intelligence do the talking, all you need to do is set up your ElevenLabs key and ID (API), which you can get hither.

API elevenlabs Auto-GPT

Tip: You can clone your voice by uploading an MP3 file from the ElevenLabs website and applying it to AutoGPT using the speak parameter. Don't expect it to be 100% similar, as it's only the beta version.

3. AutoGPT continuous mode

AutoGPT has a continuous mode, which allows it to perform given activities indefinitely independently.

mode continue Auto-GPT

While this mode has potential benefits, developers do not recommend it, as it comes with its own risks.

One of these is to perform unintended actions that may be beyond the user's control.

Use cases for this artificial general intelligence

Auto-GPT utilisation de cette API pour des tâches
How to use Auto-GPT for your tasks

AutoGPT is an AI-based language model that can help users.

Here is a list that Auto-GPT can do for you: generate content (using GPT via an API); improve marketing strategies, improve the customer experience, and facilitate translation tasks, among other things.

1. Content creation

Can generate drafts, ideas, and inspiration for various writing projects such as articles, blog posts, social media posts, etc.

2. Marketing and advertising

Auto-GPT can be used to create compelling marketing copies and social media posts that target specific audiences.

3. SAV

Auto-GPT can generate relevant and accurate responses to customer inquiries, providing a faster and more efficient customer experience.

4. Translation

Auto-GPT facilitates translation by generating translations into another language, which makes it possible to overcome language barriers and facilitate communication.

5. Creative writing

Auto-GPT can be used to stimulate the creativity of writers by generating ideas and inspiration from keywords or brief summaries.

6. Education

Auto-GPT can be used to generate educational content, quizzes, and study materials, and to provide personalized feedback to students.

7. Data generation

It is now possible to generate additional training data that Auto-GPT can do to improve the performance and accuracy of other machine learning models

8. Chatbot

Auto-GPT can power a chatbot and virtual assistants by generating conversational and engaging responses for users.

9. Summary of contents

Auto-GPT automatically summarizes long texts into shorter, more concise summaries.

10. Personalized recommendations

Auto-GPT generates personalized recommendations for products, services, or content based on user preferences and past behavior.

Auto-GPT offers a wide variety of applications to improve everyone in the content creation process, for example improving client-computer interactions, facilitating translation, and providing personalized recommendations.

What is BabyAGI in AutoGPT AI?

fonctionnement Auto-GPT

BabyAGI is an open-source tool created by Yohei Nakajima by combining OpenAI's GPT-4 technologies (like chatgpt), LangChain, a coding framework, and Pinecone, a database.

It makes it possible to create new agents via artificial intelligence that can accomplish complex things while considering the initial objective.

Here are important ideas to remember about BabyAGI in AutoGPT:

  • Is a combination of OpenAI (GPT-4), LangChain, and Pinecone API technologies and programming languages.
  • Is able to understand and learn like humans from its subtasks
  • Uses long-term memory to quickly store and retrieve information
  • Train and evaluate various AI agents in a simulated environment to test their ability to learn and perform difficult activities.

How does AutoGPT work?

AutoGPT is a task automation tool based on artificial intelligence.

auto gpt an agentgpt
Source: GPT agent : The Autonomous AI Revolution

In addition to completing tasks, it can also provide thoughts and reasoning to develop the next step to take to reach your predefined goals.

  • AutoGPT can be thought of as a personal assistant that can automate tasks based on a simple instruction.
  • In addition to carrying out the activities, it can provide thoughts, reasoning, and criticisms to develop the next action to be taken.
  • The first demo shows a simple interface with a text box for inputs such as the AI name, role description, and a list of goals.
  • Once this information is provided, Auto-GPT immediately starts “thinking” and running activities in the background.
  • Auto-GPT offers endless potential to automate tedious activities and to achieve goals effectively.


We saw in this article on Auto-GPT (AGI) that it has the potential to revolutionize and solve the problem of various applications in the field of natural language processing.

Auto-GPT can generate contextually relevant, consistent, and creative texts, making it a valuable tool in many areas.

However, like any AI, it also has limitations and ethical considerations that need to be carefully studied and addressed.

Responsible use of Auto-GPT, accompanied by human verification and ethical guidelines, can help to exploit its capabilities effectively and responsibly.

As technologies continue to evolve, Auto-GPT and other language models are likely to play an important role in shaping the future of text generation and communication on websites and elsewhere.

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