Full Review - The Paper Plane Plan, Ross Davies

Immerse yourself in an in-depth review of “The Paper Plane Plan” by Ross Davies, an expert in growth hacking for B2B service companies

“The Paper Plane Plan” is revolutionizing the application of growth hacking in the B2B services sector. Ross Davies, based on his successful experience, adapts the principles of exponential growth of tech startups to the unique challenges of this sector.

Central themes include:

  1. Bold experimentation as a growth engine
  2. Questioning traditional marketing strategies
  3. Identifying growth drivers specific to B2B services
  4. Establishing a culture of growth and innovation

Davies reveals the most powerful “hacks,” such as optimizing the customer journey, B2B influencer marketing, and strategic partnerships. Through concrete case studies, he shows how these tactics can be applied for tangible results.

The book highlights the importance of a data-driven approach, rapid execution, and learning through experimentation. Davies stresses the need to align the entire organization around growth goals.

Critical Analysis

Readers will learn valuable lessons from “The Paper Plane Plan”:

  1. Tech startup growth hacking strategies can be successfully adapted to B2B service businesses.
  2. Bold experimentation, challenging preconceived ideas, and a data-driven approach are key to driving growth.
  3. Key growth drivers include optimizing the customer journey, B2B influencer marketing, strategic partnerships, and a culture of innovation.
  4. Aligning the entire organization around growth goals is crucial for success.
  5. Even small changes in marketing and sales strategies can have an exponential impact on growth in B2B.
  6. Embracing continuous learning, rapid iteration, and constant strategy adjustment are the hallmarks of fast-growing businesses.
  7. Real case studies prove that these growth hacking principles can transform B2B service businesses of any size and in any sector.
  8. Continuously measuring, analyzing, and optimizing every aspect of the growth funnel is critical.
  9. Innovation and growth require daring to leave your comfort zone and challenge the status quo on a regular basis.
  10. With the right growth “hacks,” any B2B service business has the potential for exponential growth.

These powerful insights, combined with the practical advice and strategic framework provided in the book, equip readers to take on their own growth challenges boldly, creatively, and effectively.

My opinion

“The Paper Plane Plan” stands out for its fresh and daring approach to growth hacking applied to B2B services. Ross Davies brilliantly succeeds in transposing the principles of exponential growth into a sector that often has difficulty reinventing itself.

One of the strengths of the book is its anchoring in the author's real experience. The detailed case studies and concrete examples make the proposed strategies tangible and applicable. Davies doesn't just have abstract concepts, he provides clear roadmaps for implementation.

However, some readers might find that the book is trying to cover too much ground, sometimes at the expense of depth. Some key concepts would have been worth exploring in more detail.

In addition, while Davies highlights the importance of a personalized approach, more specific advice for different types of B2B service businesses could have enriched the discussion.

Despite these minor caveats, “The Paper Plane Plan” remains an invaluable resource for any B2B service professional looking to drive growth. It's an inspiring call to embrace innovation, challenge the status quo, and harness the full potential of growth hacking.

Davies's engaging style, combined with his expertise, makes reading both enjoyable and instructive. His enthusiasm for the transformative power of growth hacking is contagious.

In summary, “The Paper Plane Plan” is a must-read for entrepreneurs, marketers, and B2B leaders ready to take their growth to new heights. While not free of flaws, this book has the potential to revolutionize how service businesses approach growth.

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Book Background and Author

Ross Davies is a recognized growth hacking expert and an accomplished entrepreneur in the B2B services industry. Over the last decade, he has successfully built and developed several service businesses, taking their revenue and impact from local to international.

His innovative approach to growth hacking has earned him the praise of the specialized press and inspired many B2B professionals. A sought-after speaker, Davies regularly shares his strategies at industry conferences and events.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Davies held marketing leadership positions at major service companies, where he successfully led multi-market growth initiatives.

With this wealth of experience, both as an intrapreneur in large organizations and as an agile entrepreneur, Davies has a unique understanding of the challenges and opportunities for growth in B2B.

“The Paper Plane Plan” is the result of his many years of experimenting, testing and refining growth hacking strategies in the real world. This book distills his most valuable learnings and makes them accessible to all B2B professionals.

Davies's expertise, combined with his practical approach and his passion for communication, make him the ideal guide on this journey to exponential B2B growth.


What types of B2B service businesses can benefit from “The Paper Plane Plan”?

The book is relevant for a wide range of B2B service businesses, from small agencies to large established companies, in sectors such as consulting, marketing, communication, etc.

Do you have to be an expert in growth hacking to apply the ideas in the book?

No, Ross Davies makes growth hacking concepts accessible to everyone. Whether you are a novice or experienced, you will find valuable ideas to apply.

Does the book provide specific implementation tips?

Yes, one of the major advantages of “The Paper Plane Plan” is the translation of concepts into clear roadmaps and practical advice for implementation, illustrated by real case studies.

How does this book differ from other books on growth hacking?

“The Paper Plane Plan” is distinguished by its unique focus on the application of growth hacking in the context of B2B services, an angle rarely addressed in the literature on the subject.


In conclusion, “The Paper Plane Plan” by Ross Davies is a major contribution to the growth hacking literature, filling an important void by specifically addressing the challenges of B2B service businesses.

Based on the expertise and real experience of the author, this book is an essential resource for any B2B professional looking to unleash exponential growth in their business. A must-read that is both practical and inspiring.