Detailed Full Review of DALL-E 3: All you need to know (2024)

Explore OpenAI's DALL-E 3, a major innovation in AI image generation. Accessible for free via Bing and ChatGPT



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What is DALL-E 3?

Discover DALL-E 3, a Major breakthrough of OpenAI, the research laboratory in artificial intelligence, which continues to redefine the AI image generation from text.

From ChatGPT to DALL-E, OpenAI is constantly pushing the boundaries of AI technology and is constantly innovating.

  • Evolution: Improved successor to DALL-E 2, launched in April 2022 by OpenAI
  • Free accessibility : Available for free on Microsoft Bing Image Creator from Bing Chat and
  • Objective: Generate high-quality illustrations that accurately reflect user requests.
  • Comprehension: Interprets text descriptions accurately.
  • DALL-E Mini: Version accessible to everyone offering quality image creation.
  • ChatGPT integration: Collaborate with GPT chat to refine your ideas into images.
  • Availability: Access for OpenAI ChatGPT customers as early as October 2023.
  • Independance: Freely create, sell, or share generated illustrations.

OpenAI's technology is redefining image generation from text, simplifying visual creation for everyone and strengthening OpenAI's position as a major innovator in the field of AI.


Immerse yourself in this universe and discover OpenAI innovations that are redefining our daily lives.

1. Understanding Prompts

Illustrations d'exemples par OpenAI et son prompt
Source: OpenAI site - Design & associated prompt

Step into a dimension where text meets imagination to create incredible images.

  • In-depth understanding: Accurate interpretation of textual prompts.
  • Accurate translation: Exact conversion of complex queries into illustrations
  • Multilingualism: Comprehension of prompts in several languages such as French or English, breaking language barriers.

DALL-E 3 transcends language and visual barriers, offering a faithful translation of your ideas into images, regardless of the language used.

2. AI Image Generator

Images OpenAI
Source: OpenAI site

Embark on a visual adventure that defies reality and pushes the boundaries of AI.

  • Higher quality: Sharper, more detailed images.
  • Improved management: Better representation of hands, faces, and texts in images.

It's the key that opens the door to high-quality images that accurately reflect the richness of detail.

3. GPT chat

Engage with artificial intelligence and shape your imagination through fluid conversations.

  • Seamless interaction: Refining requests through conversations with ChatGPT.
  • Integrated delivery: Results delivered directly to the chat application.

Interacting with ChatGPT is a collaborative adventure that enriches your creativity.

4. API

Integrating DALL-E becomes child's play, offering a universe of conversational applications at your fingertips.

  • Easy integration: robust API for seamless integration with DALL-E.
  • Extensive documentation: Fast and easy implementation.

The robust API is your gateway to an ecosystem of rich conversational applications.

5. Learning

Evolve with DALL-E in a quest for continuous improvement and adaptation.

  • Continuous improvement: DALL-E learns from each interaction to refine its responses.
  • Regular update: Optimal performance thanks to user feedback.

Continuous learning is the engine of innovation that ensures the relevance and effectiveness of DALL-E over the long term.

6. Bing Chat

Extend the horizons of your creativity with DALL-E, now available to everyone via Bing Chat.

  • Accessibility: Available for free on Bing Chat and
  • Enhanced security: Digital tagging and content moderation system for safe and responsible use.

The integration of DALL-E in Bing Chat is an invitation to explore, create, and share, while ensuring the ethical and safe use of technology.

Exemple Bing Image creator
Source: Bing Image creator - Design
Exemple Bing Image creator
Source: Bing Image creator - Design
Exemple Bing Image creator
Source: Bing Image creator - Design

DALL-E is a revolution in art, a promise of endless creativity and intuitive interaction, redefining the way we visualize ideas.

Difference between DALL-E 3 and DALL-E 2

DALL-E 3, the third iteration of OpenAI's artificial intelligence-based tool, introduced substantial improvements over DALL-E 2. Here is an overview of the key differences between these two versions.

1. Prompts

The first step towards an accurately generated image is to accurately understand the prompt text.

  • Significant improvement: DALL-E 3 better understands text prompts, especially longer ones.
  • Human details: Improved management of human details like hands and reflections.
  • Prompt Adherence and Creativity: DALL-E 3 generates images that closely follow complex prompts more often than DALL-E 2, with more reliable and consistent grip and creativity.

This artificial intelligence is distinguished by its ability to faithfully translate complex text prompts into visually accurate images, thus reaching an important milestone in the field of artificial intelligence.

2. Integrations

This artificial intelligence is distinguished by its integration with various tools, thus improving the image generation experience.

  • ChatGPT: A brainstorming partner to refine your image ideas.
  • Bing Chat: Expanded accessibility of this artificial intelligence, making it easy to request prompts with Bing Image Creator
  • ChatGPT Plus exclusive: Access reserved for subscribers, enriching the interaction with DALL-E 3.

These diversified integrations position it as a flexible and accessible tool, ready to meet the varied needs of users.

Microsoft Bing image creator dans Microsoft Bing Chat
Microsoft Bing image creator in Bing Chat
Microsoft Bing image creator dans Microsoft Bing Chat
Microsoft Bing image creator in Bing Chat

3. Quality

The focus is on producing sharper, more detailed images.

  • Enhanced detail: produces images with sharper lighting, sharper textures, and more detailed backgrounds.
  • Text in the image: Improved ability to successfully generate text in the image.
  • Resolution and Textures: exceeds DALL-E 2 with higher image resolution and better handling of complex textures.

The superior quality of the images generated by DALL-E 3 is a testimony to the continued evolution of OpenAI technology.

4. security

Security is a priority, especially to avoid the creation of inappropriate or offensive images with this artificial intelligence.

  • Strengthened security protocols: Prevention to avoid generating inappropriate or violent images.
  • Copyright compliance: Measures to avoid the creation of images that may infringe copyright.
  • Ethical considerations: DALL-E 3, like DALL-E 2, requires responsible use with human supervision to avoid harmful content.

The security improvements in DALL-E 3 reflect a responsible consideration of the ethical implications of Open AI technology.

5. Control

  • Creative control: offers more creative control than DALL-E 2, allowing users to refine their prompts and explore different possibilities.
  • Broadcast model: uses a broadcast model to create images from noise, unlike DALL-E 2 which uses a variational auto-encoder, thus offering more flexibility and expressive power.

The increase in creative control and the use of a diffusion model position DALL-E 3 as a more advanced platform for generating images.

6. Origin Classify

DALL-E 3 includes a tool called Provenance Classifier that helps users identify if an image was created by DALL-E 3, making it easier to detect fake or synthetic images.

This innovative tool adds a layer of transparency and accountability, helping to prevent misuse and deception.


This artificial intelligence is accessible in two distinct ways:

  1. ChatGPT subscription: For $20 per month, get unlimited access to ChatGPT and DALL-E 3.
  2. Free use via Bing Chat (via Bing Image Creator) of this artificial intelligence: DALL-E 3 is available for free on Microsoft. With an active Microsoft account, you get 100 initial credits. If you run out, it may take longer to generate images, but “boosts” can be earned using your Microsoft rewards. A page reload may be necessary due to the high demand on the servers.

The various pricing options of the DALL-E 3 image generator offer flexibility allowing users to choose between unlimited access via a monthly subscription or free use with some restrictions.

This makes this artificial intelligence accessible to a wide range of users, thus meeting the varied needs of AI-assisted image creators.

Activate DALL-E 3 in ChatGPT

To access it via ChatGPT, follow these simple steps:

  1. Selecting DALL-E: In ChatGPT, go to the GPT-4 dropdown menu and choose DALL-E 3. This action will temporarily disable the “Browse with Bing”, “ChatGPT Plugins”, and “Data Analytics” options.
  2. Preparing for your session: Once the DALL-E 3 image generator is selected, your session is ready.
  3. Providing the prompts: Simply enter your text prompts and this will generate the corresponding images.

This makes the user experience smooth and effortless, allowing you to easily switch to generate images.

Disadvantages and concerns

The use of DALL-E 3 has some disadvantages and controversies associated with this AI image creator.

Here are some limitations and issues to be aware of:

  • Copyright concerns: The model's ability to create realistic images from text may raise concerns about copyright infringement. It could reproduce protected works or imitate an artist's style, potentially leading to legal disputes over intellectual property rights.
  • Privacy and Ethics: The generation of images of public figures raises ethical and privacy concerns. With the improvement of the reality of images, there is a risk of false or erroneous representations of real people, thus contributing to misinformation or defamation.
  • Confusion between Real and AI: The quality and precision of the images generated by the model can make it difficult to distinguish between authentic works of art and those generated by AI, thus impacting the creative industry.

By keeping these drawbacks and controversies in mind, you can use DALL-E 3 in a responsible manner and ensure that your creations follow ethical and respectful practices.

Alternatives to DALL-E 3

DALL-E 3 has attracted significant attention in the field of AI image generation, but there are other AI image generators such as Midjourney and Stable Diffusion that are strong competitors offering their own unique advantages.

Let's see how they compare to the new DALL-E 3 model:

1. Midjourney

Midjourney benefits

  1. Richer images: Midjourney is known for producing rich styles and effectively expressing emotions.
  2. Outpainting functionality: This feature allows you to expand the boundaries of your image while maintaining the original aspect ratio and resolution.
  3. Cheaper: Midjourney offers a basic plan at $10 per month, while DALL-E 3 is accessible via ChatGPT Plus at $20 per month.

Benefits of DALL-E Version 3

  1. More user-friendly: While both are user-friendly, Midjourney may require a slightly higher level of technical expertise.
  2. More accessible: Midjourney is only accessible via Discord and does not have an official API. DALL-E 3 is accessible via ChatGPT and has an API allowing integration into your applications.
  3. More privacy: Images generated on Midjourney can be viewed by anyone on Discord and are considered public goods, while images from DALL-E 3 are not publicly visible.

2. Stable Broadcast

Benefits of Stable Diffusion

  1. Inpainting capabilities: After generating an image, you can adjust the size of specific elements or replace them.
  2. Accessible offline: Unlike other AIs for the need to generate images, this platform can be downloaded and used offline.
  3. Cheaper: Stable Diffusion offers a basic plan at $9 per month, while DALL-E 3 can be accessed via ChatGPT

Benefits of DALL-E Version 3

  1. More user-friendly: While both are user-friendly, the DALL-E 3 image generator may require a slightly lower level of technical expertise.
  2. Consistent image quality: DALL-E 3 is known for consistently generating high-quality, relevant images, while Stable Diffusion can sometimes lack consistency when it comes to image quality.

3. Artbreeder

Artbreeder benefits

  • Visual exploration: Artbreeder offers an interactive platform to explore and create images by mixing styles.
  • Active community: A community of artists and creators contribute and share their works, offering a source of inspiration and collaboration.
  • Customization options: Sliders allow you to easily change image attributes.

Benefits of DALL-E Version 3

  • Generation from text: The DALL-E 3 image generator transforms text into images, which can be more direct and specific for certain needs.
  • API for integration: The availability of an API allows easy integration into other applications and services.
  • Privacy protection: The images generated are not publicly accessible unlike the Artbreeder community platform.

When choosing an alternative to DALL-E 3, it is essential to consider your specific goals, the level of customization required, and the resources available.

Each of these alternatives has its strengths and limitations, and the choice ultimately depends on the specific use case and user preferences.


Can anyone use DALL-E 3?

Yes, the DALL-E 3 AI image generator is currently available to the public via Microsoft Bing Chat or for ChatGPT subscribers.

How do I access DALL-E?

OpenAI Official Site: Registration required, paid credits required, access to DALL-E 2.

ChatGPT: Access to the DALL-E Version 3 image generator for ChatGPT and Enterprise Chatbot subscribers via the conversational interface.

Microsoft Bing: Free access to DALL-E 3 via the Microsoft Bing Chat chatbot and its search engine that integrates Microsoft Bing Image Creator.

How do I use DALL-E 3 for free?

Sign in to your Microsoft account with your email, go to the Microsoft Bing Chat chatbot, and click on the Conversation tab.

Enter your Microsoft Bing Image Creator prompt in the conversation window, 4 visuals will be generated.

Click on an image to enlarge it in Microsoft Bing Image Creator and download it.

Can DALL-E 3 create any type of image?

The DALL-E 3 image generator has built-in safety guards to prevent inappropriate use, by preventing the creation of images depicting celebrities or violent content.

However, some shortcomings have been observed, such as the possibility that certain celebrity names escape the filters.

These limitations apply to DALL-E 3 on all platforms: the OpenAI website, the ChatGPT chatbot, and Microsoft Bing Image Creator.

Final review

The text-to-image generation is a feat of artificial intelligence that transcends communication and visual creation. DALL-E 3, integrated into ChatGPT, makes this technology accessible, opening up a world of creative opportunities.

While I'm keeping my paid Midjourney subscription for advanced features, DALL-E is my go-to for quick images.

As we saw in this article, I highly recommend its new features.

Take the time to explore it and find out how it can enrich your artistic and narrative projects.

  • Simple interface with no 3rd party application.
  • No complicated commands to generate an image.
  • No distraction from other creators in the result stream unlike MidJourney
  • Attention to detail and adherence to realism.
  • Free accessibility via Bing Image Creator
  • Multiple integrations by OpenAI
  • Sign up by email or SSO
  • Less freedom in image variations.
  • Limited in result resolution

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