Detailed Full Review of Linkedin Sales Navigator: All you need to know (2024)

LinkedIn Navigator Sales is a paid version of Linkedin where you can do extensive research to find new perspectives. Start engaging with your prospects

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What is Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a tool developed by LinkedIn to help you find other LinkedIn users who are likely to become quality leads.

What we mean by “quality leads” are people who are.. :

  • More like your target audience
  • will need what you offer.
  • In your field
  • A key decision maker

These aspects are important for a prospect because they increase the chances of them becoming a customer.

Can't you do that on your own with LinkedIn?

Sure, but LinkedIn Sales Navigator makes that MUCH easier.

How? Let LinkedIn answer this question:

Sales Navigator has a powerful set of search capabilities, better visibility across wide networks, and custom algorithms to help you reach the right decision maker, depending LinkedIn.

In essence, LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps you find more leads through improved search capabilities and gives you better insights into your results.

It also has a few other features that this review is going to talk about.


Social selling platforms like Sales Navigator allow sales teams to thrive in a digital world.

But how does the Sales Navigator work? And how can it help you close a deal?

Essentially, Sales Navigator is a paid sales solution created by LinkedIn to leverage its network of over 700 million people. It is a sales management tool that combines a variety of features that can help sales representatives and teams find leads, create relationships with leads, and reach their goals.

Let's dive into the frequently asked questions about Sales Navigator to get a complete overview of what this tool can do for you.

What are the main features of Sales Navigator?

  • Contact database
  • Contact Management
  • Capturing clues
  • Lead Management
  • Customer database
  • Lead recruitment
  • Lead segmentation
  • InMail email
  • Company data
  • Reports and dashboards
  • Data filtering
  • News and/or alerts from people
  • CRM integration
  • Advanced search

Why use Sales Navigator?

Sales Navigator is presented as a tool that will allow you to reach a higher level than any standard or premium professional LinkedIn account.

It's a fact that LinkedIn limited the functionality of its standard and premium account options to push sales teams to buy Sales Navigator.

But what sets these different account types apart?

In terms of pure individual lead generation, Sales Navigator users benefit from real-time lead recommendations and have access to the “Advanced Search” function that creates the most comprehensive lead lists for your prospecting strategy.

Individual users are automatically provided with 20 InMail messages per month to contact leads that are not connections.

Sales Navigator subscribers can also register a maximum of 1,500 leads, offering plenty of opportunities for future action plans.

For sales teams, subscribing to a LinkedIn Sales Navigator Enterprise account comes at an additional cost.” TeamLink

The “network sharing” function allows networks to be shared within teams. This can allow teams to expand their pool of qualified leads and take full advantage of their team's connections. Team users get 30 InMails per month and can save a total of 5,000 leads as part of their team benefits.

How to find leads with Sales Navigator

First of all, finding highly qualified leads is not an easy process for any sales rep, especially when all you want is to drive sales.

Here are 4 proven approaches to finding quality leads via Sales Navigator.

1. Content interactions

Content interactions reflect how your audience feels about a certain topic. With Sales Navigator, you have immediate access to the content that your registered leads post and share. It helps you to interact in a targeted manner - you speak directly to your buyers.

Create content yourself or dive into a discussion thread that's relevant to your industry. Regardless, be prepared and be proactive when it comes to engaging with your audience.

2. LinkedIn groups

You can easily explore and generate leads by looking for groups that discuss pain points that match your business solutions. Follow the key groups in your industry to get a better idea of what your followers will be interested in.

3. Targeting new managers

It's a sure-fire way to find new customers. Why?

New managers who have just arrived in companies want to leave their mark with new ways of working. This is an opportunity to present your products and take advantage of the flexibility of their budget.

All you need to do:

  1. Filter accounts by headcount growth and department headcount growth
  2. Filter leads by decision makers who changed jobs in the last 90 days.
  3. Apply any additional filters to refine the profile of your customers

4. Online events

Digital events have replaced in-person events for the time being. However, they remain a viable source of leads for salespeople, especially when associated with PhantomBuster (see a specific use case for adding these leads to your CRM in section 4 of this blog).

All you need to do is search for events on LinkedIn, sign up for events that are relevant to your industry, and browse the list of participants looking for potential leads.

How do I use Sales Navigator?

To get started with Sales Navigator, we recommend that you go to the site LinkedIn Learning.

(free for LinkedIn premium account holders) and check out their course for new users. This course is divided into short video tutorials and provides a comprehensive overview of how to use the tool.

If you're looking for a quick start, we also recommend this 6-part LinkedIn. .

“Quick Start Guide” video series.

If you prefer a learning method on the job to learn how to use Sales Navigator, you can do it within the tool.

Sales Navigator Coach is an integrated feature that helps all sales professionals make better use of social selling.

You can find it by clicking on your profile photo icon on the right side of the main interface.

There you will find a pull-down menu with this feature.

In this section, you can check out mini video tutorials that condense key actions into smaller pieces. You'll quickly learn how to master the main features of Sales Navigator, such as advanced account searches and sending an InMail message.

How does LinkedIn Sales Navigator work

If you have a LinkedIn profile, you can easily add this tool to it. The LinkedIn Sales Navigator account is under the same profile and thankfully it offers a 1-month trial so you can see if you like it.

The main feature of LinkedIn Sales Navigator is its advanced search function.


You start as you normally would by typing in a few key words to find people in your target market - your potential leads.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator's advanced search gives you a multitude of filters to narrow the search field, so you don't have to go through hundreds of search results and allow you to find the most relevant leads.

Les filters available include:

People search filters

  • Business size
  • Type of business (public, private, non-profit, etc.)
  • Exclude contacted leads, registered leads, and viewed leads
  • Group membership
  • Leads who follow your business
  • Leads with recent job changes
  • Recent lead activity on LinkedIn
  • Leads with shared experiences/commonalities
  • LinkedIn member since
  • Location by postal code radius
  • Published content keyword
  • Search my accounts
  • Level of seniority
  • Title (past/past or current/past not current)
  • Number of years in the current company
  • Years of experience in the current position

Business search filters

  • Growth in the company's workforce
  • Business income
  • Business size
  • Departmental headcount growth
  • Department size
  • Fortune (listed on Fortune 50/100/500)
  • Headquarters location (by region/state/postal code)
  • Hire on LinkedIn
  • Industry
  • Job opportunities
  • Number of followers
  • Recent changes in general management
  • Relationships (companies where your relationships work)

Other characteristics

Search filters are probably the main function of the Sales Navigator tool, but it also has several other features that you can take advantage of to find more leads, as well as to make your LinkedIn experience more convenient.

Here are some other great LinkedIn Sales Navigator features.

Find similar leads

Let's say that after using the advanced search function, you finally found a lead!

Sales Navigator made that really quick and easy, didn't it? Well, it's about to make finding another lead even easier.

After you've found a perfect lead, if you go to the dropdown menu and select “Show Similar,” LinkedIn Sales Navigator will show you profiles similar to the one you're currently viewing, so you can find even more new leads with Sales Navigator lead recommendations! You can create a custom list or create a lead list for any future project.


Save leads

If you like to separate the research process from your approach, the lead recording feature in LinkedIn Sales Navigator will be a great help.

Once you've found a lead, you can save their profile on the Sales Navigator home page. This creates a handy list of potential leads that you can now go through one by one and contact when ready.

If you are used to automating your awareness process, having an established list of leads will also make it easier for you.

Save searches

People are constantly creating new profiles, updating their current profiles and adding new connections, so the same search can return different results even a month later.

Let's say you've searched using a multitude of different filters and got great results. And now, three months later, you want to do the same search to find more leads.

Instead of racking your brains trying to remember if you used the company's 10 or 15 years of experience, how about going back and seeing exactly what filters you used?

Well, with Sales Navigator, you can!


After taking advantage of advanced search, you can save the settings you used and then go back at any time and start the same search again that brought you leads.

And again. And again...

Sales Navigator feed

So you have your standard LinkedIn news feed, where you get updates on your first-degree connections.

With Sales Navigator, you have a second flow of information, dedicated to all your leads and registered leads.

This feature allows you to track your leads and what they are doing, so you can contact them at the right time and in a personalized way.

Sales Navigator will show and inform you about:

  • Let them know about job changes, work anniversaries, etc.
  • What your leads share on their network
  • News from your leads
  • When a lead's recommendation changes position or shares an update
  • when a registered lead viewed your profile and was interested in your content.
  • And many more!



Unfortunately, if someone is not part of your network, you cannot send them a private message, which will likely be the case for many of your potential leads.

One option is to try to get in touch with them, which, if they don't know you, may not work.

You can also search the Internet for an email, but it will take a lot of time and effort.

Luckily, there's a convenient way to reach people who aren't in your network via LinkedIn, and that's InMail.

InMail is essentially LinkedIn's version of an email. You can't use it with free accounts, but with Sales Navigator, you can send up to 50 InMails per month, depending on the plan you choose.


These are just a few of the features you get access to with LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Here is a list of a few other features that you can use:

  • See who viewed your profile
  • Expanded access to the LinkedIn network
  • Lead and account recommendations
  • Custom lists
  • Territory preferences
  • Lead and account alerts
  • Outlook Web integration
  • Notes and tags
  • Sales Navigator Learning Center
  • Sales Navigator mobile app

All of these features come with Sales Navigator's most basic individual plan. Team and enterprise plans offer additional features such as CRM integrations and license management.


What plans are available for LinkedIn Sales Navigator?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is available in three different account types:

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Professional
  • The LinkedIn Sales Navigator Team
  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator Enterprise

They all have the same essential features, so the following items remain the same regardless of what Sales Navigator license you have:

Each level provides access to advanced search filters, and there's no limit to the number of searches you can perform. You can register an unlimited number of accounts, but you can only save a maximum of 15 searches as a list each week, and the results will show 2,500 profiles per page. You can also take advantage of endless lead recommendations and follow up on the go via the Sales Navigator app.

However, there are differences in the plans. So here's a quick overview:

Sales Navigator Professional

This package entitles you to 20 InMail credits and a maximum of 1,500 leads registered each month. This first tier of LinkedIn Sales Navigator costs $64.99 per month, billed annually for $779.88.

Sales Navigator Team

LinkedIn Sales Navigator Team is for teams, as the name suggests. Its main features are a bit advanced, so if you're looking to get it for your sales staff, here's what you need to know:

  • Up to 10 users can test it to see if this product will be useful to them as a team or not.
  • There is no limit to the number of team members who can access your Sales Navigator account.
  • Each team member can save up to 5000 leads.
  • The LinkedIn Sales Navigator “Team” tier grants each member up to 30 free InMail messages.
  • Your team members can unblock 25 profiles outside of their network each month.
  • This level allows you to benefit from detailed usage reports.
  • Integrate Salesforce effortlessly, and sync Salesforce accounts you own or are a member of.
  • Thanks to TeamLink, you can consult the connections of your teams and find leads there.
  • If you or your team members are struggling with this new tool, you can always rely on LinkedIn Sales Navigator training.
  • Finally, if you buy ten accounts or more for your team, LinkedIn will assign you a dedicated relationship manager to handle any potential issues, and you'll be able to benefit from loyalty discounts.

This tier costs $103.33 per month, which represents an annual payment of $1,240 per license - a considerable investment.

The large number of services offered by Linkedin Saves Nav is the main difference between LinkedIn Sales Navigator and Premium. See the full breakdown of services for each plan:



Who is it for?

This article will help any new or more experienced Sales Navigator user combine the tool with PhantomBuster. If you are an experienced Sales Navigator user, skip to sections 4 and 5.

How much does LinkedIn Sales Navigator cost?

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator award is available in several plans: professional, team, and business. The LinkedIn Sales Navigator professional plan is $99.99 per month and the team plan is $149.99 per month. For the business plan, you need to contact Linkedin.

How does the LinkedIn Sales Navigator work?

LinkedIn Sales Navigator allows you to use filters to reduce the number of leads and leads. The benefits of LinkedIn Sales Navigator are that filters and data allow businesses to identify leads within their audience and build better connections.

Final Verdict

Now that we've reviewed what LinkedIn Sales Navigator can do for you, it's time to review LinkedIn Sales Navigator!

Honestly, it's a great tool.

It's fairly easy to use and will help you find high-quality leads thanks to its search filters, its “similar leads” button, and other features. You can create personalized prospecting messages and get more potential customers with this commercial navigation application.

It can also facilitate the awareness process by giving you valuable information about your potential leads and access to Inmail.

But it's only worthwhile if you use LinkedIn actively and regularly and are willing to put in the effort to find leads and turn them into leads. LinkedIn is not going to do everything for you.

The tool is also quite expensive, especially for the individual plan. If you're not consistently active on LinkedIn, it's probably not worth it.

And some of its functions, although they make using the site more convenient, are not necessary, such as the lead backup function. There are also a ton of them that you might not even use. So it's up to you to see if you think the price is worth it.

It was created by LinkedIn, so even though it's a bit pricey, you can be sure that the quality is great and that it will work perfectly with the platform.

So before we give our official note, here's a quick summary of the pros and cons.


✅ Advanced searches at the lead and account level

✅ Keep an eye on the news of your prospects

✅ Send messages to people you don't have a relationship with


⭕️ Quite expensive

⭕️ Only interesting if you are really active on LinkedIn

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