7+ Best 3PL Logistics Services (2024)

I ranked and reviewed the top 3PL companies based on price, service, shipping capabilities, their distribution network, and more.
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Why use a 3PL logistics company?

Do you want to go directly to my best choice? The best 3PL company right now is ShipBob.

3PL companies, also known as third party logistics companies, are service providers that online retailers use to outsource and carry out their shipments and logistics.

Selling products online requires hard work, discipline, financial acumen, and marketing power. In fact, the 3PL industry is a $8.6 trillion industry right now.

By using a 3PL company, online store owners can outsource the shipping and fulfilment of orders so they can focus on running their business.

So who do you choose?

Let's get to the list.

What are the best 3PL companies?

Here are my picks of the best 3PL companies.

1. ShipBob.

ShipBob - Google’s Free and Fast Shipping Label

ShipBob is a leading logistics services company that helps e-commerce platforms fulfill direct-to-consumer orders from brands.

The company provides connected technology and enforcement services and warehouses near your target customers. This improves transit times, ensures cost-effective shipping, and ensures a great overall delivery experience.

ShipBob is also working through Google and its mall to integrate Shopping ads with Google's free and fast shipping label. This allows you to present each company's shipping speed at the point of discovery. Plus, it helps you connect to an online store, import products, and ship them to customers.


  • Extensive Fulfilment Center Network - ShipBob helps you determine the optimal placement of inventory across the extended fulfillment network to improve delivery speed and reduce shipping costs. It also allows you to distribute inventory to more warehouses.
  • E-commerce order management software - This web-based software works as your back office for all your logistics needs.
  • Distributed inventory - You can take advantage of its network of fulfillment centers to spread inventory across multiple sites for cheaper, faster deliveries.


ShipBob offers personalized quotes based on your needs. There are separate costs for other services like storage, pick and pack, reception, etc.

Get your free quote from ShipBob

2. FedEx.

The best for supply chain advice and support (on quotation).

fedex logo

FedEx is an American multinational delivery services company and a third party logistics provider. It offers 3PL services across multiple sectors, including healthcare, retail, industrial, consumer goods, technology, and electronics.

Plus, it helps you to develop your e-commerce business thanks to its integrated approach to distribution, packaging, delivery, returns, etc.

FedEx also helps optimize supply chain control and visibility through warehouse management systems and automation.


  • FedEx® Transportation Management - It frees up resources and time and reduces the lack of capacity to achieve business goals.
  • Ecommerce integrations - Optimize your e-commerce store with a multi-channel strategy through the integration of returns and distribution centers. It improves your overall order fulfillment network.
  • Supply chain consulting - Get help from FedEx experts for an unbiased business assessment and develop a growth plan.


You need to contact the seller to get a quote. You can also calculate the approximate shipping costs using their calculator.

3. DHL Supply.

dhl homepage

DHL is a division of Deutsche Post DHL and helps you manage the supply chain and logistics of third parties. DHL offers services across multiple sectors including consumer, technology, retail, healthcare, life sciences, auto-mobility, and more.

It brings together all the necessary services, including transport, warehousing and management, in a fully optimized package. It also helps you streamline global logistics services, oversee suppliers, and manage customer touchpoints.

Another advantage is that it constantly reviews, evaluates and adopts the latest technological solutions. Currently, DHL is leveraging technologies such as augmented reality (AR) to optimize warehouse processes. It is also testing a wide range of automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and robots for future deployment.


  • DHL Fulfilment - This company offers multiple B2C and B2B warehousing solutions as well as logistics management.
  • DHL Materials Management - It offers data related to production availability, risk mitigation, critical spare parts, supply chain control/planning, etc.
  • Transport solutions - You benefit from the transport of finished and raw products, international and national distribution, temperature-controlled transport, etc. The platform also offers a transport management system that allows you to manage everything from an online dashboard.


You need to contact the seller to get a personalized cost. DHL also offers a shipping calculator.

4. C.H. Robinson.

C.H. robinson homepage

C.H. Robinson is a 3PL company that offers a full range of logistics services and tools, including supply chain management solutions. The third-party logistics company provides a combination of multimodal transport management systems and expertise.

Integrating customized ocean freight solutions also helps you ship your products by sea. It also offers 15 large-scale air gateways in six regions around the world to accelerate air shipments. In addition, it provides specialized services such as the last-mile delivery, project logistics, consulting, etc.


  • Customs - Easily comply with customs clearance changes, identify problems, and eliminate risks with advisors and policy experts.
  • Intermodal - Incorporate rail transport into the supply chain to diversify your shipping solutions.
  • TMS Technology - It offers global TMS technology and services managed by TMC - which is a subsidiary of C.H. Robinson.


C.H. Robinson offers quotation pricing.

5. Ryder.

Ryder: end-to-end supply chain network

Ryder 3PL offers an end-to-end supply chain network and serves more than 20 industries worldwide, and operates in all regions of North America. Its logistics has more than 55 million square feet of warehouses managed across the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

Its logistics management includes vehicle maintenance, transport logistics management, and carriers. You can also take advantage of Ryder warehouse and distribution management, just-in-time online delivery, and the verification and payment of freight bills and returns.

The company 3PL also offers end-to-end services such as inbound logistics and cross-docking, and transport management.


  • Reverse logistics - It provides a full range of reverse logistics services to help you advance the supply chain and improve returns management. The company claims to be able to ensure returns of up to 5% of sales.
  • Aftermarket logistics - Aftermarket logistics helps reduce costs and customer downtime. It manages stocks and the number of stock units to meet technical repair processes, high service requirements, and implements packaging, grouping, and kitting.
  • Inbound and outbound logistics - Its inbound logistics solutions are available by rail, port or through more than 26,000 border crossings. Outbound logistics comes with transshipment capabilities, access to multiple freight routes, just-in-time delivery, and shipment fulfillment.


Customized rates based on your needs and the company's annual turnover.

6. Burris Logistics.

burris logistics homepage

Burris Logistics is a third party logistics company (3PL) that provides facilities for cold storage, custom distribution, direct-to-consumer fulfillment, and more.

It also offers solutions such as temperature-controlled warehousing, managed services, dedicated fleets, full loads, intermodality, etc.


  • Trinity Logistics - Trinity Logistics is Burris' freight management brand that provides services such as partial loading, warehousing, full load, and more.
  • Customized specialized distribution - You can collaborate with their team and have total control over the procurement process. You also have control over product selection, contract negotiation, and supplier relationships.
  • Facility design - This Burris service includes food and industrial safety, consideration of temperature zone conversions, shelving plans, and material handling equipment.


Contact the seller for custom pricing plans.

7. DSV Global.

DSV Global: transport and logistics company

DSV Global is a transport and logistics company that offers air, road, sea and rail transport services worldwide. It operates in more than 80 countries around the world and has around 1,400 offices and logistics facilities.

You benefit from services for various sectors such as automotive, health, chemicals, perishable goods, industry, retail, fashion, etc. They also ship biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical products such as medicines, over-the-counter products, vaccines, clinical trial equipment, etc. You can even use DSV Global for energy logistics (oil, gas, renewable energies, mining, metals, nuclear, etc.


  • Inventory Scan - It helps to increase the efficiency of entry costs, improve inventory turnover, and optimize availability.
  • Multi-Channel Fulfillment - It offers multi-channel services at several locations, especially in the Netherlands, near the port of Rotterdam.
  • Labeling - You can have your packages labeled prior to shipping with your brand's bar codes and logos. You can even have your customer information added to the shipping boxes.


Based on a quote.

8. Shippers.

Expeditors: logistics & freight forwarding company

Expeditors is a logistics and freight forwarding company that operates at 357 locations in more than 60 countries on six continents. It has 40 sea freight carriers that provide global coverage.

You can measure key performance indicators and numerous metrics to get an idea of how they work at each stage of the process. You can also track your shipment using your shipment tracking number.

Expeditors also ships products of great value and importance, protecting them appropriately through its special white glove shipments.


  • Data and analytics - Shippers offer built-in analytics tools that provide all information from the point of order to final delivery. You can analyze this data to make informed business decisions.
  • Living model - The living model is a “twin model” of your supply chain that helps you make decisions based on current conditions. It also helps you measure performance, adapt to changing market conditions, and exploit potential opportunities.
  • LCL solutions (less than a container load) - Expeditors has 300 fixed weekly schedules and 40,000 individual channels, allowing you to deliver products that require less than one container.


Contact the seller to get a personalized price.

9. DB Schenker.

db schenker homepage

DB Schenker is an air, land and sea freight logistics company and a division of the German rail operator Deutsche Bahn AG. It can boast of having renowned customers such as Apple, Dell, BMW, ASML, Procter & Gamble, etc.

In addition, the company has 430 ground transport agencies in 38 countries in Europe and provides a door-to-door shipping service throughout Europe. It also serves around 700 sites in 130 countries around the world through its air freight network.


  • Partial and full loads (FTL) - It offers a door-to-door product shipping service throughout Europe thanks to its perfectly connected land terminals.
  • Intercontinental Supply Chain Solutions (ISC) - DB Schenker provides end-to-end visibility at multiple levels and helps to reduce inventory for international deliveries.
  • Contract logistics - Contract logistics solutions offer production logistics, fulfillment logistics, e-commerce logistics, service and after-sales logistics, etc.


Based on a quote.

What are 3PL companies?

3PL companies are companies of third party logistics that offer various services related to the e-commerce supply chain.

Large, medium, and even small businesses (including start-ups) rely on global 3PL companies to save time, improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and expand shipping capabilities.

3PL services are generally scalable and flexible, depending on the individual needs of a business. This means that you can call on 3PL companies if needed or as a permanent solution.

Overall, you use 3PL companies to ship your products locally and globally at great prices.

Services offered by a 3PL company?

Here are some key characteristics you should look for when evaluating your logistics provider.

  • Flexibility - You need to be able to increase and decrease logistical requirements in real time according to your market conditions. This characteristic also contributes to better cost optimization.
  • Reverse logistics - It must offer reverse logistics to effectively manage product returns and exchanges.
  • Customs - 3PL needs to offer robust customs compliance and solutions to ensure seamless delivery of cross-border orders.
  • Multiple transport solution - Take advantage of multiple transport solutions, including road, sea, and air, to optimize costs and ensure that shipments are delivered on time.
  • E-commerce order managemente - This is a must-have feature if you run an e-commerce business. It will help you deliver your small shipments in a timely and cost-effective manner.
  • Monitoring and analysis - Detailed shipment reports and analytics will help you make data-driven business decisions.

Be sure to consider these essential characteristics as the foundation of an effective 3PL business.


Why are 3PL logistics service providers important for businesses?

3PLs allow businesses to outsource non-core functions of their operations. These providers have the capacity to handle many different types of services, which means that a business can focus entirely on its core function.

Which e-commerce businesses should use a logistics service provider?

Any e-commerce business that has a large volume of products or that sells products in different regions of the country or the world should use a 3PL company.

These businesses have the capacity and the ability to store all of your products, which may be too much for an individual business. Plus, they have access to shipping companies that can deliver your products across the country or around the world, which means you don't have to devote resources to managing these types of services.


That concludes my list of the best logistics services companies to try this year.

Whatever e-commerce products you ship, whether they are electronic devices, fashion items, or products of any size, you should consider using a 3PL company.

These businesses package your orders and ship them securely to your customers so you can focus on managing and marketing your business. However, choosing a reliable 3PL company is critical if you want to provide a superior customer experience and retain your customers.

You may also have different requirements depending on your products. For example, if you want green transport solutions, opt for DHL Supply Chain. For returns and exchanges and the delivery of spare parts, ryder is a good choice.

Overall my top choice is ShipBob due to its extensive fulfilment services, excellent customer support, and logistical capabilities.

Other great features include integration with the Google merchant center, two-day express shipping, integrated analytics and reports, the ability to view your order, and more.

In the end, be sure to review each business carefully to choose one that fits your business.

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