Full Review - Freelance: The Adventure In Which You Are The Hero, Alexis Minchella

Explore the challenges and opportunities of self-employment with “Freelance: The Adventure Where You Are the Hero” by Alexis Minchella

“Freelance: the adventure in which you are the hero” is a unique and interactive guide to self-employment, presented in the innovative form of a “book in which you are the hero.”

Written by Alexis Minchella, a freelancer and experienced entrepreneur, this book puts you in the shoes of a beginner freelancer, taking you through the ups and downs of this professional adventure through a series of choices and challenges.

The central themes covered include:

  1. The benefits and challenges of freelancing : freedom and flexibility, but also the uncertainty and loneliness of self-employment.
  2. The key skills of freelancers : how to manage your time, find customers, negotiate contracts, set prices, etc.
  3. The entrepreneurial mindset : develop a problem-solver mentality, learn from mistakes, bounce back from failures.
  4. The importance of the network and reputation : how to build and maintain your professional network, manage your personal branding.

Critical analysis

The wage system remains dominant in France, but freelancing is attracting more and more people. Creating an auto-entrepreneur status is simple, but earning an advantageous income from it is difficult. To succeed, you need to identify your skills, define your goals and choose effective methods.


1. Becoming a freelancer: Preparation and skills

Fear of the unknown and the judgment of others can limit your desire to become a freelancer. He is It is important to overcome these fears by understanding them and by launching in spite of themselves. Success requires looking for your own customers, building good relationships, and delivering satisfying results.

Possessing rare and useful skills is a muste. You need to balance professional experiences, personal interests, and market opportunities. Continuously learning is essential to remain competitive.

To succeed, you need to increase your credibility, surround yourself with strategic partners and master the principles of sales. This allows you to gain authority, benefit from a solid network and sell your services effectively.

2. Building and selling your offer

Freelancers can choose to specialize or keep a broad spectrum of activities. Les generalists are flexible but less competitive, while the specialists have increased credibility thanks to their expertise.

A good positioning on the market requires a balance between skills and customer needs. It is crucial to identify opportunities and to define a specific positioning to better target customers and charge more.

3. Sales strategies and customer relationships

Plan for 90 days with specific goals and weekly actions allows you to stay focused and motivated. This method helps to distinguish priority tasks from secondary tasks and to achieve your goals in a realistic manner.

To find customers, it is important to use your network, actively prospect and create quality content. These complementary strategies will help you attract the attention of potential customers and grow your business.

To determine a fair price, take into account the cost of your service, the price your customer is willing to pay and the added value of your mission. Avoid charging for time spent and offer levels of services adapted to the needs of your customers.

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Author profile

Alexis Minchella is a French entrepreneur, freelancer and author, specializing in innovation and digital transformation.

A graduate of the ESCP Europe business school, Minchella started her career as a strategy and innovation consultant for large companies:

  • He worked for renowned consulting firms like Capgemini Consulting and Altran.
  • He has supported numerous companies in their digital transformation and innovation projects.

In 2016, Minchella made the leap to freelancing and entrepreneurship:

  • He created his own structure, AM Conseil, to offer his consulting services in innovation and digital strategy.
  • At the same time, he has developed a blogging and content creation activity on the themes of innovation, freelancing and entrepreneurship.
  • His blog, “Le Lab”, has become a reference in the field, with thousands of monthly readers.

Building on her successful experience as a freelancer, Minchella decided to share her learnings in her first book, “Freelance: the adventure in which you are the hero”:

  • Published in 2021, the book quickly found its audience, seductive by its original and interactive approach.
  • It has received critical acclaim for its unique blend of practical advice and entrepreneurial inspiration.

In addition to his work as an author and as a freelancer, Minchella is a sought-after speaker and trainer:

  • He regularly speaks at business schools, incubators and professional events.
  • He also leads workshops and training courses on freelancing, innovation and digital strategy.

With “Freelance: the adventure in which you are the hero”, Alexis Minchella brought a fresh and engaging perspective on the world of freelance work.

His book reflects his own philosophy of freelancing: an adventure that is certainly full of challenges, but also rich in opportunities, learning and freedom.

For Minchella, succeeding as a freelancer certainly requires technical and commercial skills, but also and above all an entrepreneurial mindset that is open, resilient and focused on creating value.

With this book, Alexis Minchella has established himself as an original and inspiring voice in the freelance work landscape. “Freelance: the adventure in which you are the hero” is not just a book, it is an immersive experience that pushes the reader to become the actor of their own freelance journey.


Do you need to already have experience in freelancing to enjoy this book?

No, the book is designed to be accessible to everyone, whether you are a beginner or an experienced freelancer. The “book in which you are the hero” format precisely allows you to put yourself in the shoes of a beginner freelancer and to experience its challenges and successes.

Is the book specific to certain professions or areas of freelancing?

Although the author shares his experience in the field of consulting and digital technology, the lessons and advice in the book are for the most part transversal and applicable to any type of freelancer, regardless of their profession or sector.

Doesn't the “book in which you are the hero” format make reading tedious?

On the contrary, most readers find that this format makes reading more engaging and interactive. This allows you to immerse yourself in situations and to better identify with the challenges encountered. However, it is true that this format may not appeal to everyone.

Can you read the book all at once or is it better to read it in stages?

The book's interactive format lends itself well to reading in stages, taking time to reflect on choices and lessons at each stage. However, nothing prevents you from reading it all at once if you prefer. The main thing is to take ownership of the advice and to think about how to apply it in your own freelance career.


In conclusion, “Freelance: the adventure of which you are the hero” by Alexis Minchella is a unique book that offers an immersive and interactive dive into the world of self-employment. With its original format, practical advice, and entrepreneurial inspiration, it's a must-read for anyone considering freelancing or looking to breathe new life into their freelance career.

Whether you are a developer, designer, consultant, writer, or any other type of freelancer, this book will take you on a professional adventure rich in challenges, learnings, and opportunities. A real interactive guide to writing your own freelance success story.

A book to experience more than to read, an invitation to become the hero of your own entrepreneurial adventure. A stimulating and caring companion to guide you on the exciting but sometimes steep paths of self-employment.