Full Review - Growing Happy Clients, Daphne Tideman Et Ward Van Gasteren

Turn your customers into enthusiastic ambassadors in “Growing Happy Clients” for any business looking to thrive through word-of-mouth

“Growing Happy Customers” is a practical and inspiring guide for businesses looking to create exceptional customer relationships. Written by customer strategy experts Daphne Tideman and Ward van Gasteren, it's a roadmap for turning customers into enthusiastic ambassadors who fuel growth through word-of-mouth.

The central themes covered include:

  1. The power of customer ambassadors : why enthusiastic customers are the most powerful growth engine for any business.
  2. The Happy Customers formula : a three-step framework (Attraction, Conversion, Retention) to create and cultivate extraordinary customer relationships.
  3. The importance of internal alignment : how to align the entire organization around creating value for the customer.
  4. Practical strategies for each stage : from creating detailed customer profiles to designing memorable customer journeys, to proactively managing returns.
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Critical analysis

analyse critique de Growing Happy Clients

“Growing Happy Clients” is a book that comes at the right time in a world where power has turned to the customers. In the age of social networks and online comparators, businesses can no longer afford to have unhappy customers.

The highlights of the book:

  • Propose a clear and actionable framework (the Happy Clients formula) to create and cultivate exceptional customer relationships.
  • Focuses on internal alignment and customer value creation, rather than on short-term manipulation techniques.
  • Full of concrete examples and inspiring case studies, making abstract concepts tangible and applicable.
  • Written in an engaging and accessible style, with a touch of humor and humanity.

However, some readers may find the book to be a bit repetitive at times, hammering out the same key points from different perspectives. While this can be useful for really integrating lessons, it can also feel long at times.

In addition, While the book is rich in strategic advice, it is sometimes a bit light on implementation details. Readers looking for “ready-to-use” tactics may need to supplement with other resources.

Nonetheless, these criticisms are minor compared to the immense value offered by “Growing Happy Clients”. It is a book that has the potential to profoundly transform the way businesses approach customer relationships.

Things to remember

  1. Enthusiastic customers are the most powerful growth engine for any business. A happy customer attracts a lot of others through word-of-mouth.
  2. Creating Happy Customers is not the job of a single department but of the entire organization. Every interaction counts.
  3. It all starts with a deep understanding of customers. Detailed profiles and well-designed customer journeys are essential.
  4. Converting prospects into customers is just the beginning. By creating memorable experiences and exceeding expectations, customers are transformed into ambassadors.
  5. Proactively managing feedback, even negative ones, is a powerful opportunity to strengthen relationships and show that you really care about customers.

Similar books

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  • “Never Lose a Customer Again” by Joey Coleman

Author Background

Daphne Tideman

Daphne Tideman is a world-renowned expert in customer strategy and relationship marketing. With over 20 years of experience, she has helped hundreds of businesses, from startups to multinationals, create extraordinary customer relationships.

Daphne started her career in strategy consulting, working with clients from a variety of sectors on growth and retention issues. It was there that she developed her passion for the customer experience and her belief that enthusiastic customers are the key to sustainable growth.

Ward van Gasteren

Ward van Gasteren is a serial entrepreneur and an expert in customer growth. He co-founded several successful startups, all based on the principle of growing through word-of-mouth from happy customers.

Ward is also a sought-after speaker and trainer, sharing his passion for Happy Clients with audiences around the world. His energetic approach and sense of humor make him an engaging and memorable communicator.

Together, Daphne and Ward developed the Happy Clients formula, a proven methodology for creating and cultivating extraordinary customer relationships. Their complementary expertise, combining strategic rigor and entrepreneurial experience, makes them unique guides in the field of customer strategy.

book Growing Happy Clients

With “Growing Happy Clients,” Tideman and van Gasteren wanted to create the ultimate guide to help businesses thrive in the age of the customer. The book distills their decades of experience into an actionable and inspiring framework for creating customer relationships that fuel growth.

Beyond their expertise, Tideman and van Gasteren are known for their generosity and commitment to helping others. “Growing Happy Clients” is steeped in this generosity, sharing hard-won lessons and best practices wholeheartedly.

With this book, Daphne Tideman and Ward van Gasteren stand out as the advocates for a new era in marketing, where success is defined by the ability to create extraordinary value for customers. “Growing Happy Clients” is not just a book, it is a manifesto for a more human and sustainable approach to business.


Should you read “Growing Happy Clients” in order or can you pick chapters according to your needs?

Although the book follows a logical arc (Attraction, Conversion, Retention), each chapter can be read independently to meet a specific challenge. However, for a complete understanding of the Happy Clients framework, it is recommended that you read the book in order.

Do the “Growing Happy Clients” strategies apply to all sectors and types of businesses?

Yes, the core principles of creating customer value and creating a customer-centric culture are universal. The authors give examples from a wide range of sectors, from tech startups to traditional businesses.

Does the book cover the technical aspects of customer relationship management (CRM, etc.)?

Although the book mentions the importance of CRM tools, its focus is more on strategy and culture than on technical aspects. For detailed advice on setting up a CRM, other resources may be required.

Can the lessons of “Growing Happy Clients” be applied even with few resources or a small team?

Absolutely. The authors emphasize that creating Happy Clients is a matter of mindset and priorities, not budget. Numerous examples show how small businesses have managed to stand out thanks to a focus on the customer experience, even with limited resources.


In conclusion, “Growing Happy Clients” by Daphne Tideman and Ward van Gasteren is an essential book for any business looking to thrive in the age of the customer. With its actionable framework, inspiring examples, and focus on internal alignment and value creation, it is a powerful guide to turning customers into enthusiastic ambassadors and fueling growth through word-of-mouth.

Whether you're an entrepreneur, marketer, customer service manager, or simply someone who believes in the power of relationships, “Growing Happy Clients” will give you the insights, tools, and inspiration you need to create amazing customer experiences and build a successful business.

A must-read for anyone looking to navigate and thrive in today's business landscape, where success belongs to those who put customers at the heart of everything they do.