Full Review - The Age of Knowledge, Idriss Aberkane

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“The Age of Knowledge” is a visionary and thought-provoking essay that analyzes the major transformations of our time, marked by the central role of knowledge in the economy and society.

Idriss Aberkane, expert in the knowledge economy, offers us a profound reflection on challenges and opportunities of this new era.

Les central themes covered include:

  1. The knowledge revolution : how information and knowledge became the main sources of value and economic growth.
  2. The new economic models : the emergence of the collaborative economy, the circular economy and the economy of functionality.
  3. The transformation of work and education : the growing importance of creativity, adaptability, and lifelong learning.
  4. Geopolitical and societal challenges : the impacts of the cognitive revolution on international relationships, democracy and living together.

Critical analysis

“The Age of Knowledge” is a book that is distinguished by its global vision and its ability to connect fields that are often siloed.

Idriss Aberkane shows us brilliantly How the technological, economic and cognitive revolutions intertwine and nourish each other, drawing the contours of a new world.

One of the great merits of the book is that it is not limited to one observation, but to propose also courses of action.

Aberkane does not only describe the transformations taking place, he shows concrete solutions to adapt to it and make the most of it, whether at the individual, entrepreneurial or political level.

Another strong point: the clarity and accessibility of the subject. Despite the complexity of the subjects covered, Aberkane has the gift of making his ideas clear and striking, using images and metaphors that leave an impression.

His style combines scientific rigor and poetry, making reading both rewarding and enjoyable.

All in all, “The Age of Knowledge” is an essential book for anyone looking to understand the world to come and find their place in it.

Things to remember

Readers will learn:

  • That we are experiencing a cognitive revolution as important as the invention of writing or printing
  • That knowledge is now the main source of economic value and competitive advantage
  • That new business models are emerging, based on sharing, circularity and functionality rather than on ownership
  • That education and work are called to be radically transformed, valuing creativity and adaptability
  • That this revolution impacts all aspects of our societies, from geopolitics to democracy to ecology

Similar books

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  • “Superintelligence: Paths, Dangers, Strategies” by Nick Bostrom

Author profile

Idriss Aberkane is a French academic, lecturer, and essayist, specializing in neuroscience, the knowledge economy, and geopolitics.

Holder of three doctorates (neuroscience, literature, and knowledge economy), he teaches at numerous universities in France and abroad.

His research focuses in particular on the flow of knowledge between civilizations and on emerging economic models.

Speaker wanted, Aberkane intervenes in numerous events to share his vision of the knowledge-based economy and of complexity. His books, including “Free Your Brain!” and “The Age of Knowledge” are very successful.

With “The Age of Knowledge”, Idriss Aberkane offers us a masterful synthesis of his research and his reflections on the major changes of our time. A book that reflects the scholarship, creativity, and commitment of its author, and invites us to fully embrace the challenges and opportunities of our cognitive age.


Do you need to have an economic background to understand this book?

While a basic economic culture can help, the book is written in a very accessible way with clear, illustrated explanations.

Is the book relevant only for political and economic decision makers?

No Aberkane's ideas are relevant to everyone, including entrepreneurs, employees, students, and citizens, as they impact our daily lives.

Is Aberkane's vision applicable in the real world?

Some ideas may seem idealistic, but there are plenty of concrete examples that show that change is already under way. The book offers a compass and inspiration to guide our actions.

Does the book address the negative aspects or risks associated with technological revolutions?

Yes, Aberkane mentions challenges and risks such as security, privacy, inequalities, and ethics. However, it focuses primarily on opportunities and solutions.


In conclusion, “The Age of Knowledge” by Idriss Aberkane is a A book that is as stimulating as it is enriching, which offers an exciting dive into the major transformations of our time.

With its penetrating vision, multidisciplinary approach, and crystal clear writing, it is an essential book for anyone who wants to understand and shape the world of tomorrow.

Whether you are an economic player, a committed citizen, a student or simply an inquisitive mind, “The Age of Knowledge” will offer you valuable keys to navigate the complexity of our time and to contribute, at your level, to building a smarter, more sustainable and more human society.