Full Review - Growth Hacking: 8 Weeks to Double the Number of Your Prospects, Frédéric Canevet And Grégoire Gambatto

How to double your prospects in 8 weeks with growth hacking techniques in this practical and effective book to boost your customer acquisition.

“Growth Hacking: 8 weeks to double the number of your prospects” is a practical and concrete guide to setting up an effective growth hacking strategy. Written by Frédéric Canevet and Grégoire Gambatto, two experts in growth hacking, this book offers an 8-week program to double the number of prospects in your business.

The central themes covered include:

  1. The fundamentals of growth hacking : a marketing approach focused on rapid growth and the acquisition of new users.
  2. The AARRR framework (Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, Revenue): a model to structure and optimize your growth funnel.
  3. Concrete tactics for each stage of the framework : from content marketing and SEO for Acquisition to onboarding and customer success for Activation and Retention.
  4. The importance of data and experimentation : how to measure, analyze and continuously optimize your growth machine.

Critical analysis

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“Growth Hacking: 8 weeks to double the number of your prospects” is a book that is distinguished by its ultra-practical and results-oriented approach. We feel that Frédéric Canevet and Grégoire Gambatto are not theorists, but practitioners who have applied and refined these techniques in the field.

The highlights of the book:

  • The program in 8 weeks : a clear, structured and progressive format that allows immediate application of lessons. Each week has a specific objective and concrete actions to put in place.
  • The focus on practice : the book is full of templates, checklists, tools, and real examples. It's a real guide to growth hacking, not just a theoretical essay.
  • Adapting to the French context : unlike many books on growth hacking that focus on Silicon Valley startups, this one takes into account the specificities of the French market and ecosystem.
  • The balance between acquisition and retention : the book is not content with techniques to acquire more prospects, but also emphasizes the importance of activating and retaining them for sustainable growth.

If the book has a limitation, it is that it focuses mainly on online businesses, especially SaaS and e-commerce. Some specific tactics may be less relevant for more traditional businesses or BtoB models.

In addition, the ultra-dense and information-rich format can sometimes seem a bit overwhelming, especially for complete beginners. Perhaps the book would benefit from offering more contextualization and explanation of some basic concepts.

But these criticisms are minor compared to the immense value this book brings. “Growth Hacking: 8 weeks to double the number of your prospects” is an indispensable resource for any entrepreneur, marketer or growth hacker looking for proven and actionable strategies to boost their growth.

Things to remember

  1. Growth hacking is not a one-off tactic, but a global philosophy that must permeate the entire company. It requires an alignment of all teams around the objective of growth.
  2. The AARRR framework offers a structured roadmap for auditing and optimizing your entire funnel, from lead acquisition to revenue generation.
  3. In acquisition, content is king. A quality blog, optimized for SEO and promoted intelligently, can be a lead machine.
  4. Activation and retention are just as critical as acquisition. Invest in careful onboarding and proactive customer success.
  5. Data is the fuel for your growth machine. Put the right analytics tools in place and develop a culture of continuous measurement and experimentation.

Similar books

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  • “Growth Hacker Marketing” by Ryan Holiday

Author Background

Frédéric Canevet

Frédéric Canevet is a serial entrepreneur and a recognized expert in growth hacking. He is the founder of ComExplorer, a growth hacking agency that has helped numerous French startups and SMEs achieve rapid growth.

Frédéric started his career as a strategy consultant, before embarking on web entrepreneurship. It was by launching and growing his own projects that he discovered and refined growth hacking techniques.

Passionate about the transmission of his knowledge, Frédéric has become a sought-after speaker and trainer. He regularly speaks at incubators, accelerators and business schools to teach the principles of growth hacking.

Grégoire Gambatto

Grégoire Gambatto is also a serial entrepreneur and a seasoned growth hacking practitioner. He is the co-founder of Growth Makers, a company that helps startups design and execute their growth strategies.

Grégoire has a double technical and marketing role. An engineer by training, he quickly understood the potential of data and technology to multiply the impact of marketing. He is the archetype of the “marketing engineer” who is at the heart of the growth hacking philosophy.

Together, Frédéric and Grégoire have combined their complementary expertise to create the Growth Hacking Academy program, an intensive course to train the new generation of growth hackers.

It was from this experience that “Growth Hacking: 8 weeks to double the number of your prospects” was born. The book is the quintessence of their years of practice and teaching, distilled into a program that is concrete and applicable by all.

Through this book, Canevet and Gambatto establish themselves as the pioneers and ambassadors of French growth hacking. They succeeded in adapting the principles and tactics of growth hacking, often associated with Silicon Valley startups, to the context and challenges of French companies.

Their approach is distinguished by its pragmatism, its focus on execution and its constant concern for proof through results. Far from conceptual discourses, they offer a concrete and proven methodology to quickly take action and have a measurable impact.

With “Growth Hacking: 8 weeks to double the number of your prospects”, Frédéric Canevet and Grégoire Gambatto offer much more than a book. It is a real manual, a travel companion for all entrepreneurs and marketers who want to make growth a science and an art.

Their mission: to democratize the practices of the most innovative startups and to give everyone the tools to hack their growth. This book is a key step in this mission, and a major contribution to the emergence of a French growth hacking community.


Do you need technical skills to apply the lessons in the book?

Although some tactics require basic web marketing knowledge (SEO, landing pages, analytics...), the book is designed to be accessible to everyone. The authors explain technical concepts in a clear manner and provide resources for further investigation if necessary.

Is the 8-week program adaptable at my own pace?

Absolutely. The 8 weeks are a suggested framework, but you can adapt the pace to suit your constraints and resources. The main thing is to follow the logical progression of the steps and maintain a dynamic of action and measurement.

Are the tactics presented in the book suitable for BtoB businesses?

Although many examples are drawn from the BtoC universe (e-commerce, SaaS...), most of the principles and methodologies can be transposed to BtoB. Moreover, the authors give several examples of applications in a BtoB context.

Can I use these techniques if I don't have a website?

A website is a prerequisite for most of the tactics presented, as it is the hub of your digital growth machine. However, the basic principles (experimentation, measurement, continuous optimization...) can be applied to other channels and supports.


In conclusion, “Growth Hacking: 8 weeks to double the number of your prospects” by Frédéric Canevet and Grégoire Gambatto is an indispensable book for anyone looking to move up a gear in terms of acquisition and growth. With its concrete program in 8 weeks, its proven tactics and its practical advice, it is a real step-by-step guide to hack your growth.

Whether you are a startup, marketer, entrepreneur, or even a student, this book will give you a head start by equipping you with the tools and mentality of the most successful growth hackers. A must-read for anyone who wants to make growth an accurate science and a competitive advantage.

A concentrate of expertise and experience, delivered with the generosity and the desire to transmit that characterize the best practitioners. A book to keep close at hand, to annotate and to apply without moderation!