Full Review - The Saas Email Marketing Playbook, Étienne Garbugli

The “SaaS Email Marketing Playbook” is a must-read book that explores best practices to boost the growth of your SaaS.

“The SaaS Email Marketing Playbook” offers a roadmap completes to use email as a driver of growth, conversion and retention in the specific context of SaaS companies.

Étienne Garbugli shares a proven methodology for design highly effective email campaigns.

Central themes include:

  1. The specificities and challenges of email marketing for SaaS: onboarding, activation, retention, upsell...
  2. The different types of SaaS email campaigns and their objectives: transactional, marketing, life cycle...
  3. The principles of personalization and automation for relevant and engaging emails.
  4. The importance of testing and data analysis to optimize results.
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The author presents a 5-step process to create a powerful SaaS email marketing:

  1. Strategy : define its objectives, its target and its positioning.
  2. Segmentation : divide your email database according to relevant criteria (profile, behavior, life cycle stage...).
  3. Conception : write persuasive emails with a catchy design and clear calls-to-action.
  4. Automation : set up automated email marketing scenarios according to the user's journey.
  5. Analysis : track key metrics and conduct A/B tests to continuously optimize campaigns.

This structured approach makes it possible to integrate email at each stage of the funnel and customer lifecycle, maximizing its impact on acquisition, activation, and retention.

Critical analysis

With this guide, Étienne Garbugli, an expert in SaaS growth marketing, offers a valuable resource for any entrepreneur or marketer looking to exploit the full potential of email in a SaaS context.

One of the strengths of the book is the taking into account the particularities of the SaaS model. Far from being satisfied with generic advice, Garbugli shows how to adapt its email strategy to the specific challenges of SaaS: product adoption, fight against churn, expansion of revenue per user...

Another advantage: the wealth of examples and templates. From the welcome email to the reactivation message to product notifications, each type of email is analyzed and illustrated. A valuable time saver for the reader.

We also appreciate the balance between proven best practices and innovative tactics. Garbugli doesn't just repeat the basics, but also shares more advanced tips for standing out in cluttered inboxes.

It is a a unique concentration of expertise and know-how in a field where email remains a powerful but too often under-exploited tool. A valuable companion for building an effective email growth machine.

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Things to remember

Readers will learn:

  • How to adapt your email strategy to the specificities of the SaaS model and to the stages of the customer life cycle
  • The different types of SaaS emails and their roles: activation, onboarding, retention, upsell...
  • The principles of a persuasive and engaging email: copywriting, design, personalization...
  • How to build automated email marketing scenarios based on user behavior
  • Key metrics to track and tests to conduct to optimize email performance

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  • “Mastering SaaS Metrics” by Christoph Janz

Author Background

Étienne Garbugli is an entrepreneur and growth marketing consultant, specialized in supporting SaaS startups.

A graduate of the University of Montreal and HEC Montréal, he began his career at Deloitte before embarking on entrepreneurship. In particular, he co-founded Flagback, a SaaS start-up in the field of bug tracking, which he would grow until the acquisition.

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With this field experience, he specializes in growth marketing for SaaS. He acts as a consultant and mentor to numerous startups in North America and Europe, helping them build and execute growth strategies.

Passionate about sharing knowledge, Garbugli is a recognized speaker and trainer in the startup ecosystem. He regularly speaks at accelerators, incubators and events dedicated to SaaS and growth hacking.

“The SaaS Email Marketing Playbook” is the result of his years of experience designing and optimizing email campaigns for dozens of SaaS startups. The book reflects his vision of scientific, data-driven email marketing that is focused on the user journey.

More than just a collection of tactics, the book embodies Garbugli's growth philosophy: a systemic and iterative approach, where each lever (including email) is integrated into a global acquisition, activation, and retention strategy.

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With this book, Étienne Garbugli asserts himself as one of the most advanced experts in SaaS email marketing, providing the community with a unique resource to exploit the full potential of this powerful but demanding channel.


Is the book suitable for early stage or scale-up SaaS?

The book covers strategies and tactics relevant to all stages of SaaS maturity, from acquiring early adopters to optimizing retention and expansion. Whether you're just starting out or looking to scale up, you'll find the right advice.

Do you need a specific emailing tool to apply the advice in the book?

No, the principles and methodologies taught in the book are applicable regardless of the emailing tool used. However, some advanced automation and personalization tactics may require features that are unique to more sophisticated email tools.

Does the book cover the technical aspects of emailing, such as deliverability or the GDPR?

Although these topics are covered, the main focus remains on campaign strategy and design. For in-depth advice on technical and legal aspects, it will be necessary to supplement with specialized resources.

Are the tactics taught applicable to the French-speaking market?

Absolutely. Although the examples are often taken from Anglo-Saxon SaaS, the fundamental principles of SaaS email marketing are universal. Of course, you will have to adapt the tone and content to your audience, but the methodology remains relevant regardless of the market.


In conclusion, “The SaaS Email Marketing Playbook” by Étienne Garbugli is an essential resource for any SaaS entrepreneur or marketer looking to make email a real growth engine. With its proven methodology, practical advice and numerous examples, it is a real summary of expertise to exploit the full potential of email in the subscription economy.

Whether you're looking to acquire your first users, smoothly onboard your customers, fight churn, or generate more revenue per customer, this book will arm you with the strategies and tactics of the best SaaS email marketers.

A practical and inspiring guide that will make you see email in a new light: no longer as a simple communication channel, but as a powerful tool at the service of the growth and profitability of your SaaS. A must read to master the art of email marketing in the cloud age.