Full Review - The Copywriting Guide, Sélim Niederhoffer

In-depth analysis of the “Copywriting Guide”, exploring the art and science of persuasive writing to boost marketing and sales

“The Copywriting Guide” offers a complete dive into the art of Persian writing

Central themes include:

  1. The fundamentals of copywriting: the basic principles of persuasive and impacting writing.
  2. Consumer psychology: understanding the motivations, obstacles and triggers of purchase.
  3. The structure of effective sales text: the key elements of a copy that converts.
  4. The importance of storytelling: how to use stories to create emotion and engagement

The author presents a 5-step methodology to create an efficient copy:

  1. Research: fully understand your product, its audience and its market.
  2. Angle: find the right angle and the right positioning to differentiate yourself.
  3. Writing: mastering persuasive writing techniques to capture attention and generate interest.
  4. Optimization: refine your message with A/B tests and user feedback.
  5. Conversion: integrating your copy into an optimized customer journey to maximize sales.

This step-by-step approach, from research to optimization, makes it possible to create highly targeted and effective copies.

Critical analysis

With this guide, Sélim Niederhoffer, drawing on his experience as a copywriter and trainer, offers a valuable summary of best practices in copywriting. His approach, which is both strategic and practical, covers all aspects of creating a sales copy.

One of the strengths of the book is its emphasis on consumer psychology. Niederhoffer is not content with surface techniques but seeks to understand in depth the mechanisms of persuasion. The concepts of neuromarketing provide an interesting scientific dimension.

Another advantage: the abundance of concrete examples. Each principle is illustrated by real copies, dissected to understand how it works. We also appreciate the practical exercises offered to train.

It may be unfortunate that some examples are a bit dated or specific to the American market. An update with more recent copies adapted to the French context would have been a plus.

Despite this, “The Copywriting Guide” remains an essential resource for anyone looking to master the art of persuasive copying. It is a perfect balance between theory and practice, psychology and technique, inspiration and method. A must-have in every marketer's or entrepreneur's library.

Things to remember

Readers will learn:

  • The core principles of persuasive and engaging marketing writing
  • Psychological factors that motivate action and trigger purchases
  • The structure of an effective sales page, from the hook to the call to action
  • How to use storytelling to create emotion and empathy
  • A complete methodology to design, optimize and test your copies

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Author Background

Sélim Niederhoffer is a renowned copywriter, trainer, and speaker, specializing in persuasive writing techniques applied to marketing and sales.

A graduate of HEC Paris, he began his career in strategy consulting before turning to web entrepreneurship. It was by launching his own digital projects that he discovered the power of copywriting to convert visitors into customers.

Fascinated by this discipline, he decided to make it his profession. He spent several years studying with the greatest American copywriters and testing his skills on numerous campaigns, in various sectors.

With this expertise, he founded the Copywriting Academy, the first French-speaking training course dedicated to persuasive writing. There, he trains thousands of copywriters, entrepreneurs and marketers in the secrets of a copy that sells.

A sought-after speaker, Niederhoffer speaks at numerous events in the start-up and digital ecosystem. His masterclasses on neuromarketing and persuasion techniques were very successful.

“The Copywriting Guide” is the result of over a decade of experience and education. In it, Niederhoffer summarises his method, techniques and best advice to enable everyone to master the complex art of copywriting.

More than just a technical manual, the book reflects the author's vision: copywriting is not just a matter of words, it's a strategic and psychological approach to influencing and engaging your audience. A powerful tool for marketing and growth.


Do you need marketing skills to take advantage of this book?

While a basic marketing culture can help, the book is meant to be accessible to everyone. Key concepts in marketing and consumer psychology are explained clearly and illustrated with numerous examples.

Is the book only for professional copywriters?

No, the book is useful for anyone who needs to write persuasive texts: entrepreneurs, marketers, bloggers, editors, salespeople... The principles and techniques taught apply to a wide variety of media: sales pages, emails, advertisements, blog content, etc.

Does the book cover technical aspects of web copywriting, such as SEO or page structure?

Although these aspects are addressed, the main focus remains on the writing itself. For more advanced advice on the technical optimization of its pages, it will be necessary to supplement with specialized resources.

Are the persuasion tactics taught ethical?

The author emphasizes the importance of using these techniques in an honest and transparent manner. The aim is not to manipulate but to communicate the value of your offer in a convincing way. Like any powerful tool, copywriting must come with responsibility.


In conclusion, “The Copywriting Guide” by Sélim Niederhoffer is an essential resource for anyone looking to master the art and science of persuasive writing. With its comprehensive methodology, practical advice and inspiring examples, it is a real asset to boost your marketing and sales.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, marketer, writer, or simply curious about the power of words, this book will give you the keys to creating messages that hook, engage, and convert your audience.

A compendium of know-how and experience delivered with the passion of an expert and the generosity of a trainer. A book to study, practice and keep handy as a constant reference in your quest for the perfect copy.