Full Review - Not Everyone Was Lucky To Miss Their Studies, Olivier Roland

Discover another path to success with “Everyone was not lucky enough to miss their studies” by Olivier Roland. An inspiring book for entrepreneurs and creatives

“Not everyone was lucky enough to miss their studies” is a provocative and inspiring book that questions the traditional course of study and offers an alternative: self-taught learning and entrepreneurship.

Written by Olivier Roland, a successful entrepreneur and blogger, this book shares lessons learned from his own unconventional journey and that of many other “school dropouts” who have become successful.

The central themes covered include:

  1. The limits of the traditional education system : how it can stifle creativity, initiative, and entrepreneurship.
  2. The importance of self-taught learning : learning by yourself, by doing and off the beaten path.
  3. The potential of entrepreneurship : create your own path, live from your passion and have an impact.
  4. Personal development : the importance of working on your mentality, skills and network.

Critical analysis

“Not everyone was lucky enough to miss school” is a refreshing and provocative book that offers a different perspective on education and success. It's a breath of fresh air for anyone who feels suffocated by the mold of the traditional system.

The highlights of the book:

  • Challenging preconceived ideas about education and success : Roland shakes up the myth that higher education is the only path to achievement. It opens up new horizons of possibilities.
  • The numerous examples and inspiring stories : by sharing his own journey and that of many other successful “dropouts”, Roland makes his ideas tangible and shows that it is possible.
  • An emphasis on action and experimentation : more than theory, the book encourages you to take action, to try, to learn by doing.
  • The balance between inspiration and practical advice : Roland does not only motivate, he also gives concrete ways to start as an autodidact or entrepreneur.

One caveat is that the book can sometimes give the impression of glorifying academic failure and devaluing formal education. It is important to note that the entrepreneurial journey is not for everyone and also involves risks.

In addition, Although Roland emphasizes the importance of lifelong learning, the book could have explored the challenges and strategies of long-term self-learning in greater depth.

Despite these limitations, “Not everyone was lucky enough to fail their studies” remains valuable reading for anyone looking to chart their own path and live by their own rules. It is a vibrant call to take charge of your education and your success.

Key Points to Remember

  1. Your degree does not define your potential. What you do with your life is more important than your education.
  2. Learning does not end at school. Autodidacts cultivate a curiosity and a desire to learn throughout their lives.
  3. Failure is part of the process. Whether at school or in entrepreneurship, failure is an opportunity to learn and grow.
  4. Don't follow a default path. Take time to think about what you really want and chart your own path.
  5. Invest in your personal development. Work on your mindset, your skills and your network.

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Author profile

Olivier Roland is a French entrepreneur, blogger and speaker, best known for his successful blog “Des Livres Pour Changer de Vie” and his podcast “Not Bad”.

Roland has an unusual background that led him from high school dropout to successful entrepreneur:

  • He left school at 16, not finding his way in the traditional education system.
  • He started his career as a computer maintenance technician, while cultivating his passion for self-taught learning.
  • In 2007, he launched his blog “Books to Change Your Life”, sharing his readings and thoughts on personal development and entrepreneurship.

The success of his blog and his online courses allowed him to become a full-time entrepreneur:

  • Her blog has become a reference in the field of personal development, with millions of visitors per year.
  • Its online courses and courses, such as “Website Creation” and “Pro Blogger,” have helped thousands of people launch their online projects.
  • His podcast “Not Bad”, launched in 2019, quickly became one of the most popular business podcasts in France.

Roland is also the author of several successful books on entrepreneurship and personal development:

  • “Not everyone was lucky enough to miss their studies”, her first book, became a best seller and was translated into several languages.
  • His other books, such as “3 months to launch your online business” and “Be Zen in 5 lessons”, were also very successful.

A sought-after speaker, Roland shares his philosophy of learning and entrepreneurship at events across France and on his YouTube channel.

With “Everyone has not had the chance to miss their studies”, Olivier Roland has given a voice and legitimacy to all those who do not recognize themselves in the traditional school system.

Her book is a manifesto for a new path to success, based on self-taught learning, action, and value creation.

For Roland, real learning doesn't happen while sitting in a classroom, but by facing the real world, by trying, by failing, and by persevering. His own background is living proof of this.

With this book, Olivier Roland has established himself as a spokesperson for entrepreneurs and creatives who dare to think outside the box. “Not everyone was lucky enough to fail their studies” is not just a book, it's a call to action for anyone who dreams of living by their own rules.


Do you have to have failed your studies to appreciate this book?

No, quite the opposite. The message of the book is not to glorify academic failure, but to show that there are multiple paths to success. Whether you have a brilliant or challenging academic background, this book will invite you to challenge your beliefs about education and success.

Is this book only for those who want to become entrepreneurs?

No, while entrepreneurship is a central theme, the book's lessons on self-learning, personal development, and charting your own path are relevant for everyone in any field. Whether you are an employee, artist or student, you will find inspiration there.

Does the book give practical tips for succeeding as an autodidact or entrepreneur?

Yes, in addition to inspiring reflections, Olivier Roland shares numerous tips, resources and strategies for learning by yourself, developing your skills and launching your projects. It's a balance of inspiration and practical advice.

Is Olivier Roland's approach applicable to everyone, regardless of context and country?

While the French context pervades the book, the key lessons about learning, entrepreneurship, and personal development are universal. Of course, the specific challenges and opportunities may vary by country, but the spirit of the book is relevant for anyone looking to take control of their future.


In conclusion, “Not everyone was lucky enough to fail their studies” by Olivier Roland is a powerful and inspiring book that challenges preconceived ideas about education and success.

With its blend of personal stories, provocative thoughts, and practical advice, it's essential reading for anyone looking to chart their own path and live by their own rules.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, creative, student or simply curious, this book will invite you to rethink your relationship to learning and take control of your personal and professional development.