Detailed Full Review of PixelMe: All you need to know (2024)

Take advantage of every click your online marketing campaigns receive with PixelMe, it helps you retarget the people who click on the links and create great social media pages.



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What is PixelMe?

In other words, PixelMe is a link shortener that Add retargeting pixels to every link you share.

If you are an e-commerce site owner, blogger, SaaS business owner, or social media marketer and want to... ,

  • Create shortened links under your brand name (ex:
  • Add retargeting pixels from multiple platforms at once to a link,
  • Have a reliable URL shortening tool that doesn't steal your web traffic,
  • Retarget people with every link you share, even popular websites like,,

You should consider using PixelMe for your business.


1. Link shorteners

PixelMe automatically includes retargeting pixels in every link you shorten. It works the same as other URL shortening services like,, or, but better for you.

Pixelme link builder
PixelMe Link Builder
  1. Destination URL : The full address of the site or web page, including https://.
  2. Brand domains : Use the default domain or your own domain name. I recommend using your domain name.
  3. Retargeting pixels : Select the retargeting networks you want to include in the shortening link.
  4. UTM settings : Add UTM tracking settings so you can track link performance, such as conversions, through your Google Analytics account.
  5. Folders and labels : Organize your links so that you can manage them more easily later in your PixelMe account.

2. Measuring link performance

Analysis is one of the essential aspects of advertising.

PixelMe tracks every link click, including the number of total clicks and the number of unique clicks. So you can analyze the data and adapt to audience models and interests, which will ultimately help you create high-quality ads.

Here is a screenshot of the Global Stats page for my PixelMe account. The PixelMe link shortener has tracked over 7,000 link clicks in the last six months alone.

PixelMe Global stats overview
PixelMe Global Statistics Overview

PixelMe also tracks the geolocation of users, referring websites, browsers, and operating systems used. These are very useful statistics if you are looking for a tool for paid advertising.

Pixelme referrer, browser and OS data

Global Stats is a great metric to get an overview of how your links are performing. But, PixelMe went even further and allows you to see the statistics of individual links.

link analytics of PixelMe

As you can see, PixelMe's link statistics also provide the same information as Global Stats.

3. Custom domain

I am hesitant to click on shortened links to services like or Or I open them in the Incognito window for security reasons.

However, shortened brand relationships are not unsuspected and resonate with a brand. That's why PixelMe allows you to map your custom domain name so you can share branded shortened links that follow each visitor.

4. Custom slugs

You can barely change the slugs in most free URL shortening services. PixelMe makes it easier for you to create beautiful, shareable links that are easy to remember, such as slugs will make your links not very suspicious and increase click rates, which is a key factor in any online advertising campaign.

5. Support for multiple advertising platforms

You can add multiple retargeting pixels at once. Or only add Facebook and Twitter retargeting pixel codes. Don't worry. PixelMe makes it easy to re-target based on the advertising platform you prefer.

Currently, you can add retargeting pixels to these ad platforms.

  • Google Adwords
  • facebook
  • Twitter ads
  • LinkedIn ads
  • Pinterest ads
  • Quora ads
  • Nexus segment

Additionally, PixelMe supports more tracking tools.

  • Google Analytics
  • bing
  • Google tag manager

Integration of custom codes

Another very cool feature that I want to highlight in this PixelMe review is that you can now add custom codes to the links you share. See screenshot below.

custom code integration

6. Mass import

Do you want to shorten several links at once? Simply copy and paste the links you want to shorten.

bulk import
Batch URL shortener

The “bulk import of redirects” feature is very useful if you are switching from another link shortening service, such as Google link builder, or if you want to create shortened links in bulk.

7. Custom 404 index and pages

Redirect visitors to a new page or show them a custom 404 page when they visit a dead link or a non-existent link.

In a similar passion, redirect the user to a custom URL when they try to see the index page.

custom index and 404 URLs on custom domains

8. One Link (Micro home page)

Pixelme has introduced a new feature called “One Link” that allows you to generate bio pages for your Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok, and other social media profiles.

Pixelme One Link - Mirco landing page
  • Templates to get started
  • Add links to your social media profiles and websites
  • Change the look and feel to fit your brand
  • Analytics

But you can only create one micro landing page, and the page is redirected to the domain. In addition, the PixelMe logo is placed at the bottom of the page.

9. Advertising launcher

Integration with Amazon attribution and ad networks allows you to launch ads from the PixelMe account and track all results.



PixelMe pricing plans start at $99 per month.


PixelMe is a unique tool of its kind. But, there are other link shortening tools with common and unique features. Here are some of the best PixelMe alternatives.

1. Replug.

Replug could be the best Pixelme alternative.

I have already migrated a large number of my PixelMe links to Replug.


It's not because PixelMe isn't good, but Replug is better in terms of the features offered and the overall ease of use.

replug dashboard

Replug is a powerful URL shortener and a great alternative to Pixelme. Here are a few reasons why Replug is a better PixelMe replacement.

  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Bio-Links - organic landing pages for Instagram, TikTok, etc.
  • Hiding links
  • Customize the preview of links in search engines
  • Password-protected links
  • Set the expiration date of the link
  • Favicon custom for links
  • Edit, pause, archive, and delete links
  • Daily, weekly, or monthly link report in your email
  • Seamless integration with ContentStudio
  • Deep links for applications
  • White label dashboard for agencies
  • Manage team members and customers

As you can see, Replug is a good competitor to Pixelme and is clearly a few steps ahead of the latter.

Watch this instructional video to find out how Replug works.

2. Rocketlink.

If you're looking for a great Pixelme alternative with unlimited clicks, Rocketlink might be for you.


Yes, you read that right! Rocketlink charges based on the links you created, not based on the number of clicks your links got. This means that your links can theoretically get an unlimited number of clicks, but you pay the same price!

3. Switchy

Switchy is another Pixelme competitor with common features. A distinct feature of Switch is the ability to A/B test links.

Watch this video to learn how to shorten links with Switchy.


Who should use PixelMe?

Innovative features, such as sharable shortened web addresses, make it easy even if you're not a tech savvy, while an intuitive user interface makes it very easy to navigate regardless of the type of device being used at any given time.

With the help of the PixelMe platform, businesses can currently conduct marketing campaigns and redirect users to third-party platforms such as Kickstarter or Amazon. They also have paid ads that will be redirected to your site after someone clicks on an ad you've placed on their social media feed!

Is PixelMe a good link management tool?

Yes! The application allows marketing professionals to track URLs with the help of their internal or external partners for effective targeted advertising campaigns on digital channels such as email newsletters, banner ads on websites, etc., by seamlessly integrating this functionality into daily workflows without any problems!

Final Verdict

Targeting users is very important in any marketing campaign. Whether it's a Facebook ad, a Google PPC ad, or even a mobile push notification campaign, if you don't target users properly, your campaigns will fail, and you'll also waste your money and time.

That's why tools like PixelMe are very useful in situations like retargeting users, generating QR codes, etc.

I've shared everything about and some of its competitors in this PixelMe review. I would like to hear your thoughts on using a link shortening tool like PixelMe in your business.

  • Support for integrating retargeting pixels across multi-agency platforms.
  • Browser extension
  • Custom domain
  • Custom slug
  • Change the destination URL
  • QR code generator for links
  • Workspaces to manage multiple domains
  • Amazon Ad Launcher and Attribution
  • API
  • Mirco social media home page
  • Import links
  • Exporting links via CSV
  • GDPR consent
  • Change the preview of shortened URLs on social media and search engine results pages
  • No agency functions
  • No password-protected links
  • Branding on micro-landing pages

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