SocialPilot : Full Review, Testing, and Presentation (2024)


SocialPilot is a simple social media publishing tool with reporting and content curation features.

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What is SocialPilot?

SocialPilot strives to find the right balance between adding a large number of new innovative features and offering an economical alternative to its competitors.

Social media management tools can innovate constantly, in a sector that is constantly evolving. These development costs need to be passed on somewhere, and they are often absorbed into the monthly subscription price.

However, the compromise is not always to the advantage of some customers.

Overall, what SocialPilot lacks in terms of high-tech features, it makes up for with practical tools that help marketers complete their tasks more effectively.

SocialPilot is not the right option for everyone. The advanced features it lacks could be a barrier for large businesses that want their social media management software acts as a strategic partner.

Who is SocialPilot for?

SocialPilot is aimed at a specific market of startups, small businesses, and marketing agencies that need access to multiple social networks to manage the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns, without having to pay for high-end features like competitive reports.

It is aimed at community managers who need more than just the free account Buffer or Hootsuite can offer them, but who do not need to take out an expensive subscription to one of these platforms.

Most SocialPilot competitors require customers to upgrade their subscription to add users, which means those customers end up paying for features they don't want or need.

Instead, SocialPilot offers effective social media publishing and an intuitive social media dashboard at a price that smaller social media teams will like.


SocialPilot is creating a whole new way to connect with millions of users around the world. Social media is one of the most effective ways for all major brands to deal with the increased customer experience and expectations.

1. Connect to an unlimited number of accounts

SocialPilot is not limited to posts on Facebook and LinkedIn. It will also help you connect on the following other platforms: Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, and

This tool allows you to share access with the marketing team and get comprehensive feedback from the main dashboard. The SocialPilot tool will allow you to organize and visualize all the activities of your social promotions.

Attached is a screenshot showing all the different social media networks that can be connected. With this app, you can easily manage all of your connections at your fingertips.

2. Scheduling posts

Social networks like Facebook and Pinterest allow you to schedule your posts in advance. You can't find this feature on other social media networks like Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Scheduling posts is one of the essential advantages of a social media management tool, SocialPilot. In this way, you can allow your marketing and stories to be developed using different marketing strategies.

If you need to post the same story or content on more than 20 different social accounts, then sharing it will take a lot of time, effort, and money. SocialPilot takes care of this by improving the productivity of your team and by saving resources.

The social media calendar helps all marketing agencies and other professional users to conceptualize social media sharing strategies to be more creative and successful. As a result, SocialPilot is a top-notch partner in depicting positive and negative marketing trends.

3. Easily create messages

The complexity of an organization is directly proportional to the prioritization of all incoming messages. As organizations grow every day, it's becoming more and more difficult to engage with “your own family and friends.”

Delivering relevant messages at the right time is the best way to improve the user experience. The SocialPilot tool therefore allows marketers to quickly create different types of messages.

Also, it includes different items and at the same time sharing on all the different social accounts. Plus, you can even add images to your post directly from your SocialPilot account. Images will give an added edge by engaging all of your audiences with visuals.

4. Manage your groups

SocialPilot is specially designed and allows you to classify all connected accounts into groups. It allows you to feed all the messages on the accounts of a group with a single click from your main dashboard.

Therefore, it will save you time when managing multiple accounts in a single theme. You can create a group with all the reports and share your updates within that group with a single click.

5. Social media analysis

Analysis is a function used to gather all the data from audience conversations on social media networks and to process it into a data structure that allows decisions to be made. Socialpilot's Social Media Analytics allows you to analyze and measure your social accounts in depth, even if the content is posted from SocialPilot.

SocialPilot provides powerful but easy to understand social media analytics to enable you to improve your social media marketing and effectiveness. With SocialPilot Social Media Analytics, not only can you analyze content posted from SocialPilot, but you can also post content to your social page and accounts.

It's easy to understand and measure Social Media Analytics, and it tracks followers, influencers, clicks, conversions, and engagement across all connected social networks.

With SocialPilot, you can very easily share the complete analytical view with your customers and teammates thanks to the shareable link available.

6. Customer Management

SocialPilot has an amazing customer management feature, thanks to which the customer does not have to transfer their credentials.

Thanks to this customer management function, you can very easily manage your customers' social accounts without problems. You don't need to wait for the customer to give you access to their account or add yourself as an administrator to manage their page.

Now you can manage all of their accounts without needing any credentials. You can also use your brand name and logo when inviting them to avoid revealing your social media toolkit.

You can invite customers directly with the SocialPilot link, once your customers connect their accounts, this will automatically appear in the SocialPilot panel. The advantage is that you can add your brand and change the invitation email so as not to reveal your social media toolkit.

7. Mass programming

This tool is one of the best functions available in SocialPilot.

It is suitable for Community managers and to online marketing agencies to manage multiple social networks. Capable of managing multiple social media accounts and publishing more than 500 messages at a time, this feature is still very useful when various Community managers use social media strategies for customers.

Very useful feature when submitting your content. You need to get it approved by your customers before sharing or scheduling it. Our aim with Bulk Scheduling is to make this process as comfortable and painless as possible. So even if you don't manage more than 50 social accounts.

With SocialPilot, users can easily create group messages by uploading CSV files containing 500 messages. This is a handy feature for marketing agencies who need customer approval for all the content of their social media posts and who have multiple posts to share per day. In fact, it's this feature that makes SocialPilot convenient for enterprise-level customers.

8. Collaboration

SocialPilot saves you time and effort by making it easy to find interesting and useful content. SocialPilot works for the team and with the team.

All users can easily invite team members to work collaboratively, share files, and come up with useful marketing ideas. SocialPilot doesn't charge per additional team member, so feel free to include as many participants as you want.

It doesn't matter if you run a small, medium, or large business. Their collaboration features are useful for all types of businesses that work as a team to publish and manage their content on social media.

9. RSS feed integration

Feed automation is one of the best features that will keep all of your social media accounts active by feeding updates to your blog or website in real time. Marketers can precisely add feeds from their website, and SocialPilot will fetch messages as they are posted to connected feeds.

You can also control how messages appear in the various social profiles by using the functions available in the “Add a feed” section. You can also choose to post messages to multiple profiles at the same time. Flow automation is one of the best functions for agencies and marketers who manage multiple blogs.

SocialPilot will thus share the blog post with connected social media accounts. This tool will be useful for managing your content and will help you save a lot of time by managing tasks manually.

10. Content suggestions

Sharing unique and exciting content can attract more audiences.

How do I find these exciting updates or content? Don't worry. The site has developed a feature called “suggestions” that gives you exciting news and content from around the world.

Content editors have selected the best resources from around the world and categorized them, making it easier for you to choose the best updates. The most important thing is that you can review the suggestions and schedule them directly to be posted to all of your connected social accounts.

11. Link reducer

Sometimes long URLs are a problem when Twitter's character limit causes users to count their words.

SocialPilot allows you to shorten links so that they can be easily shared across channels and gives your posts a clean look.

12. Mobile app

The SocialPilot mobile application is designed for iOS and Android. It is a unique solution for programming and managing social networks. The application connects all your social media accounts and allows you to schedule your posts. You can schedule posts for a day or a week in advance for different time zones.

You can also update your messages, images, status, and content from various sites from within the app without signing in to each section. You can also share articles from popular apps like Flipboard, Pocket, Pulse, and SocialPilot.

13. Chrome extension

The SocialPilot extension makes user engagement more active and better on social networks. When you find interesting articles or images and want to share them instantly, click the extension button.

If you haven't installed the extension yet, you can also get it from the Chrome Extension Gallery, Firefox Add-On Gallery, and Safari Extension Gallery. You can set it up in just a few clicks.

SocialPilot offers browser extensions for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. You can share exciting content or article from the Internet. It's best to use a browser extension to share posts from the Facebook News Feed and Twitter Timeline.

One of the impressive features of this browser extension is that it allows you to program images from Canva also.


SocialPilot offers four pricing plans.

The professional plan is the cheapest of these plans, at $25/month if you pay all at once for the year. It's $30/month if you choose to pay on a monthly basis.

At this level, you can connect to 25 social media accounts, with access to programming and content curation for up to three team members.

This highlights one of SocialPilot's main selling points. Other platforms require a more expensive package to access advanced features and additional users, but SocialPilot's launch subscription will cover the needs of many businesses.

The subscription for small teams costs $50 per month (with a discount to $41.66 per month if you pay in advance for the year) and builds on the business account by adding login to 25 other social media accounts and access to the Social Inbox tool to manage conversations.

This pack also provides white label PDF reports, for agencies that want to add their brand before sending analytics to their customers.

SocialPilot pricing plans to manage social media.

SocialPilot's pricing plans are clearly defined and offer good value for money.

The “Agency” plan, which costs $100 per month ($83.33 per month for an annual subscription), includes all the elements of the “Small Team” plan, plus access for ten team members and the ability to connect 100 social media accounts.

All three account plans come with a 14-day free trial, no credit card required.

The fourth option is to contact SocialPilot to design your own plan, if your needs don't match these parameters.

Customer Support

SocialPilot sends all inquiries either to their email address or to their knowledge center.

The Knowledge Center articles are clear and contain step-by-step solutions related to a variety of common digital marketing terms, but of course they don't cover every potential problem.

The SocialPilot support center for customers.

SocialPilot's knowledge center is comprehensive and useful, covering all of the most common issues that users face.

There is no live chat or phone support option. You can contact SocialPilot on its social media channels, although there are no dedicated support accounts.

For urgent matters, your best bet is to use the email address. This is no match for the competition, which all offers multiple options for resolving problems.


Is SocialPilot easy to use?

The SocialPilot account setup process is easy and you can connect to multiple social media accounts in just a few clicks.

What social networks does SocialPilot connect to?

SocialPilot connects to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Instagram, Instagram, Instagram, Instagram, Instagram, LinkedIn, LinkedIn, Google My Business, Pinterest, Tumblr, and VK.

Can I schedule Instagram posts via SocialPilot?

Yes, you can schedule Instagram posts, but you'll have to push live posts manually. SocialPilot will send a reminder to do so when the scheduled time arrives.

Final Verdict

In a sea of very similar social media management software, SocialPilot takes a different approach.

It is designed for Community managers who need to manage a large number of social networks and accounts, from a single interface, at a reasonable monthly subscription price.

SocialPilot doesn't contain advanced features for social listening or creating chatbots, so it might not be the most obvious choice for giant businesses that want to be at the forefront of social media innovation.

The lack of automatic posting on Instagram is a downside (SocialPilot states on its website that this will come “soon”), but there are more than enough positives for SocialPilot to be recommended for teams that need a reliable and effective social media publishing tool.


✅ Good value for money for teams

✅ Connection with all the main social networks and with Facebook ads

✅ The Canva integration is a useful feature


🔴 Support options are limited

🔴 No automatic posting on Instagram

🔴 It does not have the elegance of its big rivals.

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