5 copywriting methods to sell more (AIDA, PAS, 4C,...)

Copywriting is simply a type of writing that is used to get an audience to take action, but as any copywriter knows, it's not that easy to do so.
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Copywriting is simply a type of writing used to encourage an audience to take action, but as any copywriter knows, getting there is not that easy.

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What are the proven Copywriting methods?

The Copywriting is simply a type of writing used to urge an audience to take action, but like everything Copywriter As you know, getting there is not that easy. Since a number of factors influence a reader's action, there are a plethora of formulas for Copywriting to help you cover all your bases. So what formula should you use?

Different formulas work for different goals, content types, and writing styles. To help you choose the one that's best for you, I spoke directly to the experts. Read on to know the five formulas of Copywriting that they use, the reasons for their effectiveness, and examples of each of them.

Copywriting method no. 1: the 4C's

According to the 4C formula, a Copywriting convincing has four characteristics: clear, concise, convincing, and credible. Let's break this formula down.

  • Clarity: your text should be understood by everyone. You can make your text clearer by using short words, short sentences, headers, and bullet points, but true clarity starts with understanding your audience and goals.
  • Concise: It's about transmitting information using as few words as possible.
  • Convincing: The text should also be interesting enough for your audience to read. The key? Focus on the reader, their needs, problems, and desires.
  • Credibility: Finally, your text should be believable. Publish white papers, share articles from market leaders, and customer stories. These types of content can communicate your brand's key messages while overcoming reader skepticism.

Copywriting Method 2: Problem, Agitation, Solution (PAS)

It is a formula of Copywriting “old school” in which the writer presents a problem that the reader is facing, uses emotional language to get the problem across, and then proposes a solution.

When used correctly, the formula of Copywriting “problem, turmoil, solution” draws the reader's full attention. They will be dying to discover the solution, and when you finally offer it - by adding a clear, concise, convincing, and credible call to action - you can generate high-quality leads.

In general, PAS is the formula of Copywriting preferred by many people because it is easy to use, even for Copywriters novices. It makes it possible to quickly transform the problems of prospects into a powerful text.

The idea is to focus on a key problem that prospects are facing, to bring it up using striking examples, to talk about it again, and finally to propose a solution.

Copywriting Method #3: The “Before-After”

As an alternative, many Copywriters use the “Before/After” formula, which starts on a positive, aspirational note rather than a negative note in the PAS.

In short, it allows Internet users to imagine an ideal situation and how your offer could help them achieve it.

To use the “Before-After”, you need to Know the needs and wants of the audience target and describe them in the first line. Then, you'll use examples to illustrate how other customers have achieved this ideal situation - and how the Internet user can do it too.

Support your claim by listing tangible benefits and then end with a powerful and compelling call to action like in the email below:


What would your dream website look like? A visible and recognized site on the Web? Customers who would hasten to contact you when they read your website?

A website that would make you money? Subscribers who like to receive your newsletter emails and are eager to open them every time? Ok ok, we ask too many questions, but the fact is that the website of your dreams is not that hard to reach! We have over 600 customers around the world who will tell you that.

See what Michèle B. says in her review on Trustpilot:
“This website is an absolute dream come true! It's as close to perfection as I could imagine. It's like someone has gotten into my head and knows what I want and need - even without my ability to define my needs/desires.”

Or Jean G.:
“Since using them as part of our marketing strategy, we have seen a significant increase in sales.”

We use a professional and effective method, which means that we take the time to understand you and offer you a real experience during our support.

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The Before-After formula works because it establishes a connection between the editor and the reader. This connection becomes a hook for the rest of the text by showing Internet users how your solution allows them to go from point A to point B.

If you've done your customer research well before writing your content, your “Before-After” writing will draw the attention of your audience to a relevant pain point.

Writing Method 4: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action (AIDA)

AIDA (attention, interest, desire, and action) is one of the oldest formulas of Copywriting. Like the formulas above, it invites the editor to: attractheed from the reader through persuasive writing; to arouse theinterest of the reader for the product or service concerned; ensure that the reader Desire the product or service; and finally, invite the reader to act.

For many, it is one of the methods of Copywriting favorites of authors today and for decades.

If you're looking for a good example of this method of writing, I encourage you to study Apple's website that uses AIDA to convince and encourage customers to buy.

Copywriting Method 5: Storytelling

Although it may be a less formal formula in itself, the Storytelling method is a very powerful tool.

Nonetheless, many people recognize the power of storytelling in Copywriting, but few actually use them.

We've been telling ourselves stories for hundreds of thousands of years. It's part of our evolution. That's why storytelling is a method of Copywriting so effective.


How do you learn copywriting?

Copywriters don't always need methods, but it's always good to broaden your knowledge to be more impactful and creative. These formulas can be particularly useful for new people Copywriters who seek to improve, or even validate, their writing style.

With experience, you will notice that your writing will be done naturally and in accordance with some (or most) of the existing methods simply because you will focus it on the benefits of potential customers.

These methods of Copywriting are also useful for getting started quickly in Copywriting. Whether you're suddenly tasked with writing ads or having trouble starting from a blank slate, try these methods to get a quick helping hand.

Nowadays, many software programs assisted by artificial intelligence save you precious time if you want to produce texts quickly. Moreover, some of these programs are more and more effective and produce confusing texts.

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What makes copywriting a good method?

The best formulas of Copywriting have a few things in common:

They are easy to remember and master.
They can help the Copywriters, new or experienced, to produce effective texts quickly.
They have also been proven to work, sometimes for decades.

Let's see together some of the formulas of Copywriting the most common ones and why you should consider them

What are the different Copywriting methods?

As a number of factors influence the action of an Internet user, there are a plethora of formulas for Copywriting to help you meet your needs.

So what copywriting method use?

Different methods work for different purposes, content types, and writing styles, in this article we are going to look at the following methods:

  • AIDA
  • NOT
  • 4C
  • Before-After
  • Storytelling

To help you choose the one that's best for you, read on to find out the five copywriting methods that top businesses use and why they're effective.

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