Dropshipping Suppliers: 9 Best for E-Commerce in 2024

Ranking the best dropshipping suppliers based on products, prices, support, integrations, and more
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The best dropshipping suppliers are currently AliDropship, Spocket and SaleHoo.

Dropshipping is experiencing global growth estimated at 28.8% per year between 2019 and 2025, and 23% of online retailers have already adopted this model to develop their business.

dropshipping growth (Europe, North America, Asia, LAMEA) from 2018 to 2028

Dropshipping allows small businesses to source products cheaply from manufacturers around the world and sell them at competitive prices, without managing shipping or logistics.

Dropshipping businesses can generate up to 50% more profits than sellers who maintain an online inventory.

To succeed in Start dropshipping, it is essential to choose the best dropshipping supplier.

This guide provides online tools for connecting with thousands of manufacturers and adding their wholesale products to your e-commerce site, while they take care of shipping and returns. You can thus easily integrate wholesale products into your catalog without worrying about management.

Let's discover together the best dropshipping suppliers on the market, ranked according to stock selection, prices, ease of use, functions of inventory management and order fulfillment processes.

Guide to the best dropshipping suppliers

Here are my top picks for the best dropshipping suppliers.

1. Spocket : US & EU Product Sourcing


Spocket is a marketplace that connects online retailers with European and American dropshipping suppliers, selected for the quality and originality of their products thanks to rigorous sourcing.

Its smooth integration with Shopify and WooCommerce, Spocket allows quickly create a store and automate order management.

Key features

  • Catalogue of over 60,000 trendy products from European and American suppliers
  • One-click import of products on its Shopify store or WooCommerce
  • Customizing product sheets (title, description, images, prices) to stand out
  • Automatic order processing and delivery tracking updates
  • Referral program to earn commissions by recommending Spocket


  • Free membership with a limited selection of products and basic features
  • Paid subscriptions starting at $24 per month, with more products, vendor discounts, and advanced features
  • Free 14-day trial to test the Pro version
pricing Spocket

❤️ Critical review : Spocket facilitates the sourcing of quality products shipped from the US and Europe. Its concentrated catalog and its express deadlines will appeal to demanding customers!

👍 Pros : A catalog of verified and trendy products. Fast shipping from US and Europe. Good tools for customizing product sheets. Attractive Spocket rates.

👎 Cons : Smaller catalog than other platforms. Few suppliers outside the US and Europe. Expedited shipping is driving up prices.

2. SaleHoo : Directory of wholesalers and suppliers for dropshipping


SaleHoo makes it easy for online retailers to find products for sale with an online directory that includes more than 8,000 verified wholesalers and suppliers, specialized in dropshipping and wholesale.

Key features

  • Access to a database of over 8,000 suppliers and 1.6 million products
  • Advanced search tools to quickly find the best products and suppliers
  • Detailed information about each supplier (fees, conditions, processing times, etc.)
  • Training resources and expert advice to optimize dropshipping sales
  • “Market Trends” function to identify the most promising products


  • $67 annual subscription with unlimited access to the directory and resources
  • 60-day money-back trial
pricing SaleHoo

❤️ Critical Review : SaleHoo is a great ally in finding reliable suppliers. With its base of verified wholesalers and its market analysis tools, it facilitates sourcing and selling!

👍 Pros : Broad base of verified and reliable suppliers. Powerful product research tools. Training and resources to guide dropshippers. Affordable rates.

👎 Cons : Does not include the creation of an e-commerce store. Each dropshipping supplier is mainly located in the US, UK, CA, AU or NZ.

3. AliDropship : WordPress plugin to create your store


AliDropship is a WordPress plugin which allows you to easily create your own dropshipping online store to start e-commerce without managing stock or shipping.

Its seamless integration with AliExpress and its advanced features offer a solution ready to use quickly.

Key features

  • Automatic import of AliExpress products and synchronization of prices and stocks
  • Customizing e-commerce with responsive themes and design options
  • Automated management of orders and communication with suppliers
  • Integration with over 15 popular payment methods (PayPal, Stripe, etc.)
  • Comprehensive training and responsive technical support to support entrepreneurs


  • AliDropship plugin starting at $89 for a single license
  • AliDropship Ultimate package at $899 with personalized e-commerce and optimized hosting
  • Additional services (implementation, marketing, etc.) available à la carte
pricing AliDropship

❤️ Critical Review : AliDropship is the ideal solution for Start your business of dropshipping. With its e-commerce plugins, its verified suppliers and its marketing tools, everything is there to succeed!

👍 Pros : Powerful e-commerce plugins for creating stores. Supplied and quality product catalogs. Marketing and order tracking tools. Extensive training and responsive support.

👎 Cons : Advanced store customization limited. Regular updates and optimizations required.

4. Printful : The Leader in Print and On-Demand Shipping


Printful is a print-on-demand and dropshipping service that allows e-retailers to sell personalized products (clothing, accessories, decoration, etc.) without managing production or shipping.

With its seamless integration with more than 20 e-commerce platforms And its online design tools, Printful makes it a lot easier to sell custom products by dropshipping.

Key features

  • Catalog of more than 200 customizable products (t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, posters, etc.)
  • Online design tools to easily create designs
  • Integration with over 20 e-commerce platforms (Shopify, WooCommerce, Etsy, etc.)
  • Print on demand and automated shipping worldwide
  • Automatically generated product mockups for the online store


  • No subscription fees or minimum amounts
  • Unit price for each product ordered, including printing and shipping
  • Volume discounts and discounted rates for large quantities
pricing Printful

❤️ Critical Review : Printful is the gold standard for print-on-demand and custom product dropshipping. Its products and integration tools make it a must in print-on-demand!

👍 Pros : Wide choice of quality printable products. Print on demand and fast shipping. Automatic mockups and design tools. Easy integrations with numerous CMS.

👎 Cons : Focuses on printable products on demand. Not suitable for other categories Quite high product prices. Reduced margins without large volumes.

5. Inventory Source: The Dropshipping Catalog Integrator

 Inventory Source

Inventory Source is a platform that automates the management of stocks, prices and dropshipping orders, by connecting online retailers with over 230 trusted suppliers.

This provider offers integrations with the main e-commerce platforms (Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, etc.) that simplifies the dropshipping sales process, including inventory management and delivery status updates.

Key features

  • Automatic synchronization of stocks and prices with over 230 suppliers
  • Native integration with over 25 e-commerce platforms and marketplaces
  • Automated order processing and delivery status updates
  • Margin management and smart pricing tools to optimize profits
  • Responsive customer support and training resources to get the most out of the platform


  • Free 30-day trial with no commitment
  • Subscriptions starting at $99 per month, based on the number of connected providers and sales channels
  • Customized commissioning and integration costs on quotation
pricing Inventory Source

❤️ Critical Review : Inventory Source simplifies the integration of supplier catalogs. Compatible with many e-commerce CMS, it automates the product flow for serene dropshipping!

👍 Pros : Easily connects stores to supplier catalogs. Automatic stock and price updates. Compatible with the main e-commerce CMS. Good list tools and order management.

👎 Cons : Requires an existing store (Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce...). Technical handling at the start. Billing based on the number of suppliers.

LEARN MORE: Visit the Inventory Source website

6. Wholesale2b: Dropshipping Automation on eBay and Amazon


Wholesale2b is a dropshipping platform that connects online retailers with hundreds of verified suppliers, offering access to millions of products.

Thanks to its powerful automation tools and integrations with the main e-commerce platforms, Wholesale2b makes it easy to create a dropshipping store and manage orders effectively.

Integrations with Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Amazon, Ebay, etc.

Key features

  • Access to over 1 million products from hundreds of verified suppliers
  • Tools for researching and selecting the most promising products
  • Integration with Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, Magento, Amazon, eBay, etc.
  • Automatic synchronization of stocks and prices
  • Automated order processing and shipping management


  • Free subscription with limited access to the catalog and features
  • Paid subscriptions starting at $29.99 per month, based on the number of products and platforms connected
  • 3% commission on each order processed via the platform
pricing Wholesale2b

❤️ Critical Review : Wholesale 2B is the link between wholesalers and marketplaces. It automates dropshipping to eBay and Amazon, from product listing to after-sales service!

👍 Pros : Choice among 1M+ products from wholesalers. Automated order lists and tracking on eBay and Amazon. Inventory and price updates. Customer service managed by Wholesale 2B.

👎 Cons : High commission on sales (10%). Little control over product sheets and customer relationships. Risk of increased competition on marketplaces.

LEARN MORE: Visit the Wholesale 2B website

7. Dropizi: Quality Made in France


Dropizi is a dropshipping supplier that stands out for its selection of innovative products, from creators and emerging brands in offering original products and of quality to e-retailers.

Key features

  • Catalogue of more than 15,000 carefully selected trendy products
  • Easy import of products to your Shopify, WooCommerce or PrestaShop store
  • Automatic order processing and delivery status updates
  • Dedicated and responsive customer support to support e-retailers
  • Loyalty program to benefit from exclusive discounts and benefits


  • Free registration with no subscription or monthly fees
  • 10% to 20% commission on each order, depending on the product category
  • Discounted rates and benefits for loyalty program members
pricing Dropizi

❤️ Critical Review : Dropizi seduces with its trendy products with a careful and French design. A targeted catalog with a European touch to target a demanding clientele!

👍 Pros : Original products with a worked design. Made in France and shipped quickly. Attractive and customizable product sheets. Responsive and friendly team.

👎 Cons : Catalogue deliberately restricted. Products that are more expensive to buy. Reduced margins without volumes. Few automated e-commerce integrations.

LEARN MORE: Visit the Dropizi website

8. AliExpress: The Huge Chinese Marketplace


AliExpress is one of the largest online marketplaces, which allows online retailers to dropshipping millions of products from suppliers around the world. With its attractive prices and its wide selection of products, AliExpress is one of the popular ways to get started in dropshipping at a lower cost.

Key features

  • Access to millions of products across all categories
  • Interface for searching and comparing products and suppliers
  • Rating and feedback system to assess the reliability of salespeople
  • Secure payment via Alipay and buyer protection
  • Tools for analyzing trends and best sellers to optimize your catalog


  • No subscription or registration fees
  • Attractive wholesale prices with additional discounts for bulk purchases
  • Shipping costs vary depending on the country of destination and the delivery time
pricing AliExpress VIP

❤️ Critical Review : AliExpress is a gold mine for finding items at low prices. Its vastness requires time to source, but the gems found are worth the detour!

👍 Pros : An almost infinite choice of references at low prices. Numerous sellers ready to dropship around the world. Good sales tools (monitoring, evaluations...). Secure payment and regular promo codes.

👎 Cons : Few English speaking salespeople, language barrier. Unequal reliability and quality to check. Long shipments from China. Basic customer service.

LEARN MORE: Visit the AliExpress website

9. BigBuy: The Integrated European BtoB Wholesaler


BigBuy is a European wholesaler based in Spain and a dropshipping supplier that offers more than 150,000 products in various categories, such as home, garden, toys, beauty products, etc.

Its large catalog, its multilingual customer service and its options with express delivery times in 24-48h throughout Europe make it a solution of choice for European e-retailers.

Key features

  • Catalog of more than 150,000 quality references from recognized brands
  • Intuitive online platform for finding and ordering items
  • Integration with the main e-commerce platforms and marketplaces
  • Multilingual customer service and dedicated technical support
  • Options with express delivery times in 24-48 hours throughout Europe


  • Free registration as a professional customer
  • Competitive wholesale prices with additional discounts based on purchase volume
  • Shipping costs from €150 of purchase for deliveries in Spain, €300 for Europe
  • Reduced shipping costs for express deliveries
prix de BigBuy

❤️ Critical Review : BigBuy is the dropshipping partner for demanding European e-retailers. Careful products, fast shipping and e-commerce tools are combined for a serene sale!

👍 Benefits : Large catalog of controlled references shipped from Europe. Fast shipping with tracking number. Easy integration with the main CMS. Responsive European team.

👎 Cons : Dropshipping access request to see prices. Not suitable for small accounts, requires volume. High purchase prices compared to import.

LEARN MORE: Visit the BigBuy website

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is an online sales model where the retailer (you) sells items that they don't physically own.

When a customer places an order on your e-commerce site, you send the order details to a third party supplier (the dropshipping supplier), who then takes care of shipping the product directly to the end customer.

drop-shipping business model and delivery for your online store on the internet
Source : Fedex

In this model, you don't have to manage inventory or deal with shipping logistics. Your main role is to promote items, acquire customers, and fulfill orders.

Dropshipping has several advantages:

  • Reduced startup costs
  • A wide range of items offered
  • Simplified reference management
  • Geographic flexibility

To summarize, dropshipping is an attractive e-commerce model for entrepreneurs who want to start an online business with a limited initial investment and simplified management of operations.

Choosing the right dropshipping supplier: the essential criteria

Choosing the dropshipping supplier is a crucial step that is based on several criteria for the success of your e-commerce activity.

Here are the main criteria to consider when selecting the ideal partner.

1. Supplier location

locating dropshipping or wholesale suppliers

The geographical proximity of your supplier to your target market is a key factor in guaranteeing short delivery times and optimal customer satisfaction. Choose a supplier located in the same geographical area as your customers, in order to reduce transit times and shipping costs.

2. Free trial option

Before engaging with a supplier, it's best to test the quality of their items and services. Opt for a provider that offers a free, non-binding trial period that allows you to:

  • Evaluate the reliability and responsiveness of customer support
  • Verify the quality of the items and the conformity of the items
  • Test the order and delivery process

3. Reputation and price list

The reputation of your supplier will have a direct impact on that of your own brand. Take the time to review customer reviews and testimonials to ensure the reputation, reliability and reliability of the supplier.

spocket customer reviews

At the same time, analyze the supplier's price grid in detail, taking into account:

  • The wholesale prices of the items
  • Shipping and handling costs
  • Any storage or order processing costs

This analysis will allow you to accurately calculate your profit margin and ensure the profitability of your business.

4. Quality and availability of customer support

spocket support site page

Responsive and effective customer support is essential to quickly resolve any potential problem (order error, late delivery, defective product, etc.).

Choose a supplier that has customer service that can be easily reached, through various channels (telephone, email, live chat), with extended hours and quality customer service.

5. Integration with your e-commerce platform

To gain efficiency and avoid time-consuming manual entries, your dropshipping supplier must be able to easily integrate with your e-commerce platform (Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, etc.).

integrations on spocket website

This integration will allow automatic synchronization of product information (prices, descriptions, images), as well as a smoother synchronization of orders and deliveries.

6. Tracking and analysis tools

To effectively manage your business, you need to have detailed reports on your sales, your audience, the most efficient items, etc.

A good dropshipping supplier will give e-retailers access to comprehensive and ergonomic analysis tools, allowing you to:

  • Follow the evolution of your turnover and your profitability
  • Identify the most popular and underperforming items
  • Analyze the behavior and preferences of your customers
  • Optimize your marketing campaigns and sales strategy

7. Customization options

Even if you sell items from third party suppliers, it's important to be able to personalize them to strengthen your brand image and stand out from the competition.

Choose a supplier that allows you to add personalization elements to your items, such as:

  • Your logo or graphic charter on packaging and labels
  • Personalized messages or thank you cards in the packages
  • Flyers or discount coupons to retain your customers

By choosing a supplier that meets these various criteria, you are giving yourself the means to build a lasting relationship of trust with your customers and to develop your dropshipping business over the long term.


Choosing the dropshipping supplier is crucial to the success of your business.

Each vendor has a unique set of capabilities, and you need to choose the one that best aligns with your e-commerce tools, budget, and product selection.

A few recommendations:

  • Opt for Oberlo if you are already a Shopify merchant.
  • Use Spocket if you are looking for a personalized American or European product.
  • Choose SaleHoo or Inventory Source to benefit from the best dropshipping suppliers on the market.

Before making your final choice, take the time to carefully consider the various options and their characteristics. By selecting the dropshipping supplier that best suits your needs, you will put all the chances on your side to develop a profitable and sustainable e-commerce business.

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