Best AI Code Generators for Programming (2024)

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AI code generators, envisioned as your future allies in the world of computer development, are coming with the promise of automating the ordinary and catapulting your programming experience into a higher dimension.

From the genius of auto-completion to the clever detection of bugs, to the creation of complex scripts, these tools are the prelude to a revolution.

In the midst of these innovations, Codex and then ChatGPT tools reveal a horizon where code can be woven with unparalleled ease.

We're going to unveil a selection of the best AI code generators, their features, and how they can help you develop more effectively even if you're just starting out.

Whether in JavaScript, Python or Ruby, AI is playing a part that redefines computer languages.

Discover this AI innovation, orchestrating the future of development!

What is an AI code generator?

Un AI code generator is a technological gem that uses artificial intelligence to automate the creation of source code.

It is a digital companion for developers, facilitating the translation of needs into machine language.

Understanding and Suggesting

  • Interprets instructions in natural language
  • Suggest relevant code in real time

Detection and Optimization

  • Identify potential errors
  • Optimizes code for increased performance

Thus, AI code generators are accelerators of the development process, minimizing errors and freeing up time for creative tasks.

They embody a move towards faster and smarter programming, making the world of code more accessible and efficient.

List of the best AI code generators

Discover a careful selection of the best AI code generators that are transforming the way developers approach programming.

These tools, equipped with artificial intelligence, are designed to automate and optimize various aspects of the coding process, making software creation faster, more accurate, and less laborious.

Let's dive into the fascinating world of these virtual assistants that are redefining the standards of software development.

1. GitHub Copilot

The AI Coding Wizard

GitHub Copilot is the result of the collaboration between GitHub and OpenAI, positioning itself as your virtual co-pilot in the programming universe. It speeds up code writing by offering lines or blocks of code as you type.


  • Predictive code generation : Suggest entire lines or blocks, far beyond simple autocompletion.
  • Multilingual capacity : Understanding of several programming languages through learning on numerous public code repositories.
  • Continuous learning : Adapts to your coding style for personalized suggestions.
  • See the detailed GitHub Copilot review


  • For individuals : $10 per month/$100 per year.
  • For businesses : $19 per user per month.
Get GitHub Copilot

GitHub Copilot, with its ability to generate predictive code, is an essential tool for developers looking to optimize their workflow.

It embodies the harmony between AI and AI code generators, making development more fluid and intuitive.

2. OpenAI ChatGPT & API Completions

A Codex Alternative for Code Generation

AI code generation is now done efficiently with OpenAI Chat Completions API, especially since the deprecation of Codex.

Whether through the API or GPT chat, the operation of GPT (GPT-3, GPT-3.5) GPT-4,...) to generate code is becoming common practice, offering developers a smooth transition and robust alternatives.


  • Code generation using GPT.
  • Multi-turn conversations for precise instructions in natural language.


  • Please refer to the API documentation for pricing details.
Get OpenAI Chat Completions API

OpenAI's Chat Completions API is emerging as a viable solution for generating AI code, aligning the capabilities of GPT with the needs of modern developers.

3. AmazonCode Whisperer

The Breath of the AI on the Code

CodeWhisperer, developed by Amazon, is an intelligent code generator hosted under AWS that supports developers in several languages. Its built-in debugger is a considerable asset for optimizing code.


  • Contextual code suggestions.
  • Multilingual support: C, C++, C#, Go, Java, JavaScript, Kotlin, PHP, Python, etc.


  • Free version for individual users.
Get CodeWhisperer by Amazon

CodeWhisperer makes it easier to detect and correct errors, allowing for more smooth and accurate development.

4. Tabnine

Code Autocompletion at the cutting edge of AI

Tabnine excels at autocompleting code in real time, thus facilitating development and reducing input errors, regardless of the language used.


  • Automatic generation of context code.
  • Customizing responses according to coding style.


  • Free plan for freelancers.
  • Formula at $12 per month for businesses.
Give Tabnine a try

Tabnine is a robust choice for developers seeking real-time support, making the coding process more agile and accurate.

5. Codiga

Coding Assistant at the cutting edge of AI

Codiga is presented as an ideal coding assistant, integrating AI for better code analysis. Its integrations with IDEs like VS Code and platforms like GitHub make life easier for developers.


  • Real-time analysis
  • Customizable code base rules
  • Intuitive user interface


  • Free version (limited)
  • Full plan at $14 per month
Get Codiga here

Codiga, with its AI approach, simplifies code management, a relevant choice for developers looking to optimize their workflow.

8. Azure AI Studio

The Power of Microsoft in Code Generation

Azure AI Studio deploys a variety of tools, including an AI code generator, aimed at simplifying development around artificial intelligence.


  • Assisted coding
  • Automated code suggestions


  • Contact Microsoft for pricing details
Get Azure AI Studio here

Azure AI Studio is a crossroads between AI code generators and facilitated development, under the big hat of Microsoft.

9. askCODI

Chatbot at the service of developers

askCodi, a AI chatbot dedicated, answers developers' questions and assists in improving or generating code, covering a wide range of programming languages.


  • Support for various languages like VB Script, Python, Java
  • User friendly interface


  • Free up to 50 credits per month
Get askCodi here

askCodi demystifies the coding process, offering valuable assistance through an intuitive interface, making programming a less arduous task.

10. GhostWriter Replit

The Integrated Coding Environment

Replit GhostWriter offers real-time code completion, integrated into the Replit online editor.


  • Real-time code completion : Accelerates the coding process and reduces syntax errors.
  • Integrated coding environment : Enables code to be written, executed, and debugged in a unified platform.
  • Syntactic error prevention : Reduces the chances of common mistakes.


  • Price details are available on the Replit website.
Get Replit GhostWriter

GhostWriter, with its integration into Replit, greatly simplifies the development process, illustrating the impact of AI code generators on coding efficiency.

11. MutableAI

The bridge between design and code

MutableAI generates functional front-end code from raw design files, facilitating the transition between design and development.


  • From design to code : Converts design files into functional HTML/CSS code.
  • Responsive design : Ensures code compatibility on different screens without additional adjustments.
  • Collaboration between design and development : Automates conversion, promoting effective collaboration.


  • Pricing details can be obtained on the official MutableAI website.
Get MutableAI

MutableAI is a valuable tool for developers and designers, bridging the gap between design and delivery, illustrating the promise of AI code generators.

12. AI2SQL

Simplifying SQL Queries

Ai2SQL transforms natural language queries into SQL, making database management accessible.


  • From natural language to SQL : Translates queries into SQL.
  • User friendly interface : Facilitates interaction with databases.
  • Save time : Reduces the time spent writing SQL queries.


  • Available on the official Ai2SQL website.
Get Ai2SQL

Ai2SQL is a powerful tool for those looking to interact with databases without extensive SQL knowledge, highlighting the role of AIs in database management.

Who are AI Code Generators for?

AI code generators are intended for a wide range of users. They can benefit from:

  • Developers and programmers : to speed up code creation and solve complex problems.
  • Entrepreneurs and startups : to quickly develop prototypes or products.
  • Development teams : to improve collaboration and code quality.
  • Programming students : to learn and understand different programming languages.
  • Designers : to transform designs into functional code.
  • Non-programmers : to carry out projects without in-depth programming knowledge.

AI code generators can really make it easier and faster to turn ideas into functional solutions.


AI is redefining software coding and development.

By offering powerful and intuitive tools, AI code generators make it easy for experienced and novice developers alike.

They speed up code writing and open it up to a wider audience, thereby increasing individual and organizational skills.

They allow the easy creation of complete e-commerce sites or the conversion of audio commands into code, opening a world of new opportunities.

Whether you are an experienced developer looking for an intelligent assistant, or a beginner wanting to start programming, an AI code generator awaits you.

Explore these options and discover a tool that can dramatically increase your coding efficiency and broaden your development horizons.

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