Full Review - AGIR, Thami Kabbaj

AGIR is a practical guide by Thami Kabbaj to boost your motivation and take action, an inspiring and powerful book to achieve your ambitions

“ACT” is a book by Halfway between personal development and entrepreneurship, which offers a concrete method for overcoming procrastination, taking action and achieving your projects. Thami Kabbaj shares a pragmatic approach for develop motivation and efficiency on a daily basis.

Central themes include:

  1. Psychological mechanisms of motivation and procrastination.
  2. The importance of clarity and alignment between values, vision and actions.
  3. The crucial role of habits and the environment in supporting motivation.
  4. The need for imperfect and consistent action rather than excessive planning.
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The author presents the AGIR method, a process in 4 steps to go from intention to action :

  1. Alignment : to clarify one's vision, values and goals to create profound meaning.
  2. Environmental Management : create a physical and social context conducive to action.
  3. Implementing habits : set up daily routines to anchor new behaviors.
  4. Reflection and adjustment : take a step back regularly to assess your progress and adjust your strategy.

This method aims to create a lasting momentum by simultaneously acting on the internal (intrinsic motivation) and external (environment, habits) drivers of change.

Critical analysis

Thami Kabbaj, entrepreneur and coach, offers with “AGIR” a hybrid book that combines the insights of the psychology of motivation with practical advice on entrepreneurial performance. His approach is distinguished by its pragmatism and its focus on concrete action.

One of the major assets of the book is its deconstructing the mechanisms of procrastination.

Far from being content with simplistic advice, Kabbaj finely explores the cognitive and emotional roots of our resistance to change. This profound understanding makes it possible to develop tailor-made strategies to free yourself from inertia.

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Another strong point: the importance given to alignment and meaning. Kabbaj insists that sustainable action can only come from intrinsic motivation, nourished by goals in line with our core values. A healthy reminder at the time of injunctions for superficial change.

We also appreciate the many tools and exercises offered. From clarifying your vision to setting up morning routines, The book is full of actionable advices to transform your intentions into concrete actions.

A downside is that some concepts may seem a bit redundant for those who are already familiar with personal development literature. Kabbaj takes up familiar ideas (habits, environment, vision...) without always bringing a radically new perspective.

Despite this, “ACTING” remains a An effective and stimulating summary of the key principles of motivation and action.

It is an ideal guide for anyone looking for an electroshock to get out of procrastination and take their personal or entrepreneurial projects to the next level.

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Things to remember

Readers will learn:

  • Psychological mechanisms of motivation and procrastination
  • The importance of clarifying your vision, values and goals to nourish your intrinsic motivation
  • How to create a physical and social environment conducive to action and change
  • Key principles for developing habits and routines that support your goals
  • A 4-step method (ACT) to move from intention to action in a sustainable way

Similar books

  • “Atomic Habits” by James Clear
  • “The Truth About Motivation” by Michaël Aguilar

Author Background

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Thami Kabbaj is a Franco-Moroccan entrepreneur, coach and speaker, expert in mental strategies and performance.

A graduate of Centrale Paris, he began his career as a trader in a trading room before turning to entrepreneurship. He founded several startups in the field of coaching and training, including MindOnOff, an online personal development program.

Passionate about the links between psychology and performance, he trained in neuroscience, NLP and various coaching techniques. He acts as a consultant to leaders and top athletes to help them optimize their minds.

A sought-after speaker, Kabbaj regularly hosts seminars and workshops on the topics of motivation, leadership, and decision-making. In particular, he has worked at HEC, Polytechnique and EM Lyon.

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“AGIR” is the result of his years of experience in supporting individuals and organizations to unleash their potential for action. The book reflects his vision of performance rooted in self-knowledge and constant action.

More than just a method, the book embodies the philosophy of Kabbaj: we ALL have the resources within us to achieve our ambitions, as long as we clarify what really matters to us and create the environmental and behavioral conditions for action.

With this book, Thami Kabbaj asserts himself as a singular voice in the landscape of personal development and performance, combining the rigor of the engineer, the intuitions of the psychologist and the pragmatism of the entrepreneur.

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Do you have to be an entrepreneur to benefit from this book?

No, although there are many examples from the world of entrepreneurship, the principles and strategies for motivation and action apply to anyone who wants to carry out their projects, whether personal or professional.

Does the book offer quick solutions for overcoming procrastination?

The book offers effective techniques to take action, but insists on the fact that lasting change requires long-term work on yourself. More than a quick fix, it is a method to be gradually integrated into your life.

Can we apply the AGIR method independently or do we need to be accompanied?

The book is designed as a practical guide to be used independently, with numerous exercises and tools. However, some people may find it useful to be accompanied by a coach or support group to deepen the work.

Are the theories in the book scientifically supported?

Kabbaj relies on a lot of research in psychology and neuroscience to support his ideas. However, as with any personal development book, there is also an element of interpretation and personal experience. It invites everyone to experiment and validate the principles by themselves.


In conclusion,”ACT“by Thami Kabbaj is a powerful and pragmatic book for anyone looking to beat procrastination and take action in his projects. With its concrete method, its psychological dobbées and its practical tools, it is a real guide to developing a sustainable motivation and achieving your ambitions.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, employee, student or simply looking for change, “ACTING” will give you the keys to clarify your vision, create a favorable environment and develop the habits that will take you from dreams to reality.

An inspiring and useful book that will prove to you that motivation is not a question of luck but of strategy, and that the keys to change are already within you.

To be put in every hand that is still shaking when it comes time to act!