Full Review - From Impossible To Inevitable, Aaron Ross

Dive into the heart of in-depth analysis with powerful strategies for the exponential growth of ambitious startups

“From Impossible to Inevitable” expertly addresses the challenges of rapid growth for SaaS startups.

The book follows a three-step journey: Nail a Niche, Achieve Predictable Pipeline, and Make Sales Scalable.

Throughout this journey, the authors unveil key concepts such as Spears (narrow target markets), Seeds (actions to drive organic growth), Nets (strategies to convert prospects into customers), and Roots (foundations for sustainable growth).

Critical analysis

Aaron Ross and Jason Lemkin, drawing on their field experience in the growth of iconic SaaS startups like Salesforce and EchoSign, deliver a book that is both strategic and pragmatic. Their approach, based on progressive phases and concrete actions, is a valuable compass for navigating the choppy waters of hypergrowth.

The book is notable for its density of examples and case studies drawn from dozens of successful SaaS startups. These real life stories make concepts tangible and prove their effectiveness. However, some readers may find that this abundance of examples sometimes interferes with the clarity of the common thread.

“From Impossible to Inevitable” is not just a collection of tactics, but a philosophy of growth. The authors emphasize the importance of an ambitious vision, disciplined execution, and a culture of continuous experimentation. An inspiring and empowering read for any entrepreneur aiming for the top.

Things to remember

Readers will learn:

  • How to identify and dominate a narrow niche before aiming wider
  • The levers to stimulate organic and viral growth
  • Strategies for building a predictable sales pipeline
  • The foundations needed to make sales scalable
  • The importance of an ambitious vision and a culture of experimentation

Similar books

  • “Predictable Revenue” by Aaron Ross and Marylou Tyler
  • “Crossing the Chasm” by Geoffrey A. Moore

Author Background

Aaron Ross and Jason Lemkin are two leading figures in the SaaS ecosystem, with deep experience in hypergrowth.

Ross was a sales director at Salesforce, where he created a revolutionary prospecting system that increased recurring annual revenue from $5 million to $100 million. He then co-founded Predictable Revenue, a growing consulting firm.

Lemkin co-founded EchoSign, a pioneer in electronic signatures, which was acquired by Adobe. As an investor and advisor, he has helped dozens of SaaS startups go from 0 to 100 million ARR. He is also the founder of SaaStr, the largest community of SaaS founders and investors in the world.

Their combined expertise, combining process rigor and strategic vision, makes “From Impossible to Inevitable” an invaluable SaaS growth manual, by two practitioners who have proven themselves in the field.


Is the book only for SaaS startups?

Although the examples are mainly from the SaaS world, many concepts (defining a niche, building a pipeline, scalability of sales) are relevant for any startup aiming for high growth.

Did you have to read “Predictable Revenue” before “From Impossible to Inevitable”?

No, the two books can be read independently. “From Impossible to Inevitable” broadens the perspective beyond just the sales processes covered in “Predictable Revenue.”

Does the book provide practical tools for implementing the strategies?

Yes, the book is rich in concrete examples, sales scripts, metrics tracking frameworks... A real toolbox for entrepreneurs and sales managers.

Are the strategies in the book adapted to very early-stage startups?

The book covers the entire growth spectrum, from the first steps of defining a niche to the challenges of a fast-growing startup. Everyone will find insights adapted to their stage.


In conclusion, “From Impossible to Inevitable” by Aaron Ross and Jason Lemkin is a reference book for any ambitious startup looking to decipher the secrets of hypergrowth. With its clear roadmap, powerful concepts, and lots of inspiring examples, it's an essential guide to moving from dream to reality, from the impossible to the inevitable.

Whether you are a founder, sales manager, or investor, “From Impossible to Inevitable” will arm you with the strategies, tactics, and mindset needed to propel your startup to the top.

An absolute must-read for anyone aiming for the moon and refusing to settle for the beaten path. The perfect companion to turn your bold vision into a relentless growth machine.