Internxt : Full Review, Testing, and Presentation (2024)


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What is Internxt?

If you are looking for a online storage software focused on security, Internxt could be the ideal solution for you. This service of online storage offers a minimalistic but secure approach to managing your database digital.

  • 10 GB free for life: A generous offer that attracts many users.
  • Conviviality: Desktop and mobile applications are designed to be simple and easy to use.
  • Prioritizing safety: Ideal if you are looking to protect your personal or professional data.
  • Minimalist users: Suitable for those who don't need additional features like online collaboration.

In summary, Internxt is perfect for those who are looking for a secure space for their database without the need for additional features.


Internxt is an online storage platform that stands out for its approach focused on privacy and security. In this section, we'll explore the key features Internxt offers, evaluated based on the most recent data available.

1. Desktop and mobile applications

Internxt offers desktop and mobile applications that allow easy access to cloud storage.

internxt desktop app

Here are a few things to note:

  • Accessibility : Access your data from virtually any device.
  • Easy sync : Simply drag and drop files into the sync folder to upload them to the cloud1.
sync folder

In conclusion, while simple, Internxt's desktop and mobile applications offer easy synchronization and cross-platform accessibility.

2. Synchronization, file sharing, and backups

Internxt's sync, file sharing, and backup options are pretty basic.

internxt cloud storage

Here are the details:

  • File sharing : Share files with other users, although without advanced link management options.
  • Backups : Select specific folders to back them up to the cloud at certain intervals2.

In conclusion, this feature may need improvement to compete with options like

3. Free storage

Internxt offers a free 10GB plan, which is quite generous compared to other providers. Points to note:

  • No restrictions : Enjoy all the features and benefits of paid plans in the free plan3.

In conclusion, Internxt's free plan is a solid option for those with modest storage needs.

4. Internxt Drive

Internxt Drive is Internxt's core cloud storage service. Here are a few highlights:

  • Hermetic encryption : Emphasizes security and the intuitive interface.
  • Range of plans : Offers a wide range of storage plans4.

In conclusion, Internxt Drive is a robust storage solution with a particular focus on security.

5. Internxt photos

Internxt Photos is specially designed for the secure storage of photos and image files.

internxt photos

Points to note:

  • Secure storage : Securely store and access your images from any device5.

In conclusion, although it lacks some features, Internxt Photos is a viable option for secure image storage.

6. Internal dispatch

Send is a new Internxt application designed to allow the secure sending and sharing of documents online.6. Here are the details:

  • Secure file transfer : Offers a secure file transfer service comparable to pCloud, with an upload capacity of 5GB for up to 100 files at a time. Files remain available for 15 days before they expire7.

In conclusion, Send is an attractive addition to the Internxt suite of tools, offering secure file sharing options.

7. Improved file preview

The preview of files on Internxt has seen significant improvements:

  • Multimedia support : Music and video playback is now possible directly in the application, making it easier to access media files.
  • Existing options : Preview options for PDFs and images remain available, offering versatility in file management1.

In conclusion, this improvement adds value to the user experience on Internxt, although additional features can still be added.

8. Internxt Backup

Internxt Backup is a new feature that offers backup options:

  • Unlimited backup : Choose which folders to back up, set a frequency, and your data will be protected.
  • Backup frequency : Note that the backup frequency is set to “every day” and some file restrictions may apply1.

In conclusion, while promising, the backup feature could benefit from more flexibility in configuration options.

9. Internxt Trash

The Internxt Recycle Bin has a unique feature:

  • Recovery period : Have 30 days to recover deleted files, a useful feature in case of accidental errors.
  • Limited versioning : Can act as a limited versioning when needed1.

In conclusion, Internxt Trash is a useful feature, although it may require improvements for more robust versioning.

10. Stand-Alone Services

Internxt also offers distinct services that may be useful:

  • Various tools : Include a byte converter, a password generator, and a password strength checker.
  • Virus checker : While it's not a substitute for an antivirus, it's a nice feature.
  • Temporary email service : Offers a temporary email to sign up for free services, reducing the risk of spam.
  • Internxt Send : A secure file transfer service that allows you to upload up to 5GB of files, which remain available for 15 days1.

In conclusion, Stand-Alone services add additional value and utility to the Internxt platform, although their integration into the main application could be improved.


Internxt offers 10 GB of free space upon registration, with no strings attached. If you want to get more space, Internxt offers three paid individual plans and three paid professional plans:

1. Individual plans

Internxt pricing

20GB plan

  • $0.97/month (billed annually as $11.65)

200GB plan

  • $3.80/month (billed annually as $45.58)

2TB plan

  • $9.79/month (billed annually as $117.43)

2. Business plans

internxt business pricing

Internxt's business plan pricing is a bit more complicated because the price and quantity of space offered are listed per user, but most plans require a minimum number of users.

For example, the cheapest business plan is listed at $3.80 per user, per month, but it stipulates a minimum of 2 users. So the actual price per month will be at least $7.60.

200 GB per user plan

  • $3.80 per user, per month (billed at $91.21/year)
  • Minimum of 2 users (the actual price will be at least $7.60/month, $182.42/year).

2TB plan per user

  • $9.79 per user, per month (billed at $234.94/year)
  • Minimum of 2 users (the actual price will be at least $19.58/month, $469.88/year)

20TB plan per user

  • $102.35 per user, per month (billed at $2456.22/year)
  • Minimum of 2 users (the actual price will be at least $204.70/month, or $4912.44/year)

All Internxt offers come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, encrypted file storage and sharing, and access from all of your devices.

Despite the somewhat confusing prices, Internxt's best offering is its 2TB individual plan for $117.43/year. 2TB is a lot of space, and the price is very reasonable.

Internxt previously offered a range of lifetime cloud storage plans, but these have recently been discontinued.

Note: The Internxt website lists all prices in euros. I have converted prices to USD based on the conversion rate in effect at the time of writing, which means that prices may change slightly depending on the day.

Customer Support

Internxt proudly claims to be a customer-centric company, and its customer service reflects this commitment. It offers a knowledge base on its website, which includes an email address that you can use to get help with any issues you encounter.

Besides email support, Internxt offers 24/7 live chat support if you need immediate help and can't wait for an email response.

While they don't offer phone support, this is in line with the general industry trend away from hotline support in favor of 24/7 live chat, and users are unlikely to miss it, given the effectiveness of Internxt's email and chat support.

Security and Confidentiality

Internxt is distinguished by its strong commitment to security and privacy, thus ensuring the robust protection of user data. Let's take a detailed look at what Internxt is doing in these two critical areas.

1. Encryption

Encryption is the first line of defense against malicious intrusion:

  • 256-bit AES encryption : Internxt employs what it calls “military grade encryption,” ensuring maximum security.
  • End-to-end encryption : Your data is scrambled and hidden before it even leaves your device, ensuring protection at every stage of the download and storage process.

2. Data Fragmentation and Distribution

A unique method is being used to further enhance security:

  • Data division : Your data is fragmented and stored on multiple servers located in different countries.
  • Blockchain security : Blockchain technology is used to secure these servers, adding an additional layer of protection.

3. Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) and Zero Knowledge

Additional measures are taken to ensure confidentiality:

  • Two-factor authentication : Users can enable 2FA for increased security when accessing their data.
  • Zero-knowledge supplier : Internxt can never see or access your data, a feature that is crucial for privacy.
internxt security and privacy

4. Compliance with the GDPR and European Laws

Being based in Europe, Internxt adheres to strict data protection standards:

  • Data Infrastructure in the EU : With its data infrastructure spread across the European Union, Internxt is in compliance with the GDPR.
  • Adherence to European laws : Internxt also complies with the Law on Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, as well as the Law on the Protection of Personal Data.

5. Decentralized Encryption Model

The way that Internxt structures its encryption is unique and worth explaining:

  • Distributed network : User devices are part of the Internxt distributed network, interacting with other devices on the network.
  • Limited Information Collection : While some information is collected, such as the IP address and node ID, it is inherent in the operation of the decentralized network.

6. Transparency and Documentation

Transparency is crucial to maintaining user trust:

  • Accessible documentation : The Internxt privacy policy is accessible via the terms and conditions page, although adding a direct link to the privacy page could improve accessibility.
  • Data Privacy Directory : Internxt maintains a data privacy directory, showing its commitment to highlight organizations that prioritize privacy.


What is Internxt Drive?

Internxt Drive is Internxt's online storage solution. Internxt Drive is compatible with Mac, Linux, and Windows, as well as iOS and Android devices. You can download it as an app on any of these devices or access it through your web browser.

Internxt offers 10 GB of storage space that's completely free. Then, its paid plans offer between 20GB and 20TB of space.

What is Internxt Photos?

Internxt Photos is Internxt's cloud storage solution designed specifically for photos. It offers elegant and intuitive applications for all your devices and allows you to view high-resolution versions of your photos while they are securely stored in the cloud.

Internxt Photos promises the same level of security and privacy protocols as with Drive.

Who are Internxt's main competitors?

While there are an ever-increasing number of online storage providers on the market today, not all of them are created equal. Internxt's main competitors include companies like pCloud, and dropbox, which all have their own pros and cons, but all of which have a definite advantage over Internxt when it comes to third-party integrations and collaboration/sharing features.

Likewise, Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive are competitors of Internxt that, due to their seamless integration with their respective companies' products, are probably better options for anyone who favors professional collaboration features (however, it should be noted that Internxt definitely beat the latter two when it comes to privacy).

Final opinion

Internxt has evolved and added new features, but it's still as good as ever when it comes to privacy and security.

The addition of the backup and photo functionality broadens the appeal for different users, and navigating the web interface or within the applications is easy and intuitive. Increasing the capacity up to 10GB for a free plan is a big step in the right direction.

Standalone features include a password checker, a file virus scanner, and a file transfer service called Send. All three are great additions, but exist independently of an account.

What you won't find with Internxt are strong sharing and collaboration features, file versioning, or third-party application integration. Add to that expensive paid plans and some of the slowest speeds we've tested, and it's hard to recommend Internxt over some of our top-rated cloud providers.

Internxt has come a long way in the short time since its launch. We're really excited to see what Internxt adds and see if it can make it onto the list of the best cloud storage providers in the market.

  • User Interface: Easy to use, well-designed, and user-friendly, Internxt's interface makes the user experience pleasant.
  • Customer Support: Good customer support ensures fast and effective assistance when needed.
  • Pricing: Reasonably priced plans, including the 2TB individual plan that offers good value for money.
  • Security and Confidentiality: Excellent security and privacy features are in place to protect user data.
  • Accessibility: Apps to access your files from any device, offering maximum flexibility and accessibility.
  • Collaboration Features: Lack of collaboration and productivity features that could hinder use in a professional environment.
  • Version Management: The lack of versions of files can cause problems in case of accidental changes or the need to revert to previous versions.
  • Third-Party Application Integration: Limited integration of third-party applications may limit the functionality and flexibility of Internxt.
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