Detailed Full Review of Mistral AI: All you need to know (2024)

Mistral AI offers artificial intelligence solutions for data analysis, automation, and personalized marketing

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What is Mistral AI?

Mistral AI is an innovative platform competing with GPT or LLama that uses artificial intelligence to offer advanced solutions in a variety of areas, including data analytics, process automation, and marketing personalization.

Mistral AI, the French start-up in the field of artificial intelligence, marked a decisive turning point with the launch of Mistral 7B, an open source generative language model, valued at 240 million euros. Here is an overview of his career and the key milestones:

Mistral 7B launched

  • Date of publication: Published on September 27, Mistral 7B is the company's first major project.
  • Characteristics: With seven billion parameters, this model is distinguished by its speed and efficiency, positioning itself as a serious competitor in the face of giants such as OpenAI, Microsoft, Microsoft, Google and Meta.
  • Cost and Accessibility: Offering a minimal cost, Mistral 7B is free and without moderation mechanisms, released under the Apache 2.0 license for unrestricted use.

Security Questions

  • Lack of Moderation: Security researcher Paul Röttger highlighted the risks associated with the lack of moderation mechanisms in Mistral 7B, especially when it comes to information about criminal activities.
  • Dissemination and Distribution: The distribution of Mistral 7B via torrent in the form of Magnet-Link makes its distribution irreversible, preventing the addition of subsequent moderation mechanisms.

Comparison and performances

  • Benchmark: Mistral 7B outperformed the LLM LLama 2 13B in various benchmarks, while showing comparable performance to the LLama 34B.
  • Fields of Expertise: The model excels in particular in the areas of reasoning, comprehension, and STEM reasoning (MMLU).

Vision and Future

Mistral AI, co-founded by Guillaume Lample, Arthur Mensch, and Timothée Lacroix, sees a promising future in the world of AI. Mistral 7B is just the start of their journey, with plans for expansion and continuous improvement.

The startup plans to explore more possibilities and innovations in the field of AI, while addressing challenges related to the safety and ethics of using AI.


Mistral AI is establishing itself as an innovative player in the field of artificial intelligence, in particular with its Mistral 7B model. Here is a detailed exploration of its key features:

1. Mistral AI model

Mistral AI stands out in the artificial intelligence landscape for its open-source models, including Mistral 7B and Mixtral 8X7B. Here is an enhanced overview of these models, based on the additional information provided:

Open-source models

Mistral AI takes an open-source approach to its pre-trained and refined models, offering unique flexibility for users.

  • Unregulated Security Models: Mistral AI models are not specifically adjusted for security, encouraging users to test and refine the moderation according to their use cases.
  • Guardrail Tutorial: For safer models, Mistral AI offers tutorials to guide users in setting up safeguards.

Mistral 7B

Mistral 7B is a dense model, the first of its kind launched by Mistral AI.

  • Advanced Capabilities: At the time of its release, it competed with models up to 30B in parameters.
  • Versatility and Performance: Designed for a wide range of applications, offering impressive performance.

Mixtral 8X7B

Mixtral 8X7B represents a significant advance in the form of a model of mixing scattered experts.

  • High Parameter Model: Uses up to 45B of parameters, but works with about 12B during inference.
  • Inference Efficiency: Offers better inference throughput at the cost of increased vRAM usage.

These advanced Mistral AI models represent an important step in the development of language models. Mistral 7B offers performance comparable to larger models, making it suitable for users looking for a dense and efficient model. Mixtral 8X7B, on the other hand, with its expert blending approach, brings greater efficiency and adaptability, although it requires more resources in terms of vRAM.

These models open up new possibilities for developers and businesses, allowing them to customize AI according to their specific needs, while taking into account the need for appropriate moderation and responsible use.

2. Content Generation

Mistral AI is revolutionizing content creation, knowledge retrieval and problem solving.

  • Human Quality Text: Generates human-quality texts, content, and commands based on instructions.
  • Wide Range of Applications: Useful for content creation, problem solving, and more.

Its ability to generate high-quality content is a major asset, although it requires a clear understanding of the instructions to get the best results.

3. Accurate and Up-to-Date Information

Mistral AI is renowned for providing up-to-date and accurate information.

  • Conversational format: Offers information in a format that is easy to understand.
  • Reliability: Distinguished by its ability to generate accurate and reliable information.

Mistral AI's accuracy is crucial for the quality of content, but users should remain critical and verify the information generated.

4. Advanced Conversation Capabilities

Mistral AI uses sophisticated natural language processing techniques to conduct natural conversations. Thanks to his reinforcement learning, he can understand the context and ask relevant questions, offering a more human interaction.

  • Understanding the Context: Excellent understanding of complex queries.
  • Multi-Tour Dialogues: Ability to have in-depth conversations and stay on topic.
  • Thematic flexibility: Ability to discuss a wide range of topics.

Mistral AI excels at creating a natural conversational experience, setting itself apart from traditional chatbots in its ability to understand and interact in a meaningful way.

5. Integration with IoT devices

Mistral AI integrates IoT devices, allowing users to easily manage their smart home environment through natural voice commands.

  • Smart Device Control: Understanding voice commands to manage smart devices.
  • Central Hub for IoT: Hands-free control of the smart home ecosystem.

This feature makes Mistral AI a central tool in smart home management, offering seamless integration and intuitive control of IoT devices.

6. Interaction with other Applications and Services

Mistral AI integrates with various applications and services, facilitating the management of daily tasks and productivity through voice commands.

  • Task Management and Productivity: Simplifying the management of daily tasks such as calendars and emails.
  • Centralized User Interface: Integration with various applications for a unified user experience.

Mistral AI is proving to be a versatile virtual assistant, capable of simplifying and optimizing the management of multiple services and applications.

7. Installation and Use

The installation of Mistral AI requires a specific hardware configuration and is done via a Docker container, facilitating its integration and use.

  • Technical Requirements: Requires an Nvidia GPU with sufficient capacity and Python 3.8+.
  • Simplified Installation Process: Use Docker for quick installation and startup.

Although installing Mistral AI requires some technical expertise and adequate equipment, it is made accessible through clear instructions and a containerized approach.


Mistral AI offers flexible pricing based on a pay-as-you-go model.

The prices listed below are exclusive of VAT.


Mistral AI offers various options for its chat completion API, with prices varying depending on the size of the model chosen.


  • Entry: €0.14 per million chips
  • Output: €0.42 per million chips


  • Entry: €0.6 per million chips
  • Output: €1.8 per million chips


  • Entry: €2.5 per million chips
  • Output: €7.5 per million chips

Mistral-embed: €0.1 per million chips


  • General limits: Each endpoint has a limit of 2 requests per second, 2 million tokens per minute, and 200 million tokens per month.
  • Boundary check: Users can check their current limits on the platform.
  • Increase in Limits: To increase these limits, contact support with an estimate of your consumption and a description of your use case.

The limits for embedding models will be increased in the future.

Mistral AI thus offers pricing adapted to a variety of artificial intelligence needs, with the flexibility to adjust the limits according to the specific requirements of each project.

Alternatives to Mistral AI

Thanks for the detailed information. Here is an in-depth and updated analysis of Mistral AI alternatives, focusing on ChatGPT, Bard, Claude 2, and Llama 2:

1. ChatGPT by OpenAI

GPT chat is an advanced language model from the OpenAI GPT series. Its ability to understand and generate natural language makes it suitable for a variety of applications, from content creation to customer support.

Features and Capabilities:

  • Natural Language Understanding : Interprets and responds to requests in natural language, with a deep contextual understanding.
  • Contextual awareness : Maintains context over long conversations, allowing for consistent and accurate responses.
  • Multilingual support : Understands and generates texts in multiple languages.
  • Creative Content Generation : Capable of producing fictional stories, poems, and dialogues.
  • Problem Solving : Ability to reason, solve puzzles and answer complex questions.
  • Summary of Text : Condense long texts into concise summaries.

Use Cases and Applications:

  • Virtual customer support, content creation, translation, programming support, programming assistance, educational tutoring, language learning, integration into games, virtual assistants, mental health support, writing improvement.

Compared to Mistral AI, ChatGPT is distinguished by its excellent ability for contextual understanding and its versatility in various language applications. However, it may be less specialized in some specific tasks for which Mistral AI is optimized.

2. Claude 2

Claude 2 is an advanced language model, focused on understanding and generating text in natural language, with summarization and sentiment analysis capabilities. It is designed for a variety of applications, including content marketing and chatbots.

Features and Capabilities

  • Natural Language Understanding : Interprets and analyzes the text to understand the context.
  • Contextual awareness : Maintains consistency in dialogues and text generation.
  • Multilingual Skills : Ability to deal with several languages.
  • Summary : Ability to summarize long documents.
  • Sentiment analysis : Determines the emotional tone of the text.

Use Cases and Applications

  • Content generation, customer support chatbots, translation, text analysis for research, virtual assistants, sentiment analysis for market research.

Claude 2, with its ability to analyze feelings and summarize, can offer an additional dimension in text analysis compared to Mistral AI. However, Mistral AI can have an advantage in specific AI applications where extensive customization is required.

3. Llama 2 by Meta AI

Llama 2, developed by Meta AI, is a large-scale language model, designed for high performance in text generation, translation, and creativity. It is suitable for applications that require a thorough understanding and a diverse language generation.

Features and Capabilities

  • Versatile Text Generation : Produces texts, translates languages, creates various creative content, and answers questions informatively.
  • Continuous learning : Improves with the acquisition of new data.
  • Personalization : Adaptability to the specific needs of users and applications.

Use Cases and Applications

  • Chatbots, virtual assistants, content generation, content generation, translation, data analysis, research, education.
  • Critical thinking : Varied capacities for processing and analyzing information.
  • Simple Math : Varied skills in calculations and solving mathematical problems.
  • Programming : Different levels of understanding and executing programming.
  • Enigmas : Varied abilities to understand and answer puzzles.
  • Creative Writing : Distinct abilities to generate creative works of varying levels of complexity and originality.

Llama 2 can surpass Mistral AI in terms of language processing capabilities on large-scale tasks and in generating creative content. Nonetheless, Mistral AI may be more appropriate for scenarios where a more targeted and personalized approach is required.

Final Verdict

Mistral AI is positioned as a powerful and versatile tool in the AI landscape, offering content generation capabilities, accurate information, great accessibility, and effective problem solving.

Its open-source model and ease of use make it ideal for a variety of users, from researchers to businesses.

However, optimal use of Mistral AI requires an understanding of the principles of AI and a strategic approach to fully exploit its capabilities.

  • Powerful Analysis Capabilities : Transforms vast amounts of data into valuable insights.
  • Increased Operational Efficiency : Reduces time spent on manual tasks through automation.
  • Improving Marketing Strategies : Enables more targeted and personalized campaigns.
  • Flexibility and Adaptability : Offers solutions adapted to the different needs of businesses.
  • Learning curve : Requires a certain understanding of AI for optimal use.
  • Potentially High Cost : Advanced AI solutions can be a significant investment.
  • Technological dependence : Increased reliance on computer systems and algorithms.

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