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Phantombuster : Full Review, Testing, and Presentation (2024)


Phantombuster is a cloud-based data extraction software designed to help businesses automate sales and marketing processes

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What is Phantombuster?

If you are in Looking for marketing automation software for your social networks which also acts as an AI-based lead generator (artificial intelligence), Phantombuster is made for you.

It is designed to automate your personalized tasks on the web, freeing up your time for activities that are crucial for your leads.

  • It allows you to export thousands of profiles from personalized searches, extracting valuable data from each profile.
  • Phantombuster allows you to send connection requests to Linkedin/Sales Navigator in just a few minutes.
  • Repetitive tasks like finding a process for prospects, publishing on social networks, monitoring, and transferring data between platforms can be fully automated.
  • Whether you are looking to enrich your CRM, generate new leads, or automate interactions on social networks, Phantombuster is your ally.
  • Phantombuster is a powerful automation platform, it's a web scraping tool And of lead generation on LinkedIn or Sales Navigator.

It helps you maximize your efficiency and leads on social networks, especially on Linkedin. By automating repetitive tasks, it allows you to focus your time on key aspects of your business.

So if you want to work with it, create your free Phantombuster account

Keep reading to find out more.


Phantombuster has numerous features to scrape the internet, the web or social networks.

To give you a comprehensive overview of what this marketing software can do for you, we're going to cover some of the key features of Phantombuster.

1. API

In addition to all the magical no-code prospecting tools, Phantombuster also gives you developer access to the Phantombuster API, which gives you total control over your account.

If you are a developer, you should have no problems setting it up. You will start receiving responses very quickly.

utiliser Phantombuster api pour le growth
Developer APIs

So what does this Phantombuster API allow you to do?

Here are some of the possibilities of this API for developers:

  • Start and cancel Phantoms agents anytime, anywhere to look for leads
  • Create and edit scripts
  • Get real-time console results, status reports, and agent messages.
  • Extract user account records, agent records, and even script records.

If you are interested in learning more about this Phantombuster API, please refer to This page.

2. Chrome Extension

If you're a fan of Chrome extensions, you're going to love thePhantombuster expansion and its capabilities.

Using the Phantombuster extension is a good idea because it makes it easier to use Phantombuster by allowing you to retrieve your session cookies!

utiliser Phantombuster - extension chrome
Growth Hacking software

You only need to be logged in to a site, and Phantombuster will start collecting session cookies from multiple accounts at the same time.

3. Linkedin Tools and Sales Navigator

Phantombuster's numerous LinkedIn prospecting tools (phantoms), which are one of Phantombuster's core marketing specialties, are comprehensive and powerful.

There are 45 Phantombuster LinkedIn (Phantoms) prospecting tools you can choose from for your leads!

Whether it's LinkedIn lead search exports, profile extractors, LinkedIn message senders, or marketing network boosters, your choice is certainly not limited for your leads.

Plus, there are even ready-to-use workflows that you can use to develop your network or customer service, extract lead emails from search results, and much more.

Outils Linkedin - phantombuster linkedin
Growth Hacking software for leads

Since LinkedIn is an amazing platform for growing your professional network and, above all, for generating leads, Phantombuster helps you take advantage of it in numerous ways. Here are some of Phantombuster's best LinkedIn prospecting tools:

  • Phantombuster LinkedIn Message Sender - This Phantom allows you to automatically send messages to your marketing network without having to use a code.
  • Phantombuster LinkedIn Group Members - This amazing Phantom gives you the ability to extract up to 2500 members from a LinkedIn group.
  • Phantombuster LinkedIn Auto Liker - With this Phantom, you can automatically like a list of posts on LinkedIn.

Remember that you can group a few together, create a workflow, and get the extracted data directly in the format you need.

4. Sales Navigator and Phantombuster

Phantombuster has a unique marketing feature called “Sales Navigator” that offers extensive search possibilities for numerous platforms.

For example, while the LinkedIn search bar allows you to search based on keywords, school, location, and other simple parameters, the Sales Navigator allows you to go deeper into detail.

You'll be able to extract search results based on seniority, industry, geography, number of years in the current job, and more.

There are 15 Phantoms available for Linkedin Sales Navigator in the shop, so take a look at it to find out more about its possibilities.

5. Workflows

For growth hackers who are new to Phantombuster, marketing software offers ready-to-use, common, and high-value workflows.

Essentially, you have your work cut out for you.

Workflows - phantombuster linkedin
Growth Hacking software for Sales Nav, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, etc

So what are Phantombuster workflows?

In short, these workflows are packages of Phantoms combined together to achieve better results. Let's take a few examples to get a clearer picture.

  • Grow Your LinkedIn Network - It is a combination of 2 elements. One of them retrieves a list of leads from LinkedIn under a specific search or group. The other automatically connects with these prospects.
  • From Google Maps search to contact data - That's right, Phantombuster also has elements and workflows that work for Google. It allows you to collect leads: email addresses, phone numbers, and social media links from a Google Maps search result.
  • Search for hashtags to engage posts - This Phantombuster workflow allows you to reach your leads by engaging with specific hashtags. It automatically comments on the best posts of the hashtags you insert, which gives you more chances of being discovered by your leads in your niche.

Phantombuster offers 11 ready-to-use workflows for you to choose from. However, you can always create your own if needed.

6. Coaching

Phantombuster coaches

Phantombuster offers a personalized coaching customer service to help you become an expert in lead generation thanks to their prospecting automation tools.

These sessions are led by PhantomBuster certified coaches, professionals with experience in sales, marketing, recruiting, and entrepreneurship.

What does a PhantomBuster Certified Coach do?

  • Onboarding: Coaches help you get started with Phantombuster, guiding you to choose the right workflows.
  • Mastering the product: They help you understand the intricacies of automation, integration, and advanced workflows.
  • Becoming a Lead-Gen Expert: They advise you on lead research, writing, and integrating with other prospecting tools.

How does PhantomBuster coaching work?

  • Book your session: Fill in the typeform associated with the coach of your choice to make an appointment
  • Get ready for your session: Your coach will send you a link to schedule your customer service appointment and tell you how to prepare to get the most out of your session.
  • Enjoy coaching and training: Join your coach in your chosen Zoom or Google Meet room and start learning!
    Difference with account management: Specialized coaches provide additional expertise on specific topics (Lead Gen, recruitment, etc.).
  • Payment: You pay the coaches directly.
  • Duration of a training session: Coaching sessions last one hour. If you need more time, you can discuss this with your coach.
  • Money back guarantee: If you are not satisfied with the coaching, Phantombuster will reimburse you for the cost of the session.
  • Need additional help? : You can contact support@phantombuster.com or ask a question in their Slack community.

In summary, PhantomBuster coaching is a great opportunity for those looking to maximize their use of Phantombuster and become experts in lead generation on LinkedIn.

Phantombuster Key Use Cases

Phantombuster offers automation solutions for a variety of social media platforms and businesses.

Here are a few key use cases:

1. Quora

utiliser Phantombuster : Fonctionnalités Quora
Growth Hacking Software for Quora - Phantombuster

Transform your use of Quora into an automated process to improve efficiency and reach.

  • Automatic tracking of thousands of users
  • Automatic vote for a message list
  • Extracting all the answers for a specific question
  • Collecting all of the data displayed on a Quora profile

Turn your Quora presence into a well-oiled machine with Phantombuster automation.

2. Extracting data from Reddit

Outil utiliser Phantombuster : Fonctionnalités Reddit
Reddit Growth Hacking Software - Phantombuster

Maximize your understanding of and participation in Reddit through automated data mining.

  • Extracting messages from one or more subreddits with the Reddit Posts Extractor
  • Monitoring of trending topics
  • Gather all subreddit responses in one easy to manage location

With Phantombuster, get the most out of Reddit by leveraging data effectively.

3. Pinterest audience development

Outil utiliser Phantombuster : Fonctionnalités outil Pinterest
Pinterest Growth Hacking Software - Phantombuster

Accelerate Pinterest audience growth with intelligent automation.

  • Automatically track a list of Pinterest users
  • Automatically sending pins to a list of users
  • Collection of all data related to a profile
  • Extraction of all pins, people, and boards obtained during a search

Quickly and effectively grow your audience on Pinterest with Phantombuster.

4. Use of YouTube information

Outil utiliser Phantombuster : Fonctionnalités outil Youtube
YouTube Growth Hacking Software - Phantombuster

Extracting valuable information from YouTube channels is a breeze with Phantombuster.

  • Extracting information from major YouTube channels, including all public details
  • Gathering all the information for a specific video
  • Extracting all videos from a channel list

Unleash the potential of YouTube information effortlessly with Phantombuster automation.

5. Easy setup

utiliser Phantombuster (outil)
Growth Hacking Software - Scraper

Easily create, configure, and launch Phantoms to automate your social media actions.

  • Selecting the right Phantom for your lens
  • Connecting your social media accounts to Phantombuster
  • Providing the information needed for the Phantom to perform the actions
  • Setting the number of actions the Phantom should perform
  • Launch Phantoms to start automating

Master social media automation with the easy configuration of Phantombuster.

6. LinkedIn Optimization

Outil phantombuster linkedin : Fonctionnalités LinkedIn
Hacker software (white hat) for Phantombuster Linkedin

Increase your effectiveness on the LinkedIn social network thanks to Phantombuster's marketing automation features.

  • Extraction of company profile data and contact details
  • Automatically sending connection requests and messages to leads
  • Monitoring the interactions and commitments of users and prospects
  • Automated search for profiles and leads based on specific words

Boost your network and reach on LinkedIn with the automation offered by Phantombuster for your leads

7. Twitter X

Increase your presence and engagement on the Twitter social network automatically and effectively.

  • Automatic monitoring of a list of users
  • Automatic sending of tweets and direct messages
  • Extracting tweets based on specific hashtags or keywords
  • Collection of all data related to a profile

Transform your Twitter strategy with intelligent automation offered like data mining by Phantombuster.

8. Web automation

Phantombuster : Fonctionnalités de collecte de données
Phantombuster web data extraction features

Automate web tasks to improve productivity and efficiency.

  • Data Scraping from any website
  • Monitor changes on websites to get real-time updates
  • Forms and data submissions
  • Scheduling recurring tasks, such as data scraping, at specific times for prospecting

With Phantombuster, boost your productivity and optimize your web and marketing tasks.

9. Instagram

Phantombuster Instagram
Hacker software (white hat) - Scraper

Maximize your marketing impact on the Instagram social network by using Phantombuster's automation tools.

  • Automatic monitoring of a list of users
  • Automatically posting comments or likes on specified posts
  • Extracting data from all visible data in a profile
  • Collection of hashtags associated with a specific post or user

With Instagram automation offered by Phantombuster, reinforce your presence and engagement on this platform with relevant data.


Phantombuster stands out as a pillar of automation, especially for LinkedIn, thanks to its integrations with cutting-edge CRM systems and email enrichment tools for prospecting.

Here's an overview of these integrations:

  • CRM Leaders: Phantombuster connects effortlessly to renowned CRM systems like HubSpot, Salesforce and Pipedrive. This allows you to send your data directly to these platforms, optimizing your workflow to develop and maintain your network.
  • Email enrichment: Integration with prospecting tools such as Hunter, Dropcontact and Snov.io facilitates email enrichment, a key element in increasing the effectiveness of your LinkedIn marketing campaigns.
  • Workflow: Thanks to its connections with Zapier and Integromat, Phantombuster can be easily integrated into your current workflow, increasing your efficiency and productivity.

In short, Phantombuster goes far beyond simple automation on LinkedIn, is easy to use and offers a range of integrations that facilitate a smooth and efficient workflow.


Phantombuster is a leader in the automation market, including on LinkedIn, thanks to its flexibility in terms of pricing.

Let's discover together the different pricing options offered by this exceptional software.

  • Free trial: Before making a financial commitment, Phantombuster offers a free 14-day trial. During this period, you have 5 locations of your choice, which can be used for 2 hours. The free trial also includes 50 email credits, which can be used to find verified business email addresses.
  • Starter package at $69/month: Perfect for those who are new to automation and looking to develop their lead generation strategies. It includes 5 locations, 20 hours of execution per month, or approximately 2,000 leads per month, and 500 email credits.
  • Pro package at $159/month: Ideal for businesses looking to optimize their processes and grow more quickly. It offers 15 locations, 80 hours of execution per month, and 2,500 email credits. Plus, it includes priority support and a dedicated expert (for annual billing only).
  • Team package at $439/month: Designed for large teams looking to rapidly evolve their growth strategy. It includes 50 locations, 300 running hours per month, and priority support with a dedicated consultant.
outil phantombuster tarifs
Phantombuster tool award

Note that these prices are for monthly billing, with discounts available for annual payments.

To conclude, Phantombuster offers a range of pricing to suit all budgets and needs, making LinkedIn automation accessible to everyone. Whether you are new to automation or a seasoned professional, Phantombuster has a plan that will meet your expectations.

Customer Support

Phantombuster is a valuable piece of software for automating your LinkedIn business, but its real strength lies in its comprehensive and diverse customer support. In this section, we'll explore the various forms of support available to help you get the most out of Phantombuster.

  • Phantombuster Tutorials: This resource contains articles and videos designed to help you set up and configure your “phantoms” and retrieve any type of data. Whether you're a beginner or experienced, you'll find step-by-step instructions for mastering the tool.
  • Problem solving: If you're having trouble collecting data, Phantombuster offers clear and concise solutions to solve your problems.
  • Beginner's guide: If you're new to the world of LinkedIn automation, this guide gives you an overview of how Phantombuster works.
  • Best practices: To maximize the effectiveness of your use of Phantombuster, this guide offers practical tips and tricks for getting the most out of the tool.
  • Account and billing: This section answers any questions you may have about your account, billing, and email notifications.
Aide pour votre outil Phantombuster
Phantombuster tool help

Phantombuster's customer support is comprehensive, covering everything from installing the tool to using it effectively to automate your LinkedIn business.

Whether you need help setting up, solving problems, or advice on best practices, Phantombuster is here to help you every step of the way.

Security and Privacy

Phantombuster recognizes the importance of the security and confidentiality of your data, especially when it comes to your LinkedIn activity. In this section, we will discuss the steps Phantombuster takes to ensure the security and confidentiality of your information.

  • Data protection : Phantombuster takes data security very seriously. All of your information, including data like LinkedIn login credentials and collected data, is stored securely and encrypted to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Respect for confidentiality : Phantombuster is committed to respecting your data confidentiality. None of your data will be shared with third parties without your explicit consent.
  • Compliance with legislation : Phantombuster strictly adheres to data protection laws and regulations. Whether it's the GDPR in Europe or the CCPA in California, you can be assured that Phantombuster operates in compliance with these regulations.
  • Transparency : Phantombuster believes in transparency. You can access your data at any time, request a copy of this data or request that it be deleted from the data in accordance with the laws in force.
Sécurité outil Phantombuster
Data security with this Phantombuster tool

In conclusion, Phantombuster has taken considerable steps to ensure the security and confidentiality of your data when using their tools to automate your LinkedIn activity. With Phantombuster, you can be confident that your data is protected.

Alternatives to Phantombuster

Phantombuster is your ally in optimizing your presence on LinkedIn and other social networks through automation. However, other alternatives may be just as advantageous.

Let's take a look at three of them: Hexomatic, Octoparse, and Apify.

1. Hexomatic

Hexomatic is a feature-rich alternative and automation platform that is distinguished by its accessibility.


  • Manage the automation of transcript data
  • Offers AI-based text-to-speech
  • Allows editing of image formats
  • Execute data transformations
  • Specialized in generating QR codes
  • Provides scraping of SEO metatags for prospecting


  • Free offer including 75 automation credits per month
  • $20 per month basic plan
  • Pro plan at $50 per month
  • Business plan at $82.5 per month
  • Customized Business Package

Consider this Hexomatic alternative if you are looking for a cost-effective solution that offers distinctive features.

2. Octoparse

Octoparse is a robust alternative and data extraction software, perfect for prospecting for various industries.


  • Specializes in social media data extraction (data scraping)
  • Great solution for e-commerce and retail
  • Less suitable for automating actions on LinkedIn and other social networks


  • Free version with limited features for data collection
  • $75 per month Standard Plan
  • Professional plan at $209 per month
  • Customized Business Package

Octoparse should be considered if the extraction of massive data is your main concern.

3. Apify

Apify is an alternative and versatile software that excels in various automation tasks on the web.


  • Capable of collecting data from any website
  • Simulates human interactions with websites, such as clicking, scrolling, and filling out forms


Despite its higher cost, this Apify alternative offers advanced features for realistic web interaction.

How to use Phantombuster

phantombuster Phantoms pour Sales Nav, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, etc
Growth Hacking software for Sales Nav, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, etc

Phantombuster is an automated digital help desk software that performs tasks for you on the Internet, saving you time and energy. You can use it for various platforms like Sales Nav, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, and many more.

Here are a few key things about Phantombuster:

  • A “Phantom” is software that executes a specific action on the Internet.
  • Phantombuster offers a variety of actions.
  • It has an easy to use interface for management
  • With Phantombuster, you can automate a wide variety of actions on the web.
  • Phantombuster is particularly useful for automating actions on LinkedIn for prospecting.
phantombuster linkedin tableau de bord
Growth Hacking Software - Scraper

How does Phantombuster work?

phantombuster linkedin- lancement Phantom
Growth Hacking Software - Scraper for Prospecting

A Phantom is assistance software that performs a specific action on the Internet. You give Phantombuster an input, like a user profile, and it automates an action for you, like sending a message to that user.

Then, it provides you with output in the form of result files with the data collected or a summary of the actions performed.

Choosing the right Phantom

With over 100 choices available on the platform, choosing the right Phantom can be a difficult task.

You can use the filters and the search bar on the Phantombuster site to find the Phantom that best meets your prospecting needs.

Using a Phantom

Once you've found the Phantom that's right for you, you can use it by simply clicking “Use this Phantom.”

Everything you use is stored on your dashboard for easy access.

LinkedIn automation with Phantombuster

paramètres pour utiliser Phantombuster
Growth Hacking Software - Scraper for Prospecting

Phantombuster makes it possible to automate a certain number of actions on LinkedIn. The steps for setting up LinkedIn automation are simple and easy to follow, even for those who aren't tech savvy.

  1. Add your social account
  2. Enter the required information
  3. Define the number of shares you want to process.

Scrape LinkedIn with Phantombuster

phantombuster search
Growth Hacking Software - Scraper for Prospecting

One of the main benefits of Phantombuster is its ability to automate the import of LinkedIn data from various web pages. It's a valuable lead generation tool because you can save LinkedIn profile information in search results in CSV format.

Setting up your first Phantom
linkedin companies behaviour
Growth Hacking Software - Scraper for Prospecting

Phantombuster makes setting up your first Phantom easy. Follow these easy steps to start scraping LinkedIn with Phantombuster.

  • Go to the Phantom Store and find “LinkedIn Search Export.”
  • Click on “Use this Phantom.”
  • Provide Phantombuster with your session cookie.
  • Set up your Phantom with the required search information.
  • Define the number of results to be scrapped per launch.
  • Set up notifications and the launch of your Phantom.
Data recovery
Phantombuster Phantombuster
Growth Hacking Software - Phantombuster

Once the Phantom's work is finished, you can preview the results and download the CSV file containing all the extracted data or import it into Google Sheets.

Automating B2B LinkedIn Data with Phantombuster
phantombuster linkedin companies
Growth Hacking Software - Scraper for Prospecting

In addition to exporting LinkedIn search, Phantombuster also automates the collection of B2B data such as email addresses on LinkedIn. However, beware of the rate limits on LinkedIn. It's recommended that you only deal with 80 businesses per day, or 150 businesses if you have a LinkedIn Sales Navigator account.


Phantombuster is a powerful tool with a good grip for automating your tasks on the Internet, and in particular on LinkedIn. Start saving time and effort today by trying Phantombuster.

Final opinion

Our detailed exploration of Phantombuster leads us to highly recommend it as an automation and data extraction solution for prospecting, accessible even to those without coding skills.

Its easy to use, its “Phantoms”, applicable to more than 19 online platforms, allow not only to extract data but also to stimulate account engagement.

In addition, with its compliance with the rules specific to each social media platform, your account remains safe.

You can also test Phantombuster thanks to its free 14-day trial, with no commitment or each alternative in the reading above.

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