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Découvrez les avis, tarifs et fonctionnalités des meilleurs générateurs d'histoires IA pour transformer vos idées en histoires passionnantes
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AI writing software are constantly evolving and becoming more and more sophisticated.

As a result, powerful AI story generators are now available to help writers in a number of ways.

Whether it's writing character descriptions or starting a blog about a book, an AI story generator is a valuable tool. for any type of aspiring writer.

examples of story generation using artificial intelligence

In addition, with the addition ofAI art generator options allowing you to create beautiful covers, covers of pounds and illustrations, AI magically becomes a unique ally for all the needs ofAI writing.

There are even options free AI content generator for those who want to try technology without spending money.

If you're looking for the most amazing AI story generators out there today, keep reading!

I'm going review the best AI story generators based on their key features, prices, and critical feedback. Let's go!

What is an AI story generator?

The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies has revolutionized literary creation.

AI story generators offer two approaches:

examples of AI story generators for novels
  • Autonomous story generation : Create original essays from scratch using machine learning algorithms. AI analyzes large corpora of text and PDF documents to generate compelling stories by reusing narrative models, sentence structures, and style elements.
  • Creative collaboration with AI : Interact with the tool to get plot suggestions, character information, or plot twists. This collaboration enriches and energizes your writing project, stimulates the imagination, overcomes creative blockages, and explores new narrative paths.

AI story generators unleash the creativity of authors, make writing faster and smoother, and allow for a higher level of quality and originality for each story created.

List of the best AI story generators

Here are the best story generators for writers right now.

1. : Personalized fairy tales and evening stories for children

BedtimeStory - ia story generator

Use this AI story generator to produce personalized stories that capture children's imaginations.

This intuitive tool allows each creator to easily create stories adapted to children's preferences, thus promoting a pleasant and magical reading moment before bed.

By integrating interactive elements, turns each evening into an exciting adventure for young readers.


  • Customizing stories with the child's name, age, and interests
  • Choose from different themes and worlds to explore new adventures every night
  • Generation of colorful and attractive illustrations to accompany the essays
  • Audio narration option for an immersive listening experience
  • Possibility to save and share the stories generated with other loved ones


  • Pack of 5 stories for $9.99
  • Pack of 15 stories for $24.99
  • Monthly subscription with unlimited stories for $14.99 per month
BedtimeStory ai pricing

❤️ Our take : brings unique and fascinating stories to life to delight children. This specialized story generator creates stories tailored to age, first names, and preferences.

👍 Pros : Stories generated tailor-made for each child. Guarantees free of inappropriate content. Exciting illustrations generated based on the story. Accessible rates.

👎 Cons : Limited choice of themes and styles. Pretty basic plot customization. Variable quality of illustrations.

2. Sudowrite : AI support to overcome the blockage and continue any story

Sudowrite - ia story generator

This AI story generator offers plot and character suggestions to enrich your writing.

By using artificial intelligence, Sudowrite makes it easy to generate new ideas, stimulating your creativity to produce compelling and original stories. This tool also offers editing features that help refine texts for higher quality. Sudowrite is an ideal solution for writers looking for constant renewal.


  • Generation of ideas and writing ideas from text fragments or keywords
  • Suggestions for developments and transitions to relaunch inspiration
  • Editing and revision tools to refine the style and relevance of the story
  • “Writing Challenge” mode to boost productivity and consistency
  • Integration with word processing and online storage applications


  • Free trial
  • Paid plans starting at $10 per month
Sudowrite pricing

❤️ Our take : Sudowrite is the ideal companion for writers in need of inspiration. Its AI offers contextualized suggestions to jump-start creativity and enrich stories.

👍 Pros : Relevant and inspiring suggestions. Maintains the consistency of the text with the context. Full control over editing and integration. Good style analysis tools.

👎 Cons : Does not generate complete stories. Suggestions that are sometimes generic or irrelevant. Subscription required to take full advantage of the features.

3. Jasper AI : Creative generator for novels, short stories, and screenplays

Jasper AI - ia story generator

This story generator uses advanced language models to create realistic plots, characters, and dialogue.

With Jasper AI, writers can develop quality stories, whether short stories, screenplays, or novels, while optimizing their creative process. This tool also makes it possible to structure stories in a coherent and fluid manner, making it easy for both beginning and experienced writers.

Jasper AI is an indispensable ally for anyone who wants to bring their literary ideas to life.


  • Generation of story and scenario ideas based on simple keywords or starting sentences
  • Consistent character development with detailed profiles and story arcs
  • Creating long stories (or blog posts) with the feature Boss Mode
  • Suggestions for dialogues that are natural and adapted to the context of the story
  • Controlling the narrative structure with planning and organizing tools
  • Editing and customizing generated texts to refine the style and tone of each idea
  • Numerous marketing features to create the perfect promotion plan


  • 7-day free trial
  • Paid plans starting at $39 per month
  • Tailor-made options for large-scale writing projects and creative teams
pricing Jasper AI

❤️ Our take : Jasper AI is a complete software for AI writing and in particular the creation of stories. Thanks to its advanced AI models, it generates original stories adapted to all genres and styles.

👍 Pros : Powerful and versatile AI models. Generate complete stories or portions to choose from. Advanced style and tone customization. Quality support and resources.

👎 Cons : This generator requires time to adapt to exploit its full potential. Sometimes random results requiring adjustments. High rates for intensive use.

4. Writesonic : Creation of original plots for all literary genres

Writesonic - ia story generator

This tool uses artificial intelligence to come up with original stories, allowing writers to easily create unique and engaging stories.

Writesonic is a great choice for anyone looking to diversify their writing styles. By combining creativity and technology, this tool helps develop stories that are out of the ordinary and captivate the attention of readers.

Writesonic also offers customization options to refine the plots according to the specific needs of each project.


  • Generation of coherent and exciting storylines based on user-defined parameters
  • Personalizing characters with distinct personality traits and motivations
  • Suggested detailed descriptions of locations, atmospheres, and actions
  • Ability to guide the narration with specific instructions and plot points
  • Integration with word processing and editing tools for a streamlined workflow


  • Free trial
  • Paid plans starting at $16 per month
pricing Writesonic

❤️ Our take : Writesonic is revolutionizing story creation thanks to its innovative AI. Dialogues, descriptions, twists... It only takes a few words to generate stories that captivate readers!

👍 Pros : Intuitive and efficient interface. Generation of complete stories with little input. Good balance between coherence and originality. Attractive rates.

👎 Cons : More limited style customization of this generator. English language only. Sometimes requires several tests for optimal results.

5. Rytr : AI tool for Tales, Fables, and Short Stories

Rytr - ia story generator

With its advanced language models, Rytr makes it possible to quickly create well-structured stories.

This tool is perfect for writers looking for inspiration for short, compelling stories. The Rytr generator offers great flexibility, allowing tone and style to be modulated according to project requirements.

Whether you want to write stories for children or moral fables, Rytr fits all creative needs.


  • Content generation for over 30 use cases, including story writing
  • Choice of different tones and writing styles to adapt content to the target audience
  • Ability to provide specific instructions and starting ideas to guide the generation
  • Integration with third-party tools, such as Grammarly and Copyscape, to optimize content quality
  • Generation history and bookmark management for easy access to the best results


  • Free trial
  • Paid subscriptions starting at $7.5 per month
Rytr pricing

❤️ Our take : Rytr is a valuable ally for quickly generating content, including stories. Its versatile AI adapts to the context for relevant and well-written suggestions.

👍 Pros : Simple and effective interface. Support for numerous content formats. Good editorial quality of the suggestions. Attractive prices, even with intensive use.

👎 Cons : More basic story generation features. Style or tone customization limited by this generator. Better third party integrations.

6. StoryBee: Platform dedicated to Interactive Stories

StoryBee - ia story generator

This tool allows users to generate stories where readers can influence the flow, making each story unique and engaging.

StoryBee is perfect for those who want to provide an immersive and personalized reading experience. By integrating visual elements and multiple choices, this tool turns each story into an interactive adventure.

StoryBee is ideal for authors of interactive fiction and educators looking to engage students creatively.


  • Plot generator with narrative patterns adapted to different literary genres
  • Character development through detailed profiles and suggested character traits
  • Writing assistance with proposed descriptions, dialogues, and transitions
  • Planning and structuring tools to organize the different elements of the story
  • Writer community to share feedback and tips on stories generated


  • Paid subscriptions starting at $5 per month
StoryBee price

❤️ Our take : StoryBee is entirely dedicated to creating stories generated by AI. With its tools adapted to authors, it accompanies all stages of a story with contextualized suggestions for the story.

👍 Pros : Interface specialized in narration. Well-developed characters and storylines for each story. Detailed and contextualized suggestions. Good tools for structuring the story.

👎 Cons : This story generator is less versatile than general tools. A little-known platform with a small community. Relatively high rates.

LEARN MORE: Check out the StoryBee website

7. Plot Factory: Complex plot development for Thrillers

Plot Factory - ia story generator

Use this story generator to create storylines that are full of twists and turns. This tool helps writers develop compelling storylines that keep readers hooked.

By offering tools for structuring and planning stories, this tool facilitates the creation of detailed and coherent narratives. This story generator is a go-to choice for authors looking to hone their thriller-writing skills.


  • Plot generator based on proven story structure models for each story
  • Suggestions for conflicts, obstacles, and resolutions to energize stories
  • Tools for visualizing plots in the form of diagrams and timelines
  • Possibility to collaborate with other writers on the same writing project
  • Educational resources and expert advice to improve storytelling skills


  • Free version with basic features and a limited number of projects
  • Paid subscriptions starting at $9 per month
Plot Factory pricing

❤️ Our take : Plot Factory is a real writing workshop to structure your stories. Timelines, cause-and-effect relationships, character profiles... The AI in this story generator guides the writer to create plots that captivate readers.

👍 Pros : Advanced plot structuring tools. Suggestions for developing relationships and motivations. Detailed exports to facilitate writing. Reasonable rates.

👎 Cons : Very thorough interface that can confuse aspiring writers. Learning curve to take advantage of all features. Limited integration with word processors.

LEARN MORE: Check out the Plot Factory website

8. NovelAI: Writing Assistant for Science Fiction and Fantasy Novels

NovelAI - ia story generator

This tool offers language models specific to these genres, allowing you to create detailed worlds and unique characters for each story.

With NovelAI, writers can create complex and imaginative narratives that are perfect for fans of science fiction and fantasy.

By exploiting artificial intelligence algorithms, NovelAI helps generate stories that are rich in detail and creativity. This story generator is a major asset for authors looking to push the limits of their imagination using a few key words.


  • Generation of coherent and varied texts, adapted to the style and genre of the novel
  • Consideration of context and key plot elements to ensure story continuity
  • Suggested descriptions, dialogues, and developments to enrich the narration
  • Planning and structuring tools to organize the different parts of the novel
  • Automatic backup and synchronization on the cloud for on-the-go writing


  • Free trial
  • Paid subscriptions starting at $10 per month
pricing NovelAI

❤️ Our take : NovelAI is the high-fidelity companion for authors of novels and long stories. This tool's advanced AI models provide rich and consistent suggestions about big content.

👍 Pros: Powerful AI models that can handle long stories. Detailed suggestions that respect style and context. Good customization and configuration options. Active community of authors.

👎 Cons : Steep learning curve to exploit the full potential. Feedback on long passages is sometimes slow. High rates, especially for big projects.

LEARN MORE: Check out the NovelAI website

9. Sassbook AI: Generator of realistic stories, from historical novels to autofiction

Sassbook - générateur d'histoires

This story generator uses advanced algorithms to produce texts that are rich in detail and emotions.

Sassbook AI helps writers create authentic and touching stories that are tailored to a variety of literary genres.

By offering suggestions for character development and storytelling, this tool makes it easy to create deeply immersive stories. The Sassbook AI generator is a great choice for those who want to tell realistic stories with a touch of authenticity.


  • Generation of coherent and fluid texts, from the intro to the conclusion of the story
  • Customizing genre, style, characters, and key plot elements
  • Suggestions for developments and revisions to improve the quality of the story
  • Formatting and structuring tools to prepare the final manuscript
  • Personalized coaching service with professional writing coaches


  • Limited free version
  • Paid subscriptions starting at $15 per month
pricing  Sassbook ai writer

❤️ Our take : Sassbook AI accompanies creation from A to Z by analyzing the synopsis, characters and narrative structure. Its AI produces suggestions to enrich every aspect of the story.

👍 Pros : Great tool for analyzing and improving stories. This generator suggests relevant developments for characters and storylines. Helps maintain rhythm and structure Easy to use

👎 Cons : Not a standalone story generation solution. Suggestions that are sometimes too prescriptive. Subscription a bit expensive to use.

LEARN MORE: Check out the Sassbook AI website


In summary, if you're a writer looking for the perfect way to generate AI stories, look no further!

Generate these with these AI story generators at the speed of light: they will help you improve your skills, offering you fabulous results that will save you time and energy.

Whether it's writing content for your children, and longer stories, or overcoming blank page syndrome, AI story generators will ensure success in all your literary adventures.

So, get ready to have fun with the most powerful tools of the moment!

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By combining these tools with keyword ranking tracking tools, of software to create memes, you can ensure that your content is not only well-written, but that it also ranks well in search engines.

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