Top AI Music Generators: The Future of Music Creation (2024)

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In a world where technology is constantly redefining the boundaries of the impossible, music, an ancient art, is no exception.

Les AI music generators are now at the forefront of the musical revolution, offering a platform where machines and melodies merge. According to a recent study, the AI-assisted music industry is estimated to reach a value of $1.1 billion by 2025.

It's not just a bold experiment, but an entrenched future.

In this guide, we explore the top AI music generators that are redefining the music creation landscape.

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What is an AI music generator?

Un AI music generator is a technological feat that uses artificial intelligence to concoct musical pieces. He digests and learns huge volumes of musical data to then create original melodies. This tool makes it possible to sketch musical compositions without the direct imprint of man, by reproducing the structures and nuances typical of human compositions.

  • Music Genres: Various genres like jazz, pop, classical, rock, and more.
  • Instruments vs Voices: Focus on instrumental melodies or inclusion of generated voices.
  • Copyright: Possibility to create royalty-free music, under the terms of the platform.
  • Customization: Various degrees of personalization to influence the final composition.

Les AI music generators open up a new world of musical exploration, making music creation accessible to everyone.

List of the best AI music generators

We've rounded up some of the best AI music creation services and products available on the market today.

Each of them has their own way of giving you control over creating original music with AI. We'll start our list with Mubert.

1. MusicLM by Google

MusicLM, Google's innovation in the field of AI music generators, offers a new way of composing original tracks.

With a simple prompt, set your preferences and let the AI create for you.


  • Various Genres and Instruments: Jazz, Rock, Piano, Guitar, and more.
  • Ambience and Era: Personalize the atmosphere and the time context of your composition.
  • Level of Complexity: Choose between beginner and professional.
  • Choice between Two Creations: Select the song that you like the most.
  • Detailed MusicLM review


  • Free version: Access to basic features.

MusicLM is currently in beta with early access registration, offering an innovative approach to AI-assisted music creation.

Sign up to discover this promising platform.

2. OpenAI MuseNet

MuseNet is an AI musical genius powered by OpenAI, the foundation of GPT chat, who excels in creating unique compositions by blending diverse musical styles and periods.

Its possibilities seem almost endless, offering a captivating fusion of genres, instruments, and atmospheres.


  • Multi-style music generation : Choose from a multitude of styles, periods, and composers to personalize your composition.
  • Choice of instruments : Select up to 10 different instruments to bring your song to life.
  • MIDI integration : Export your creations in MIDI format for further manipulation.
  • Exploring styles : Discover how MuseNet merges classical and contemporary, for example by combining Chopin with pop instruments.
  • Advanced mode : Interact directly with the model to generate entirely new works.
  • Detailed MuseNet Review


  • Free access : Take advantage of MuseNet's capabilities at no cost.

MuseNet not only replicates what has been done before, it opens the door to new musical explorations, thus demonstrating the power and creativity of AI in the musical field.

Give MuseNet a try

3. Soundraw

Soundraw is an online platform that allows creators to create unique music with the help of AI.

Whether you're a seasoned musician or a novice, Soundraw eliminates the technical hurdles of music composition.


  • Fast creation : Produce leads in a few clicks.
  • Large library : Access to a vast library of sounds and instruments.
  • Customization : Adjust the tempo, pitch, and instruments to your liking.
  • Detailed Soundraw Review


Gratuit : $0 for life

  • Unlimited music generation
  • Save music

Creator Plan : $16.99/month

  • Background music for content
  • Commercial and personal use
  • Unlimited downloads

Artist Plan : $29.99/month

  • Adding voices to tracks
  • Distribution on music platforms
  • 30 downloads per month

API map : Starting at $500/month

  • Integrating Soundraw AI into your products
  • Ultra-fast music generation

Soundraw is ideal for anyone looking to create original music without getting lost in technique.

With an intuitive interface and flexible pricing, it's a solid choice for getting started in AI-assisted music creation.

Access Soundraw here

4. Mubert

Mubert embodies the perfect fusion between artificial intelligence and music.

It is a revolutionary platform that makes it possible to generate royalty-free music, revealing a universe of sound without limits for music lovers, artists, and brands.


  • Text-to-music : Transcribe your emotions into music in a few words.
  • Audio style : Choice between music, loop, jingle, or mix.
  • Mubert Studio : A space for creators to monetize their talent.
  • Mubert API : Easy integration for regular audio needs.
  • Mubert Play : Your daily musical ambiance, à la carte.
  • Detailed Mubet review


  • Free version : 25 leads generated per month.
  • Paid version : Starting at $14 per month, the subscription opens the door to unlimited creativity.

Mubert transcends the musical experience, offering an endless playground for every shade of emotion and creativity.

Discover Mubert

5. Beatoven

Beatoven invites you into a world where every note resonates with the magic of AI.

Generate unique music samples, and let your creativity flow through 8 musical themes and 16 different atmospheres.


  • Music creation : Up to 15 minutes of free sample.
  • Easy edition : Change the style or tempo on the fly.
  • Platform Mount : Integrate your video or podcast.
  • Detailed Beatoven review


  • Free version : 5 minutes of downloadable music per month.
  • Paid version : Starting at $3 per month for more music.
Explore Beatoven

6. Boomy

Boomy is an innovative platform allowing emerging artists to design unique pieces without prior skill. Here is an overview:


  • Create: Style and instrumental selection for an initial AI composition.
  • Edit: Customization with arrangements, instruments, effects.
  • Vocals: Adding voices or transforming audio into lyrics.
  • Library: Access to previous creations.
  • Download: Download in MP3, WAV or MIDI.
  • Release: Broadcast on streaming platforms.
  • Detailed Boomy review


  • Free: Creation of 5 songs.
  • Paid: Starting at $35.88/year for unlimited creations.

Boomy transforms imagination into music, offering an opportunity for novices to explore the musical world throughAI. With the AI music generators, art is just a click away.

Give Boomy a try

7. AIVA (Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist)

Discover AIVA, a virtual virtuoso capable of composing emotional melodies.

Her secret? Sophisticated AI.



  • Free plan with basic access.
  • Paid plans starting at $20/month.

With AIVA, unleash the creative power of AI in your music projects.

Discover AIVA Now

How do I choose an AI Music Generator?

To make the right choice among the many AI music generators, it is essential to follow a few methodical steps.

1. Identifying Needs

  • Musical style: Each generator has its own strength, whether for jazz, pop or classical music.
  • Customization Level: Some tools offer advanced customizations, while others are simpler.

2. Comparison

  • Features: Evaluate the editing options, the intuitiveness of the interface, and additional features.
  • Rates: Weigh the pros and cons between the free and paid versions, taking into account the rights to the creations.
  • User reviews: Feedback from other users can be valuable in evaluating tool performance.
  • Free trials: Take advantage of the trial versions to test the ease of use and the quality of the compositions.

3. Support and Community

  • Customer support: Responsive support is important to resolve potential issues.
  • Community: An active community can be a valuable source of tips and advice.

By following these steps, you will be better equipped to choose the AI music generator that will best suit your needs and your budget.

Who is IA music for?

AI music generators are a treasure trove of innovation for various sectors. Here are a few rich applications:

  1. Content creation : They offer an infinite range of sounds to enhance videos, podcasts or games.
  2. Advertising and Marketing : They facilitate the creation of captivating music to reinforce the impact of campaigns.
  3. Movie and game development : They make it possible to develop immersive sound worlds, reducing costs and deadlines.

For personal enjoyment, experimenting with AI music generators can lead to fun and original sound discoveries, thus enriching your musical experience.


The advent of AI music generators marks a revolution in the musical sphere.

Platforms like OpenAI by MuseNet and AIVA become the allies of creators, unlocking access to musical composition.

Whether the musician is a seasoned musician or a beginner, these technologies enrich the musical experience.

They embody the synergy between man and machine, sketching out the future of music. By exploring the possibilities offered by Murf and other similar tools, every music lover can now bring their creativity to life, transcending the traditional boundaries of musical art.

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