What is MYM ? Understand everything about Meet Your Model

MYM was created in 2019. The MYM (Meet Your Model) platform is a French social network that is experiencing increasing popularity in Europe.
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The digital landscape has been constantly evolving for several years, and of new social networks, platforms and technologies are constantly emerging to make money.

Among them, MYM, (Meet Your Model) another French social network that has more than 8 million users and offers functionalities similar to those of its alternative: OnlyFans.

In this blog post, we're going to explore the main features of MYM and explain why it's a great option for content creators looking to monetize their work, whether it's photo or video or any content and for everyone.

We'll also look at how creators can use the French MYM platform to create unique experiences for their users and build more meaningful relationships with fans around the world.

Continue to find out more at a glance about this new innovative social network !

What is MYM?

MYM, acronym for “Meet Your Model”, is a French social network launched in 2019 by Pierre Garonnaire and Gaspard Hafner.

With over 12 million users including 350,000 content creators, MYM specializes in monetizing exclusive content on the internet through subscriptions.

Contrary to the common image that links it to adult content, MYM hosts a wide range of creators, ranging from artists and influencers to experts, all looking to convert their passion into a source of income.

This platform, leader in Europe with a strong presence in France, promotes direct interaction between fans and creators, offering personalized content that reinforces user engagement and loyalty.

MYM therefore stands out as a innovative ecosystem in the creative economy, allowing creators to take advantage of their audience in a unique way.


MYM offers a complete range of features to allow content creators to monetize their audience and interact with their fans in an optimal way.

1. Paid subscriptions

The main way to make money on the platform is to Offer paid subscriptions to your fans. 

MYM offers four different rates:

  • 9,99€ per month
  • €19.99 per month
  • 49,99€ per month
  • €99.99 per month
example of Monetization and subscriptions on the platform

It is also possible to offer quarterly subscriptions, such as a package at €399.99 for six months corresponding to the monthly subscription of €99.99.

In addition, the SuperStar program allows the most active creators to benefit from an additional 1% commission and better visibility for one month.

To access it, you must meet several criteria : account certification, regular publication, responsiveness to messages, minimum number of subscribers...

2. Personalized content

MYM stands out by allowing fans to request personalized content directly from their favorite creators. A unique feature that reinforces proximity and offers new monetization opportunities.

Creators are free to accept or decline requests from friends and customers, and can even block users if needed.

In the Cases of sexual content, this option allows you to charge higher rates for exclusive services (photo, video, specific acts...).

3. Push media

push media function on the platform

Push media is a powerful tool for notifying subscribers as soon as new content is available. In a few clicks, creators can thus ensure that their audience does not miss out on any news.

It is also a way to maintain fan engagement and loyalty, maintaining a close bond despite the distance.

4. SuperStar program

As mentioned above, SuperStar status rewards the creators who are most involved on MYM. In addition to financial advantages (additional 1% commission), it also offers priority research for one month.

To unlock this precious sesame, several prerequisites:

  • Certify your account with a valid ID
  • Post at least twice a week
  • Reply to 90% of messages within 48 hours
  • Have a minimum of 50 subscribers

Enough to boost its visibility and encourage regularity!

5. Discount offers

Discount offers to make loyal fans pay less on MYM

Occasionally, MYM offers subscription discount offers to help creators recruit even more fans. A boon to expand your subscriber base and increase your income.

These promotions (rare on social networks) can take several forms:

  • Limited-time promo code
  • Free trial subscription
  • Early adopters preferential rate
  • Referral offer with bonus for the referral and the sponsor

6. Payment methods

To facilitate monetization, MYM accepts multiple payment methods, both for creators and subscribers:

  • Bank card (Visa, Mastercard...)
  • PayPal
  • Bank transfer
  • Electronic wallet (Stripe type)

The income is then paid to the creators each week by bank transfer or PayPal, starting at €50 accumulated.

7. Customer support

MYM.fans customer support

MYM is distinguished by responsive and competent customer support, entirely dedicated to the success of creators on the platform.

If live chat is not available, there are several channels available for support:

  • Contact form on the site
  • Email to the dedicated address
  • Private messages on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

The support team usually responds within a few hours, with a perfect mastery of the subtleties of MYM.

A very comprehensive online help center is also accessible directly from the creator profile. It covers all the key topics: account certification, subscription settings, subscription settings, content management, revenue tracking, blocking unsolicited subscribers... A mine of information to exploit the full potential of the platform!

8. Safety, an absolute priority

In a digital world that is sometimes toxic, MYM makes the protection of its community a priority. The platform deploys significant resources to ensure the security and serenity of exchanges:

  • Systematic verification of profiles unlike other social networks
  • Proactive content moderation 24 hours a day
  • Data and payment encryption
  • A blocking of screenshots and recordings
  • A zero tolerance policy for abusive behavior

On the sensitive issue of adult content, MYM has chosen a pragmatic approach. If they are authorized to meet the expectations of certain audiences, they remain confined to private spaces and subject to the moderation filter.

How do I get income on MYM?

Generating revenue on MYM requires strategy and involvement.

Here are some keys to optimizing your earnings on the platform.

Define your audience

To attract and retain subscribers who are ready to pay for your content, it is essential to clearly define your target audience. Ask yourself the right questions:

  • What is the typical profile of my subscribers? (age, gender, location...)
  • What are their interests, their passions?
  • What type of content are they looking for first?
  • What tone and interaction style do they prefer?

By refining your understanding of the audience, you will be able to create content and offers that are fully in line with their expectations.

Content quality

On a platform like MYM, the The quality of your publications is crucial to attract and keep your subscribers.

Here are some best practices for this social network:

  • Focus on professional quality visuals (lighting, framing, definition...)
  • Prioritize authenticity and proximity in your content
  • Alternate formats to surprise and retain customers (photo and video, messages...)
  • Create exclusive content that can't be found elsewhere
  • Be regular in your publications to maintain engagement

Remember that your subscribers expect premium content that matches their monthly investment. The quality must be there!

Selling and retaining subscribers

To maximize your income on MYM, it's not enough to attract new subscribers, it's not enough You also have to retain them over the long term..

Some levers to activate for this social network:

  • Offer attractive subscription offers and recurring promotions
  • Interact regularly with your community (replies to comments, private messages...)
  • Offer tailor-made content to your most loyal subscribers
  • Organize exclusive events (live, competitions, challenges...)
  • Surprise by testing new formats and topics

The idea is to make your MYM account a unique place, where your subscribers feel privileged and involved. This is the key to encouraging them to renew their subscription month after month.

How much can a MYM Creator account earn?

The revenue generated on MYM varies greatly depending on the profiles and the involvement of the creators. But the potential is very real for those who know how to do it.

On average, a creator active on MYM earns €500 per month. But the most efficient ones easily exceed €5,000 per month, with peaks of €10,000 for the most popular accounts.

To give you an idea, here are some concrete examples from a survey conducted among MYM users:

  • Marie, wellness coach, 2500 subscribers: 2500€/month
  • Paul, comedian, 1500 subscribers: 3800€/month
  • Sophie, lifestyle influencer, 8,000 subscribers: 9500€/month
  • Pierre, cook, 3500 subscribers: 5400€/month

Of course, these figures are not guaranteed and require real in-depth work. But they do illustrate the monetization potential offered by the platform for committed creators.

Differences between MYM and OnlyFans

While MYM and OnlyFans may seem similar at first, these There are significant differences between the two platforms which is important to highlight.

  • MYM is distinguished by its asserted ethical positioning. With its independent ethics committee and its proactive content moderation, the French platform ensures that it offers a respectful and secure environment for all its users.
  • OnlyFans, for its part, has He is regularly polemical for his laxity in the regulation of content.

Another major difference is the fees levied on creators' earnings.

  • MYM offers some of the most advantageous commissions on the market, between 10% and 25% depending on the type of content.
  • OnlyFans, on the other hand, systematically take 20% of its users' earnings. A gap that can make a real difference in the long run.
Onlyfans VS MYM

Finally, MYM focuses more on community interactions and engagement, with dedicated functionalities such as personalized content or push media. OnlyFans, on the other hand, remains more focused on the passive consumption of content.

Two different approaches, which will meet different profiles and expectations. It's up to you to choose the one that suits you best!

How do I register on MYM?

Joining the MYM community is child's play, whether you are a creator or a simple user. Follow the guide!

As a creator

MYM creator registration

To register as a creator on MYM, nothing could be easier:

  1. Go to mym.fans on your computer and click on “SIGN UP” (close to log in)
  2. Enter your email address and choose a secure password
  3. Confirm your registration by clicking on the link received by email
  4. Complete your profile (photo, bio, social networks...)
  5. Certify your account to access monetization features (see dedicated FAQ)
  6. Start posting content and getting subscribers!

The process only takes a few minutes, and you can quickly start generating revenue with your passion.

As a fan

Register as a fan on MYM

If you just want to enjoy exclusive content from your favorite creators, registering is even faster:

  1. Go to the MYM profile of the creator of your choice
  2. Click on “SIGN UP” and let yourself be guided
  3. Create your account by entering your email and a password
  4. Enter your payment details to pay for your subscription
  5. You have access to all of your creator's content!

You can repeat the operation to subscribe to as many accounts as you want. Your loyalty will be rewarded with even more exclusivity.

Advantages and disadvantages

Like any platform, MYM has strengths and limitations that are good to know before launching. Decryption.


  1. Enhanced security: MYM ensures content security with measures such as profile certification, proactive moderation, blocking unauthorized downloads, and rapid removal of illicitly shared content.
  2. Constant innovations: The MYM team regularly enriches the platform with updates such as news feed optimization, new statistical tools, more payment options, and performance improvements.
  3. Intuitive user interface: The platform is designed to be easy to use, allowing creators to set up their profiles, publish content, interact with their community, and track their earnings effectively.
  4. Competitive commissions: MYM offers creators 75% to 90% of subscription revenue, one of the best rates on the market. It also offers a creation support fund that finances original projects every year.


Despite its many strengths, MYM is not free of flaws. Here are two limitations to keep in mind about this social network:

  1. High competition between creators: This can make it difficult to acquire new subscribers without sustained marketing efforts.
  2. Occasional bugs: Technical issues are sometimes reported, especially on the mobile app, although the team works hard to fix them quickly.

In conclusion, MYM is positioned as a robust and attractive platform for content creators, offering vast possibilities despite some minor challenges.


Do you have questions about how MYM works? We have the answers!

How does MYM get paid?

To ensure its development and offer even more functionalities to its users, MYM takes a commission on the income generated by the creators:

  • 25% on subscriptions
  • 20% on the sale of individual content (e.g. photos and videos, push media, etc.)
  • 10% on tips received

In addition, bank fees of 7% on average are added, which MYM strives to reduce as much as possible. For creators residing in the European Union, 20% VAT also applies, and is paid to the State.

Some of the most advantageous conditions on the market, to allow creators to make a full living from their content.

How do I get a certified account?

Certification is essential to access monetization options on MYM. To get it, you need to meet several conditions:

  • Have published at least 5 original pieces of content on your profile
  • Have completed your personal information (name, first name, address...)
  • Have confirmed your mobile number by SMS code
  • Have entered a payment method (bank account or PayPal)
  • Provide a valid ID (passport or ID card)
  • Take a safety selfie with your ID visible

Once these elements have been sent, the MYM moderation team will validate your profile within 48 hours. You will then receive a notification to let you know when the monetization features have been activated.

A simple and secure process, to fight against fraudulent profiles and guarantee exchanges of trust within the MYM community.


With more than 8 million users and 300,000 active creators, MYM is a key player in the world of content monetization platforms. Founded by Pierre Garonnaire and Gaspard Hafner, this French social network seduces with its ease of use and its strong ethical positioning.

On MYM, creators have all the tools to transform their passion into concrete income: multiple subscriptions, single content sales, tips... All with some of the most advantageous commissions on the market, and personalized support to best develop their business.

Above all, Meet Your Model stands out by placing interactions and engagement at the heart of its model. Thanks to unique functionalities such as personalized content or push media, creators can establish a real close relationship with their community, in order to build their loyalty over the long term.

By combining performance, security and ethics, MYM ticks all the boxes to seduce digital creation professionals. With immense potential for international growth, there is no doubt that the French platform will continue to be talked about in the years to come.

So if you too want to live from your creativity in complete freedom, do not hesitate any longer: join MYM community now! Your audience is waiting for you!

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