What is Fansly? All you need to know about this platform in 2024

Fansly is a rising platform empowering adult content creators with tailored features and growing popularity as a top OnlyFans alternative
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Imagine a platform that places creators of adult content at the heart of its priorities.

An online space where their work is recognized, valued and optimized.

That's exactly what's on offer Fansly, the trendy alternative to OnlyFans which is attracting more and more users around the world to monetize their content.

Onlyfans VS Fansly

Born from the desire of Select Media LLC and CY to meet the specific needs of creators of sensitive content, Fansly provides them with innovative features and a tailor-made system.


One community in full explosion, which continues to grow in popularity in the United States and beyond.

Let's get started.

What is Fansly?

Fansly is a subscription based adult content network founded in 2020, which allows content creators, including adult content for sex workers, to monetize their audience.

Owned by the companies Select Media LLC (USA) and CY Media LTD (Cyprus), the platform has grown rapidly since 2021, when many creators left OnlyFans Following her attempt to ban explicit content.

Active users: UNITED STATES and elsewhere

With over 130 million active users at the beginning of 2024, Fansly stands out as a major alternative, offering advanced monetization features (multi-level subscriptions, private messaging, streaming...) and a strong commitment to defending adult content.

In short, Fansly is an innovative social platform that is revolutionizing the monetization of online content, by placing creators and their communities at the heart of its strategy, thus offering significant opportunities for Make money.

A serious alternative to watch closely in the digital entertainment ecosystem.


Fansly offers a wide range of features to enable content creators to share their work, engage with their community, and monetize their audience.

Discover the possibilities offered by the platform:

1. Sharing multimedia content

On Fansly, creators can post photos, videos, audios, and texts to engage their community.

Fansly multimedia content sharing

They have the choice between two types of content:

  • Public content : available free of charge to all profile visitors
  • Premium content (or “behind the paywall”): reserved for paying subscribers

This flexibility allows creators to offer a free preview of their work while keeping their exclusive content for their most loyal fans.

2. Subscription Fee Management

Fansly subscription management

Fansly allows creators to offer recurring subscriptions to access their exclusive content. Several options are available:

  • Variable-term subscription fees : monthly fee, quarterly fee, semi-annual or annual fee
  • Multi-tier subscriptions (or third party): to offer different advantages depending on the price
  • Promotions and discounts : to attract new subscribers or reward the most loyal

Payments are secure and creators can choose their payout schedule (weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly).

3. Monetization (pay-per-view)

Payment options for post designers - Fansly

In addition to subscriptions, Fansly offers monetization options per unit:

  • Locked content (PPV) : photos or videos priced individually
  • Paid private messages : to exchange directly with your fans in exchange for a contribution
  • Media “made for you” : personalized content created on request for a fan

These features allow creators to diversify their revenue and meet the specific demands of their audience.

4. Interactions with the community

Search function for fansly subscribers within the platform

To retain their fans, creators have numerous interaction tools at their disposal:

  • Ephemeral stories : to share everyday moments
  • Live streaming : to exchange directly with your community
  • Comments, likes, and shares : to encourage feedback and engagement
  • Surveys and quizzes : to involve fans in their creative decisions

Fansly relies on proximity between creators and subscribers to promote the retention and development of close-knit communities.

5. Data analysis

Fansly provides creators with detailed audience and performance statistics:

  • Revenue Overview : tracking earnings by period and by type of content
  • Subscriber demographics : gender, age, location...
  • Engagement and retention rates : to measure the impact of each publication

All this information is valuable for understanding your community and optimizing your content strategy.

6. Security and privacy

Social network Fansly review - home page

To protect creators and their content, Fansly offers advanced security options:

  • Custom watermarks : to prevent unauthorized media sharing
  • Geoblocking : to restrict access to certain countries or regions
  • Two-step verification : to secure account access
  • Subscriber list control : to moderate your community

The platform also ensures data and payments encryption to maintain everyone's confidentiality.

messages - fansly subscription levels

7. Affiliate program

Tipping and subscription levels

Fansly offers its creators the opportunity to earn commissions by sponsoring other creators:

  • Affiliate links customized to promote Fansly
  • Up to 5% commission on the earnings of referrals
  • Monthly payments From $20 in cumulative commissions

An additional way to diversify your income and grow the platform's ecosystem.

Refer a friend program to earn money on Fansly

Whether you're an established or aspiring content creator, Fansly gives you all the tools you need to share your passion, build a community, and make a living from your art.

With its intuitive features, the platform adapts to all profiles and all types of content.

So don't wait any longer to get started and unleash your full creative potential!

Customer Support

Fansly places great importance on the satisfaction of its users, as evidenced by their motto:”We are there for you all day, every day“.

To get fast and effective support, you have several options:

  1. Twitter : The quickest way to contact support. Send a private message or mention @Fansly for a response within the day.
  2. Live chat : Click on the “Support” button at the bottom right of the site to chat instantly with an advisor.
  3. Email : Write to support@fansly.com and receive a detailed response in less than 2 hours.
Social network support

The Fansly support team is distinguished by:

  • Its clarity and usability
  • His in-depth platform expertise
  • His mastery of all subjects (payments, conditions of use...)

The only downside: no telephone support. But with these options you will get always quality help to quickly resolve your issues.

In summary, Fansly's customer service is responsive, competent and at your service to offer you the best possible experience on the platform.

Alternative platforms to Fansly

Are you a content creator looking to make a living from your art?

Discover these alternatives to fansly platform that will allow you to share your work and generate revenue :

1. MYM : An exclusive social network in full expansion

MYM fans platform

Launched in 2020, MYM is experiencing rapid growth among creators of adult content. This subscription based social media offers attractive commission and a powerful monetization tools make it an attractive challenger.

👍 Pros

  • Commission limited to 10%, among the lowest on the market (more money for content makers)
  • Diverse range of content available
  • Integration of Instagram and other social networks
  • Monetization by subscription, private message, or tip with your favorite creators
  • Integrated streaming tool to monetize their content via live
  • Reliable and secure payments directly to your bank account
  • Protection through name, identity and majority control

👎 Cons

  • Even reduced audience compared to established players
  • Features still limited, under development
  • Requires importing your community to take full advantage of the platform's potential

💰 Remuneration : Possibility to earn money thanks to MYM with subscriptions, tips, private messaging, live streaming.

❤️ Our opinion : A promising platform that relies on the attractiveness of its commission to seduce creators. If you already have a community, it can be a great option to increase your profitability.

2. Fanvue: Active community to boost your visibility

Fanvue platform

Fanvue relies on its engaged community and discovery tools to offer maximum visibility to creators. With its varied monetization options, it makes it easy to generate regular income.

👍 Pros

  • More control for fast and regular payments
  • Good visibility through integrated discovery to generate revenue
  • Easy launch of subscriptions or fan pages
  • Active community on the platform

👎 Cons

  • Significant competition on adult content
  • Interface sometimes confusing to handle
  • Content moderation is not always optimal
  • Withdrawal restrictions in some countries

💰 Remuneration : Subscription tiers, single content sales, tips, membership.

❤️ Our opinion : A solid only-fans alternative to launch or diversify your business, by relying on the support of the community. Carefully consider the options to maximize your revenue.

3. OnlyFans: The reference for premium content

Onlyfans account: register by e-mail

OnlyFans has established itself as the go-to reference for creators who want to monetize their adult content. With its flexible subscription system and integrated promotion tools, it offers great revenue opportunities.

👍 Pros

  • Great freedom in the content offered on OnlyFans (especially for sex workers)
  • Billing per subscription or per unit
  • Promotion tools to boost the visibility of each user
  • One of the social networks popular with creators of adult content

👎 Cons

  • Strong competition on the platform
  • High 20% commission on your earnings
  • Risk of private content leaking
  • Payment restrictions by some banks

💰 Remuneration : Monthly subscriptions, single content sales, fan tips.

❤️ Our opinion : Ideal if you produce quality adult content and know how to stand out. Get ready to invest in your promotion to succeed in order to make money.

How do I sign up ?

Fansly - creator registration on the platform

To create a Fansly account as a content creator, follow these easy steps:

  1. Prerequisites :
    • Be at least 18 years of age
    • Possess an official identity document (passport, driver's license...)
    • Have valid bank details
  2. Enrollment :
    • Go to the Fansly website
    • Sign up with your email address or via SSO (Single Sign-On)
    • Fill in the information requested to create your profile
  3. Identity verification :
    • Take a clear photo of yourself holding your ID
    • Upload this photo to the account for verification
  4. Validation of bank information :
    • Enter your bank details in the space provided
    • Wait for validation by Fansly (usually within 24 to 48 hours)
  5. Customizing the profile (after validation):
    • Choose your nickname on the site
    • Add a profile photo and a catchy description
    • Define your rates and different subscription levels
personalize your profile on the Fansly social network

Once these steps are complete, your Fansly account will be up and running to generate revenue and you can start publishing content for your fans and your various rates.

earn money on Fansly

Remember that the key to success on Fansly lies in the quality and consistency of your posts, as well as in the interaction with your community.

The Fansly social network also allows you to plan and publish all of your content directly on your account.

planning on the Fansly social network

So, get started on Fansly and unleash your creativity!


What languages are available on Fansly?

Fansly is available in 13 languages including:

  • English, Spanish, French, French, German, Portuguese
  • Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Chinese, Russian, Turkish

Enough to reach a large international audience.

How much can you earn on Fansly?

It all depends on your audience and the quality of your content. According to Fansly, the best creators exceed $10,000/month.

But starting from scratch, allow several months to make a place for yourself. The best is to rely on your existing network (e.g.: OnlyFans subscribers) to boost your launch and your revenue.

Is there a Fansly App?

As of now, Fansly app does not exist. Users need to access the platform through a web browser on mobile devices or desktops.


Fansly is emerging as one of the most promising platforms for creators of adult content. Thanks to its ability to adapt quickly to their needs and to offer innovative functionalities, it is at the top of the alternatives to OnlyFans.

Its paid messaging system, lucrative referral program, and varied subscription levels are just a few of the benefits that attract new users every day.

By putting creators at the center, Fansly is proving that it is possible to revolutionize the online adult content industry.

So, if you are looking for a dynamic and responsive platform to share your sensitive content, Fansly could be the ideal solution.

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