15 Best Alternatives to OnlyFans (2024)

Are you considering an OnlyFans alternative? Here's our guide to the best sites for content creators
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OnlyFans has become one of the most popular platforms for content creators wanting to monetize their audience.

But following his controversial decision to ban pornographic content in 2021, many creators are wondering about existing alternatives.

Whether you're looking to stream adult content, mainstream content, or simply want to diversify your income, there are plenty of platforms that are similar to OnlyFans.

Each has its own specificities, strengths and weaknesses.

In this article, we Let's go over the major alternatives to OnlyFans, by analyzing their functioning, their content policy, their remuneration arrangements And their comparative advantages. From Fansly to MYM via Justfor.fans or Scrile Connect, you will inevitably find the platform adapted to your needs.

For those in a hurry, here is a summary of the best options according to your profile:

  • For adult content: Fansly, FanVue, FanCentro
  • For very explicit content with a reduced commission: Unlockd, AdultNode, Unfiltrd
  • For new creators of mildly erotic content: Fansly, Fanvue, Flirtback
  • For British creators: AdmireMe
  • For European creators: MYM
  • For general public content: Fanvue, Patreon
  • To sell videos individually: ManyVids
  • To create your own site: Scrile Connect

So, ready to discover the monetization platform that will revolutionize your online business ?

Let's go!

List of Top Alternatives to OnlyFans

1. MYM.

page accueil de MM

MYM is a premium social media platform based in France but available internationally, similar to OnlyFans in its operation. It caters to a wide variety of content creators, from fitness to cooking to video games, and also allows adult content although it is not promoted.

On MYM, creators post their content behind a paywall, and users pay a subscription to access it. The platform offers unique features such as the ability for subscribers to request personalized content, “push media” to send targeted paid content, and a “SuperStar” program to boost the visibility and earnings of the most active creators.

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  • 25% commission on subscriptions (higher than the average of 20%)
  • 20% commission on private media
  • 10% commission on tips
  • Additional bank fees of 7% applied upfront

Our Take

Compared to OnlyFans, MYM offers interesting additional features to diversify revenue, but applies slightly higher commissions and is still struggling to establish itself in terms of reputation and user base.

👍 Highlights

  • Features to diversify revenue (content on demand, push media, etc.)
  • Freemium model with blurred public content to attract subscribers
  • SuperStar program to boost the earnings of active creators

👎 Weak spots

  • Higher than average commissions overall
  • Notoriety and user base still limited compared to established players

2. Fansly.

page accueil de Fansly

Fansly is a subscription platform that is positioned as an almost identical alternative to OnlyFans, with the same functionalities, the same pricing and a similar layout. It's aimed at the same types of content creators, including in the adult content world.

The way it works is the same: creators post photos, videos, and other content behind a paywall, which users access by paying a monthly subscription. Fansly offers a few unique options, such as the ability to subscribe to an account for free to see public posts, or paid “scratch emojis” to discover hidden images.

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  • Fixed 20% commission on all earnings, same as OnlyFans
  • Revenues up to $10,000/month for the most popular creators
  • Payments within 3 business days after a withdrawal request (minimum threshold of $100)

Our Take

Fansly replicates the OnlyFans experience and business model in exactly the same way, with a few original options in addition. But its lower reputation will make it more difficult to build a large audience.

👍 Highlights

  • Experience and business model similar to OnlyFans
  • Original options for diversifying income (free subscription, scratch emoji)
  • Fast payments to creators (within 3 business days)

👎 Weak spots

  • Lack of notoriety compared to OnlyFans
  • Potential difficulties in building a large audience

3. FanVue.

page accueil de Fanvue

Fanvue is a British platform that focuses on the inclusiveness and diversity of creators and content. In addition to traditional categories such as lifestyle, fitness or beauty, it also welcomes gamers, authors, chefs, athletes or creators of adult content, pledging to never ban this last type of content.

As with other platforms of this type, creators publish exclusive content behind a paywall that subscribers access by paying. Fanvue is distinguished by its focus on the user experience, with easy navigation and future features such as the sale of NFTs.


  • 20% commission on creators' earnings
  • Commission reduced to 15% for creators registered during the first year of launch
  • Instant payments to creators after a withdrawal request

Our Take

Compared to OnlyFans, Fanvue stands out for its inclusive approach, attractive commissions, instant payments, and advanced features. But his confidential reputation will make building an audience more difficult at first.

👍 Highlights

  • Inclusive approach to all types of content
  • Reasonable commission with a reduction in the 1st year
  • Instant payments to creators
  • Advanced functionalities planned (sale of NFTs...)
  • Responsive customer support with live chat

👎 Weak spots

  • Notoriety and audience still confidential
  • Building a subscriber base that is potentially difficult at first
FIND OUT MORE >> Sign up for FanVue here

4. Patreon.

page accueil de Patreon

Patreon is a subscription platform created in 2013, well before OnlyFans.

It allows creators from all walks of life to receive recurring funding from their fans in exchange for access to exclusive content. Often, Patreon creators first built their audience on other platforms like YouTube before jumping on Patreon to monetize their content.

On Patreon, creators set different monthly subscription levels that fans can sign up for to access premium content like videos, photos, articles, etc. This is a great way for creators to diversify their revenue and protect themselves from risks like demonetization on YouTube.

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  • Commission of 5 to 12% charged by Patreon depending on the package chosen (from basic to premium)
  • Payment processing fees are added for deposits and withdrawals
  • In the end, creators keep around 80% of their income

Our Take

Compared to OnlyFans, Patreon is less permissive when it comes to adult content. Nudity is allowed but explicit sexual content is not, making it a worse option for creators of this type of content. On the other hand, Patreon has a much better image and is easier to promote on social networks.

👍 Highlights

  • Established platform with a large user base
  • Ideal for creators of mainstream content (artistic, educational, etc.)
  • Easy to promote on social media
  • Multiple subscription levels to segment the audience

👎 Weak spots

  • Higher than average commission
  • Limited adult content (no pornography)
  • Less suited to individual creator-fan interactions

5. Unfiltrd

page accueil de Unfiltrd

Unfiltrd is a premium subscription platform that is presented as an improved version of OnlyFans, with an optimized user interface and additional features. Like OnlyFans, Unfiltrd allows all types of content, including adult content.

Unfiltrd's strength lies in its focus on the user experience, for creators and fans alike. The site is extremely easy to learn, with better content discovery options and powerful tools for creators like paid live streaming events.


  • Commission of only 15% taken by Unfiltrd (compared to 20% on average)
  • Creators therefore keep 85% of their income.
  • No minimum withdrawal requirements

Our Take

Unfiltrd outperforms OnlyFans on almost every level: lower commission, better user experience, additional features like paid live events. Its only weak point is its still confidential reputation compared to the OnlyFans juggernaut, which makes it more difficult to build a large audience from scratch.

👍 Highlights

  • Commission of only 15% (very advantageous)
  • Very easy to learn interface and navigation
  • Powerful tools for discovering and promoting creators
  • Additional features (paid livestream, voice messages, etc.)

👎 Weak spots

  • Notoriety still limited compared to OnlyFans
  • Harder to attract a large audience from scratch
FIND OUT MORE >> Sign up for Unfiltered

6. Unlocked.

page accueil de Unlockd

Unlockd is a platform similar to OnlyFans launched in 2020, which allows creators to monetize their content through a subscription system.

Like OnlyFans, Unlockd allows all types of content, including adult content, as long as it is legal and original.

Unlockd stands out for its desire to offer the best possible experience to creators. The site was designed in close collaboration with creators to be as intuitive and effective as possible. Creators can choose exactly what content is available for free or for subscribers only.

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  • Commission of only 15% taken by Unlockd (compared to 20% for OnlyFans)
  • Creators keep 85% of their income
  • Withdrawals starting at $100 (higher threshold than other platforms)

Our Take

Compared to OnlyFans, Unlockd stands out for its lower commission (15% versus 20%) and its focus on the creator experience, with a clean and intuitive interface. On the other hand, the minimum withdrawal threshold is higher ($100) and the reputation of Unlockd remains confidential.

👍 Highlights

  • Attractive commission of only 15%
  • Clean and intuitive interface, easy to use
  • Responsive customer support (response guaranteed within 24 hours)
  • Full creator control over the monetization of their content

👎 Weak spots

  • High minimum withdrawal threshold ($100)
  • Notoriety and audience still limited compared to OnlyFans
FIND OUT MORE >> Sign up for Unlockd here

7. ManyVids.


ManyVids is a versatile platform that allows creators to monetize their content through multiple channels. Like OnlyFans, it offers a monthly subscription system giving access to exclusive content, but also additional options such as buying single videos, personalized content, etc.

ManyVids places particular emphasis on selling fee-for-service videos, highlighted on the home page. It's a great way for creators to attract new customers and then convert them into loyal subscribers. The site also offers a live streaming system paid via tokens.


  • For subscription content: 20% commission (like OnlyFans)
  • For videos and fee-for-service content: 40% commission
  • For most other content: 20% commission

Our Take

ManyVids surpasses OnlyFans in terms of monetization options, allowing creators to diversify their earnings. The platform also offers much better discoverability of content. Its main weak point is the high commission on single videos (40%).

👍 Highlights

  • Multiple and varied monetization options
  • Better discoverability of content (home page, search...)
  • Great tools and support for creators
  • Token-based live streaming

👎 Weak spots

  • High commission on selling single videos (40%)
  • Limited profile customization level
FIND OUT MORE >> Sign up for ManyVids here

8. Flirtback.

site internet de Flirtback

Flirtback is an atypical platform in the world of alternatives to OnlyFans. Rather than relying on a subscription-based model, Flirtback works mainly through a paid private messaging system. Creators can also sell content for service (photos, videos).

The particularity of Flirtback is its “pay-per-message” business model: customers buy chips (called “MEGA”) which they then spend for each message sent. For their part, creators receive 60% of the value of the MEGA spent.


  • 60% of revenue on MEGA credits spent by users
  • Profile promotion funded by Flirtback to boost earnings

Our Take

Flirtback's business model is an attractive alternative to the classic OnlyFans subscription system, which can generate significant revenue over the long term. But the high commission (40% for Flirtback) and the limited reputation of the site make it a riskier option.

👍 Highlights

  • Original economic model based on the “pay-per-message”
  • Active promotion of creator profiles by Flirtback
  • Long-term high income potential

👎 Weak spots

  • High 40% commission on customer spending
  • Limited awareness and audience compared to OnlyFans
  • Model less suited to big content creators
FIND OUT MORE >> Sign up for Flirtback here

9. iFans.

page d'inscription à iFans

iFans is a subscription platform that is quite similar to OnlyFans in its overall operation, with some notable differences. These include more advanced live streaming options and, above all, a sponsorship system that encourages creators to promote each other.

On iFans, creators can easily identify themselves in their posts and messages. When a customer subscribes to a creator via a referral link, the creator who sponsored the referral receives a 40% commission on the subscription, on a recurring basis.


  • 20% commission on direct subscriptions (like OnlyFans)
  • Referral income: 40% of referrals subscriptions (recurring)

Our Take

iFans is a lot like OnlyFans in its look and basic features, with a little extra for the live streaming options. But it is above all its generous sponsorship system that sets it apart, which can multiply the gains for active creators. As long as you make good use of it.

👍 Highlights

  • Advanced live streaming features
  • Lucrative sponsorship system (40% recurring commission)
  • High income potential for the most active creators

👎 Weak spots

  • Requires an active promotional effort to take advantage of sponsorship
  • Lacks some profile customization options
  • Audience and reputation more confidential than OnlyFans
FIND OUT MORE >> Sign up for iFans here

10. FanCentro.

site internet de Fancentro

Launched in 2017, FanCentro is one of the veterans in the OnlyFans alternatives market. This subscription platform is distinguished by its multiple customizable subscription levels, making it possible to offer different offers and different rates to its subscribers.

In addition to content subscriptions, a FanCentro creator can sell videos individually, access to other private social networks (Snapchat, etc.), and benefit from an integrated tip system. The site offers powerful promotion options (discounts, etc.).


  • 20% commission on all earnings (like OnlyFans)
  • Payout of winnings every week (Tuesday)
  • Minimum payment threshold starting at $50 (variable depending on the method)

Our Take

FanCentro is a solid alternative to OnlyFans, offering great flexibility in monetizing content, advanced promotion features, and great creator support. It is only because of its lower reputation, even if the migration offer from OnlyFans is interesting.

👍 Highlights

  • Multiple and customizable subscription levels
  • Powerful integrated promotion tools (discounts, bundles...)
  • High-quality creative support (training, assistance, etc.)
  • OnlyFans migration process (temporarily free)

👎 Weak spots

  • Lower reputation and audience than OnlyFans
  • Minimum time between registration and first payment (3 weeks)
FIND OUT MORE >> Sign up for FanCentro here

11. Admire.vip.


Admireme.Vip is a British subscription platform similar to OnlyFans, which allows creators to monetize their content, including adult content. Its interface is designed to optimize the discoverability of creators via a keyword search system and a promotion on the home page.

The platform offers interesting features such as the possibility of using a short video as a profile photo, organizing your content into thematic albums, or even automating promotion on Twitter. Revenues come from subscriptions but also from the sale of single content (clips, private messages).


  • 20% revenue commission (like OnlyFans)
  • Creators paid every Monday (2 week deadline)
  • Minimum payment threshold of £20 (approximately $28)

Our Take

Compared to OnlyFans, Admireme.Vip offers better content discoverability thanks to its search and promotion system. Its interface is also more intuitive and rich in features. On the other hand, its reputation and its user base remain more confidential.

👍 Highlights

  • Search by keywords and highlight on the home page
  • Albums to better organize your content
  • Automated promotion tools (Twitter)
  • Local currency (£) convenient for British creators

👎 Weak spots

  • Notoriety and audience more limited than OnlyFans
  • Minimum payment threshold a bit high (£20)
FIND OUT MORE >> Register on Admireme.vip

12. AdultNode.

Inscription à AdultNode

AdultNode is an atypical platform that works more like a social network for adults than a subscription site. Based on a free token system, it allows creators to earn money through donations and tips from their subscribers.

AdultNode's interface is much like Facebook or Twitter, with a news feed, hashtags, and like/share options. Users can subscribe to creators for free and give them tokens as a reward for their content, or for accessing paid private messages and video calls.


  • Creators earn money via token donations from subscribers
  • 10 chips = $1/Minimum withdrawal threshold = 1000 chips ($100)
  • 15% commission charged by AdultNode on withdrawals

Our Take

The AdultNode model is the opposite of that of OnlyFans: all content is available for free, donations pay creators. An interesting system that promotes interactions, but potentially less lucrative and more time-consuming than a subscription-based model.

👍 Highlights

  • A “social network” atmosphere conducive to creator-fan exchanges
  • Original remuneration system (token donations)
  • Low commission on earnings (15%)
  • CrowdPay tool to “unblock” content in exchange for donations

👎 Weak spots

  • Economic model that is less reliable than the paid subscription
  • Requires a large investment of time and energy
  • Risk of lower earnings than with a paid model
FIND OUT MORE >> Sign up for AdultNode here

13. Just For Fans (JFF).

page accueil JFF

Launched by a gay porn figure, Just For Fans (JFF) is one of OnlyFans's main competitors.

Like him, JFF allows creators to sell their content (including for adults) through a subscription system. But the platform stands out for its large user base from the LGBT+ community.

On JFF, creators can sell access to their content but also individual media (video clips, photos, etc.) as well as personalized items. The platform does not yet offer live streaming unlike OnlyFans, but its “niche” orientation makes it a good choice for some creators.


  • Creators keep 70% of their earnings (compared to 80% on OnlyFans)
  • Earnings payments every week (versus every day on OnlyFans)
  • Minimum payment threshold of $50 (compared to $20 on OnlyFans)

Our Take

JFF is a great OnlyFans alternative for creators who produce gay or LGBT+ content. Its targeted audience and reputation in this sector can make up for a lower commission and slightly lower monetization options than OnlyFans.

👍 Highlights

  • Large LGBT+ user base (promising niche)
  • Possibility to sell single content in addition to the subscription
  • Good reputation in the gay porn industry

👎 Weak spots

  • 30% commission on earnings (less attractive than OnlyFans)
  • No live streaming like on OnlyFans
  • Very targeted audience (may be a barrier for “generalist” creators)
FIND OUT MORE >> Sign up for Just-For-Fans here

14. LoyalFans.

page inscription LoyalFans

LoyalFans is a well-established British subscription platform, primarily dedicated to adult content.

Its operation is very similar to that of OnlyFans: creators can offer paid access to their content but also sell media individually (clips, private messages...).

The strength of LoyalFans lies in its content discovery options: a powerful internal search engine, a keyword system and a focus on creators allow users to easily find new profiles to follow. A plus compared to OnlyFans where it is more difficult to build an audience ex nihilo.

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  • 20% fixed commission on all earnings (like OnlyFans)
  • Payments sent twice a month to creators
  • Minimum payment threshold: $50

Our Take

On paper, LoyalFans is probably OnlyFans's closest competitor. It has the same type of content (a lot of adults), the same pricing structure (20% commission) and very similar functionalities. Above all, LoyalFans stands out for its better discovery options, making life easier for new creators.

👍 Highlights

  • Features and user experience very similar to OnlyFans
  • Excellent discovery options (search, keywords, promotion...)
  • Profile widgets to share more info about creators

👎 Weak spots

  • No real differentiation compared to OnlyFans
  • Smaller and less diverse audience
  • Higher payment threshold ($50 versus $20 on OnlyFans)
FIND OUT MORE >> Sign up for LoyalFans

15. Scrile Connect.

site web de Scrile Connect

Scrile Connect sets itself apart from other OnlyFans alternatives by offering content creators the opportunity to develop their own personalized platform. Instead of relying on a third party site, you can create your own online space, with the help of the Scrile Connect team.

The service is primarily aimed at established content creators who want more control and flexibility than generic platforms offer. You work hand in hand with a dedicated manager to define the functionalities and appearance of your site, which the Scrile Connect technical team then develops.


  • No commission levied on your income
  • You keep 100% of your earnings
  • But you pay a monthly subscription for the service (starting at $500)

Our Take

Scrile Connect is an attractive option for content creators who are already generating significant revenue and want to take the next step by creating their own platform. In the long run, the absence of a revenue commission can offset the initial cost of the service. But it is a significant investment that also requires real work of reflection on your project.

👍 Highlights

  • Creation of a 100% personalized platform that reflects your image
  • You control all aspects: content, functionalities, policy...
  • No commission charged on your income
  • Numerous monetization options (subscriptions, tips, pay-per-view...)
  • Ideal for established designers who want to take things to the next level

👎 Weak spots

  • Significant cost (starting at $500/month)
  • For creators who already have a large audience
  • Requires real design and follow-up work
  • You manage the promotion of your platform
FIND OUT MORE >> Sign up for Scrile Connect here


What are the cheapest OnlyFans alternatives?

Unlockd and AdultNode charge a 15% commission, which is less than OnlyFans's 20% standard. Fanvue offers 85% earnings for the first 12 months, then 80% after that, with attractive features to build your subscriber base.

Is OnlyFans going to go public and ban adult content?

There is speculation about a possible listing of OnlyFans, which could involve banning adult content to comply with financial regulations. However, this decision could lead to the loss of many creators and disrupt their business model.

good business model. That's why it's helpful if creators are ready to move to another platform if that happens.

What is the best alternative for content creators?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer, it depends on your needs and preferences. Fansly offers an experience similar to OnlyFans, while iFans or Fanvue offer more features. Unlockd and AdultNode offer low commission rates.

Is there an alternative to OnlyFans to make quick money?

No platform guarantees quick wins. Success depends on regular work, active promotion on social networks, and maintaining the interest of your subscribers.


The landscape of content monetization platforms is constantly evolving. While OnlyFans remains the undisputed leader, many alternatives are emerging, each with its own strengths and positioning.

Some rely on advanced features, others on a specific niche or an original business model. The choice will depend on your profile, audience, and goals as a creator.

The ideal is to choose the most suitable platform and to focus your efforts on it, while remaining attentive to market developments. Having a “plan B” is always wise given the volatility of this ecosystem.

But remember: your success will depend above all on your ability to produce quality content and to federate an engaged community. The platform is only a tool, which is certainly crucial, but it will not do all the work for you.

So get started, explore, and don't be afraid to innovate!

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