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That's Norbert : Full Review, Testing, and Presentation (2024)

That's Norbert

Intelligent email verification tool that allows better deliverability. VoilaNorbert enriches leads in order to promote conversion.

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What is Voila Norbert?

VoilaNorbert is a tool for verifying and finding email addresses intended primarily for businesses.

Originally designed to handle large quantities of emails, it also offers solutions for those with smaller verification needs.

The platform makes it possible to enrich customer or prospect data and has a simple user interface with easily accessible search and verification functionalities.

VoilaNorbert also integrates with various marketing and CRM platforms, such as Mailchimp and Hubspot, to automate email validation.


VoilaNorbert is a powerful tool for the search and verification of email addresses, mainly used for B2B marketing and prospecting. Here is an overview of its main features:

1. Email Search

email finder

VoilaNorbert's email search function allows you to quickly find anyone's email addresses based on company names and domains. It is the ideal tool for professionals looking to establish precise B2B contacts.

  • Intuitive operation: Simply enter the company name and domain for accurate results.
  • High Accuracy: High accuracy rate to ensure the accuracy of emails found.

This feature is essential for prospecting and email marketing campaigns, saving time and increasing efficiency.

2. Email Verification

email addresses verification

Email verification is crucial to maintain good deliverability and avoid bounces. VoilaNorbert excels at this task by providing a fast and reliable verification service.

  • Bounce reduction: Minimize undelivered emails by validating email lists.
  • Easy integration: Compatible with various platforms for effective list management.

This function is essential to maintain a good sending reputation and to improve the effectiveness of email marketing campaigns.

3. Data Enrichment

adresse électronique (email address)

Data enrichment allows you to obtain additional contact information on your contacts, thus improving the personalization and effectiveness of campaigns.

  • Detailed Information: Get additional details such as job, company, and location.
  • Campaign Personalization: Use this data to refine your marketing and communication strategies.

This feature is particularly useful for businesses that want to target their prospects in a more precise and personalized way.

4. Integration with CRM Tools

intégrations de Voila Norbert sur son site web

Voila Norbert integrates easily with numerous CRM tools, facilitating contact management and marketing process automation.

  • Synchronization with CRMs: Allows smooth management of contacts between VoilaNorbert and your CRM.
  • Marketing Automation: Optimize your marketing efforts through seamless integration.

Ideal for businesses looking to streamline their marketing and sales operations, this integration ensures optimal use of resources and data.

5. Browser Extension

The VoilaNorbert browser extension allows you to search and check emails directly from your browser, making prospecting faster and more convenient.

  • Immediate accessibility: Search for emails without leaving your browser.
  • Time saving: Save time by avoiding going back and forth between different platforms.

This extension is a boon for professionals on the go or those who prefer to work directly from their browser, offering speed and efficiency.

6. Exporting Data

The ability to export VoilaNorbert data to other formats is essential for information management and its use in a variety of professional contexts.

  • Flexible Formats: Export email lists to CSV or other popular formats.
  • Integration with Other Tools: Easily use your data in other software or platforms.

Exporting data makes VoilaNorbert extremely versatile and suitable for a multitude of work scenarios.

7. Developer API

The VoilaNorbert API offers developers the ability to integrate its email search and verification functionalities into their own applications or systems.

  • Advanced Customization: Integrate VoilaNorbert's features into your custom tools.
  • Development of Customized Solutions: Create unique solutions that meet the specific needs of your business.

This feature is particularly suited to businesses with specific email processing needs and who want personalized integration into their digital ecosystem.

8. Reporting and Analytics

VoilaNorbert's reports and analytics offer valuable insights into the performance of your prospecting and email marketing campaigns.

  • Performance monitoring: Analyze the effectiveness of your email searches and checks.
  • Optimizing Strategies: Use the data collected to refine your marketing approaches.

These reports are crucial for businesses that want to optimize their campaigns and analyze in detail the effectiveness of their prospecting efforts.

Customer Support

VoilaNorbert's customer support ensures fast and effective assistance, while educational resources help users maximize the use of the platform.

  • Responsive Support: Get quick help with any questions or technical issues.
  • Educational Resources: Access tutorials and guides for optimal use of VoilaNorbert.

Good customer support and comprehensive resources are essential for users who want to get the most out of VoilaNorbert, especially for those who are new to email prospecting.


VoilaNorbert offers various pricing plans to adapt to the varied needs of users, ranging from individual entrepreneurs to large businesses.

1. Valet Plan ($49/month)

  • 1,000 research and audit credits per month
  • Access to all basic features

2. Butler Plan ($99/month)

  • 5,000 research and audit credits per month
  • Advanced features including API

3. Plan Advisor ($249/month)

  • 15,000 research and audit credits per month
  • Access to premium features

4. Counselor Plan ($499/month)

  • 50,000 research and audit credits per month
  • Ideal for large businesses and high volume users

VoilaNorbert's pricing plans offer considerable flexibility, allowing users to choose a plan that fits their needs and budget.

plan for contact information by e-mails

However, for small businesses or casual users, the cost can be a bit high, especially for high search volumes.

Alternatives to VoilaNorbert

VoilaNorbert is a powerful tool for finding and verifying email addresses, but there are other solutions that may be better suited to specific needs.

Here are three notable alternatives: Hunter,, and FindThatLead.

1. Hunter

Hunter specializes in the search and verification of professional email addresses. With its extensive database and precise search features, it is particularly useful for B2B and prospecting campaigns.


  • Search for emails by domain name
  • Email address verification to reduce bounces
  • Integration with the main CRMs and marketing tools


  • Free plan: Limited in terms of monthly searches and checks
  • Paid plans: Starting at $49/month, offering more searches and features

Hunter is ideal for businesses and B2B marketing professionals looking for a reliable tool to find and verify professional emails.

SEE MORE: Give Hunter a try today

2. offers a complete solution for prospecting, with tools for email research, tracking and email automation. It is well suited for email marketing and sales campaigns.


  • Automatic email search on websites and social networks
  • Email tracking tools to analyze openings and clicks
  • Automating email campaigns


  • Free plan: Basic features with monthly limits
  • Paid plans: Starting at $33/month, offering more features and limits is perfect for businesses looking for an integrated solution for prospecting by email, with automation and tracking tools.

SEE MORE: Try today

3. FindThatLead

FindThatLead focuses on simplifying the search for email addresses for prospecting. With its Chrome extension and lead generation function, it makes it easy to find emails.


  • Search for emails using domain names and LinkedIn profiles
  • Lead generation and segmentation for targeted campaigns
  • Chrome extension for a quick email search


  • Free plan: Limited searches per month
  • Paid plans: Starting at $49/month, offering more searches and options

FindThatLead is a great option for businesses and freelancers looking for a quick and easy tool to find email addresses for their prospecting campaigns.

How do I find emails with VoilaNorbert?

Let's say you're looking for a guest post and you come across the author's name on a site you want to feature.

You want to find his email address. To do this, on Voila Norbert, go to “Manual” in the “Prospecting” section:

Recherche sur VoilaNorbert

Let's say we're looking for my email address, type:

  1. My Name (this works better with the full name than with the single last name)
  2. The domain name of this site
  3. Press Search (“Go Ahead Norbert”)

Finding the relevant email address usually takes a few seconds; if you hover your cursor over the name, you'll see a confidence rate - in my case, that's Norbert says he's 80% sure the address is correct.

You can get additional details about your lead if you click on the email address. There are also two shortcut buttons:

  1. one allows you to send an email message,
  2. and the other to add the email address to a list.

Now let's see how this works at scale:

How to bulk find email addresses

This is the option to use if you are looking to find the email addresses of twenty or a hundred prospects at a time.

The corresponding functionality is in the “Bulk” section located on the left side of the application:

Voilanorbert - recherche de masse (bulk search)

You will need to prepare and download a CSV file (format that you can export from a Google Sheet, Excel, Numbers or even Notepad)

READ MORE (If Needed): How to create a CSV file

Exemple de fichier CSV

When your list is ready, upload it to Voila Norbert, the system will then ask you to specify the type of information you have just given in each column.

You can select column types from the lists provided using the pull-down menus.

Choice of data fields under VoilaNorbert

Now click on the big green button to allow Voila Norbert to search.

If you have a large list of data, this may take some time - but as soon as VoilaNorbert is done, he will send you an email to let you know when the process is over.

Once the file is ready you will be able to download the list as a CSV file or open it in your browser with Google Sheet. VoilaNorbert will show you 2 additional columns in your file:

  1. the email address found by Voila Norbert,
  2. and the level of confidence in the data provided.

Filter the results to eliminate anything under 50-60% confidence.

Final Verdict

VoilaNorbert is an affordable email verification tool designed for entrepreneurs, salespeople, and marketers.

This tool is meant to help you quickly find the correct email address of the person you want to email or verify the details of someone you already have.

Mass research and verification, flexible pricing, integration with most major providers of email marketing tools, CRMs, and prospecting tools - what more could you want from a tool like this?

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