Detailed Full Review of Snovio: All you need to know (2024)

Find prospects based on your field and send them personalized emails. Use high performance cold email templates and track your success.

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What is Snovio?

It is a platform for automating sales and Cold emailing which is mainly used to find email addresses from social networks like Linkedin or Twitter as well as from any other website and for any industry or company size.

Snovio is a combination of a variety of different tools available through a simple dashboard such as E-mail Verifier, Drip Campaign, Mail Merge, Search Companies by Technologies, etc.

It's an easy and powerful CRM for any business or your public relations business.

Customers who have used this powerful technology include eBay, Merck, Disney, Walmart, Ubisoft, Duracell, Toyota, Fiverr, Quora, Target, and Nike.

Who should use Snovio?

Any business that uses cold email marketing will benefit GREATLY from Snovio, regardless of industry, and the reason I say that with confidence is because it's a lightweight platform that does EXACTLY what it's designed to do... email marketing.

That doesn't mean it's the software for marketing gurus, but rather it's a fantastic tool for anyone who wants to save a little bit of money while still getting everything they need to send emails to prospects.

Here are the sectors and types of businesses that will greatly benefit from using Snovio:

  • Web design agencies
  • SEO agencies
  • Social media marketing agencies
  • Lead generation companies
  • Real estate agents
  • Insurance agents
  • Consultants
  • Public relations
  • Any other B2B industry

You can probably use Snovio in any industry, but these are the sectors that will benefit the most from this platform.

snovio e-mail marketing


Snovio is a SaaS platform that also provides very handy Chrome extensions.

Let's take a look at its features that can help you with every stage of email marketing and help you create a list of highly targeted prospects in minutes.

1. Snovio E-mail Finder

With Snovio, you can find the email addresses of your prospects as you see fit:

Snov email outreach process

Search by domain : Find all email addresses linked to a specific domain. You can also use the bulk domain search option if you want to track multiple domains, as the tool allows you to search up to 20,000 domains at a time.

Business profile search : Use country, industry, specialty, and other filters to find businesses that match your targeting. This will allow you to explore all the email addresses of the people who work there and contact the right person in the right department.

Social URL search : Download a list of links to people's professional social profiles and get a list of email addresses. Social Search URL

Download a file that contains a list of the first and last names of employees as well as their company domain and get their email addresses.

Linker : Find potential prospects on a variety of platforms, such as LinkedIn, Google, etc. Enter job title, skills, and locations to get a list of email addresses.

Extension search : Launch the E-mail Finder extension on business websites, search results pages, or professional social profiles to collect all emails linked to them.

2. Delayed email campaigns

For any marketer, sending emails manually is one of the biggest challenges they face on a regular basis. This process takes a lot of time, but Snovio's offline email campaigns offer a solution.

Smart triggers

One of the best features of Snovio email drip campaigns is the fact that you can use triggers. These elements make multiple sequence scenarios possible. Triggers determine the next step in the automation flow by tracking link clicks and email openings. SmartTrigger

Currently, there are two types of triggers:

  • The contact opened the email
  • The contact clicked on the link in the email

When the recipient opens the email or clicks the link, the trigger is activated and the next email in the email flow is sent.

Personalized emails

People like personalization and click on the link in personalized emails more often.

That's why Snovio offers email body and email subject. You can personalize the subject of the email with the first and last name of the prospect.

If the list of uploaded leads contains additional prospective data in columns, you can also add custom variables to the campaign.

Send Customizable Emails

Unlimited email tracking

This productivity tool helps you track link clicks and email openings, reminds you of follow-ups, and sends you real-time notifications if your email is opened or a link is clicked.

3. Email Warm-up email warm up

The SnoVio tool is a wonderful tool for all email marketing professionals.

One of the best benefits of this tool is the “Email Warm Up” feature.

More and more email service providers and spam filters have sophisticated algorithms to detect “cold” emails that seem fictional.

Warm Up is a clever solution to avoid getting caught in spam filters and to ensure that your emails reach the recipient's inbox.

With SnoVio, you can be sure that every email reaches its destination successfully.

4. Dropdown campaigns drip campaign

It is an automated email marketing solution that allows you to personalize your campaigns effectively. Here are the key benefits:

  • Create personalized email marketing campaigns with individual emails to meet the needs and pain points of each recipient.
  • Use the “Drip Campaign” Internet marketing function for a collaborative solution. Integrated collaboration features allow your team to work together by tracking each other's progress and controlling certain parameters.
  • Use tools like the drag-and-drop email creator and the A/B testing tool to facilitate the use of this particular advertising strategy.
  • Monitor customer actions, like the links they've visited or the places they've left, to personalize messages based on their reactions.
  • Personalize pre-written emails that are automatically sent at the right time, for easy and effective use.

Snovio offers an automated and collaborative solution for a personalized email marketing strategy, allowing businesses to focus on growing their business rather than sending individual emails.

5. Analytical

Snovio saves marketers time by providing statistics that tell you when and to whom an email campaign was opened.

It also provides insights into customer behavior, allowing you to refine your approach over time.


Another advantage of Snovio is that it provides an API.

This not only allows users to integrate their software with the Snovio account, but also allows other applications to use the platform's data.

7. CRM crm

Finally, Snovio offers a basic CRM, which is also available free of charge.

It allows you to track the preferences of your customers and gives you the possibility to link it to your calendar software in order to schedule different types of calls, appointments or even business meetings, according to their needs.

In addition, CRM tracks job changes and updates from your prospects, thus reducing the number of unverified contacts in your database, since it verifies the data during this process.

8. Finding an email address from LinkedIn

With the help of Snovio, extracting emails from LinkedIn is really easy. There are two ways to find LinkedIn emails-

First method

  • Open your desired profile and click on theSnovio extension for Chrome.
  • Select the list and press the save button. The email ID will be saved in your Snovio account.

Second method

  • It is an automation process. It is mainly used for bulk email extraction.
  • Use the filter of your choice in the LinkedIn search option to get the target audience.
  • You'll get hundreds of results in the form of LinkedIn profiles.
  • Click on theSnovio extension for Chrome.
  • Now fill in the start and end page number.
  • Select the list, then tap Save All.
  • All profiles will be saved in the internal list.

9. List a company's employees from any website email finder extension

This process is almost the same as described above.

The steps are as follows:

A new pop-up window will open with all the email addresses associated with the same domain as well as the names of the employees, their designation, etc.

Select the desired employee (s) and save them to your internal Snovio list.


10. Email checker email verifier

Snovio Email Verify (email verification) works better than any other tool. It's very fast and Snovio claims to have a 7-level verification process, which checks everything including email format, MX records, domain validity, SMTP authentication, and more.  

It takes care of both processes, bulk and manual. For bulk verification, all you need to do is download the email list into Snovio.

The final result is provided in 3 categories, Valid, Cath All (status unknown), Invalid.

Valid category emails have an accuracy rate of over 98%, while Cath All has an accuracy rate of nearly 70%.

Click on the video to understand the email verification process.

11. Search by domain email finder

You can find the company profile and the details of the prospect by doing a domain search and regardless of the size of the business.

Open the domain search option from the dropdown menu.

Type a business domain in the empty field and press the Search button.

All company information is displayed on your screen, including the number of employees, head office, city, industry, company size, Linkedin profile, technology, and employee list.

You can get the details you want by downloading the list of company names in order to perform a group domain search.

12. Technology checker tech checker

It is also called Snovio Web Technology Checker.

This function makes it possible to identify the technologies of the website.

It provides the most accurate technical information on any website such as the CMS, digital marketing tools, chat option, DMS, hosting panels, development tools, programming languages, database, CRM, etc.

13. Chrome extension email finder extension

Snovio also offers a Gmail extension that offers several useful features for users, including:

  • Email finder: Look for leads all over the web while you're surfing the web
  • LinkedIn Lead Search: Search for leads and emails available on LinkedIn by checking official business pages, Sales Navigator profile listings, and search results
  • Unlimited email tracker: Harness the power of Snovio to help Gmail users win
  • Gblast email fusion: email merging and bulk mailing for gmail
  • Email Checker: A variation of the Chrome extension of Snovio's powerful email verification software
  • Technology checker: focused on technology companies, this plugin tells you what tools and codes are used on the page of a target website
  • The ability to know when someone opens your email thanks to a push notification
  • Automated creation of email reports with important information, such as previously sent emails or additional search contacts
  • The ability to schedule and send emails at specific times to avoid sending them in response to urgent requests

With these Chrome extensions, users can improve their email management, their relationship with contacts, and save time by avoiding manual responses to urgent requests.

Customer service support

Snovio is an honest piece of software, just like its customer service available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Whatever your problem is, they are sure to solve it. Sometimes I contacted them simply to find out about the new features that were added. They always respond very professionally and try to help in the best possible way. I am really impressed with the way they treat their customers.

Apart from these key “tools”, Snovio has many other very useful features, such as integration with your CRM existing, integration with Calendly, Linker, Google Sheets, etc. that make Snovio an essential sales tool.

An FAQ is also available to answer all of your most common questions: helpcenter


With Snovio, you have access to a wide range of integrations.

For example, the software allows prospects to be contacted so that you can automatically add appropriate information such as email addresses or phone numbers to these contacts as well as other important customer details at any time, making it easy to track where sales came from as well as who referred them to your business!

  • CRMs : Hubspot, Salesforce, and Asana
  • Lead generation : Facebook, LinkedIn, Phantombuster, DuxSoup.
  • Collaboration : Slack, Trello, Google apps.
  • Content personalization : NiftyImages, Hippo Video.
  • Customer loyalty : Twilio, Intercom, Calendly, Zoom.
  • Office automation : Google Sheets

These include several types of applications that will integrate directly into your system and allow for the direct transfer of data between systems and people.


It currently has 4 pricing plans ranging from 0 to $999 per month for the most advanced plans.

Use the free plan to get an idea of SnoVio's strengths for your business


How do I download the Snovio Google Chrome extension?

The Snovio Email Finder is available on the Chrome Web Store. To download Snovio Prospect Finder, you need to download the package, unpack it, activate developer mode, and then load the unpacked Google Chrome extension.

Is the Snovio E-mail Finder free?

Snovio E-mail Finder is free. However, with the free version, you can do 50 searches per month.

How do I use Snovio with Gmail?

To use Snovio in Gmail, you need to download the Snovio E-mail Tracker extension from the Chrome Web Store and add it to Chrome.

To start using the extension, enable Snovio E-mail Tracker activation for the Gmail account where you want to use the extension.

It is recommended that you disable other Chrome email tracking extensions when using the Snovio extension.

How do I find LinkedIn profile emails using Snovio?

To find emails on LinkedIn using Snovio, you need to install Snovio LI Prospect Finder on your Chrome browser.

After installing the extension, click on the software icon placed in the upper right corner of your browser and select the people.

In the second step, choose a list to add them to, which is visible in a dropdown list, then click “Search emails and save.”

What method does Snovio use to find emails?

Although this is not explicitly stated on Snovio's site, it is clear from the tests carried out that it does not search for emails in real time when you give it a domain or a name to check, but that it searches the entire Internet and stores all the results in a database (the same as for

This is good if you're looking for emails on existing websites that Snovio has already explored, but there may be no emails located on newer websites.

Is Snovio free?

Snovio is a Freemium platform that offers an unlimited free plan that can be renewed indefinitely and includes features such as a maximum of 100 recipients (drip campaigns) and 50 monthly credits.

Users can subscribe to one of the five paid plans available on their website if they need more features.

Final Verdict

Snovio is the most cost-effective sales automation tool available on the market. No other tool can compete, at least in the current scenario.

Snovio has all the features needed to make the sales process smoother and easier.

Searching for emails on LinkedIn with the automation process is like “icing on the cake.” This process saves over 90% of the time.

With the help of a single tool, multiple processes can be carried out. As it is the combination of email extractor, email checker, email sender, email tracker, manual/automatic tracking.

  • The dashboard is very intuitive and easy to use.
  • Its email search tool works very well.
  • Provides a Chrome extension to find emails on web pages.
  • It automatically checks and cleans collected emails.
  • Searching by domain is easy and provides comprehensive results.
  • You can save any data related to the prospects you find.
  • Allows you to collect emails from social networks like LinkedIn and Twitter
  • Indicates the email open rate for each contact
  • Mass email functionality, up to 3,000 emails per day
  • The tool offers a lot of other useful features
  • You can't save your search queries or templates.
  • There is no way to export contacts from the tool.
  • There is no option to invite team members to your account.
  • No programming functionality
  • No analysis or reporting functions.

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