16 Best Free CRM Software (2024)

You can't afford an expensive CRM? Here's a comprehensive review of the 17 best free CRM software for your business
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Free CRM software is generally limited-feature or limited-time iterations of a paid full version.

It is not always easy to decide on software CRM in particular, this is why suppliers offer free versions to facilitate the decision-making process - it's a great opportunity for users to try out CRM software to see if it's right for them before fully engaging.

The software CRM are there to help streamline the work of the sales team - or for other purposes such as:

  • the management of social networks,
  • the organization of prospects/contacts,
  • customer support,
  • emailing campaigns,
  • the evaluation of prospects,
  • subscription management,
  • registrations,
  • etc.

The accent is also focused on the usability of today's CRM software. Many software publishers are proud of them, as they offer numerous advantages over simple Excel spreadsheets.

With CRM software, you get readable views with useful charts that present comprehensive data and customer histories.

Relevant information, such as statistics and analytics, is created instantly from any available data set, while assigning tasks to team members can be done through simple drag and drop.

CRM software has grown wildly in recent years because businesses need robust CRM software to empower their sales, marketing, and customer service teams.

Un good CRM software encourages company teams to work together. Such a platform makes communication easy, transparent, and fast.
It also helps teams provide personalized and high value service to all your customers.

List of the best CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software

Here are some of the best free CRM software platforms, with tempting free plans:

1. Freshsales.

Logiciel CRM - Freshsales Interface

Freshsales is a complete CRM software solution initially dedicated to sales teams. It provides everything a sales rep needs to attract quality prospects, engage in conversations, close deals with AI-powered information, and maintain relationships with customers.

Through the integration of emails, phone, and chat, Freshsales allows sales teams to have more time to sell by automating the sales process and increasing efficiency and productivity in their daily activities.

Thanks to Freddy AI, salespeople can:

  • get information about the best opportunities To conclude
  • The actions to be taken,
  • but also to be able to forecast revenue through sales forecasts.
Logiciel CRM - Freshsales awards


As with many CRM software, some of best features are reserved for Premium plans. Among these, Freshworks CRM offers advanced workflows, chatbot tools, or reporting that are not available in the free plan. But overall, the free and basic plans are a good starting point. You can always upgrade to the next version once you are familiar with it and if you have the need.


Logiciel CRM - Freshsales tarifs
  • There is a 100% free plan
  • The GROWTH plan is $15.
  • The PRO plan is $39.
  • The ENTERPRISE plan is $69.
Discover FreshSales

2. HubSpot CRM

Logiciel CRM - Hubspot Interface

HubSpot CRM is one of the largest providers on the market (like Salesforce) and offers a free CRM software for an unlimited number of users, with basic functionalities.

The software CRM gratuitous HubSpot allows you to assign and track leads, manage the sales process, manage workflows for better management, and record customer interactions across channels in one place. It also hasfairly comprehensive email marketing tools, of landing page creation tools as well as advanced functions of inbound marketing.

The platform works with G Suite and Microsoft Office, making data implementation and synchronization completely seamless.
Integration with Zapier makes it easy to share information and manage tasks across applications like Google Sheets, Facebook Lead Ads, Slack, and more).

HubSpot CRM paid add-ons allow you to:

  • Strengthen data storage,
  • Generate more sophisticated reports
  • integrate new AI technologies
  • Integrate advanced automations.
Logiciel CRM - Hubspot Chiffres


Free CRM software has a lot of features, but many of them are still fairly “light,” meaning you may need to pay for marketing, sales, or support products. Customization is limited, which can make the CRM software difficult to modify and implement for some small niche businesses.


Logiciel CRM - Hubspot Tarifs
  • HubSpot CRM is free and the number of users is unlimited.
  • The Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, and Service Hub expansion packs are $50 (41€/month)
  • HubSpot CMS starting at $29 per month (21€/month)
  • All inclusive CRM Starter Suite starts at $49 (41€/month)
Discover HubSpot CRM

3. EngageBay

Logiciel CRM - EngageBay Accueil

EngageBay comes as a HubSpot alternative and sells three suites focused on business processes:

  1. Marketing Bay (Marketing Automation, Live Chat,..)
  2. Service Bay (HelpDesk)
  3. CRM & Sales Bay.

The latest, CRM & Sales Bay, provides contact management tools designed for business simplicity and growth.

CRM software offers multi-channel listening, bringing together contact information from all your customer touchpoints.
Track contact activity, web behavior, email response, open and click rates, and more.

This CRM software integrates with Gmail, Office 365, or any other IMAP service.

Integrations Zapier, Shopify, SendGrid, Mailgun, Xero, and Mandrill allow you to connect your CRM to your other business processes and further streamline your operations.

Logiciel CRM - EngageBay Awards


It would be necessary more native integrations with third-party applications but the list tends to grow month after month.

Email template options are limited in number and simplistic in style.


Logiciel CRM - EngageBay Tarifs
  • A free plan is available, limited to 500 contacts and 1,000 personalized emails
  • The BASIC plan is $13.99
  • The GROWTH plan is $39.99
  • The PRO plan is $63.99
Discover EngageBay

4. Streak CRM.

Logiciel CRM - Streak Interface

Streak provides CRM software under Gmail fully integrated into your inbox.

By relying on this familiar and everyday software tool, the application facilitates the adoption of CRM for new users.

The free version of Streak includes basic CRM tools and fairly comprehensive email functions. Email templates allow you to personalize and send them en masse.

To populate your mailing lists, you can easily extract information and contact data from Google Sheets using the add-on Streak CRM Importer, or import CSV files directly.

Email tracking you Allows you to know who has read your email, where they have read it (thanks to a very practical map) and How many times. It's a great way to increase visibility within your team or customers: when you know someone has read your message and you understand their behavior a bit better, you can move the sales process forward by following up on them in a timely and appropriate manner.

You will be able to avoid abusive email practices and maintain good relationships with customers.

Call logs and meeting notes, on the other hand, allow Keep track of your interactions outside of the inbox that are easy to find. You will also be able to manage leads and sales by creating the number of pipelines you need (the free version also provides for an unlimited number of pipelines).

Logiciel CRM - Streak Awards


Streak is a browser extension, which is impractical when it comes to changing devices, as you will need to download the extension and reconnect on each new device you access.

Since Streak is a lightweight CRM software, it might not work for more complex business processes.


Logiciel CRM - Streak Tarifs
  • The FREE plan is $0
  • The SOLO plan is $15
  • The PRO plan is $49
  • The ENTERPRISE plan is $129
Discover Streak CRM

5. Agile CRM.

Logiciel CRM - Agile CRM Interface

Agile CRM offers a free all-in-one CRM software with:

  • project supervision functions,
  • contact management,
  • reports,
  • support/service management
  • managing your activity thanks to its calendar.

Support teams offer everything you need to reduce churn and improve the customer experience. Integrations with RingCentral and Twilio improve telephony functionse integrated with Agile CRM, guaranteeing the monitoring of conversations, the recording of calls and the conclusion of agreements by telephone of organized and very effective way.

You can automate future voice calls and follow-ups by putting your appointment calendar online (like Calendly). You can also share documents, business data, contacts, or emails within the app.

Logiciel CRM - Agile CRM Clients


If you upgrade from the free plan to the Starter plan, the increase in Price is quite reasonable, but if you upgrade to the Regular plan, you'll have to pay more than three times as much per user. This seems somewhat high and creates a notable financial barrier to using the platform as your business grows.

Les customization options are limited.


Logiciel CRM - Agile CRM Tarifs
  • Free version available for up to 10 users.
  • The STARTER version is $8.99.
  • The REGULAR version is $29.99
  • The ENTERPRISE version is $47.99.
Discover Agile CRM

6. Less Annoying CRM

Logiciel CRM - Less Annoying CRM Interface

Less Annoying CRM (aka LACRM) is designed as a all-inclusive CRM software designed for small businesses. It offers a 30-day free trial. After that, they have only one plan, a one-time low-cost offering of $15.

LACRM is responsible for managing tasks, connecting with prospects, managing contacts and following up on them. Manage all your customer data, follow your leads all the way to the sales pipeline. Stay up to date with events and tasks to be completed (in the form of easy to use calendar and agenda).

Emails written and received outside of the CRM software can be saved in LACRM, which is very useful. The application provides each user with a unique login email address that can be connected to the email provider you use.

Logiciel CRM - Less Annoying CRM awards


Les application integrations are minimal, which can be a significant limitation, depending on your needs. The app sends notifications by text message or email, but not in the app, which seems a bit retro and can clog up your already busy email inbox.


Logiciel CRM - Less Annoying CRM tarif
  • $15 one-time offer

THE CRM offers a 30-day free trial risk-free for its pricing plan alone.

Discover Less Annoying CRM

7. Zoho CRM

Logiciel CRM - Zoho Interface

Zoho CRM offers a platform adapted to small businesses, with a simple user interface, customizable modules, pragmatic automation, and useful features for social networks.

If you are looking for free, their free plan for up to three users is a good starting point. CRM software allows you to develop and define specific workflows, manage leads, and start streamlining daily operations.

He also integrates with Twitter, Google+, and Facebook, which allows you to reach prospects with perfect timing.

If you want to go beyond the free CRM software, you can upgrade to the Standard version of Zoho CRM. This version has a reasonable price, better usability, features to forecast your sales and effective monitoring of the main ones KPIs and performance metrics.

The Enterprise version offers more features, such as the monitoring the sales funnel step by step (useful in an approach) Pirate Funnel), comparing data across users, teams, regions, products/services, and more.

Logiciel CRM - Zoho awards


Zoho CRM doesn't offer email tracking or individual lead notifications, which can be a problem if you need to get individual, long-term, and personalized lead tracking in your business.

The l user interfaceCRM software can be a bit slow.

Zoho's add-ons, which extend the scope of CRM, can drive up costs quickly.

The free version does not have mass email functions, and overall, CRM customization is quite limited.


Logiciel CRM - Zoho tarifs
  • A free version is available for up to 3 users. Free 15-day trial for paid versions.
  • The STANDARD edition is $20.
  • The PROFESSIONAL edition costs $35.
  • The ENTERPRISE edition costs $50.
  • The ULTIMATE edition costs $65 (Exclusive 30-day free trial)
Discover Zoho CRM

8. Really Simple Systems

Logiciel CRM - Really Simple CRM Interface

Really Simple Systems (RSS for short) lacks sophistication. It's a CRM software very complete and easy to use. It's especially handy for businesses with remote offices and teams.

Although there are paid versions, their free option is more than just a trial offer for businesses with up to two users, so that startups and solo entrepreneurs can use CRM without worrying about the end of the trial period.

It allows an unlimited number of contacts and up to 100MB of document storage. The free version includes many of the basic features, including sales and support automation.

Free users will be able to access contact management tools, which update all relevant information and tasks related to prospects, salespeople, and suppliers in real time.

CRM software offers quick statistics on simple questions like “how many visits did we get this month? (you can also ask more complex questions.) Then there are the “forecast reports” that focus on expected sales figures in a variety of timeframes.


Generating reports is probably more complex than it needs to be. The opportunity system can be a bit cumbersome to use. Email marketing could be improved; email templates are pretty basic.

Additionally, if you're using Outlook, you can't link tasks to trigger active reminders in your inbox.


Logiciel CRM - Really Simple CRM tarifs
  • Free plan for up to 2 users.
  • The starter plan is $15. ($16 CAD)
  • The professional plan is $33 ($35 CAD)
  • The business plan is $50 ($55 CAD)

9. Capsule

Logiciel CRM - Capsule Interface

Capsule is a CRM software that aims to take your relationships with your customers, prospects or colleagues to a more professional level. It does it very simply, with a clear user interface and zero learning curve.

Rather than accumulating features, Capsule simply focuses on managing daily work. You can instantly know what's going on in your sales pipeline (offers, lead generation, proposals, customer data, etc.) and what your team should do and when.

He also makes it easier to find key information - contact lists can be imported from Gmail, Outlook, your CSV spreadsheets, and database files.

If you run a business alone or with a partner, you Can you make do with the free version of the Capsule CRM software (the limit is set at two users).

The professional version includes Zapier, G-Suite, Zendesk, twitter and Mailchimp, allowing you to gather information and capture leads from all of your applications.


The free plan is limited to 250 contacts, you risk running into a glass ceiling and having to upgrade to a paid plan.

To continue using the product you've invested in for your daily business, you can go from zero to $18 per month (or more).

Additionally, to keep track of and automatically generate contacts from your emails, you need to remember to send them as a carbon copy to your Capsule “drop box”, which is fairly easy to forget.


Logiciel CRM - Capsule Tarifs
  • The free basic version of Capsule is available for up to 2 users and 250 contacts.
  • The PROFESSIONAL version is priced at $18.
  • The price of the TEAMS version is $36.
  • The ENTERPRISE version is priced at $54.

A 30-day free trial is available for Professional and Teams.

10. BenchmarkOne

Logiciel CRM - benmarchOne Interface

BenchmarkOne is a very comprehensive CRM software for sales and marketing. It's also ideal for email marketing automation to gather and qualify leads. Sales automation features help manage your pipeline and get more successful conversions.

It is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses like agencies, private firms, and consultants. It also offers very detailed analysis and reports.

Logiciel CRM - benmarchOne awards


Teams of more than 5 people will have to opt for a more expensive formula. There are no customer support tools, so it's not a true all-in-one CRM.


Logiciel CRM - benmarchOne tarifs
  • The free version is only suitable for one user
  • The CORE version is priced at $69 for 2 users per month
  • The ENTERPRISE version is priced at $179 for unlimited users per month

11. Bitrix24

Logiciel CRM - Bitrix24 Interface

Based on the number of users, Bitrix24 is one of the most popular free CRM software in the world.

Bitrix24 provides a free cloud CRM solution for up to 12 users, with a data storage cap of 5 GB.

Its features are largely the same as those of the paid plans, although they are reduced.
Everything you need is there: sales pipeline management, lead management, sales tracking, reports, task automation, and more.

The user interface contributes to making Bitrix24 easy to use (the Kanban view is particularly good).

Access to the voice channel, email, chat, and video are available in the application. Des mobile apps for iOS and Android allow your team to reach agreements and defuse support issues at critical moments.


While the user interface is nice, it's sometimes a bit difficult to navigate between the different modules.

Customization options may not be broad enough for complex and/or specialized commercial applications.

CRM software can Sometimes be slow.

It should also be noted that Bitrix24's learning curve is definitely in the “moderate” category.


Logiciel CRM - Bitrix24 Tarifs
  • Free suite of professional tools for up to 12 users.
  • The BASIC plan is $49 per user/month (maximum of 5 users)
  • The STANDARD plan is $99 (maximum 50 users)
  • The PROFESSIONAL plan is $199.
  • The prices above are for the cloud-based version. On-site solutions are also available.

12. Insightly

Logiciel CRM - Insightly  Interface

Yes, there is a free version ofInsightly, although it's almost deliberately hidden (go to the Insightly pricing page and scroll down to find it). The free version offers you a good quality/price ratio.

Training videos are available and explain the functionalities in a simple way, which facilitates the learning curve and implementation time.

Insightly is a complete CRM software offering tools for lead management, workflow automation, customer management, and sales pipeline.

Personalization is a major part of Insightly's appeal. You can also create custom applications and data visualizations for track key metrics.

You can manage security and rights in your organization for specific modules, contact records, etc. by defining permissions by professional role and/or department.

The platform has native integration with G-Suite and Microsoft 365, as well as with Mailchimp, Slack, dropbox, QuickBooks, and a ton of other apps.


The free version of the CRM is limited to two users and:

  • One Does not have a data backup system,
  • has daily limits for sending bulk emails
  • has custom field limits.

In the same vein, you have to go through a paid formula to have access to more detailed and useful lead management modules.


Logiciel CRM - Insightly  Tarifs
  • The FREE plan is for a maximum of 2 users
  • The PLUS plan is $29
  • The PROFESSIONAL plan is $49
  • The ENTERPRISE plan is $99

A free 14-day trial is available for Plus and Professional plans.

13. Apptivo

Logiciel CRM - Apptivo Interface

The suite of professional solutions fromApptivo, based on the cloud, focuses on personalization. It offers a free version for up to three users, which offers many of the basic tools included in paid plans, as well as 500MB of storage.

The Apptivo Contact application (for contact management) makes it easy to import data from emails and websites, allowing you to collect data on prospects and customers without any time-consuming manual input.

Apptivo management applications provide tools for organizing teams and individuals.

The Apptivo Cases app helps you manage customer issues and interactions, in automatically turning customer emails into tickets. It integrates with CRM software, project supervision, billing, and all other applications in the Apptivo universe, which means that all relevant information is always available to team members.

If you go over the free plan, you'll find that Apptivo's pricing plans are very reasonable and that all the functionalities are grouped together (rather than sold separately), which is refreshingly simple.

Logiciel CRM - Apptivo awards


The free version of Apptivo does not doesn't have marketing tools and doesn't support third-party integrations, which limits its usefulness. On the other hand, the application's user interface does the trick, but may not be very intuitive.


Logiciel CRM - Apptivo Tarifs
  • The free plan is for up to 3 users.
  • The LITE plan is $10
  • The PREMIUM plan is $15
  • The ULTIMATE plan is $25

14. CRM Suite

Logiciel CRM - SuiteCRM Interface

CRM Suite Is a free and open source solution that covers sales, service, support, and marketing functions.

La Learning curve is relatively low and the installation time is short, making it one of the most popular open source software on the market.

A real-time dashboard synchronizes data to give you a timely overview of the status of ongoing projects, marketing metrics and commercial but also revenues/expenses.

The possibility of customization and the large number of add-ons available on the web allow SuiteCRM to deal with applications of all levels of complexity. It also works on virtually every operating system imaginable, namely Windows, OS/X, Ubuntu, Android, and iOS.


Support comes from the SuiteCRM community, which can help Obtaining somewhat slow responses.

As you might expect, the free version is limited in some ways: the integrations and features are less robust than in the paid versions of the product. In general, the vendor doesn't offer ERP software integrations, which can be a problem if you're looking for a very comprehensive platform for your business.

Open source is often synonymous with”higher learning curve“, and that's still the case with SuiteCRM.


Logiciel CRM - SuiteCRM Prix

The price is initially expressed in £

  • Pure SuiteCRM is free.
  • The STARTER plan (recommended for 1 to 10 users) is £95 ($123)
  • The BUSINESS plan (recommended for 5-50 users) is £95 ($332.50)
  • The PREMIUM plan (recommended for 10-150 users) is £95 ($475)

A 30-day free trial is available for all SuiteCRM: OnDemand hosted solution plans.

15. Airtable

Logiciel CRM - Airtable Interface

Airtable Is a non-traditional and lightweight CRM software, with a very successful aesthetic and a disconcerting ease of use.

The free version of the software is very useful, with an unlimited number of “bases”. You can place 1,200 records in each database, with each database having a 2 GB attachment limit.

The Airtable Workflow Management Database aims to reinvent the spreadsheet, allowing users to connect data from different sets and interpret them easily.

Importing and exporting data from CSV files is a breeze.

Probably the biggest reason people love Airtable is the fact that its CRM software focuses on creativity and personalizationn. The drag-and-drop dashboard allows you to create custom fields and fill them with all sorts of things: attachments, long text notes, checkboxes, links to records in other tables, and yes, even bar codes.

The result of these “improved spreadsheets” is an all-in-one collaboration platform that offers functionalities general customer relationship management guidelines for people who are allergic to most business tools. That in fact a viable choice for teams that require a mix of analytical, organizational, and communication functions.


It's good to remember that Airtable never intended to be a conventional and complete business CRM software. This can be seen in his characteristics that remain basic. More complex work processes and task management are likely to be too cumbersome for the platform to handle.


Logiciel CRM - Airtable Tarifs
  • The free version provides the essential features.
  • The PLUS version is $10
  • The PRO version costs $20
Discover Airtable

16. Flowlu

Logiciel CRM - Flowlu Interface

Flowlu Is a collaborative CRM software cloud-based with great features for project and knowledge management. The free version of the product, capped at 2 users, gives you 1 TB of storage data. Create and store knowledge bases, track project expenses or revenues, your finances, and case management.

With Flowlu, you can quickly create personalized invoices automatically with data from your CRM. You can also create quotes or generate leads using custom web forms.

The free version has agile features that allows you to implement strategies Scrum, like sprints, or Kanban board management. Stay on top of issues and bugs, track and prioritize product requirements, and streamline your workflows with flexible tools for your projects.

Logiciel CRM - Flowlu Awards


The function of Filtering tasks in the application is not the most intuitive, and the collaboration tools are relatively basic. Financial reporting functions are also a Not very light and might not not be strong enough for businesses with more complex business processesS.


Logiciel CRM - Flowlu Prix
  • Free for up to 2 users
  • The TEAM plan is $29 for all users/per month
  • The BUSINESS plan is $59
  • The PROFESSIONAL plan is $119

What are the benefits of the CRM system?

Cost reduction - Automated and regulated business processes allow you to reduce operational costs by reducing the number of routine operations that your employees initially had to perform manually.

  • Improving the quality of the service/product - By using CRM software, it is possible to make customer relationships the first priority of your business, allowing more attention to be paid to the level of service provided and the customer satisfaction rate.
  • Performance improvement - By using CRM software, it is possible to make customer relationships the first priority of your business, allowing you to pay more attention to the level of service provided and the rate of customer satisfaction.
  • Increased customer retention - Complete information about each customer will allow marketing, sales, and service agents to provide a truly personalized customer experience, which translates into increased customer retention and increased sales.
  • Increase in the number of customers - By having loyal customers, you can be sure that they will recommend your business to their friends or partners.
  • Increase in sales volume - With the involvement of new customers, the number of sales also increases, and retaining existing customers leads to repeat sales.


What does the term “CRM software” mean?

In most cases, CRM refers to a CRM system, a tool designed to help businesses manage sales, marketing, and services.

CRM software allows businesses to focus on the relationships they have with customers, colleagues, suppliers, etc. With professional CRM software in place, it becomes much easier to find new customers, gain their trust, provide qualified support, and offer additional services throughout the relationship.

What are the types of CRM systems?

CRM on-premise (on premise)

  • Businesses are carefully considering how they deploy their CRM software to ensure that it meets their business goals. While some organizations may benefit from on-premise software, deploying a CRM system in the cloud has numerous advantages.

  • With the CRM on-premise site, a company must buy the licenses in advance. Since the software is located on company servers, on-premise CRM is a good choice for organizations with a strict security policy, but in this case, the implementation process takes more time and IT resources. While it is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure the constant maintenance of the system on site, as the seller is not responsible for its flawless operation and data security after the implementation phase, sellers still provide technical support that will address critical issues.

Cloud CRM (on the cloud)

  • On the other hand, software as a service (SaaS), cloud or CRM on demand, stores data on the provider's servers. In this case, users have full access to the database at any time, wherever they are, and, most importantly, the provider assumes all responsibility for the flawless operation of the system and provides all necessary updates and support.
  • What's important is that cloud-based CRM software is highly scalable, meaning that an organization can easily extend its functionality as business needs increase.
  • The only requirement for accessibility to the cloud system is a strong internet connection, accompanied by an affordable monthly or annual fee.

What are the advantages of the synergy between CRM and BPM for businesses?

In today's rapidly changing business environment, it's critical that you consider combining your CRM with BPM software. Business Process Management (BPM) is an approach focused on optimizing business operations to strengthen organizational efficiency and achieve business goals. At its core, BPM involves a combination of modeling, automating, executing, controlling, measuring, and optimizing business flows.

BPM technology in the field of customer relationship management allows organizations to quickly adapt to a constantly changing business environment. It gives users immediate access to all the important information they need, significantly speeding up workflows. The main objective of BPM is to align all elements of the organization to improve operational performance.


Ultimately, CRM software makes managing multiple different departments in a growing business easier, faster, and maybe more fun.

Today, CRMs are very complete and some of them havemarketing automation tools, of email marketing tools, of landing page creation tools or even connections to your webinar management tools.

As long as you don't forget that the ultimate objective is to have better engagements with customers, whether they are prospects or paying customers. After all, these customers are people, not just data sets.

Of course, metrics are good too: simpler visualizations of your data help you act with the best information possible, rather than just following instinct. Business intelligence, machine learning, AI, and advanced automation are becoming more cheap, user-friendly, and useful.

Small and medium-sized businesses can do things with data that was just not possible a few years ago.

They say the hardest part is getting started. But that doesn't have to be whether difficult. After going through our CRM list above, all you need to do is sign up for free with one of the providers we've listed.

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