Art AI: Best Artificial Intelligence Generators in 2024

Discover the fascinating world of generative AI art: definition, best software, uses by artists, and legal challenges of this artistic revolution.
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In October 2018, the portrait “Edmond de Belamy” became the first work of art created by artificial intelligence sold for the sum of 432,500 dollars at an auction at Christie's.

That day marked the incredible entry of generative AI into the world of contemporary art.

Edmond de Belamy

Since then, enthusiasm for this market has continued to grow: according to a study by Massive Science, the number of works of art generated by AI hath multiplied by 200 between 2015 and 2024.

But what exactly is generative art? What is the best software out there today? How are artists using AI to push the boundaries of creation? And what are the aesthetic, technical and legal issues raised by this new form of expression?

Let's get started.

What is AI-generated art?

AI-generated art refers to works designed by artificial intelligence technologies (neural networks) that learn patterns and styles from a variety of data (images, texts, sounds) to create new works.

Artists guide these technologies with prompts or images, to create works that the artist can then refine.

This art form has applications in various fields such as painting, music or design, using advanced models capable of creating works of art of any type.

More than a simple reproduction of human creativity, art 2.0 explores new combinations of styles and cultures, thus redefining the boundaries of artistic expression and the role of an artist in the digital age.

Selecting the best AI art generators

1. Stable Diffusion: The most efficient open-source art generator

Stable Diffusion - ART by Artificial Intelligence

Stable Diffusion is an open-source image generation model that produces incredible results especially in Sans version 3.0 from prompts.

Key features

  • Generation of high definition images up to 2048x2048 pixels
  • Support for numerous art styles, designs, and fields
  • Possibility to customize the model with your own data
  • Advanced control of the generation process
  • Possible integration with other models
  • Extensive ecosystem of tools and interfaces developed by the community


  • Free
  • Starter plan: $6/month
  • Hobbyist plan: $12/month
  • Pro plan: $28/month
pricing Stable Diffusion

❤️ Critical review : This service is a real revolution in the world of art generated by artificial intelligence. Thanks to its open-source model and its ultra-active community, it is constantly pushing the boundaries of artificial creativity.

👍 Pros : Proposes an open-source model allowing great freedom of creation. Generates images of breathtaking quality and diversity. Benefits from the contributions of a large community of developers and artists.

👎 Cons : Requires technical knowledge for optimal installation and use. Can generate inappropriate or biased content if poorly framed.

LEARN MORE: Discover the Stable Diffusion website

2. Midjourney: The artistic AI available to everyone on Discord

Midjourney - ART by Artificial Intelligence

Midjourney is a Discord bot that uses artificial intelligence to generate unique and artistic images from (prompt) text descriptions

Key features

  • Generating images via prompts on Discord
  • Great variety of art styles and themes
  • Possibility to generate variations and upscales of generated images
  • Advanced features to control the generation process (aspect ratio, number of images...)
  • Model in constant evolution thanks to feedback from the community


  • Basic Plan at $10/month
  • Standard Plan at $30/month
  • Pro Plan at $60/month
  • Mega Plan at $120/month
midjourney price

❤️ Critical review : Midjourney is the perfect companion for artists looking for inspiration and originality. With its creative AI and intuitive Discord controls, it only takes a few words to create unique and fascinating works. The perfect symbiosis between human imagination and the power of artificial intelligence!

👍 Pros : Generates images of great originality and remarkable aesthetic quality. Works with intuitive controls right in Discord. Enables advanced control over style and images.

👎 Cons : Requires some time of adaptation to master the commands and refine its prompts. Can generate images that are a bit far from the original intentions.

LEARN MORE: Discover the Midjourney website

3. Adobe Firefly: AI art generator created by digital creation experts

Firefly - ART by Artificial Intelligence

Adobe Firefly is an AI-based image generation tool developed by Adobe, the leader in software for graphic design.

Key features

  • Generating images and illustrations from natural language descriptions
  • Support for multiple art styles and themes
  • Advanced control over the composition and visual elements generated
  • Seamless integration with Adobe's Creative Cloud suite
  • Model trained ethically to avoid bias and inappropriate content
  • Facilitated collaboration thanks to the online sharing and editing of creations


  • Free access for Creative Cloud users
  • Credit-based pricing for the final version starting at 4.99/month
Prices on Adobe website

❤️ Critical review : Adobe Firefly brilliantly combines the power of generative AI and the expertise of Adobe. Integrated seamlessly into the Suite, it multiplies creative possibilities without sacrificing ease of use.

👍 Pros : Integrates seamlessly with Adobe applications for an optimized creative workflow. Generates high definition images with great realism. Take advantage of Adobe's creative resources.

👎 Cons : Requires an Adobe subscription to take advantage of all features. May lack extravagance compared to other more experimental tools.

LEARN MORE: Discover the Adobe Firefly website

4. NVIDIA Canvas: Powerful AI Tools for 3D Artists

Canvas - homepage

NVIDIA Canvas is an AI-powered suite of tools designed by NVIDIA to facilitate the creation of 3D content or art. With its advanced generation and editing models, NVIDIA Canvas allows artists to generate photorealistic 3D textures, materials, and models in record time.

Key features

  • Generation of textures and materials from images or a description
  • Benefits from NVIDIA's powerful infrastructure
  • Creating 3D models from sketches or images
  • Editing and styling tools to refine AI-generated results
  • Integration with the main 3D creation software (Maya, 3ds Max, Blender...)
  • Hardware acceleration thanks to NVIDIA GPUs for optimal performance
  • Models trained on a large set of 3D data


  • Free closed beta upon application by email
  • Prices not communicated for the final version
Prices on NVIDIA Canvas website

❤️ Critical review : NVIDIA Canvas is a brilliant demonstration of NVIDIA's expertise in generative AI. With its latest algorithms and advanced options, it pushes boundaries while providing artists with unprecedented control.

👍 Pros : Generates ultra-realistic images and textures using advanced algorithms. Offers extensive artistic control options.

👎 Cons : Requires solid technical skills to fully exploit its potential. May seem daunting with its interface primarily intended for pros. Its intensive use can quickly become expensive.

LEARN MORE: Discover the site of NVIDIA Canvas

5. DALL-E: Pioneer in AI-based image generation

DALL-E - ART by Artificial Intelligence

DALL-E is one of the first AI-based image generation models to have demonstrated impressive capabilities to the general public. Developed by OpenAI, DALL-E makes it possible to generate each image from prompts, including in black and white as well as in color, offering remarkable versatility in creating diverse artistic styles.

Key features

  • Generating AI art from descriptions in human natural language
  • Support for varied styles and abstract concepts
  • Ability to combine multiple objects and scenes consistently
  • Possibility to make changes after generation using a brush
  • Model trained on a large set of visual and textual data
  • API available
  • Natively integrated into ChatGPT or Open AI Playground


  • Free plan
  • Plus: $20/month (integrated into the ChatGPT Plus rate)
  • Team: $25/month (minimum 2 users)
  • Enterprise: Rates on request
Prices on the Open AI website

❤️ Critical review : DALL-E is the precursor who democratized generative art and inspired a whole generation of tools. Driven by OpenAI's expertise, he continues to impress with his ability to translate the most abstract concepts into creative art.

👍 Pros : Generate AI art from natural language descriptions. Allows images to be combined and edited intuitively. Allows you to modify elements after generation with a brush in ChatGPT.

👎 Cons : Free credits are quickly consumed. Limited upscale on artwork.

LEARN MORE: Discover the DALL-E website

6. RunwayML: AI platform to bring your creative ideas to life

RunwayML - ART by Artificial Intelligence

RunwayML is an all-in-one platform that brings together a wide range of tools AI for video creation, images, and 3D, including the text generation for emails and other creative content.

Key features

  • Generating images from reference images, text, and artistic styles
  • Support for multiple models for different creative use cases
  • Advanced control of generation parameters for effortless custom creativity
  • Seamless integration with other tools in the RunwayML suite (video editing, styling, etc.)
  • Real-time collaboration to work as a team on creative projects
  • Educational resources to learn how to use AI creatively


  • Free trial (125 credits)
  • Standard plan at $12/month
  • Pro plan at $28/month
  • Unlimited offer at $76/month
Prices on RunwayML website

❤️ Critical review : RunwayML is transforming the AI-generated art landscape by making sophisticated tools for creating artistic works accessible to everyone. This platform is a real asset for artists and designers, offering a range of options for designing quality images and visuals.

👍 Pros : This technology facilitates the generation of AI art (or animated image) with advanced models that automate the creation of complex visuals and the customization of styles. Artists can quickly apply professional effects and filters, making the creative process smoother and less technical.

👎 Cons : While RunwayML is designed to simplify creating art, beginners may find its learning curve quite steep. Also, while technology can produce good results, it may lack finesse.

LEARN MORE: Discover the RunwayML website

7. NightCafe: Simple and fun AI tools to get started with generative art

homepage of NightCafe

The NightCafe service is a consumer web platform that offers a range of user-friendly AI tools for generating artistic images.

Key features

  • Image generator based on simple descriptions (text information)
  • Predefined art styles inspired by great artists and works of art
  • Style transfer tool to apply style from one image to another
  • Community features to share and discover creations for each member
  • Free credits to try the platform without commitment


  • Free credits to discover the platform
  • Credit packs starting at $7.99 for 100 credits
  • Monthly subscriptions starting at $9.99/month for unlimited credits and access to advanced features
Prices on NightCafe website

❤️ Critical review : NightCafe is a haven for art lovers with generative AI. With his unique collection of styles and his creative algorithms, he transforms the smallest sketch into a door to enchanting worlds.

👍 Pros : Offers a gallery of styles inspired by the greatest artists and pictorial movements. Allows you to generate original works from simple sketches or photos. Offers customization options to refine the artistic look. Create a striking “traditional painting” effect with its AI filters.

👎 Cons : Focuses more on “reinterpretation” than on pure creation. The degree of abstraction is not always adjustable. The editing options remain more limited than on other platforms.

LEARN MORE: Discover the NightCafe website

AI, a valuable ally for creatives

In the dynamic world of creation, artificial intelligence (AI) is proving to be a major ally for professionals.

It is essential to consider human sensitivity and emotions when using AI in the creative process, underlining the importance of the human element even in a world where AI can produce remarkable works.

  • Supplement, not substitute: AI automates repetitive tasks but does not replace the unique talent of creatives, acting as an additional tool for innovation and efficiency.
  • Creativity boost: Capable of generating multiple variations of a basic idea, AI helps overcome creative blockages and enrich projects with fresh perspectives.
  • Time saving: By delegating time-consuming activities to AI, creatives can focus on more complex and rewarding tasks, optimizing their creative process.

By integrating AI into their process, creatives can not only accelerate their production but also deepen their artistic exploration, turning challenges into creative opportunities.

Legal issues of AI-generated art

Advances in artificial intelligence (AI) in the field of generative art pose new legal challenges, especially with regard to the principle of ownership and copyright:

  • Undetermined legal framework: Copyright laws do not explicitly recognize AI, leaving gray areas regarding the ownership of AI works, shedding light on the principle of recognizing creations generated by artificial intelligence.
  • Training data rights: The use of protected content to train AIs without consent raises ethical and legal questions. As proof, discussions are ongoing to consider opt-in mechanisms or compensations for original creators, reflecting the principle of protecting and identifying works generated by technology.
  • Attribution and responsibility: The determination of the authorship of an AI work of art and the responsibility for problematic content remain to be clarified. Who is the real author: the AI, its developers, or the user? This debate underscores the principle of legal proceedings in the event of the unauthorized use of images by AI entities.

The art generated by this technology embodies revolutionary potential for creative industries, but it also raises important legal questions that require an adaptive review of existing laws. It will be a real evolution to see how these challenges are addressed to balance innovation and legitimate rights.


At a time when AIs are becoming more efficient and accessible, generative art is emerging as a creative territory in full expansion. From the most advanced artistic experiments to the most fun applications for the general public, he is constantly pushing the limits of imagination and technique.

The influence of sci-fi on AI-generated art is undeniable, pushing the boundaries of creativity even further by inspiring works that incorporate sci-fi themes and aesthetics.

In summary, the choice of your art generator will depend greatly on the desires and the level of expertise of each person:

  • For an easy introduction to generative art: DALL-E, DreamStudio, NightCafe
  • To give free rein to your creativity: Midjourney, Stable Diffusion, ArtBreeder
  • To integrate AI into your artistic practice: Adobe Firefly, NVIDIA Canvas, ProCreate
  • To escape and stimulate your imagination: DeepDream, Craiyon
  • Others: Google Deep Dream Generator, jasper Art, PhotoSonic

Much more than a simple technical feat, generative art invites us to rethink the creative process and the role of the artist in the age of AI.

Between fear and fascination, one thing is certain: artificial creativity is constantly pushing the limits of the imaginable in this World Expo 2.0.

Rather than seeing it as a robotic threat, let's dare to make it a valuable ally on our side in our quest for inspiration and expression. Because after all, hasn't art always been a dialogue between man and his tools?

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