Discover OpenAI GPTs: The ChatGPT AI Revolution (2024)

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The OpenAI adventure is a captivating saga of innovation and technological progress, where each advance in GPTs marked a historic turning point in the field of artificial intelligence.

From GPT to GPT-4 then GPT-4 Turbo, we've seen a remarkable evolution, with each release expanding the boundaries of AI and our abilities to interact with it.

Today, with customizable GPTs, OpenAI and in particular Sam Altman promise unprecedented flexibility, comparable to that of applications on a smartphone.

These GPTs for ChatGPT, adapted to specific needs, pave the way for an era whereartificial intelligence is becoming a standard that is accessible to everyone.

Let's dive into this fascinating universe to understand the impact of GPTs on our daily and professional lives.

What are GPTs? Exploring the OpenAI Revolution

1. Revolutionary concept of GPTs

OpenAI's Generative Pre-trained Transformers (GPTs), presented and launched in November 2023 by Sam Altman, represent a major innovation in human interaction with digital technology and ChatGPT.

GPTs: DALL-E for ChatGPT
  • Definition and Flexibility: GPTs combine diverse instructions, knowledge, and capabilities. They can be adapted for a variety of applications, ranging from technical assistance to language learning.
  • Accessibility and Creation: The process of creating GPTs is intuitive and does not require coding skills, making this technology accessible to anyone, whether they are experts or enthusiasts.

These custom versions of GPT chat are designed to respond to specific tasks or topics, offering unprecedented flexibility and adaptability.

2. ChatGPT Plus Update and Enhancements

The latest OpenAI update brings significant improvements to ChatGPT, making the user experience richer and more intuitive.

Option disponible au dessus des custom instructions
Option available above custom instructions
  • Updated information: ChatGPT Plus now includes the most recent data up to April 2023.
  • Unified model: Users benefit from simplified access to DALL·E, GPT-4V (ChatGPT Vision), with navigation, data analysis, and document search functionalities.

This update marks a step forward in the accessibility and effectiveness of ChatGPT, offering users an enriched and centralized experience to harness the power of AI.

3. Practical examples and applications

GPTs du GPT store

GPTs find their usefulness in various fields, demonstrating their versatility and efficiency in varied tasks.

  • Various applications: Notable examples include Canva and Zapier AI Actions, showing how GPTs can be used for daily tasks or specific business missions.
  • Customization and Innovation: The ability to customize GPTs for personal or professional use opens up a field of innovation and creativity, allowing each user to bring their own unique touch.

GPTs mark significant progress in the field of conversational AI. They are not limited to simple textual exchanges, but offer deeper and more meaningful interactions. With their introduction, OpenAI is redefining the way we interact with artificial intelligence, making these tools more accessible and useful in a multitude of contexts.

Custom GPTs Creation Guide

In a world where artificial intelligence is gaining in importance, knowing how to create custom GPTs is a major asset.

This guide, tailored to ChatGPT Plus and Enterprise users, will provide you with the essential steps to develop your own ChatGPT evolution tailored to your needs.

Step 1: Getting Started

Starting your custom GPT project for ChatGPT starts here.

GPT chat

This initial step is crucial to lay the foundations for your creation.

  • Where to start: See you on or select “My GPTs” in your ChatGPT account.
  • Start Creation: Choose “Create a GPT” to begin the process.

It's a simple but essential first step, laying the foundation for customizing and creating your GPT.

Step 2: Building with the GPT Builder

This step allows you to interact directly with the GPT Builder, an intuitive and user-friendly tool for shaping your ChatGPT according to your needs.

GPT Builder de OpenAI
OpenAI GPT Builder interface
  • Interactive dialog: Start a conversation with the GPT Builder in the “Create” tab.
  • Sample Requests: Suggest specific queries to guide the development of your GPT.

This interaction with the GPT Builder is fundamental to orienting your GPT towards specific goals, making the creative process both accessible and customizable.

Step 3: Setup and Customization

Configuration and customization are the core of creating your GPT.

OpenAI GPT Builder interface

This step offers you total flexibility to refine your ChatGPT according to specific criteria.

  • Name and Description: Define the identity of your ChatGPT in the “Configure” tab.
  • Basic Actions: Select the basic actions of your GPT, such as browsing the web or creating images.

Advanced Customization Options

This section provides advanced tools for in-depth customization of your GPT, allowing it to precisely meet your expectations.

Advanced personalization is what makes your GPT chat unique, making it suitable for specific tasks and reflecting your intentions.

Step 4: Publishing and Sharing

GPT Store
GPT Store

Finalizing and sharing your personalized GPT represents the culmination of your work, allowing your project to become functional and accessible to a wider audience.

  • Publish your GPT: Click “Publish” to finalize your GPT once you are completely happy with its configuration.
  • Edit if necessary before sharing, by selecting the three-dot menu next to your creation and choosing the “Edit” option.
  • Sharing options: Access the sharing menu by clicking on the three-dot menu icon to define who can use your GPT.
  • Choose the Access Level: You can decide if the ChatGPT GPTs is for personal use, accessible to anyone who uses specific plugins, or open to everyone via a link.
  • Share Actively: Distribute your personalized GPT link to share with other users once published or updated.

These steps provide the flexibility to control how and with whom your GPT is shared, reflecting the importance of managing and disseminating AI innovations.

Potential monetization

OpenAI's future GPT Store offers an exciting prospect for monetizing your creation.

Publishing and sharing on the GPT Store are the final steps that bring your project to life.

They offer the opportunity to share your work with the community and to explore monetization opportunities through the GPT Store.

ChatGPT interface

This guide provides a clear path for creating custom GPTs for ChatGPT.

Each stage, from design to publication, is designed to guide you in creating a personalized and powerful AI tool, opening new doors in the field of personalized artificial intelligence.

Security and Confidentiality in GPT Development

In a world where AI technology is evolving rapidly, OpenAI makes it a point of honor to ensure confidentiality and security in the development of its GPT models.

  • User Confidentiality: OpenAI ensures that all interactions with GPTs remain confidential.
  • Improvement of the models: User interactions contribute to the refinement of models while respecting privacy.
  • Robust systems: Strict measures are in place to ensure that the use of GPTs complies with OpenAI policies, in particular by preventing malicious use.

OpenAI's commitment to security and privacy is critical to building lasting trust with users and maintaining the integrity of its AI systems.

Future of AI Agents with OpenAI

OpenAI envisions a future where GPTs become autonomous agents, capable of performing concrete tasks in the field of AI.

  • Evolution of GPTs: GPTs are meant to become more useful and intelligent, acting as agents within the field of AI.
  • API integration: Developers can connect GPTs to real functionalities, such as interactions with databases and e-commerce systems.

OpenAI's thoughtful approach to developing these autonomous systems takes into account technical, security, and societal implications, paving the way for responsible innovations in AI.

Customized GPTs for Businesses

OpenAI allows businesses to create custom GPTs, tailored to their specific needs with ChatGPT Enterprise.

  • Use by Businesses: Companies like Amgen, Bain, and Square are already using ChatGPT Enterprise GPTs for various functions like marketing and customer support.
  • Management via Admin Console: Internal GPTs can be deployed and managed through an administration console.

ChatGPT Enterprise offers businesses the ability to model AI according to their specific requirements, increasing the efficiency and relevance of AI applications in the workplace.


What are the main benefits of OpenAI custom GPTs?

Custom GPTs offer unprecedented flexibility and adaptability, allowing users to configure them for specific tasks. They are accessible to anyone, requiring little or no coding skills, and can be customized for a variety of uses, from daily activities to specific professional missions.

How do I create a custom GPT with OpenAI?

The process of creating a custom GPT is intuitive and user-friendly. Users can get started by visiting, where they can use simple conversational commands to set up their GPT, choosing from features such as web search, image generation, or data analysis.

Does OpenAI offer monetization options for custom GPTs?

Yes, OpenAI is planning to launch a GPT Store where users can share their custom GPTs publicly. This marketplace will allow creators to monetize their GPTs based on user engagement, offering a new path for digital entrepreneurship.


As we wrap up our exploration of OpenAI GPTs, it's clear that these groundbreaking models are redefining how we interact with artificial intelligence.

Customized GPTs are not only advanced AI tools, but digital companions that can adapt to our specific needs, whether professional or personal.

Their ease of use, combined with the ability to personalize and monetise, opens up fascinating prospects for the future of AI.

Whether for individual use or in an entrepreneurial setting, OpenAI's custom GPTs offer immense potential for innovation and creativity.

Finally, OpenAI's commitment to security and privacy ensures that this advanced technology remains ethical and responsible, ensuring a promising future for autonomous AI agents.

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