Discover the future of ChatGPT: 12 essential plugins of 2024

In this article, we're going to explore the best ChatGPT plugins of 2023 and give you some valuable tips on how to get the most out of them.
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As we move into the era of artificial intelligence, the AI chatbots like OpenAI's ChatGPT, are becoming indispensable tools to automate and facilitate our digital lives.

Recording more than 20 million interactions every week, ChatGPT has become a major player in this field.

However, to really maximize the potential of these incredible technologies, we need to look at plugins.

The possibility of integrating Plugins with ChatGPT was introduced in 2022, in response to the growing demand to add additional functionalities and to increase the accuracy of the responses generated by the chatbot.

Since then, ChatGPT's plugin library has continued to grow, and as of June 2023, it has nearly 200 plugins, with an average growth of 10 new plugins added every month.

These plugins add a variety of utilities and functions, making this AI even more powerful.

They range from simple third-party service integrations, like reserving restaurants through OpenTable, to more complex tools that enhance AI research and analysis capabilities, like Wolfram Alpha.

In this article, we are going to explore the best ChatGPT plugins of 2023, based on their popularity, usefulness, and ease of use. We'll also give you some valuable tips on how to get the most out of it, whether you're a casual user or an AI aficionado.

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List of the Best Plugins for ChatGPT

Let's start this list of the Best Plugins for ChatGPT:

1. Prompt Perfect

Prompt Perfect is a ChatGPT plugin that aims to improve the formulation of questions or requests made to the AI. It helps users write more accurate and detailed prompts to get more specific and informative answers from the AI.

The user only needs to enter a basic prompt, and the plugin reformulates internally to make it very detailed for ChatGPT. It does not require any other interventions and works as a plug and play tool.


  • Automatic reformulation of prompts
  • Helps to get more accurate and informative answers from ChatGPT
  • Plug and play functionality without any additional intervention


  • Allows you to get more detailed and accurate answers from ChatGPT
  • Easy to use, without any additional intervention


  • The user must add the word “perfect” before the prompt for the plugin to work.

Overall, Prompt Perfect is a useful tool for getting the most out of ChatGPT.

It simplifies the task of getting more accurate and detailed answers by automatically reformulating your prompts. It's a great addition to your ChatGPT plugin arsenal.

2. Stories

Stories is a creative ChatGPT plugin that allows users to generate their own stories. It generates a story based on the prompt provided by the user.

The user provides a basic prompt and the Stories plugin generates a story from this prompt. The story is then displayed in a vintage-style book, with AI-generated images that accompany the text.


  • Generation of stories based on user prompts
  • Display stories in a vintage-style book with AI images
  • Option to order a hardcover book of the generated story


  • Enables the creation of unique stories based on user prompts
  • Presents the story attractively with vintage-style images and layout


  • Generated stories are mostly creative, so they may not be suitable for all users.

Stories is a unique and creative plugin for ChatGPT that allows users to generate their own stories.

It offers an engaging way to visualize stories and engage the user with vintage-style images and layout.

Whether you're an aspiring writer looking for inspiration or just someone who loves great stories, Stories is a plugin worth trying.

3. Zapier 


Zapier is a plugin for ChatGPT that can help you effectively manage and organize your work tasks.

Whether it's extracting your schedule for the coming week from Google Calendar, or sending emails to your colleagues via Gmail, this plugin is capable of doing it.


  • Simplifies work organization tools.
  • Helps debug your Zapier workflow actions.

Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Benefits: Streamlines work organization tools and helps debug your Zapier workflow actions.
  • Cons: Making the actions work exactly the way you want them to work takes a lot of effort.

In summary, the Zapier plugin may be a bit difficult to set up at first, but once you have everything set up well, you can use it endlessly.

It is a very useful tool that can simplify many work processes and save you valuable time. If you're looking to reduce the amount of manual work you have to do, it's worth giving it a try.

4. Ask Your PDF

Ask Your PDF is an exceptional ChatGPT plugin that makes it easy to extract data from PDF files.


  • It helps you find specific data in a PDF file.
  • It reads a PDF to find answers to your questions.
  • It allows you to manually upload a PDF to the AskYourPDF service and then obtain a document ID (doc_id) that you can use to extract information from the PDF with the plugin.


  • It works great to help you find data within a PDF file.


  • You need to manually enter PDFs outside of ChatGPT before you can work with them.

To conclude, Ask Your PDF requires a bit of work, but the results are great.

It indicates exactly where the information in the document comes from. Whether you work with PDFs frequently or only from time to time, this plugin is very practical.

5. Link Reader 


Link Reader is a cutting-edge solution for looking for information on the web directly from ChatGPT.


  • Integration of the search with other plugins.
  • Summarizes search results effectively.
  • Retrieves information for a specific page.
  • Uses research for more general topics, such as compiling articles on a given topic from specific websites.
  • Explore PDF, PPT, image, Word, and other documents to find the information you're looking for.
  • Works well with other plugins, making it an even more useful tool.


  • Allows you to integrate search with other plugins and effectively summarizes search results.


  • The need to use a plugin instead of having Bing search integrated.

In short, Link Reader is a powerful tool for looking for information on the web.

It is effective for drawing information from a specific page and can also be used for more general topics.

Its integration with other plugins makes it a very versatile tool for ChatGPT users.

6. Asking the right question

Prompt Perfect

Asking the right question, or “Asking the right question”, is the plugin you need to improve your queries with ChatGPT.


  • Ease of use
  • Able to reformulate your queries to get better results.


  • Simple to use


  • It would be helpful if it explained how it works so that you can learn more by using it.

“Asking the right question” is a great tool for those looking to improve the quality of their ChatGPT queries.

It could be even more useful if it offered advice on how to rephrase questions, but it remains a valuable tool for achieving better results.

7. VoxScript

VoxScript is the ideal plugin for those who want to quickly search for information in YouTube video transcripts.


  • Allows you to search effectively through YouTube video transcripts.
  • Quickly provides useful information from transcripts.


  • Works well for quickly finding information in YouTube video transcripts.


  • Only works on YouTube videos that already have transcripts.

VoxScript is a valuable tool for those who prefer to learn from written texts and want to exploit the learning potential of YouTube videos.

Despite its limitation to not being able to generate transcripts for untranscribed YouTube videos, the future looks bright with the upcoming integration of YouTube with Aloud, Google's AI-powered dubbing and translation service.

8. There's an AI for That

There's an AI for That is your ultimate guide to navigating the vast universe of AI programs, helping you find the tool that best suits your needs.


  • Exhaustive search for AI programs that match your needs.
  • Ease of use and abundant results.


  • The plugin is very complete, it scans the full range of AI programs available.


  • Not every AI program he finds is going to be of high quality.

The “There's an AI for That” plugin is a great tool for those who are diving into the world of AI.

It can help you discover a multitude of AI programs, although the quality of these can vary.

9. What to Watch

What to Watch

What to Watch is a ChatGPT plugin that can help you navigate the maze of streaming services to find your favorite shows.


  • Find your favorite shows on almost any streaming service.
  • Answers specific questions about the availability of programs.


  • Useful for finding your favorite shows across a wide range of streaming services.


  • Don't always give accurate information.

What to Watch might not be perfect, but it's good enough. It helps you avoid rummaging through one service after another to find your favorite obscure show.

Despite some occasional mistakes, it's a valuable tool for anyone who enjoys watching television.

10. Image Editor


  • Image Resizing: You can adjust the size of your images according to your needs.
  • Image cropping: this plugin allows you to cut a portion of your image.
  • Applying a blur effect: if you want to blur part or all of your image, this plugin allows it.
  • Image rotation: You can rotate images in any direction.
  • Image URL support: To edit an image, all you need to do is provide its URL.


  • Performs various basic editing functions, including scaling, cropping, blurring, or even rotating the image.


  • Requires you to provide the tool with the URL of the image so that it can download it.
  • Its functionalities are a bit limited.

The “Image Editor” plugin is an incredibly handy and easy to use image editing tool that can be accessed directly from ChatGPT.

While it's not a replacement for full-featured image editing software, it's perfect for quick, basic edits like scaling, cropping, blur, and rotating.

The fact that it works with a URL makes the editing process even smoother and faster.

Whether you need to retouch an image for a post on social networks, a blog or a presentation, this plugin can be a real time saver.

11. OpenTable

OpenTable is a ChatGPT plugin intended to facilitate restaurant reservations. It offers a quick and effortless experience for reserving your favorite table at a restaurant.

All you need to do is provide ChatGPT with basic information, like date, time, location, and number of people.

The plugin then takes the information and automatically finds specific restaurants.

The links provided by the plugin even lead to the reservation details that have already been pre-filled in.


  • Fast and effortless restaurant reservation
  • Automatic restaurant search based on the information provided
  • Pre-filling reservation details


  • Enables effortless restaurant reservations
  • Provides links to pre-filled reservation details


  • Requires the user to provide all basic information for the plugin to work properly.

OpenTable is a handy plugin that simplifies the restaurant reservation process. It provides an effortless experience, allowing you to enjoy your meal without worrying about reservation details.

12. Expedia and KAYAK

Expedia ChatGPT Plugin

Expedia and KAYAK are great ChatGPT plugins that are specially designed for travel needs.


  • They provide human answers to concise questions, for example: “What is the best rate for a three-star hotel in Manhattan from July 10 to 14?”
  • They are able to deal with more general questions, such as, “What are the most fun things to do in Chicago in the summer with my eight-year-old between August 1 and 3?”
  • They offer relevant results for travel and hotel searches.


  • They deliver relevant travel and hotel results.


  • KAYAK doesn't always answer your questions exactly.

In conclusion, these ChatGPT plugins can be very useful for planning your trips if you use them wisely.

While you can't simultaneously use them to refine your searches, they're still a valuable option, given the scarcity of traditional travel agents.

Guide to Activating and Using Plugins on ChatGPT

In this quick guide, we'll see how to activate and use any of the plugins available in ChatGPT.

Follow the steps below to start your creative journey with ChatGPT plugins!

1. Activate access to plugins

To get started, access your profile by clicking on the profile icon in the lower left corner of the screen.

In the settings menu, find the “Beta Features” section and enable the “Plugins” option.

Please note that this feature is for ChatGPT Plus users only.

2. Select the model with plugins

Once you've enabled access to the plugins, make sure you're using the correct template.

On the chat interface, choose “GPT-4 with Plugins” as the selected template.

If you can't find this option, simply follow this link: GPT-4 with Plugins.

3. Install the plugin

Now that you're using the plugin template, go to the Plugin Store.

Browse through the available options and search for the plugin of your choice in the corresponding category.

Once found, click on “Install” to activate the plugin.

4. Choosing a plugin in the Store

You have now activated the plugin of your choice. Use the chat interface to write your prompt or ask your specific request.

The plugin will go into action and generate a response based on the context provided.

5. Use the plugin

Once the plugin has generated a response, you can explore, edit, save, or share it according to your needs.

Take advantage of the power of ChatGPT plugins to unleash your creativity and obtain surprising results.

Start using ChatGPT plugins today and discover a new world of possibilities for your conversations and creations!


Can the answers obtained from these ChatGPT plugins be trusted?

Despite their usefulness, ChatGPT plugins should be used with discernment and caution.

  • OpenAI warns that language models connected to external tools introduce new opportunities but also significant new risks.
  • It's recommended to treat ChatGPT as a tool for getting first impressions, but not for getting accurate answers.

Information obtained through ChatGPT plugins should be used as a first impression, not as an accurate and reliable source of information.

How many ChatGPT plugins can I use at the same time?

The simultaneous use of ChatGPT plugins is currently limited.

Key points:

  • There is a strict limit to the number of plugins you can have active at the same time.
  • You can interchange them, but only three can work at a time.
  • They don't work well together yet.

Managing multiple ChatGPT plugins simultaneously is currently limited, underlining the need to choose wisely.

What are the limitations of ChatGPT 4?

It is important to note that the use of ChatGPT plugins is still subject to certain constraints.

  • When using plugins, you are still limited to 25 requests every three hours with Chat GPT-4.
  • Once this threshold is crossed, you return to ChatGPT 3.5.

Using plugins with ChatGPT-4 has request limits, so it's essential to plan your sessions effectively.


It is obvious that the ChatGPT plugin ecosystem is constantly evolving, constantly introducing new features to improve and diversify our interaction with this technology.

Even though we've highlighted the best ChatGPT plugins here, there are still plenty of other promising plugins in development.

So keep exploring, experimenting, and pushing the boundaries of what this incredible technology can do.

Remember, ChatGPT is a great tool in itself, but it is with the addition of the right plugins that it becomes a real extension of your digital potential. And while the era of free plugins may be coming to an end, the added value they bring in terms of productivity and efficiency could well be worth the investment.

At the end of the day, the best ChatGPT plugins are the ones that help you achieve more.

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