4 Best Free Web Scraping Proxy Lists (2024)

This article will show you the top 5 free proxy lists available on the web: ScrapingBee, ProxyScrape, FreeProxyListCZ, and more.
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In this article, we'll look at the top 5 lists of free proxies and conduct a comparative analysis.

The idea is not only to talk about the different features they offer, but also to test their reliability. We're going to look at and compare response times, errors, and success rates on popular websites like Google and Amazon.

There is a proxy type to meet all of your specific needs, and you can always start with a free proxy server. This is especially true if you want to use it as a proxy scraper.

Let's see the list of the 5 best free proxies:

  • ScrapingBee
  • ProxyScrape
  • Free-Proxy.cz
  • Freeproxylists.net

Let's go into the details of each of them right now.

What is a proxy server?

A free proxy server is a proxy server that you can connect to without the need for special credentials and there are a large number of them online.

The most important thing you need to consider is the source of the proxy.

Since proxies take your information and forward it through a different IP address, they still have access to any Internet requests you make.

While there are plenty of reputable free proxies for the Web scraping, there are just as many proxies hosted by hackers or government agencies.

You send your requests to a third party and they can see all the unencrypted data that comes from your computer or phone.

List of the best free proxies

Below is a list of the best free proxies:

1.  ScrapingBee

An Innovative Solution for Web Scraping

ScrapingBee homepage

ScrapingBee stands out as an essential service for web scraping. It's not just another free proxy; it's a robust platform offering 1,000 free credits upon signup.


  • Proxy rotation : Avoids blockages and simulates human behavior.
  • Technical support : Even in the free version, support is available.
  • Safety and Reliability : Safe IP addresses, reducing the risk of security leaks.
  • Intuitive API : Facilitates scraping with sample code in Python, NodeJS, PHP, Go.
  • Advanced Customization : Geolocation, headers, and cookie management.
  • Optimized efficiency : Automatically blocks ads and images.


The free plan is great to get started, but for more intense scraping needs, it's advisable to upgrade to a paid plan. The ScrapingBee team is ready to help in case of difficulties.

ScrapingBee proves to be a smart choice for your free proxy needs, combining security, support, and advanced features. For effective web scraping, this is an option that should be seriously considered.

2. ProxyScrape

A Flexible Choice for Proxy Servers

Proxyscrape homepage

ProxyScrape is a key resource for getting a list of free proxy servers. Adapted to various web scraping needs, it offers flexibility and ease of use.


  • Easy download : List of proxies available as a txt file.
  • Advanced filtering : Sorting by country, level of anonymity, and SSL use.
  • Diversity of Proxies : Access to HTTP, Socks4, and Socks5 proxies.
  • API Limited : Current Python support for four types of API requests.


  • Free service : Free proxies with varying levels of security.
  • Premium service : More secure data center proxies, with increased monitoring and maintenance.

ProxyScrape is presented as a practical solution for scraping needs, offering diversity and flexibility, while stressing the importance of caution when it comes to the security of free proxies.

3.  Free-Proxy.cz

A former Free Proxies Actor

free proxy cz homepage

Free-proxy.cz is a well-established site offering a vast collection of free proxy servers. Despite a slightly dated interface, it is still a valuable resource for finding various types of proxies.


  • Large Collection of Proxies : Large selection of free web proxies.
  • Advanced filters : Filtering options by country, protocol, and level of anonymity.
  • Practical sorting : Ranking based on speed, uptime, and proxy response.
  • Easy navigation : “Proxies by category” tool for a simplified search.
  • “My IP Address” tool : Detailed information about the user's current IP address.


While Free-Proxy.cz primarily offers free access to its proxy list, it's important to note its pricing options:

Free access

  • Unlimited use of the proxy list
  • Filtering and triage features included

Free-Proxy.cz stands out for its vast selection and advanced filtering features, making it easy to find free proxies adapted to different needs. The “My IP Address” tool is a useful bonus for users who want details about their own connection.

4. Freeproxylists.net

Ease of use

Free proxy list homepage

Freeproxylists.net is a website that offers a list of free proxy servers, easy to navigate thanks to its simplified interface. Although basic, it is known for its reliability and its frequency of updates. Here is a summary of its main characteristics:


  • Filterable proxy table by country, port, and availability.
  • Dedicated section by country for a targeted choice of proxies.
  • Frequent update of proxy lists.


  • Completely free service.

In conclusion, Freeproxylists.net is a solid choice for those looking for simple and free proxy options. For more advanced features, other services may be more appropriate. For more information visit Freeproxylists.net.

Comparative Analysis of Free Proxies

After exploring various free proxies that are available, it is crucial to compare their overall performance, especially in terms of success rates.

Proxy gratuits - analyse des tests

Here are the key observations:

  • Common problems: Most free proxies have recurring problems, such as excessive timeouts, network errors, and HTTPS issues. These issues are the main challenge in using these proxies.
  • Frequent blocks on Google and Instagram: It was found that, even with functional proxies (i.e. those with no errors or timeouts), the majority of requests were blocked, especially on Google and Instagram.
  • Overuse of Proxies: This situation is probably due to the extensive use of these proxies by SEO tools like Scrapebox and Screaming Frog. These SEO tools are often used for keyword research and data mining on Google, which leads to the overuse of free proxies, and therefore their frequent blocking.
  • Relative Proxy Performance: Comparing the different services, it appears that Freeproxylists.net offers relatively more efficient proxies. However, it's important to note that even this provider doesn't guarantee a seamless experience.

In summary, while free proxies may seem appealing, their reliability and effectiveness are often compromised by technical issues and overuse, especially in the context of intensive SEO activities.

Detailed Guide to Connecting to a Proxy Server for Beginners

1. Access Proxy Connection Settings

  • Where to find In your browser settings, look for the “Proxy Settings” or “Proxy Setting” option.
  • Action required: Go to this option to open proxy settings.

2. Enable Proxy Settings

  • Location of settings: You will be redirected to the proxy settings on your computer or browser.
  • Verification: Make sure that the proxy server option is enabled or not.
  • Activation: If disabled, enable the Proxy.

3. Enter Proxy Server Details

To set up your proxy server, follow these steps:

  • Fill in the fields:
  • In the “Address” field, enter the IP address of the proxy server. For example, for “186.47.97. 122:8080 “, enter “".
  • In the “Port” field, enter the port number, in this case “8080".
  • Backup: Once the information has been entered, click “Save” to apply the changes.

4. Test and Adjust the Proxy Connection

  • Connection test: Verify that your Internet connection is working properly through the proxy server.
  • Adjustments: To change or disable the proxy, go back to the same settings and adjust as needed.

5. Tips for Effective Use

  • Safety: Always choose a reliable proxy server to avoid security risks.
  • Verification: If there is a connection problem, double-check the IP address and port number.
  • Careful use: Free proxy servers are to be used for activities that do not require high security.


What is a free proxy server?

A free proxy server is an intermediary that you can connect to without special credentials. Available in abundance online, these servers direct your Internet requests via a different IP address, thus having access to your browsing data.

What are the risks of free proxies?

While there are reliable free proxies for web scraping, many are operated by hackers or government entities. By using a free proxy, you risk sharing your unencrypted data with a third party, who could view or use it.

How do I choose a free proxy server?

It is crucial to verify the source of the proxy. Opt for reputable free proxy providers and be wary of unknown or questionable sources to avoid security risks.


When you're trying to use web scraping to get information about competitors, find email addresses, or get other data from a website, using a proxy will help protect your identity and avoid adding your real IP address to any block list. Proxy scrapers help you keep your robots safe and explore pages for as long as you want.

Having a list of free proxies gives you the advantage of not having to worry about blacklists, because if one IP address is blocked, you can switch to another proxy without much hassle.

If you need to use the same IP address multiple times for your web scraping, it's worth paying for a service that has support and manages its own proxies so you don't have to worry about them going down at the worst possible time.

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