Detailed Full Review of Pipedrive: All you need to know (2024)

Pipedrive helps sales focus on the ongoing process of closing deals. An easy to use CRM that we highly recommend to SMEs.

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If you operate within a small business or if you are part of a marketing team, then Pipedrive offers effective and easy to use CRM software that is economical, equipped with intelligent marketing tools to help you actively sell your products and services.

The scalability of this software makes it a great choice for teams that are growing rapidly like startups. If you want better management and boost your lead generation and sales flow from top to bottom, the Pipedrive solution can be a wise investment.

What is Pipedrive CRM?

Pipedrive is more than a database, it's a CRM software SOC 2 certified, is built around activity-based sales. It ensures total visibility thanks to its functionalities such as its pipeline management tool, equipped with a clear visual interface that encourages you to act, stay organized and keep control of a complex sales process.

Sales reporting provides a visual report, includes pipeline metrics, tracks and tests the sales process, and shows the distribution of sales by product. Pipedrive CRM increases productivity, optimizes the sales process, and has an import/export function that protects against human error.

It is fully customizable, offers multiple possibilities of use, and can automatically create contacts in your pipeline.

How Pipedrive CRM software can benefit your business

The main functionalities offered by the solution Pipedrive are related to how your business generates and interacts with leads. It's not just a database for managing commercial tasks. You have a place to track every moving element of your marketing process in order to track activities, transactions, customer relationships and optimize your growth.

One of the most unfortunate things about the marketing world is disorganization. Imagine having a crowd of hungry customers eager to ask you questions, but too busy to follow up?

Even worse, imagine that your website hasn't been optimized to gather information, answer questions, or generate leads.

What if there were leaks in your marketing game that were hard to catch, or even to notice? Pipedrive answers all of these questions quickly without breaking the bank.


The main objective of the Pipedrive software is to streamline business process management through a clean HMI, with an emphasis on pipeline management.

Of course, it also offers tools for contact management, basic sales automation, and activity tracking, to name a few. Below is a list of some of Pipedrive's main CRM features.

1. AI sales assistant

Pipedrive AI Sales Assistant

A modest AI-powered sales assistant comes with each plan.

Its main function is to analyze past sales activities and offer feedback on how representatives can improve their performance, as well as what CRM or third-party tools they can use to achieve this.

The Pipedrive CRM sales assistant also produces weekly progress reports to show representatives how close they are to reaching their personal and collective goals.

2. Sales automation

Pipedrive Sales Automation

All Pipedrive plans (except Essential) have a basic workflow builder.

You'll be able to automate tasks related to progressing the transaction stage and sending messages through a simple visual point-and-click HMI. Workflows can be created from scratch or using one of Pipedrive's customizable templates. You can even create your own workflow recipes to share with other Pipedrive users.

Workflows are a fantastic way to optimize your business process; learn how to set up your own automated tasks in our comprehensive guide to CRM automation.

3. Email box

Pipedrive Email Inbox

Pipedrive's built-in inbox (included in Pipedrive Advanced and more) syncs with all major email clients, including Gmail and Outlook.

This allows you to send and receive messages directly in the CRM, track email openings and clicks, and create personalized signatures. To send bulk emails faster, use customizable templates and pre-filled merge fields for a personal but timely touch.

4. Management of documents

Pipedrive Document Management

Pipedrive Professional and Enterprise subscribers get access to Smart Docs — which is also available as an optional add-on with lower Pipedrive plans.

It allows Pipedrive to integrate with Google Drive or Microsoft OneDrive to send and track quotes, proposals, and invoices. Other features include electronic signatures, automatic document filling, and collaborative editing.

5. Mobile application

Pipedrive Mobile App

Pipedrive has a free mobile app for iOS and Android. Like its desktop counterpart, Pipedrive Mobile has an organized visual HMI, but its app-exclusive features make it worth downloading.

In particular, it offers offline access to contact and sales data so that field representatives can get the information they need, even without a decent Wi-Fi connection. Pipedrive's mobile app also records calls, schedules follow-ups, and integrates with Google Maps and other popular third-party apps.

If you're looking for a CRM to take with you, our list of the best mobile CRM apps features Pipedrive and other options to keep in your pocket.

6. Integrations

Pipedrive Third-Party Integrations

The Pipedrive software's core platform can be a bit lean beyond key sales functions — that's where its vast library of integrations comes in.

The Pipedrive software marketplace hosts over 300 applications covering lead generation, email marketing, productivity, and more. Notable integrations include Slack, Zoom, Trello, and even HubSpot CRM.

Beyond the native Pipedrive Marketplace apps, you can also add integrations via Zapier or develop your own.

Your ideal software can be further improved if you add the right CRM integrations. Check out our comprehensive guide to learn how to install these external applications.

7. Pipeline Management

All plans include an unlimited number of Kanban-style pipelines created by dragging and dropping the customer or prospect data you need into the appropriate steps.

These pipelines are highly visual and easy to follow so teams can track business from start to finish. Users can customize steps to suit their unique business cycles, filter results by representatives or stages, and draw attention to key points using color-coded tabs.

8. Contact Management

Pipedrive Contact Management

An unlimited number of contact records are standard with every Pipedrive subscription.

Basic contact management features allow you to group contacts by individuals or organizations and then track all activities and correspondence.

For a streamlined approach to data entry, there is intelligent contact data — available with Pipedrive Advanced and more — that enriches contact profiles with information from LinkedIn and other social media platforms in no time.

9. Lead Management

Pipedrive Lead Management

Pipedrive's lead management is closely linked to its pipeline. Add lead information manually or through information taken from web forms and chat widgets.

From there, Pipedrive will group leads into a lead inbox until you're ready to qualify them.

Once the leads are qualified, they can be converted into a deal and sent directly into the pipeline. The Leadbooster add-on (starting at $32.50 per month) adds customer prospecting and nurturing tools to the core CRM.

See where Pipedrive fits in our list of the best lead management software for qualifying, monitoring, and nurturing customers.

Pipedrive Essential is a low-cost way to better organize your pipelines, contacts, and leads.

Upgrade to one of Pipedrive's premium plans for workflow automation, advanced reporting, document tracking, and more.


1. Leadbooster

This add-on allows sales teams to interact with incoming leads through Chatbots, live chat widgets, and web forms. It also includes the Prospector, a tool for finding outgoing prospects. Leadbooster is available for any Pipedrive plan for $32.50 per month annually (or $39 per month).

logiciel Pipedrive Leadbooster rendez vous

Pipedrive offers a Campaigns extension, which will include customizable email templates and real-time reports that allow sales and marketing teams to see which messages resonate the most with prospects and customers. Currently, there is a waiting list for this supplement; price and availability are unknown at this time.

2. Web visitors

The Web Visitors add-on reveals information about how customers discover a business site and what elements on its web page help convert those prospects into customers.

It can be included in any Pipedrive software plan for $41 per month annually (or $49 per month).

logiciel Pipedrive Web Visitors

3. Smart Docs

Smart Docs is available in the Essential or Advanced levels of the Pipedrive software for $32.50 per month per year (or $39 per month).

However, this add-on comes standard with Professional and Enterprise. It allows companies to send and track quotes, proposals, and contracts from the CRM and to collect electronic signatures.

logiciel Pipedrive Smart Docs

PipeDrive Ease of Use

Pipedrive was developed by a group of former sales professionals who wanted a CRM that met the exact opinions and needs of sales people who sell every day.

This mission resulted in the creation of a system that is one of the most intuitive CRMs ever created, with a neat user interface that is easy to navigate and access. The Pipedrive software is particularly well known for its kanban-style visual pipelines, which can be customized by drag-and-drop for sales reps.

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Since the Pipedrive software offers a CRM designed for busy sales teams, implementation is a fairly quick process.

Most people should be able to get started with the software without much formal training; however, the Pipedrive software has a few channels that anyone can turn to if they encounter a problem or need advice - an extensive knowledge base, an active user community, and the Pipedrive Academy, which includes courses and tutorials on various aspects of CRM.

Customer service

All software plans Pipedrive has customer support, this includes 24/7 access to live chat and email support.

Subscribers to the Enterprise offer can also benefit from telephone assistance and an optional personalized welcome service.

Overall, Pipedrive Support has a mixed reputation, but note that your experience may vary depending on why you're seeking help.

For technical questions, many users say that Pipedrive staff are generally quick to respond to inquiries and offer comprehensive support across all technical support channels for customer service.

However, with respect to billing issues, several people said that the quality of the service they received was inadequate. Therefore, it may be helpful to do your due diligence by carefully reading your Pipedrive subscription terms and conditions and staying up to date with any proposed billing changes.


There are four affordable price points for the software Pipedrive to know, so there's no stress or a sense of financial obligation when you get started.

Please note that the prices below are for monthly payments. You can also pay annually for a discount.

You can also test Pipedrive, which offers a free trial, but note that there's no option to stay on a free plan forever.


The Essential plan starts at just $15 per month.

At just $15, it's a smart starting point for you to quickly and easily develop a transparent sales process. This plan gives you the ability to define your sales pipelines and activities and quickly manage your sales performance.


The Advanced plan costs $29 per month.

This package is ideal if you want to take your Pipedrive account to the next level with robust email marketing features.
Email templates, email tracking, and email sync are included in the advanced plan. You can also enrich your existing data by drawing it from social platforms like LinkedIn.


The professional plan costs $59 per month. This plan includes everything in the Advanced plan, plus additional sales features.

The professional plan is ideal if your marketing team wants to crush your sales performance and goals.

The professional plan includes advanced features like one-click calling, call recording, revenue dashboards, custom permissions, and team management tools.


The Enterprise plan costs $99 per month and must be paid annually. This is Pipedrive's best deal, and contains everything included in the professional plan, plus additional integration and support features.

With the Enterprise plan, you can expect additional customization, enhanced security, configuration assistance, and user permissions.


Who uses Pipedrive?

Pipedrive is used by over 95,000 companies in 179 countries that offer a free trial.

It's the preferred CRM for big brands like Skyscanner, Vimeo, and Remax. The company proudly claims that it was designed by salespeople, for salespeople. Small and medium-sized businesses that focus on sales are best placed to use this CRM platform.

Is Pipedrive a good CRM?

Pipedrive is a popular sales CRM software designed to help a sales team manage long and complex sales processes or appointments. They offer a free trial to test some features for your sales business.

Pipedrive users can create a sales pipeline or a sales pipeline with custom milestones. At each stage of the pipeline, you can automate routine tasks, like sending emails and quotes.

Is it easy to get started with Pipedrive?

The user interface of this simple software is easy to learn. In fact, in a test of over 700 CRMs, The Blueprint ranked Pipedrive as the easiest CRM to use.

Does Pipedrive integrate with Microsoft Outlook?

The sync feature of this email software is compatible with over 20 different email providers, including popular platforms like Outlook, Gmail, and Yahoo.

You can compose emails directly from your Mail tab instead of wasting time switching between email systems. The software helps you manage your time, you can also sync your calendar and contacts between Outlook and Pipedrive.

What are the features of Pipedrive?

Pipedrive offers powerful features such as email integration, goal tracking, monitoring, and forecasting through a clean visual interface.

The visual sales pipeline of this CRM tool encourages you to take action, stay organized, and manage a dynamic sales process.

In what country is the PipeDrive software available?

Pipedrive software is available for organizations in almost every continent:

All European countries, Mauritius, Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica, Mexico, South Africa, Nigeria, Norway, New Caledonia, New Zealand, Pakistan, Panama, Papua New Guinea, Netherlands, Philippines, Poland, French Polynesia, Puerto Rico, Peru, Hong Kong S.A.S., Romania, United Kingdom, Russia, Rwanda, Dominican Republic, Samoa, American Samoa, Singapore, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Sweden, Senegal, Tanzania, Thailand, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Turkey, Tuvalu, Romania, United Kingdom, Russia, Dominican Republic, Samoa, Singapore, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Sweden, Senegal, Tanzania, Thailand, Tonga, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Turkey, Tuvalu, Uruguay, Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Samoa, Singapore, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Sweden, Tanzania, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, Tuvalu, Uruguay, Venezuela, Vietnam- Futuna Egypt United Arab Emirates Ecuador United States Norfolk Island Cook Islands...

Final review

A wide variety of smaller companies will appreciate the features and benefits offered by the software. Pipedrive thanks to the robust assortment of CRM tools.

Because Pipedrive is also incredibly cheap, it's perfect for small teams or even solopreneurs who want better lead management, lead generation, or improve their sales process.

Almost any small business owner who generates leads, closes deals, or sells services can make good use of Pipedrive.

Whether your website is generating leads or selling products, Pipedrive offers a generous collection of smart marketing and customer relationship management tools at a reasonable price.

  • Solution that can be handled with great ease of use
  • Free trial
  • Intuitive user interface design
  • Customized reporting capabilities
  • Managing a long list of application integrations
  • Management and monitoring of communications is excellent
  • Solution with very affordable options
  • Ability to create custom sales pipelines and transaction stages or business strategies
  • Drag-and-drop email creation
  • Simple set-up
  • Built for small and medium businesses
  • Does not offer integrations with larger businesses such as SAP or Oracle.
  • Limited solutions and features to manage marketing

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