Marketing Automation Softwares : Full Review, Testing, and Presentation (2024)

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What is Is a cold emailing tool and sales engagement designed to help users generate more leads and increase revenue.

This tool allows users to automate their campaigns and use multi-channel awareness to increase engagement.

With, users can:

  1. Finding prospects on LinkedIn
  2. Engage across multiple channels
  3. Using artificial intelligence to improve sales
  4. Analyze and monitor progress
  5. Integration of multiple tools

In addition to that, with this email and email management tool contact management  allows you to manage hundreds of emails and connections.

Features is a sales and customer engagement automation platform, renowned for integrating cutting-edge features such as artificial intelligence.

This platform is designed to radically transform the way businesses interact with their customers in B2B.

Here's a detailed look at its most notable features:

1. Meet Jason AI (B2B Conversational AI)

Jason AI, based on ChatGPT technology, serves as a personal assistant, revolutionizing business communication sequences.

  • Automation of Engagement Sequences: Allows you to create personalized communication sequences using AI.
  • Management of Prospects Responses: Analyzes and responds to the interactions of prospects in a contextual manner.
  • Meeting Scheduling: Organize meetings, managing calendars automatically.

Jason AI is a giant leap in automation, offering unparalleled personalization in customer interactions. However, human supervision remains essential to ensure the adequacy and refinement of AI responses.

2. Multi-Channel Automation

This feature allows for consistent management of communications across various platforms.

  • Email, Calls, and SMS: Centralized management of campaigns on various channels.
  • Customizing Messages: Adaptation of communications according to the profiles of prospects.
  • Interaction monitoring: Detailed monitoring of all customer interactions.

Multi-channel automation is crucial to reaching customers on their preferred channel. However, this requires a content strategy that is consistent and adapted to each channel.

3. Data Analysis and Reporting provides accurate analytics to assess the impact of communication campaigns.

  • Analytical dashboards: Real-time visualization of campaign performance.
  • Conversion tracking: Monitoring of the customer journey, from engagement to conversion.
  • Customizable reports: Creation of reports adapted to the specific needs of the company.

Analytics tools are essential for measuring campaign effectiveness, but require a thorough understanding of data to draw accurate conclusions.

4. Lead and Contact Management email composer

This feature centralizes the management of information relating to potential and existing customers.

  • Centralized database: Storage and management of all customer information in one place.
  • Advanced segmentation: Categorization of contacts for targeted campaigns.
  • Interaction history: Access to a complete history of interactions for each contact.

Centralized lead management is extremely effective for organizing customer data. However, it requires regular updating and maintenance to ensure the accuracy of the information.

5. Chrome Extension

The Chrome extension allows for easier and more efficient contact research from LinkedIn. This feature will help you complete your tasks and connect more quickly through your emails or social networks.

Les Chrome extensions for tools like this are a great feature to have on hand because they speed up all the campaign processes that usually make you go back and forth between different pages. It's going to boost your team's productivity more effectively than any other method.

With this extension, you will be able to complete the following tasks:

  • Extracting data
  • Search by email and phone
  • Synchronizing contacts from CRM platforms
  • Search by email and phone
  • LinkedIn contact search

Reply integrates with HubSpot, Salesforce and Copper CRM, allowing you to easily extract your contacts from these three platforms.

It's also important to mention that Reply's Chrome extension is compatible with Gmail, so you don't have to worry about using other email providers to carry out your awareness campaigns.

This extension also comes with Name2Email integration, which helps you find any business email address available on the Internet. Needless to say, this feature is going to be very handy for your research efforts.

6. Integration and API excels at integrating with other systems and platforms.

  • Integrations with CRM: Easy connection with CRM systems like Salesforce or HubSpot.
  • Personalization API: Customizing integrations through APIs.
  • Workflow Automation: Creation of automated and integrated workflows.

Integration with other platforms is a major asset, enriching the functionalities of However, this involves some technical complexity and requires ongoing attention for maintenance and updates.

7. Productivity tools

Reply comes with a set of tools to boost the productivity of your sales team. With the ability to connect through calls, emails, and social networks, everything you need is right at your fingertips.

Les productivity tools will help you save a lot of time on tedious tasks that take way too long to complete. With this feature in hand, you'll get the following benefits:

  • Visibility of the status of the prospect
  • CRM integrations
  • Tasks page
  • Call log
  • Task dashboard

You can use all of these benefits in any way that works best for you. Seeing the recent information and activities of prospects will allow you to take action if necessary. You will thus be able to adapt your campaign to the needs of your prospects and modify it in order to increase the chances of them buying your product.


Reply's productivity tools also include intelligent contact management, which allows for the following activities:

  • Domain and contact blacklist
  • Monitoring contact activity
  • Profile and sequence history tracking
  • Smart filter application
  • Contact list segmentation
  • Manual contact data entry
  • Importing contacts into a CSV file

Reply understands that team collaboration is one of the most important factors in the business world. That's why it offers the following productivity tools:

  • Account-based selling
  • Team Management
  • Private mode
  • Blacklist of domains and prospects
  • List of schedules
  • Visibility of the activity
  • Property-based filtering
  • Unified lists of prospects and campaigns

Reply uses artificial intelligence to take its platform to the next level, and this inclusion allows for the following options:

  • Suggested calls for hot trails
  • Suggested actions based on the main activity
  • Email quality control
  • Email suggestions
  • Inbox categorization

In summary, stands out as a comprehensive solution for automating sales and customer engagement, thanks to its innovative features like Jason AI, multi-channel automation, and advanced analytics tools.

8. Reports and analyses

We all know that decisions based on data are the most effective, regardless of the business. That's why reports and analytics are critical to the well-being of any business. Without them, you wouldn't be able to base your campaign decisions on trustworthy sources.

With this feature, Reply will be able to measure your team's progress and analyze every aspect of your campaign. It will help you develop better long-term strategies, which is exactly what you want to achieve.

The reporting and analysis function will help you perform the following actions:

  1. Record calls
  2. Listen to calls
  3. Export statistics
  4. Measuring team results
  5. Provide team and sequence analyses

Solutions that are designed to be useful for businesses in the short and long term are the ones that don't usually get lost in the deep waters of competition. It doesn't matter if you choose this product or another, as long as you make sure it will be useful to your team, both immediately and in the longer term.

One of the most important actions in business is to continue to make progress in everything you do. Without constantly updating your business, you won't be able to stay ahead of your competitors, which is why it's crucial to introduce solutions that will help you improve.

Reply decided to introduce an improvement tool that will ensure that your performances reach their maximum. This tool offers the following options:

  1. Overview of the delivery schedule
  2. Sequence models
  3. A/B email testing
  4. Email quality control

All of these features are going to be extremely useful for your sales activities. While it's true that the majority of sales platforms have the same set of features, only a few offer as many options.

Reply understands what it takes to have successful campaigns, and its aim is to present you with all the tools you need to help you reach that point. No matter what you're trying to sell, you need to focus on tasks that are more relevant than sending emails manually.

Step-by-Step Guide to Creating a Multi-Channel Sequence

Once you sign up for your account, you'll need to go through a setup process, but as I already did, we're going to focus on building the sequence.

The multi-channel sequence is at the heart of the sales engagement platform.

Each sequence includes a number of steps that you can combine in the order that best fits your workflow:

  • Personal email tracking
  • Relationships with Linkedin
  • Calls
  • Tasks
  • SMS and social touches

And all this with programmable delays between each of these steps.

So there are two options for creating a new sequence: creating a sequence from a template, or creating a new sequence from scratch. new sequence

And for the purposes of this review, we're going to do a new sequence.

From there, the sequence assistant will guide you through the steps you need to take to start a new sequence.

Once you click on “from scratch”, the next step is to click on the “add step” button and you can choose between the two:

  • Manual or automatic emails
  • Calls
  • Manual or automatic SMS
  • whatsapp
  • Linkedin messages
  • Connection requests
  • InMail
  • See the profile
  • Zapier
  • Task steps

So let's start with an automated email step.

In the email composer, you can either use a public template or create a new email from scratch.

You can also use response variables to create super personalized messages. You can insert images, attachments, and videos from Vidyard and preview a message here to see what a lead will receive.

As you can see, at first I added an email. I'm not sure how accurate these scores are, but I think they give you a good idea of what you're doing in terms of writing cold emails. email

Then we're going to add the next step. At the end of the day, I want them to get a response and I think the best way to get a response is to warm them up first.

So instead of sending a new email cold, I can add a “to do” step and send a LinkedIn message or request and, in general, I recommend making a personal video with that. new task

So after that, I'll send another email.

After creating your sales sequence with several follow-up steps, you can also customize the time frames between each of these individual steps.

Likewise, when creating the steps in the sequence, you can reorder the steps using the drag-and-drop functionality.

Once you have created all the steps required for your sequence, click “next” to select the campaign calendar.

campaign schedule

By default, you'll see a list of available schedules. You can select one and change it according to your needs.

You can also create another schedule that can be useful if you want to run multiple sequences that are targeted at different time zones.

Once the calendar is selected, you can add contacts to your sequence.

add contacts

Here you can download contacts from a CSV file, add existing contacts, or create them manually.

To import contacts from a CSV file, choose this option and select the file you want to download. Once on the correspondence page, confirm and verify that the CSV fields match the fields you will use in Reply.

In the general settings, you can specify the sending email, set daily sending limits, and the time between each of your individual steps.

sequence settings

The launch stage provides you with an overview of the sequence; from there, you can save or save and launch the sequence or even skip to one of the previous steps in the sequence wizard.


Reply offers three price levels depending on the size of your business:

  • Free
  • Starter
  • Professional
  • Ultimate pricing

Cost per user Number of contacts per month:

  • $70/month billed monthly 1,000
  • $55/month billed annually
  • $90/month billed monthly 3,000
  • $70/month billed annually
  • $120/month billed monthly Unlimited
  • $90/month billed annually

Alternatives to

Now let's see what other solutions are.

1. HubSpot Sales

HubSpot Sales is a comprehensive sales and marketing platform, offering powerful tools for sending emails, customer relationship management (CRM), and sales automation.


  • Advanced emailing tools : Email personalization and automation.
  • CRM integration : Centralized management of prospects and customers.
  • Ways to follow up and engage : Detailed monitoring of interactions with prospects.
  • Automating sales workflows : Improving the efficiency of sales processes.
  • Analytics and reporting : In-depth insights into campaign performance.


  • Varied plans : HubSpot offers a free CRM, with paid options for additional features.

HubSpot Sales is a comprehensive alternative to for businesses looking for an integrated customer relationship management and sales automation solution.

2. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a widely used email marketing tool that is known for its ease of use and robust features, suitable for both small businesses and marketing professionals.


  • Creating email campaigns : Intuitive tools to design engaging emails.
  • Marketing automation : Automatic sending of email sequences based on user behavior.
  • Advanced segmentation : Precise targeting of prospects and customers.
  • Analytics and reporting : Monitoring the performance of email campaigns.
  • Multiple integrations : Connection with various applications and services.


  • Free version : Up to 2,000 contacts and 10,000 shipments per month.
  • Paid plans : Options starting at $9.99/month.

Mailchimp is a versatile alternative to, especially suited to SMEs and marketers looking to combine email prospecting with other marketing strategies.

3. Lemlist

Lemlist is an innovative cold emailing platform, designed for marketing and sales professionals looking to personalize and automate their email prospecting campaigns.


  • Advanced email personalization : Creation of highly personalized emails with dynamic images and videos.
  • Campaign automation : Automatic sending of email sequences based on the interactions of the recipients.
  • Performance monitoring : Detailed analysis of opening rates, clicks and responses.
  • Multiple integrations : Synchronization with CRM and other marketing tools.
  • A/B Testing : Test different versions of your emails to optimize performance.


  • Paid plans : Options starting at $29/month with a free trial available.

Lemlist stands out as an innovative alternative to, offering unique personalization and automation features for cold email campaigns, ideal for sales and marketing teams looking to increase their response rate.


What is

Reply is a sales engagement platform that allows you toAutomate cold emailing on various channels. It makes it possible to generate more leads and to increase the company's revenue.

Which tool is better - Vs SalesBlink? is a sales engagement and awareness platform, while Salesblink is a sales awareness automation suite. While Reply is primarily useful for automating prospecting, SalesBlink has a lot more to offer.

What are the integrations?

Reply has dozens of integrations, including Salesforce, Pipedrive, Hubspot, and more.

Final Verdict

One question unites all types of sales and marketing staff: the message.

This problem can manifest itself in a variety of ways, including reaching out to prospects to check what a product has to offer, emails, and responding to social media ads. The need to respond quickly to requests is omnipresent in our digital and constantly connected environment.

Worse, the continuous arrival and departure of communications can be overwhelming. It is well known that many professionals spend a considerable amount of time dealing with communications every day and people want to get them back as quickly as possible.

Fortunately, technology is now catching up with the problem of continuous messages. Autoresponders, for example, are a popular approach to managing vacations. Email automation also allows messages to be sent when specific events occur, and chatbots help manage basic customer service tasks.

That said, simple solutions don't always work well. Some messaging applications require a broader combination of sending and receiving messages. Or, texting frequently consumes so much time that it's hard to do anything else. That's why tools like Reply exist. is undoubtedly one of the best, if not the best, cold prospecting software on the market.

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