Contact Management Software: Best Tools in 2024

In this guide, I rank and review the best contact management software based on their features, usage, price, and more.
Zoho Bigin
Zoho Bigin

Bigin is a simple but powerful CRM that allows SMEs to track their business, organize their contacts, track their activities and manage relationships with their customers

The Best for Small Businesses
monday is a great choice because it has great scalability, affordability, and impressive features.

Ultimate all-in-one software solution

Pipedrive is a sales-focused CRM that works as an account management tool that can help marketing and the entire sales process.

Best for Sales Support
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Contact management software: the essential asset for boost your customer relationship.

At the time when 93% of consumers think the customer experience is also important than products or services, contact management has become a crucial issue for businesses.

To meet customer expectations for personalization and fluidity, there is nothing like customer relationship management software (CRM software)!

These tools allow you to centralize all the key information on your contacts (contact details, purchase history, preferences...) for more relevant and effective interactions.

Result: up to 29% more sales, 300% higher conversion rates and 35% more customer satisfaction !

Projection des revenus du Marché mondial des CRM en milliards de dollars 2019-2028
Global CRM Market Revenue Projection in Billions of Dollars 2019-2028

But with the plethora of CRM solutions on the market, how do you choose the one that really fits your needs and budget?

That is the whole purpose of this article, which offers you a Comparison of the best contact management software of the moment.

On the menu: an overview of the essential functionalities, the strengths of each tool and the various price offers.

Enough to help you make the right choice, whether you are an SME, a startup or a freelancer.

So, ready to take your contact management to the top?

Let's get started.

Selection and ranking of the best contact management software

Here are the best contact management software on the market.

1. Monday Sales CRM : Intuitive interface for organizing contacts

page accueil de monday Sales CRM

Your address book is full of promising contacts, but you still need to know how to make the most of them.

That's where Monday Sales CRM enter the scene.

With its visual philosophy and intuitive features, it is revolutionizing the way sales teams manage their contacts and manage their deals. No more wasting time navigating between different tools, make way for a unique and powerful platform to make your network grow.


  • Centralization of all contact information in a secure and customizable interface
  • Monitoring interactions with each contact thanks to a visual timeline
  • Customizing fields and views to adapt the tool to your unique sales process
  • Capture new leads via integrated web forms
  • Categorization of contacts according to their role in the deal (decision maker, influencer, user, etc.)
  • Automating repetitive tasks for more productivity and fewer errors
  • Follow-up of deals step by step, from the first contact to the signature
  • Integrations with your favorite tools for seamless data sync

👍 Benefits : monday Sales CRM stands out for its resolutely visual approach to contact management. No more endless lists à la Prévert, make way for intuitive contact sheets where all essential information is accessible at the blink of an eye. Its fully customizable interface allows each team to adapt the tool to their processes and vocabulary. Even better, its automation features free up valuable time to focus on the human relationship, which is the key to business success.

👎 Disadvantages : Although very intuitive, Monday Sales CRM requires some time to get started to exploit its full potential, especially its automation functions. In addition, the absence of a single seat rate can hinder very small structures and self-employed persons.


prix de  monday Sales CRM
  • Free version for small projects
  • Basic package at $8/seat/month
  • Standard package at $10/seat/month
  • Pro package at $16/seat/month
  • Enterprise package on request

Our Take

If contact management is at the heart of your business, Monday Sales CRM will be your best asset to boost your productivity and your conversion rate.

With its visual approach and intelligent automations, it will help you build strong and lasting relationships with each of your contacts.

For sales teams looking to take things to the next level, it's an investment that's worth the effort. Small organizations will appreciate the free version, but the majority of teams will find happiness in the Standard or Pro packages.

2. Pipedrive : Visualization of contacts for optimized follow-up

page accueil pipedrive

In the fast-paced business race, having a clear vision of your sales pipeline is an undeniable competitive advantage.

Pipedrive has a simple and intuitive design to channel your business approach easily with minimal manual effort. It allows teams to focus on what matters most: converting prospects into satisfied customers.


  • Visual and customizable sales pipeline to track each deal in the blink of an eye
  • Detailed contact sheets with interaction history and 360° view
  • Synchronize calls, emails, and meetings for seamless communication
  • Monitoring of activities and tasks for each deal, ensuring rigorous follow-up
  • Customized reports to measure performance and manage activity
  • Automating time-consuming administrative tasks
  • Seamless integration with productivity and communication tools (Gmail, Outlook, Slack...)
  • Mobile apps to manage contacts and deals anytime, anywhere

👍 Benefits : The great strength of Pipedrive lies in its simplicity and ergonomics. Its clean interface and visual pipeline allow each salesperson to know exactly where they stand, without getting lost in superfluous functionalities. Pipedrive was designed to adapt to the reality on the ground, with extensive customization options to reflect the specificities of each industry and sales process.

👎 Disadvantages : Although very intuitive, Pipedrive may seem a bit basic for businesses with very advanced reporting needs. Its support system, although responsive, is only available in English, which can be a hindrance for some users. Finally, the absence of a free version (excluding the 14-day trial) can put off very small structures.


tarifs de PipeDrive
  • Essential: $15/user/month
  • Advanced: $29/user/month
  • Professional: $59/user/month
  • Enterprise: $99/user/month (minimum 10 users)

Our Take

If your priority is to boost sales without getting bogged down in complex features, Pipedrive is for you. With its visual approach and its terrain orientation, it stands out as one of CRM software the most intuitive and effective on the market.

Whether you are a startup, an SME, or a large group, Pipedrive will adapt to your processes to help you convert more, and faster. The Professional package will be a smart choice for most teams looking to take things to the next level.

3. Zoho Bigin : Easy contact management for beginners

accueil Bigin by Zoho CRM

In a world where customer relationships are king, having an efficient tool to manage contacts is an imperative for any company.

That is precisely the mission of Zoho Bigin, a CRM designed for SMEs that want to offer an optimal customer experience at each stage of the buying process.

With its advanced contact management features and intuitive approach, Zoho Bigin is revolutionizing the way businesses interact with their customers.

Key features

  • 360° view of customer information for a thorough understanding of each contact
  • One-click call support for responsive customer support
  • Recording meetings so you don't miss out on important exchanges
  • Real-time notifications to react at the right time
  • Multi-channel communication (email, sms, social networks) to adapt to the preferences of each customer
  • Automating repetitive tasks to focus on human relationships
  • Analysis of email campaigns to optimize opening and response rates
  • Proactive suggestion of the best times and channels to interact with each contact, thanks to AI

👍 Benefits : The strength of Zoho Bigin lies in its ability to place contact management at the heart of business strategy. By centralizing all customer information in a single interface, it provides a global vision of each relationship. Its intelligent automation features and AI-based suggestions help teams optimize every interaction, from initial contact to after-sales. The result: a fluid, personalized and memorable customer experience, the key to a lasting relationship.

👎 Disadvantages : Although very comprehensive, Zoho Bigin may require some time to get started to exploit its full potential. Its number of customizable fields, while appreciable, is still limited compared to some competitors. Finally, despite attractive pricing, SMEs in the start-up phase may find the cost of the paid plan a bit high.


tarifs Zoho Bigin
  • Free plan for up to 500 contacts
  • Express plan at $7/month up to 50,000 contacts
  • Premier plan at $12/month up to 100,000 contacts

Our Take

For SMEs that want to place contact management at the heart of their growth, Zoho Bigin is obvious.

With its advanced features and customer-centric approach, it offers all the tools needed to build strong and lasting relationships.

If your priority is to turn your contacts into loyal brand ambassadors, Zoho Bigin will be your best ally. The free plan already offers great prospects, but the Express version will be a smart choice for most developing SMEs.

4. FreshSales : CRM platform designed to boost your conversions

freshsales - page accueil

In the jungle of commercial development, turning a promising contact into a loyal customer is sometimes an obstacle course.

FreshSales was created to meet this challenge.

With its intuitive CRM platform and advanced contact management features, it provides marketing and sales teams with all the tools they need to effectively understand, segment, and engage their audience.


  • 360° view of each contact, integrating interactions, social profiles and customer history
  • Automatic segmentation of contacts according to their level of engagement and conversion potential
  • Automatic import of contacts from emails to save valuable time
  • Predictive scoring tool to identify the most qualified prospects at a glance
  • “Freddy” AI assistant to guide each contact and optimize conversions
  • Targeted and personalized email campaigns based on the profile and journey of each contact
  • Detailed monitoring of marketing and commercial communications for total traceability
  • Automating repetitive tasks to focus on human relationships

👍 Benefits : FreshSales stands out for its ability to place customer knowledge at the heart of sales strategy. By unifying data, interactions, and insights into a single interface, it allows teams to instantly understand the needs and expectations of each contact. Its advanced segmentation and personalization tools make it a valuable ally in building lasting relationships and dramatically increasing conversions.

👎 Disadvantages : Although very comprehensive, the FreshSales platform may require some time to adapt to fully exploit all its functionalities. Its price, although in line with the market, can represent a significant investment for small structures. Finally, the number of contacts included in each rate plan can be limiting in case of rapid growth.


freshsales - prix
  • Growth plan at $29/month (1000 contacts)
  • Pro plan at $69/month (3000 contacts)
  • Enterprise plan at $125/month (5000 contacts)

Our Take

If converting contacts into customers is your priority, FreshSales will be your best bet. With its advanced contact management features and its resolutely data-oriented philosophy, it will help you build authentic and profitable relationships with each of your prospects.

For marketing and sales teams looking for efficiency, this is a more than wise investment.

The Pro plan will meet the needs of the majority of SMEs, but the smallest structures will also benefit from the Growth plan.

5. Keap : Advanced contact segmentation for marketing

page accueil Keap

Keap is a cloud-based sales and marketing solution that saves time by eliminating sales chaos.

It is an all-in-one, easy-to-use platform that offers the best CRM features, of Marketing automation And of e-commerce.

With its “Grow with Less Chaos” philosophy, Keap helps entrepreneurs and small businesses to develop peacefully.


  • Intuitive CRM for a 360° view of each contact
  • Advanced segmentation for highly targeted campaigns
  • Automating customer journeys for greater responsiveness and personalization
  • Customized forms to effectively capture leads
  • Monitoring of interactions and quick actions from each contact sheet
  • Seamless integration with sales and payment tools (PayPal, Stripe, WePay...)
  • Features designed for mobile, for optimal contact management in any situation
  • More than 20 years of experience and thousands of entrepreneurs supported

👍 Benefits : Keap's great strength lies in its ability to perfectly synchronize contact management, marketing automation and online sales. By centralizing all customer data in a single interface, it allows perfectly orchestrated communication across all channels. Its advanced segmentation options and automated scenarios ensure an ultra-personalized experience for each contact, key to lasting engagement.

👎 Disadvantages : While Keap is designed to be accessible to non-specialists, its learning curve can be a bit steep for marketing automation newbies. Its price, although in line with its value proposition, can represent a significant investment for very small structures. Finally, the limit of 500 contacts per plan can be limiting in case of rapid growth.


tarifs Keap
  • Lite plan at $79/month
  • Pro plan at $159/month
  • Max plan at $199/month
  • $30 per additional user

Our Take

For entrepreneurs and SMEs wishing to industrialize their marketing without sacrificing the authenticity of the customer relationship, Keap is a wise choice.

With its advanced contact management, automation, and sales features, it offers all the tools you need to develop peacefully. If you are looking for a reliable ally to take the next step in terms of acquisition and loyalty, Keap will certainly meet your expectations.

The Pro plan will be a good starting point for most growing businesses.

6. Hubspot CRM : Deep integration of contacts with marketing channels

Hubspot CRM accueil

In the digital age, offering a memorable customer experience has become an imperative for any business concerned with growth.

That is precisely the mission of Hubspot CRM, an intuitive and powerful platform that is reinventing customer relationship management.

With its advanced contact management, reporting, and automation features, Hubspot CRM gives marketing and sales teams all the tools to build lasting and profitable relationships.


  • Unlimited contact database, for unhindered growth
  • Automatic enrichment of contact sheets with data from 20 million companies
  • Real-time monitoring of interactions (email openings, site visits...)
  • “Click-to-Call” function to contact prospects in one click
  • Integrated live chat for smooth and responsive communication
  • Appointment scheduling tool for optimal agenda management
  • Customized reports to monitor the performance of each salesperson
  • Seamless integration with Hubspot marketing and customer service tools

👍 Benefits : The great strength of Hubspot CRM lies in its ability to centralize all customer interactions in a single and user-friendly interface. No more tools and scattered data: each contact has a complete file, enriched in real time, allowing optimal customer knowledge. Its “freemium” model also makes it a very accessible solution, even for small structures.

👎 Disadvantages :Although very complete, Hubspot CRM may require some time to get started to fully exploit all its functionalities. Moreover, while the free version is already very rich, some advanced options (marketing automation, personalized reports, etc.) are reserved for paid formulas, whose cost can quickly increase.


Tarif Hubspot CRM
  • Free version with basic features and unlimited contacts
  • Starter: $45/month (1000 contacts)
  • Professional: $800/month (2000 contacts)
  • Enterprise: $3200/month (10,000 contacts)

Our Take

For businesses looking for a comprehensive and scalable solution to optimize their customer relationships, Hubspot CRM is a top choice.

With its powerful features and unified approach to marketing, sales, and service, it offers all the tools to create exceptional customer experiences.

While the free version is suitable for small structures, fast-growing businesses will find ways to unleash their full potential in paid packages.

7. Insightly: Smart links between contacts and projects

Insightly Homepage

Insightly is much more than just contact management software, it's a unified CRM platform that converts transactions into projects without losing track of customer data.

It tracks steps, manages processes, and integrates with external CRM systems to ensure on-time delivery.

You can create data visualizations to find out about the progress and prospects of the project. And with Insightly's drag-and-drop feature, you can share custom dashboards and reports with other team members.


  • Intelligent lead routing and workflow automation
  • Real-time email tracking
  • Organization of tasks
  • Creating custom applications
  • Drag-and-drop functionality for dashboards and reports
  • Enhanced data security

👍 Benefits : What really sets Insightly apart is its ability to personalize the user experience. You can adapt workflows and views to suit your preferences and the specific needs of your business. The drag-and-drop functionality makes creating custom dashboards and reports super easy. You can therefore easily visualize the progress of your projects and share this information with your team.

👎 Disadvantages : Although Insightly is feature-rich, its interface may seem a bit complex at first for new users. A period of adaptation and training may be necessary to take full advantage of all its possibilities.


Insightly Pricing Page
  • “Plus” plan at $29/user/month
  • “Professional” plan at $49/user/month
  • “Enterprise” plan at $99/user/month
  • Annual billing
  • Free trial and demo available

Critical review

Insightly is particularly suitable for companies that manage complex projects that require accurate monitoring of customer data.

It's a great choice for creative agencies, service companies, and B2B businesses.

Its flexibility allows it to adapt to a wide range of sectors and business sizes. If you are looking for a powerful CRM combining project management and customer follow-up, Insightly is for you.

8. Salesforce CRM: Large-Scale Contact Management

Salesforce Homepage

In the world of CRM, a name sounds obvious: Salesforce.

A true market pioneer, this cloud-based solution has revolutionized the way businesses, from SMEs to large accounts, manage their interactions with their customers.

With its modular platform and advanced functionalities, Salesforce has established itself as the essential companion for sales teams who care about performance and responsiveness.


  • Predictive lead evaluation to prioritize efforts and maximize conversions
  • Fine management of tasks and contracts for seamless collaboration
  • Real-time reporting for optimized management of commercial activity
  • Extensive integrations with productivity tools (Gmail, Outlook) for a smooth user experience
  • Multi-device accessibility (web, mobile) for a CRM available everywhere, all the time
  • 100% SaaS deployment for quick handling and continuous updates
  • Open APIs for unlimited expansion possibilities

👍 Benefits : One of the great advantages of Salesforce is its ability to adapt to the specific needs of each business. Thanks to its various clouds (Sales, Service, Marketing), it offers a tailor-made response to the challenges of each business, while ensuring a 360° vision of the customer journey. Its Einstein artificial intelligence engine makes it possible to go even further in personalization, by offering relevant recommendations to each user. Enough to transform CRM into a real augmented sales assistant.

👎 Disadvantages : On the other hand, Salesforce can impress with its functional richness. Managing it requires a certain investment, accompanied by an effort to manage change to involve the teams. Its à la carte pricing model, while offering great flexibility, can also lead to significant costs across a business. A point of attention to be integrated into overall budgetary thinking.


Salesforce Pricing Page
  • Essential: $25/user/month
  • Professional: 75$/user/month
  • Business: $150/user/month
  • Unlimited: $300/user/month

Our Take

A true Swiss CRM knife, Salesforce is the reference solution for companies demanding in terms of customer relationship management.

Its power, flexibility and functional richness make it a strategic ally in supporting the growth and competitiveness of organizations, regardless of their size and sector.

While its deployment requires a certain amount of support, the investment is quickly paid off by gains in productivity and commercial efficiency. For fast-growing SMEs as well as for large groups, Salesforce is an essential performance partner.

9. Zendesk Sell: In-depth analysis of customer interactions

accueil de zendesk sales

In a world where consumers expect personalized and responsive service, having a powerful tool to manage contacts is a must.

Zendesk Sell is a new generation CRM that places the customer experience at the heart of its functionalities, it gives sales teams everything they need to build authentic and lasting relationships with their contacts.


  • Central and shared contact database for a 360° vision
  • Automatic enrichment of profiles with public data and social networks
  • Advanced segmentation for highly targeted campaigns
  • Monitoring of multi-channel interactions (email, telephone, chat, social networks...)
  • Tool for automating recurring actions (sending emails, tasks...)
  • Native integration with the Zendesk suite (support, chat, help center...)
  • Mobile application to manage your contacts at any time
  • Detailed reporting to measure the performance of each salesperson

👍 Benefits: The major advantage of Zendesk Sell lies in its resolutely focused approach to the customer experience. By centralizing all information and interactions in a refined interface, it allows sales representatives to have a detailed knowledge of each contact, for personalized and proactive follow-up. Its extensive integration with the other tools in the Zendesk suite also makes it a valuable ally in offering a smooth and consistent customer journey.

👎 Disadvantages : Although very intuitive, Zendesk Sell can sometimes seem a bit limited for businesses with very complex sales processes. Some users may also regret the lack of advanced territory management or sales forecasting functionalities, which are present among some competitors. Finally, the price can quickly increase for structures with extensive sales teams.


zendesk sales prix
  • Team: $19/user/month
  • Growth: $49/user/month
  • Professional: $99/user/month

Our Take

If your priority is to offer an optimal customer experience at each stage of the buying journey, Zendesk Sell will be an ally of choice.

With its intuitive functionalities and its seamless integration with the rest of the Zendesk suite, it is a reference for companies that want to place customer satisfaction at the heart of their processes.

The Growth package will meet the needs of most SMEs, but larger organizations will appreciate the advanced options of the Professional plan. A must to test without further delay!

What is contact management software?

Contact management software, also called CRM (Customer Relationship Management), is a digital tool that allows you to centralize and organize all the information relating to your professional contacts: customers, prospects, suppliers, partners...

Its role is to help you:

  • Store and structure the key data of each contact (contact details, history of exchanges, preferences...) in a unified database
  • Follow and optimize the customer journey from start to finish, from first contact to after-sales
  • Automate repetitive tasks such as sales reminders or marketing campaigns
  • Analyze behaviors and trends to better understand your customers and anticipate their needs

A true Swiss Army knife for customer relations, a CRM generally includes several complementary modules:

  1. Contact management: customer file, segmentation, categorization...
  2. Opportunity Management : sales pipeline, deal tracking, forecasts...
  3. Management of marketing campaigns: creation of forms, emailing, lead nurturing...
  4. Customer service management : support, ticket management, knowledge base...
  5. Reporting: dashboards, performance monitoring, predictive analyses...

Whether generalist or dedicated to a profession (real estate, insurance, etc.), CRM software adapts to all types of structures, from SMEs to multinationals.

By centralizing your customer data on a single platform that is accessible to all your employees, you will gain in commercial efficiency, in coherence of the relationship and in customer satisfaction.

Enough to transform your contact base into a real growth accelerator!

Key features of contact management software

To get the most out of your contact management software, make sure it has all the essential features. Here is an overview of the essentials.

Customer data management

At the heart of your CRM, you must find all the key information on your contacts, centralized and easily accessible:

  • A detailed contact sheet with contact details, interaction history, preferences...
  • Multicriteria segmentation to finely target your marketing and sales actions
  • Automatic deduplication and updating for a database that is always up to date and usable
  • Synchronization with your email and calendar for smooth communication
Customer data management

Management of sales opportunities

To monitor and optimize your sales pipeline, your software must include:

  • A clear visualization of the progress of your deals, step by step
  • Monitoring of activities and tasks related to each opportunity (calls, appointments, quotes, etc.)
  • Reliable forecasts of sales and expected revenues
  • Customizable dashboards for a summary vision of your business
pipeline on monday

Marketing automation

Your CRM should also help you nurture and qualify your leads through marketing automation features:

  • Creation of forms and landing pages to generate contacts
  • Advanced segmentation to create highly personalized campaigns
  • Sending emails and SMS targeted en masse
  • Lead scoring to identify your hottest prospects
marketing automation on monday

Customer service management

To offer an optimal customer experience, your software must allow effective support management, through:

  • A centralization of multi-channel customer requests (telephone, email, chat, social networks...)
  • Creation and follow-up of tickets until they are resolved
  • A knowledge base to promote customer self-service
  • Monitoring of satisfaction after each interaction
Customer service management
Customer service management - monday

In addition, choose software that offers:

  • A mobile application for mobile access
  • Advanced reporting features to finely control your business
  • Artificial intelligence options to automate repetitive tasks
  • Integration with your other business tools for global consistency
  • Extensive customization to be as close as possible to your processes

With these features, your CRM will become the essential companion for all your services to boost your customer relationship!


Who can benefit from customer relationship management or CRM?

Any business or organization can benefit from CRM systems in terms of sales, customer service, and business development. Choosing the right contact management software will help small or large businesses maintain customer relationships and identify sales opportunities.

What integrations are included in contact management software?

Contact management platforms come with smart integrations, including APIs and workflow automation. They help you access and organize customer data within the software to maintain transparent customer relationships.


Contact management software has become essential for any company wishing to develop an effective customer relationship.

Among the many solutions on the market, tools like Monday Sales CRM, Pipedrive, Salesforce and FreshSales stand out for their functional richness and their ability to adapt to different needs.

Whether you're looking for a versatile platform like Monday Sales CRM, a conversion-oriented tool like FreshSales, a sales management solution like Pipedrive, or a powerful CRM like Salesforce, the key is choosing software that fits your priorities and budget.

Do not hesitate to test them via trial versions to validate their suitability with your processes.

Once your CRM is adopted, it's time for optimization! Build your teams, define effective workflows, and monitor your key metrics regularly. It is by fully exploiting your tool that you will get the best ROI.

With the rise of technologies like AI and predictive analytics, contact management software is constantly innovating to provide an ever more personalized and seamless customer experience.

By integrating these innovations into your relational strategy, you will be armed to retain your customers and boost your growth.

Choose the solution adapted to your challenges now and give a new dimension to your customer relationship!

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