Detailed Full Review of Parsehub: All you need to know (2024)

ParseHub is a web scraping solution designed to help professionals extract data from web pages simply from a “Desktop” interface.



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What is ParseHub?

ParseHub is a web scraping tool powerful designed to extract valuable data from websites efficiently and effortlessly.

The aim is to make the Web Scraping accessible to everyone, even without coding skills. With its intuitive interface and advanced features, ParseHub makes it possible to perform complex web scraping tasks without difficulty.

  • Accessible to all : Whether you're a data analyst, researcher, marketer, or professional, ParseHub makes it easy to gather and organize data from a variety of sources.
  • Automation : In addition to automated data extraction, ParseHub also offers other relevant features such as IP rotation, scheduled collection, and API integration.

In short, ParseHub is a versatile tool that simplifies online data collection, opening up new possibilities for professionals across industries.

ParseHub Users

Let's look at the different types of users who take advantage of ParseHub's features.

  • Analysts and consultants : Use extracted data to support business cases. Enables rapid analysis of industry, marketing, and competition.
  • Commercial prospecting : Feed the sales funnel by extracting new sales leads from directories, communities, and social networks.
  • Developers : Extracts data using the ParseHub desktop application. Use the REST API to develop mobile and web applications more quickly
  • Aggregators and Marketplaces : Aggregate data from numerous websites into a single platform. Extract news content, products, profiles, and more.
  • Data scientists and journalists : Extracts data from any website for research. Clean data sets with RegEx to feed their visualizations.
  • eCommerce : Extract millions of products and prices from online retailers. Extract reviews, ratings, and images.

ParseHub offers a versatile solution that adapts to the needs of different types of users, from analysts to developers, including online retailers.


Learn about ParseHub's superior capabilities to simplify web data extraction.

Here is an overview of the six main functional pillars of ParseHub:

1. Automated data extraction and navigation optimization

ParseHub serves as Digital right arm, automating web data extraction and eliminating the need for tedious manual interaction.

  • Supreme automation: ParseHub navigates with astonishing precision through a variety of websites, even those with dynamic content and interactive elements.
  • Optimizing navigation: No need to bother with manual copy and paste. ParseHub sneaks through web complexities for you.

In conclusion, ParseHub makes online data extraction effortless, thanks to its advanced automation and intelligent navigation system.

2. Secure data storage and cloud integration

ParseHub ensures optimal security for your valuable data, while promoting accessibility.

  • Enhanced security: Extracted data is stored securely in the cloud, eliminating the risks of attacks or data loss.
  • Easy cloud integration: Thanks to integrations with Dropbox and AWS S3, your data is always at your fingertips.

In short, ParseHub guarantees the security of your data while ensuring their availability through cloud integration.

3. Advanced IP management and uninterrupted data extraction

ParseHub provides a robust solution to avoid the common problems associated with IP blocking when extracting data.

  • Advanced IP management: Use a fleet of proxies thanks to ParseHub's IP rotation feature.
  • Uninterrupted extraction: Ensure continuous data extraction, even in the face of the most defensive sites.

In conclusion, ParseHub ensures hassle-free data extraction thanks to its advanced IP management.

4. Diverse data collection and scheduled download

ParseHub is a versatile tool that allows you to manage a wide range of content while offering the possibility of scheduling downloads.

  • Diversity of content: ParseHub supports extracting text, HTML code, CSS properties, images, forms, and more.
  • Automatic cleaning: The extracted data is pre-cleaned, thus avoiding the inconveniences of manual cleaning.
  • Scheduled download: Schedule your extractions to receive data updates at specific times.

In short, ParseHub offers unprecedented data diversity and flexibility in terms of scheduling downloads.

5. API and webhooks for efficient integration

ParseHub offers a Robust API and webhooks for smooth integration with other applications and systems.

  • API and webhooks: Easily integrate ParseHub with other applications and systems to improve your workflows.
  • Data recovery: Use the extracted data in your own software, website, or other application using the ParseHub API.

In conclusion, ParseHub promotes seamless integration thanks to its robust API and webhooks.

6. Support for various formats and ease of export and storage

ParseHub offers format flexibility for extracted data, making it easy to import them into various analysis tools.

  • Various formats supported: Download your data in formats such as JSON, Excel, or CSV, according to your convenience.
  • Easy export and storage: ParseHub offers a REST API for storing data in the cloud, making data management simple and efficient.

To conclude, ParseHub simplifies the management and use of extracted data thanks to its support for various formats and its ease of export and storage.

7. ParseHub Academy

The ParseHub Academy offers rewarding courses to master web data extraction, regardless of your skill level.

ParseHub course : Courses generally take 20 to 30 minutes to complete, with explanations and examples to help you practice. While becoming an expert in web data extraction can take time, you can learn the basics in minutes.

Web data extraction : Web data extraction allows you to extract valuable data from the Internet in minutes. Many data scientists and data analysts use these techniques to extract raw data to help them make decisions.

Learning without coding : If you've never coded in your life, extracting web data can seem daunting. But the ParseHub tool allows you to extract data without any coding skills. You will learn basic, intermediate, and advanced web data extraction techniques.

Making money with web data extraction : Offering web data extraction services is a legitimate way to earn extra money. Here are a few ways you can use web data extraction to make money:

  • Building and selling a list of prospects
  • Extract a list of customers/prospects
  • Extracting data to build an application
  • Discover market opportunities
  • Take paid web data extraction missions

Uses of web data extraction in business : The data that web data extraction gives access to can be very valuable. Many businesses use web data extraction to improve their services and operations, for example to:

  • Monitor prices
  • Generate leads
  • Get industry insights
  • Follow the stock market
  • Do research
  • Monitor their brand

The ParseHub Academy offers a valuable opportunity to learn and master web data extraction, a skill that is increasingly in demand in many professional fields.

ParseHub integrations

ParseHub excels not only at extracting data, but also at facilitating accessibility and data management through its convenient integrations.

  • dropbox : For those who have subscribed to a paid plan, ParseHub offers integration with Dropbox that allows images and extracted files to be uploaded directly to your Dropbox accounts for effortless storage and access.
  • Amazon S3 : ParseHub offers a similar integration with Amazon S3 for users on a paid plan, which ensures the secure storage of images and files in Amazon S3 storage space.
  • Parabola : ParseHub integrates seamlessly with Parabola, a data automation platform, which allows advanced automation of data processes for ParseHub users.

Thanks to its varied integrations, ParseHub is positioned as a valuable tool for any data management strategy, facilitating the storage, access and automation of extracted data.

Customer Support

ParseHub has established a leading reputation for customer service and documentation.

Let me show you what you can expect from this data mining giant.

  • ParseHub Customer Support: Get in touch with the ParseHub support team via their page of Contact. You will find that they are quick to respond and extremely knowledgeable.
  • Business licenses: Business license holders benefit from improved customer support, which is a major advantage when you need fast and effective support.
  • Interactive tutorials: ParseHub offers a vast set of integrated, written and video tutorials to facilitate your learning.
  • Extensive database: The ParseHub Documentation offers answers to a multitude of questions you may have about using the tool.
  • Q&A Forum: To discover all the secrets of web data extraction and ParseHub, visit the Q&A forum. It is a treasure trove of valuable information shared by a community of dedicated users.

To sum up, the ParseHub User Forum is an invaluable place to learn and a great place to find solutions to your problems.


ParseHub offers a variety of pricing plans to meet different data extraction needs.

Gratuit : A great starting point for new users, with no need for a credit card, offering:

  • 200 pages of data in 40 minutes
  • 5 public projects
  • Limited support
  • Data retention for 14 days

Standard ($189 per month) : An advanced plan offering more flexibility and features, with:

  • 10,000 pages of data in 10 minutes
  • 20 private projects
  • Standard support
  • Data retention for 14 days
  • Save images and files to Dropbox or S3
  • IP rotation
  • Scheduling

Professional ($599 per month) : For demanding users who need unlimited data extraction capacity, offering:

  • Unlimited data pages in under 2 minutes
  • 120 private projects
  • Priority support
  • Data retention for 30 days
  • Save images and files to Dropbox or S3
  • IP rotation
  • Scheduling

ParseHub Plus (Enterprise Web Scraping) : Premium service for businesses, including:

  • One-time and ongoing data extraction projects
  • Dedicated account manager
  • ParseHub custom features
  • Priority support

ParseHub's pricing is designed to suit a variety of needs, from the casual user to businesses requiring large-scale data extraction services.

Alternatives to ParseHub

Now let's look at the various ParseHub alternatives:

1. is a powerful web data extraction tool that turns websites into structured data.


  • Large-scale data extraction
  • Supports data extraction on complex websites
  • Scheduled data extraction
  • Converting web data into an API
  • Data processing in the cloud


  • Essential : $249/month, includes 1,000 queries/month, limited support.
  • Professional : $499/month, includes 5,000 queries/month, priority support.
  • Enterprise : Price upon request, customization and support options available. offers solid web data extraction, but can be more expensive for smaller businesses.

2. Octoparse

Octoparse is a visual web scraping tool that collects data on a large scale.


  • Unlimited extractions
  • Supports scraping Ajax/Javascript sites
  • Scheduled extractions
  • API for data processing
  • Ability to export data in a variety of formats


  • Standard : $75/month, includes unlimited tasks, 10,000 records per export.
  • Professional : $209/month, includes cloud processing, unlimited extraction.
  • Business : Price upon request, customization and support options available.

Octoparse offers competitive rates, but its learning curve may be steeper for novices.

3. WebHarvy

WebHarvy is an intuitive visual scraping solution that can extract data from almost any website.


  • Point-and-click user interface, no programming required
  • Extracting data from AJAX sites, JavaScript, submission forms, maps, etc.
  • Ability to extract data from multiple pages, categories, products
  • Supports anonymous data extraction via proxy
  • Ability to export extracted data in a variety of formats


  • Standard: $139 for a lifetime license, includes all basic features.
  • Professional: $209 for a lifetime license, includes all basic features plus Proxy support, VPN support, and multi-level site scraping.

WebHarvy offers a user-friendly user experience with a unique pricing structure, but it may lack some advanced features found in other tools.

Final Verdict

To summarize, ParseHub is a feature-rich and user-friendly web scraping tool that is suitable for a variety of users, whether beginners or experts.

Despite some drawbacks, its intuitive interface, ability to extract massive amounts of data, and powerful integrations make it a solid option.

When considering its alternatives, it is essential to weigh the functionalities and the cost to choose the most suitable tool for your specific needs.

  • Free and unlimited lead extraction
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • User friendly interface
  • Great customer service
  • Easy integration with cloud storage
  • Automated extractions
  • No coding knowledge required
  • Requires learning time
  • Sometimes complex troubleshooting
  • High consumption of system resources
  • Limited integrations
  • Rates perceived as high
  • Extracting pages can be long

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