Best Chatbots to Boost Your Customer Interactions in 2024

Discover the best chatbot software that will help your business offer immediate answers to your customers or prospects
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In the digital world, customers expect immediate satisfaction.

Responding to a customer by phone or email within 24 hours is no longer enough.

That's where chatbot software can help your online business.

In fact, the customer satisfaction rate of chatbots worldwide is over 83%.

 Global Chatbot Market Size from 2016 to 2025
Global Chatbot Market Size from 2016 to 2025 - Source: Statista

The best chatbot software can help you interact with multiple customers at the same time while simultaneously verifying interaction history and user behavior to answer questions intelligently and offer human conversation.

And with the rise of natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence, chatbots facilitate conversations in your absence and help you better understand your customers.

In this guide, I've reviewed the best chatbots: These reviews are based on features, ease of use, pricing, third-party integrations, pros or cons, and more.

Let's get started.

What is the best chatbot software?

Here are the top choices and my opinion for each chatbot:

1. Freshchat : Multi-channel interactive customer support

Freshchat homepage

Freshchat, developed by Freshworks, is an all-in-one customer communication solution that focuses on multi-channel conversations and interactive engagement.

Its intelligent chatbot allows you to automate your customer support and provide instant assistance to all your visitors.

Key features

  • Chatbot powered by predefined conversational intentions and machine learning algorithms
  • Create personalized conversation paths with an intuitive visual editor
  • Seamless integration with other Freshworks products (Freshdesk, Freshsales, etc.) to get a 360° view of the customer
  • Intelligent messaging based on visitor behavior and profiles
  • Support for interactive functions integrated into the chatbot (forms, action buttons, GIFs and videos, etc.)
  • Library of FAQs and suggested answers to help “human” agents respond more quickly
  • Real-time analytics of chatbot and agent performance, with customizable reports


  • Free plan: free with basic features and a limited number of monthly conversations
  • Growth Plan: starting at $19/agent/month with advanced features (automatic routing, reports, etc.)
  • Pro plan: starting at $49/agent/month for businesses with a high volume of conversations
  • Enterprise Plan: Customized pricing for large businesses with specific needs
Freshchat pricing

❤️ Our Take : Freshchat is reinventing customer support with a modern approach. Its interactive features and unified channel management provide a seamless experience. The perfect solution to make every conversation a pleasant moment.

👍 Pros : Allows you to assist customers on their favorite channels (chat, social networks, mobile applications...). Offer innovative engagement options (chatbot, screen sharing, etc.). Makes the user experience active and personalized. Provides detailed reports and a powerful administration tool.

👎 Cons : The possibilities for customizing the chatbot are sometimes limited. Some integrations are only available on higher plans.

2. Dante AI : Creator of ultra-personalized and powerful AI chatbots

Dante AI homepage

Dante AI is an innovative platform that democratizes the creation of AI chatbots by allowing everyone to develop custom chatbots without the need for programming skills.

Thanks to its intuitive interface and advanced features, Dante AI is positioned as a powerful and accessible tool for businesses and individuals who want to take advantage of conversational AI.

Key features

  • Simplified creation of personalized chatbots: Simply download documents (texts, images, videos, web links) to train the chatbot on specific content. The process is completely no-code.
  • Easy integration on web, apps and messaging (Slack, MS Teams, WhatsApp...)
  • Multilingual AI to communicate naturally in more than 100 languages
  • Advanced features: Transfer to a human agent, lead collection via forms integrated into the chatbot, analytics dashboard, voice recognition and speech synthesis, etc.
  • Compatible with the most advanced AI models (GPT-3.5, GPT-4, Claude, Cohere...)
  • Data security and confidentiality guaranteed with AWS encryption and privacy standards


  • FREE: Generous free plan to discover the power of Dante AI chatbots
  • ENTRY: $9/month formula to take advantage of extended features and volumes
  • PREMIUM: $99/month offer integrating advanced capabilities to go further
  • PROFESSIONAL: Formula at $199/month to benefit from the assistance of human agents
  • BUSINESS: Business pack with unlimited credits and premium support at $399/month
  • Additional options (custom domains, plug-ins, APIs, etc.) billed additionally
Dante AI Pricing

❤️ Our Take : Dante AI is revolutionizing the creation of chatbots with a simple and powerful generative AI platform. Its intuitive interface makes it possible to design tailor-made conversational agents in a few clicks, without technical knowledge. The ideal tool for businesses and individuals wishing to create chatbots in their image!

👍 Pros : Allows you to generate AI chatbots from text data, images, videos, URLs. Compatible with the main language models (GPT-3, GPT-4...). Supports over 100 languages for multi-lingual chatbots. Easy integration of the chatbot via a script or a link. Advanced possibilities for customizing the style and personality of the chatbot.

👎 Cons : The quality of the chatbot depends greatly on the relevance of the training data provided. May encounter difficulties with very specific or technical requests. Requires some time to refine and optimize the chatbot's responses.

3. LiveAgent : Complete omnichannel support solution

LiveAgent homepage

LiveAgent is an all-in-one customer support solution that offers advanced live chat, ticket management, call center, and knowledge base features.

Its intelligent chatbot makes it possible to automate support and offer 24/7 assistance to your customers.

Key features

  • Chatbot based on customizable rules and conversation scenarios
  • Full omnichannel support: live chat, email, phone, social media, and self-service
  • Intelligent routing of tickets and conversations based on agent skills and availability
  • Advanced call center features: outgoing calls, call recording, etc...
  • Integrated knowledge base with advanced search and automatic suggestions
  • Integration with over 40 third-party applications (CRM, e-Commerce, Helpdesk, etc.)
  • Detailed reports and analyses on customer support performance and customer satisfaction


  • Based on the number of agents: starting at $9/month/agent
  • 14-day free trial available
LiveAgent pricing

❤️ Our Take : LiveAgent is a complete solution for customer support. Its range of tools, from the chatbot to the knowledge base to telephony, makes it possible to manage all aspects of the customer relationship. The ideal platform for businesses that want to have efficient multi-channel support without multiplying providers.

👍 Pros : Covers all customer support channels (chat, email, social networks, telephone...). Integrate a AI chatbot customizable to automate responses. Includes a powerful knowledge base to promote self-support. Offers advanced functionalities (intelligent routing, SLA, feedback...).

👎 ConsCons : The multiplicity of options can make it difficult to get started at the beginning. Requires some configuration time to fully exploit the power of this software.

4. Zoho Desk : Zoho's Zia chatbots to optimize support

Zoho Desk homepage

Zoho Desk is a comprehensive customer support solution that integrates advanced chatbot features using Zia, Zoho's intelligent virtual assistant.

Zia makes it possible to automate level 1 support and to offer instant and personalized assistance to your customers.

Key features

  • Zia chatbot powered by AI (artificial intelligence) with natural language understanding and machine learning
  • Customizable conversation scenarios to automate repetitive tasks
  • Seamless integration with other Zoho tools (CRM, Sales, Marketing, etc.) for a 360° view of the customer
  • Multi-channel support (live chat, email, phone, social media and self-service)
  • Intelligent routing of tickets and conversations based on defined rules
  • Integrated knowledge base to enable customers to quickly find answers
  • Detailed reports and analytics to measure customer support performance


  • Standard Plan: starting at $14/month/agent with advanced features (chatbot, automation, reports)
  • Professional plan: starting at $23/month/agent for comprehensive omnichannel support and advanced customization
  • Enterprise plan: starting at $40/month/agent with enhanced security and compliance features
  • Free 15-day trial available for paid plans
Zoho Desk pricing

❤️ Our Take : Zia artificial intelligence chatbots are propelling Zoho Desk into the era of augmented customer experience. This high-performance conversational AI makes it possible to automate support with incredible naturalness. Proof that chatbots have their place in the future of exceptional customer service. Allows you to improve the mental health of your agents.

👍 Pros : Handle current queries independently. They are constantly being enriched for ever more relevant answers. Support natural language for smooth conversations. Integrate seamlessly with Zoho Desk for unified support.

👎 Cons : The implementation requires a lot of configuration work at the beginning. Its effectiveness depends a lot on the quality of the knowledge with which the chatbot feeds.

5. ManyChat : Powerful chatbots for Facebook and Instagram

manychat homepage

ManyChat is a platform for creating chatbots specialized for instant messaging such as Facebook Messenger or Instagram.

Thanks to its intuitive interface and advanced features, ManyChat allows businesses to create efficient chatbots to automate their customer communication and improve their engagement.

Key features

  • Creating no-code chatbots using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • Customizable chat scenarios with text messages, images, videos, audio, and more
  • Advanced segmentation of users based on their interactions and data
  • Lead generation features
  • Native integration with Meta tools (Pages, Ads, Instagram) for an omnichannel experience
  • Integrate with over 1,500 third-party applications via Zapier to extend functionality
  • Detailed statistics to track chatbot performance and optimize campaigns


  • Free plan: Free with basic features and up to 1,000 contacts
  • Pro plan: $15/month for advanced features
  • Premium plan: personalized offer for large companies
manychat pricing

❤️ Our Take : ManyChat is the marketing chatbot reference on Facebook Messenger and Instagram. With its powerful automation features and multi-channel compatibility, it helps boost customer engagement and convert more prospects into customers. A must for generating leads on Meta.

👍 Pros : Facilitates the creation of Messenger, Instagram, and SMS chatbots. Synchronize customer data across multiple channels Allows you to automate marketing scenarios based on user actions. Provides detailed analytics to optimize campaign performance.

👎 Cons : Requires a certain amount of learning to exploit its potential. Focuses mainly on the marketing side, less on customer support.

6. Landbot : Conversational chatbots with no code

landbot homepage

Landbot is a no-code platform that allows you to create efficient conversational chatbots for various channels.

With its intuitive visual interface and ready-to-use templates, Landbot is accessible to everyone, even without technical skills.

Key features

  • Create chatbots with a drag-and-drop visual editor, no development required
  • Customizable scenarios with text messages, images, videos, GIFs, etc.
  • Native integration with the main communication channels (Websites, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc.)
  • Chatbot template library for various use cases (lead generation, customer support, etc.)
  • Possibility to collect user data and synchronize it with third party tools (CRM, marketing automation, etc.)
  • Integration with over 100 third-party applications via Zapier and native webhooks
  • Detailed analytics of chatbot performance and user behavior


  • SANDBOX plan: Free with basic features and up to 100 conversations per month
  • STARTER plan: $45/month for advanced features and up to 500 conversations per month
  • PRO plan: $110/month for up to 2,500 conversations per month and premium integrations
  • BUSINESS plan: $450/month for businesses with large volumes and specific needs
  • 30% reduction for annual billing
landbot pricing

❤️ Our Take : Landbot is the ideal platform for creating chatbots without a line of code. Its intuitive interface makes it possible to design engaging courses in no time. The perfect solution for marketers who want to improve the customer experience and generate more leads!

👍 Pros : Allows you to create chatbots in a 100% visual way. Offers a large library of ready-to-use templates. Offers multiple integration possibilities (website, apps, messaging...). Includes advanced features (NLP, conditions, variables...).

👎 Cons : The free version is limited in terms of features and conversations. Advanced graphics customization options are for advanced plans only. Requires a bit of practice to create complex conversation workflows.

7. HubSpot Service Hub : Automating customer support with HubSpot

HubSpot Service Hub Homepage

HubSpot, the famous marketing automation and CRM platform, also offers chatbot functionalities to automate your customer support.

With its seamless integration with other HubSpot tools, you can provide an optimal customer experience at every stage of the buying journey.

Key features

  • Creating custom chatbots with an intuitive visual editor (drag-and-drop)
  • Predefined conversation scenarios for the most common cases (lead qualification, technical support, etc.)
  • Native integration with HubSpot CRM for complete tracking of customer interactions
  • Possibility to trigger automated actions (creating tickets, sending emails, etc.) based on customer responses
  • Intelligent transfer of conversations to the right teams (sales, support, customer success)
  • Detailed analysis of chatbot performance and its impact on conversions and customer satisfaction
  • Compatibility with numerous communication channels (live chat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS)


  • Chatbot features included in HubSpot CRM “Professional” and higher offerings, starting at $500/month
  • “Marketing Hub Starter” offer starting at $45/month with limited chatbot features (without CRM integration)
  • “Service Hub” offers dedicated to customer support, starting at $45/month for the “Starter” offer (chatbot not included)
  • Specific pricing plans for businesses with a large volume of conversations and advanced needs
HubSpot Service Hub pricing

❤️ Our Take : The HubSpot chatbot is a must for companies equipped with CRM. With its perfect synchronization with the other tools in the suite, it increases the effectiveness of support and sales tenfold. The guarantee of an increased customer relationship, at the service of the growth of your business!

👍 Pros : Interfaces natively with CRM and other HubSpot software. Leverage customer data for highly personalized interactions. Automates the qualification and transmission of leads to sales representatives. Simplifies the creation of support and marketing workflows.

👎 Cons : Works best with HubSpot tools only. Requires a certain amount of expertise to exploit the full potential. Represents a significant investment, especially for small structures.

8. Tidio: Affordable live chat and chatbot

Tidio Homepage

Tidio is an affordable customer communication platform that combines live chat and chatbot features.

With an intuitive interface and attractive prices, Tidio is particularly suitable for small and medium-sized businesses that want to improve their customer support.

Key features

  • Customizable chatbot with easy to edit conversation scenarios
  • Native integration with the main e-commerce platforms (Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, etc.)
  • Multi-channel support: live chat, Facebook Messenger, email, and mobile apps
  • Proactive messaging features to engage visitors and reduce cart abandonment
  • Automatic transfer of conversations to “human” agents when needed
  • Integration with over 20 third-party applications (Slack, Zapier, Google Analytics, etc.)
  • Full conversation history and analytics reports to track performance


  • Free offer: Free for 1 agent with basic features (live chat, limited chatbot)
  • Lyro AI offer: starting at $39/month for 1 agent with advanced chatbot features (unlimited scenarios, API)
  • Tidio+ offer: starting at $289/month for 10 agents with all features and priority support
  • 7-day free trial available for paid plans
Tidio pricing

❤️ Our Take : Tidio is the ideal chatbot solution for small businesses looking to automate customer support without breaking the bank. With its intuitive interface and advanced integrations, it allows you to effectively manage conversations from a single point. The charm of SMEs who want to offer quality support at a lower cost!

👍 Pros : Offers an effective AI chatbot to automate responses. Offers multiple integration possibilities (site, apps, social networks...). Includes messaging and mailing capabilities for unified communication. Shows very attractive prices, including the free version.

👎 Cons : The chatbot may lack flexibility in complex cases. Some of the elements for graphic customization are sometimes limited. Not very suitable for managing large volumes.

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9. Chatfuel: custom chatbots without technical skills

Chatfuel homepage

Chatfuel is a no-code platform that allows you to create and deploy chatbots without any technical skills.

Chatfuel has a simple interface and advanced features that is ideal for businesses looking to automate their customer communication on Facebook Messenger and Instagram.

Key features

  • Create chatbots with a drag-and-drop visual editor, no coding required
  • Ready-to-use chatbot models for various use cases (lead generation, customer support, etc.)
  • Native integration with Facebook Messenger and Instagram APIs for rapid deployment
  • Possibility to enrich conversations with interactive media (images, videos, audio, GIFs, etc.)
  • Segmenting users based on their interactions and data to personalize messages
  • Integration with third party services (Google Sheets, Zapier, Shopify, etc.) to extend chatbot functionality
  • Detailed analyses of chatbot performance and user behavior


  • Free version with basic features and up to 50 active users per month
  • “Pro” offer starting at $15/month for advanced features and up to 500 active users
  • “Premium” offer starting at $300/month for businesses with a large number of users (up to 30,000 active users)
  • Pay-as-you-go options for businesses that exceed standard offer limits
Chatuel price list

❤️ Our Take : Chatfuel democratizes the creation of chatbots with an intuitive and powerful platform. Offers ready-to-use templates and advanced customization options that allow you to design unique virtual assistants without a single line of code. The perfect solution to start your conversational strategy!

👍 Pros : Allows you to create custom chatbots without technical skills. Offers a wide selection of templates adapted to all needs. Offers a smooth chat experience thanks to interactive modules. Facilitates the management and analysis of conversations.

👎 Cons : Advanced features require a subscription. The chatbot may lack “human” naturalness on complex subjects. Not very suitable for managing a large volume of interactions.

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10. Drift: Sales and Support Automation

Drift homepage

Drift is an all-in-one communication platform that focuses on automating sales and customer support.

Its chatbot, powered by conversational AI, allows businesses to provide instant assistance, qualify leads, and accelerate the sales cycle.

Key features

  • Conversational AI-based chatbot with intent recognition in human language
  • Personalized conversation paths to guide visitors to desired actions (demo, free trial, etc.)
  • Intelligent lead qualification based on predefined criteria and interactions with the chatbot
  • Seamless integration with major sales and marketing tools (Salesforce, Marketo, HubSpot, etc.)
  • Automatic transfer of conversations to sales representatives or support agents as needed
  • Proactive messaging across multiple channels (website, email, mobile apps) to boost engagement
  • Advanced analytics to track the impact of the chatbot on the sales pipeline and business performance


  • PREMIUM: basic chatbot and live messaging features, starting at $50/month
  • ADVANCED: advanced features (lead qualification, intelligent routing, etc.), starting at $500/month
  • ENTERPRISE: fully customizable platform and dedicated support, prices on request
  • Free 14-day trial available for “Premium” and “Advanced” plans
Drift pricing

❤️ Our Take : Drift is the reference in growth marketing. With its powerful targeting and message automation features, it turns every conversation into a conversion opportunity. The essential tool to boost sales and support on a large scale!

👍 Pros : Qualifies prospects in real time and facilitates contact. Automates responses and transfers requests to the right people. Personalize customer journeys to maximize engagement. Provides actionable insights into conversation performance.

👎 Cons : The tool can be complex to use given the wealth of options. Creating automations requires some time. The price can be a deterrent for businesses with a small budget.

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11. Zendesk: A reference for personalized omnichannel customer support

Zendesk homepage

Zendesk is an all-in-one customer support platform that offers advanced chatbot features.

With Zendesk, you can provide your customers with a personalized and consistent experience across all communication channels.

Key features

  • Intelligent chatbot with natural language processing to understand customer queries
  • Seamless integration with other support channels (email, phone, social networks) for a 360° view
  • Automated routing of conversations to the appropriate agents based on skills and availability
  • AI-based response suggestions to help agents respond faster and more effectively
  • Ability to customize the appearance and behavior of the chatbot to adapt it to your brand
  • Analyzing conversations to identify areas for improvement and optimize chatbot performance
  • Integration with more than 1,000 applications (CRM, helpdesk, e-commerce, etc.) via the Zendesk marketplace


  • SUITE TEAM: $49/agent/month (billed annually) including basic chatbot functionalities
  • SUITE GROWTH: $79/agent/month with advanced features (intelligent routing, suggested answers, etc.)
  • PROFESSIONAL SUITE: $99/agent/month for businesses with specific needs and high volume
  • ENTERPRISE SUITE: prices on request
  • Free 14-day trial available for all offers
Zendesk pricing

❤️ Our Take : Zendesk is revolutionizing customer support with an ultra-comprehensive all-in-one platform. By centralizing multi-channel interactions and customer data, it allows agents to personalize each exchange. The ultimate tool to offer an exceptional customer experience!

👍 Pros : Unifies customer conversations from different channels. Shows key customer information for improved support. Integrates with numerous tools for a 360° view. Automates ticket routing and tracking

👎 Cons : The wealth of features can be complex at first. Requires some setup time to exploit the full potential. The price can be high for small structures.

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12. HelpCrunch: 24/7 automated support with multi-purpose chatbot

HelpCrunch homepage

HelpCrunch is an all-in-one customer support solution that stands out for its advanced chatbot features.

HelpCrunch makes it possible to automate your customer support and offer instant assistance to your visitors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Key features

  • Programmable chatbot with customizable scenarios to automate frequent conversations
  • Recognition of intentions to understand the context and provide appropriate responses
  • Possibility to transfer conversations to a human agent if necessary, with a complete history
  • Native integration with major messaging platforms (Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram)
  • Advanced targeting tools to trigger proactive messages based on visitor behavior
  • Unified dashboard to manage all conversations regardless of channel
  • Additional features: real-time messaging, knowledge base, email tracking, etc.


  • STANDARD: starting at $12/agent/month including basic chatbot features
  • PREMIUM: starting at $20/agent/month with advanced features (scenarios, proactive messaging, etc.)
  • ENTERPRISE: personalized rates for major accounts and specific needs
  • 20% discount for annual billing, 14-day free trial for all offers
HelpCrunch pricing

❤️ Our Take : HelpCrunch is the ideal solution for support teams looking for a complete and adaptable tool. With its advanced automation options and 24/7 coverage, it makes it possible to offer fast and relevant assistance to each customer. The preferred ally of modern and efficient customer service.

👍 Pros : Automates recurring support tasks for greater efficiency. Covers all customer interaction channels for a seamless experience. Allows you to create personalized support scenarios. Provides accurate insights through performance tracking.

👎 Cons : Implementing automations can be complex. The interface, while complete, is not the most intuitive. Some third-party integrations lack depth.

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13. Podium: ideal support solution for SMEs

Podium homepage

Podium is a customer communication platform designed for small and medium-sized businesses.

It offers text messaging, live chat, and online review management features, all in a simple and intuitive interface.

Key features

  • Two-way text messaging for easy communication with customers
  • Live chat on the website to offer instant assistance to visitors
  • Centralized management of online reviews from various platforms on search engines and social networks (Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, etc.)
  • Automated collection of customer reviews after each interaction to improve online reputation
  • Automatic answers to frequently asked questions thanks to an intelligent chatbot
  • Integration with appointment management and payment systems for a seamless customer experience
  • Intuitive dashboard to track performance and customer engagement


  • “Essentials” plan starting at $289/month for basic features (messaging, live chat, review management)
  • “Standard” plan starting at $449/month with additional features (payments, appointment reminders, integrations)
  • “Professional” offer with tailor-made solutions adapted to the needs of each company, prices on request
  • Free 14-day trial available for the “Essentials” plan
Podium pricing

❤️ Our Take : Podium is the tailor-made support solution for small businesses. With its essential functionalities and its adapted price, it allows VSEs/SMEs to offer a quality customer experience without breaking the bank. The secret to stand out from the big guys even on a small budget!

👍 Pros : Offers all essential support features at the best price. Allows you to effectively manage reviews and online reputation. Offers secure online payment options. Provides local insights to boost your SEO.

👎 Cons : Lack of advanced features compared to enterprise solutions. Not suited to handle a large volume of requests. Customization options are sometimes limited.

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14. Netomi: intelligent chatbot to manage peak demand

Netomi homepage

Netomi is a customer support automation platform that uses AI (artificial intelligence) and human language processing to effectively manage spikes in demand.

Its intelligent chatbot is capable of understanding complex customer requests and responding to them in a precise and personalized manner.

Key features

  • AI-powered chatbot with a deep understanding of human language through natural language processing (NLP)
  • Continuous machine learning to improve response accuracy over time
  • Seamless integration with major customer support platforms (Zendesk, Salesforce, Freshdesk, etc.)
  • Multi-language support for global customer support
  • Ability to customize the appearance and behavior of the chatbot to adapt it to your brand
  • Analytical dashboard to monitor chatbot performance and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Collaborative features to allow human agents to supervise and intervene when needed


  • “Startup” offer starting at $1,500/month for businesses dealing with up to 5,000 conversations per month
  • “Growth” offer starting at $3,000 per month for businesses dealing with up to 15,000 conversations per month
  • “Enterprise” offer with personalized rates for large companies with large volumes and specific needs
  • Free trial available upon request
Netomi custom price

❤️ Our Take : Netomi is the lethal weapon for customer services overwhelmed by spikes in requests. Thanks to its high-performance virtual agents and its powerful AI, it absorbs requests in an autonomous and relevant way. The lifesaver for rush periods!

👍 Pros : Responds instantly to simple requests without human intervention. Adapts to the specificities of the sector through continuous learning. Detects intentions and tone for contextualized responses. If necessary, includes the intervention of an agent for sensitive cases.

👎 Cons : Requires a large volume of interactions for optimal exploitation of AI. Can be expensive even with pay-as-you-go pricing. Risk of depersonalization in case of excessive use of virtual agents.

LEARN MORE >> Discover the Netomi chatbot

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a computer program designed to simulate a conversation with a human being.

Thanks to artificial intelligence, it is able to understand user requests with natural language processing and to respond in a relevant manner, 24/7.

What is a chatbot: how does it work?

By taking a customer-centric approach, chatbots can:

  • Offer a personalized and engaging experience
  • Improving communication and customer satisfaction
  • Boosting sales and retention
  • Establishing lasting relationships with their audience

This is why more and more companies are integrating these conversational tools into their digital strategy.

Whether it's welcoming visitors, supporting customers in their buying journey, or providing technical support, chatbots have become essential in bridging the gap between consumer expectations and service quality.

Thus, chatbot software is the key to humanizing customer relationships in the digital age.

They offer businesses a simple and effective way to listen to their customers and provide them with an instant and relevant response, thus strengthening engagement and satisfaction.

Essential features of chatbot software

To get the most out of chatbots, it is essential to understand the key functionalities that make a chatbot efficient and adapted to the needs of everyone.

Here are the essentials to look for in a chatbot:

  • Intelligent automated responses : A good chatbot must be able to understand user requests and answer questions in a relevant way, using machine learning and natural language processing (NLP) algorithms.
  • Integrations with third party tools : To offer a smooth and personalized experience, your chatbot must be able to easily integrate with your other business tools (CRM, helpdesk, e-commerce...).
  • Advanced analytics and reporting : Accurate data on interactions with your users is essential to optimize your strategy and measure the ROI of your chatbot. Choose a solution that offers dashboards and detailed reports.
  • Contextual triggers : The best chatbots are able to initiate conversations proactively based on visitor behavior and interests, increasing the chances of conversion.
  • Multi-channel compatibility : Your chatbot must be accessible on all devices (desktop, mobile, tablet) and be easily integrated into your various contact points (website, applications, messaging...).

Beyond these basic functionalities, a good chatbot software must also offer advanced options such as managing conversations outside business hours, sharing files or even estimating waiting time.

What are the types of chatbots?

Chatbots come in several categories.

Here are the specificities and use cases of a chatbot:

The main distinction is made between:

  • Chatbots with a predefined scenario : they follow a precise script to guide the user through specific steps, ideal for automating repetitive tasks.
  • Conversational AI chatbots : equipped with artificial intelligence, they understand natural language and adapt to the context for more fluid and personalized exchanges.
  • Voice chatbots : they interact by voice for a hands-free experience, perfect for mobile use or on the go (Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa...)
  • Omnichannel chatbots : accessible on multiple platforms (such as websites or social networks), they ensure a continuous and consistent presence at each customer contact point.
  • Business expert chatbots : designed for specific areas, they offer a specialized service adapted to the specific challenges of the sector.

The type of chatbot chosen will depend on your goals, your target and the functionalities you are looking for.

The important thing is to find the solution that will offer the best user experience and effectively meet your business needs.


What are the main benefits of chatbots?

Chatbots offer 24-hour availability, immediate processing of requests, personalized support, and savings on customer service.

They improve the user experience and customer satisfaction.

What are the essential features of a good chatbot?

A good chatbot should understand natural language, integrate with existing tools, offer relevant answers, have an engaging personality, and provide detailed analysis of conversations.

Can chatbots completely replace human agents?

No, chatbots are complementary to human support teams.

They handle simple and repetitive requests, allowing agents to focus on more complex requests that require empathy and deep expertise.


Naturally, responding quickly to a customer will strengthen their loyalty to your business.

That's why it's essential to use a chatbot tool to respond more quickly to their needs.

All of these chatbot tools offer unique features that could fit your needs.

For example, if you run a small business and have a small budget, you can opt for a free chatbot solution like HubSpot, which also comes with a free CRM tool.

On the other hand, businesses looking for a premium tool can choose SnapEngage or LiveChat to meet the needs of businesses.

Be sure to carefully review all of their features and choose the one that gives you the live chat features you need.

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