Best No-Code Tools: 12 Platforms to Test in 2024

Discover the ultimate guide to the best no-code tools: features, benefits, reviews to determine the optimal choice for each need

Clickup offers very useful functions to organize and manage all aspects of projects, your work or BPM from a single interface

Unbeatable Value for Quality and Price”

Very unknown compared to Wix, Wordpress, or Squarespace. Webflow is one of the most powerful, secure, and robust no-code tools. Once Mastered, You'll Be Able to Do Amazing Things

The Most Powerful

Make offers the ability to link applications and deploy automated workflows with disconcerting simplicity: orchestrate your work without writing a line of code

Accessible Advanced Automation
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IT development is on the cusp of a revolution.

The tools No-code and low-code, which make it possible to create applications without writing code, are experiencing incredible growth.

According to Forrester, their global market will reach $47.2 billion by 2025.

The major advantage of no-code? Its ease of use, which makes it accessible to everyone, even without technical skills.

According to Zapier, 82% of users of these platforms have no IT background.

Entrepreneurs, artists, SMEs... Everyone can now Realize their digital ideas without depending on a developer.

Croissance des outils low code dans le monde
Growth of low-code tools around the world

But with the plethora of tools available, how do you find your way around?

That's the whole point of this article, which offers you an overview of the best no-code tools of the moment.

On the agenda: an analysis of the functionalities, prices and use cases of each tool, to help you find the one that really suits you.

Let's get started.

Top Selection of no-code tools

Here is an update of the best no-code platforms on the market.

1. ClickUp : Project management with customizable view

Clickup : top outils no code

ClickUp is revolutionizing business management thanks to its all-in-one no-code platform.

Proclaiming to be “the only application you'll ever need,” ClickUp brings together a multitude of features, from project and task management to team collaboration, scheduling, and more.

With more than 100,000 major brands such as Google, Airbnb, Airbnb, Nike, Nike, Netflix and Uber that trust it, ClickUp is a major player in the market.


  • Creation of custom dashboards for any type of project
  • Business unit resource planning and time management
  • Broad range of integrations with other tools
  • Numerous and varied pre-established models
  • Web application with ubiquitous drag-and-drop functionality
  • Efficient contact management
  • Time and goal tracking for teams
  • Automatic import of documents from other applications
  • Intuitive organization of tasks, sub-tasks, and timelines


tarifs de clickup
  • Free lifetime version: 100MB of storage, unlimited tasks and members
  • “Unlimited” plan at $5/user/month: unlimited dashboards, integrations, views, tables and lists
  • “Business” plan at $9/user/month: dashboard widgets, private views, private views, goal folders, Google SSO, custom export, mind maps, advanced time tracking
  • “Enterprise” plan on quotation: MSA and HIPAA compliance, extended API limits, dedicated account manager, advanced functionalities, white labeling, personalized training

👍 Unique benefits : Versatility and flexibility to adapt to all needs. Extensive customization of dashboards. Ease of use.

👎 Disadvantages : Learning curve to master all features. High prices for advanced features.

🔀 Best Alternatives to ClickUp : Monday, Trello, Airtable

❤️ Our Take : ClickUp is the most complete no-code solution on the market. Its versatility makes it a relevant choice for all types of businesses, from startups to large groups. Whether you are looking to manage your projects, optimize your customer relationship or facilitate collaboration, ClickUp will revolutionize the way you work.

2. Webflow : Freedom of web design without coding

Webflow : top outils no code

Webflow pushes the boundaries of creating websites without coding.

Much more than a simple builder, it offers web designers and developers total freedom to create responsive and personalized sites and applications. $Even non-coders with advanced technical and creative skills can use Webflow to effectively represent their business and adapt to its growth.

Even non-coders with advanced technical and creative skills can use Webflow to effectively represent their business and adapt to its growth.


  • Extensive customization, surpassing traditional development platforms
  • Creation of custom databases for CMS and e-commerce shops.
  • Reliable and scalable hosting, with no maintenance worries or failures
  • Tools Webflow integrated SEOs for effective marketing campaigns
  • Easy team collaboration with permission management
  • Flexible integrations and the ability to add custom code
  • Creating immersive animations and interactions


prix de Webflow
  1. Site maps and e-commerce:
    • Basic at $12/month
    • CMS at $16/month
    • Business at $36/month
    • Enterprise on request
    • E-commerce standard at $29/month
    • Plus e-commerce at $74/month
    • Advanced e-commerce at $212/month
  2. Account plans (individual and team):
    • Free starter
    • Lite at $16/month
    • Pro at $35/month
    • Team at $35/user/month
    • Enterprise on request

👍 Unique benefits : Unlimited creative freedom. Clean and optimized code generation. Managed hosting with optimal performance.

👎 Disadvantages : Requires a background in web design. Some advanced features require custom code.

🔀 Best Alternatives to Webflow : Squarespace, Wix, WordPress

❤️ Our Take : Webflow is ideal for creatives who want to design unique and efficient sites without a line of code. Its flexibility is suitable for freelancers, agencies and companies that care about their image. A mastery of the basics of web design is recommended to fully exploit its potential.

3. Make : Intuitive process automation

Make : top outils no code

Make (ex-Integromat), is the ideal no-code platform for automating your workflows and connecting your applications.

Thanks to its intuitive visual interface, create automated scenarios in a few clicks, with no technical knowledge required. Boost your productivity by eliminating repetitive tasks and making it easier to share information between your favorite tools.


  • Connectors for over 1000 popular applications
  • Visual drag-and-drop scenario editor
  • Triggers and actions to automate workflows
  • Powerful database transfers and transformations
  • Planned or real-time execution of scenarios
  • Error management and disaster recovery
  • Detailed dashboard and execution history
  • Sharing and collaborating on scenarios


tarifs de Make
  • Free version: 1000 operations/month, 100 MB data transfer, 2 active scenarios
  • Core plan at €9/month: 10000 operations, 1 GB of data transfer, 5 active scenarios
  • Pro plan at €16/month: 50,000 operations, 50 GB of data transfer, 20 active scenarios
  • Teams plan at €29/seat/month: 100,000 operations, 100 GB of data transfer, unlimited scenarios
  • Enterprise plan on quotation: custom volume, dedicated manager, training, private API

👍 Unique benefits : Great ease of use, even without technical skills. Broad choice of compatible applications. Powerful data transformations.

👎 Disadvantages : Limited number of operations on some levels. Complex scenarios that are less readable. Advanced paid support.

🔀 Best Alternatives to Make : Zapier, n8n,

❤️ Our Take : Make is perfect for increasing efficiency at a lower cost. The diversity of compatible applications makes it a Swiss Army knife in automation, suitable for many sectors. Its excellent value for money will appeal to freelancers, startups and SMEs looking to optimize their processes without breaking the bank.

4. Dorik : Fast site creation with AI

Dorik : outils nocode

Dorik is the ideal solution for creating breathtaking websites without emptying your wallet.

With its intuitive interface and powerful features, bring your vision to life in a few clicks.

Whether you are a seasoned designer or a total novice, Dorik allows you to design professional and engaging sites in no time.


  • Intuitive visual editor for easy handling
  • Professional component and template library
  • Advanced customization for a unique website design
  • Responsive design for an optimal experience on all devices
  • Integrations with popular tools (MailChimp, Google Maps, etc.)
  • Fast and secure hosting included


tarifs de Dorik
  • Start plan at $12/month: ideal for starting with a professional site
  • Growth plan at $20/month: perfect for sites with increasing traffic
  • Plan Scale at $36/month: adapted to websites with a large audience
  • All plans include: custom domain, unlimited pages, unlimited pages, unlimited bandwidth, SSL, 24/7 support

👍 Unique benefits : Excellent value for money. Easy to use, even for beginners. Responsive automatic design.

👎 Disadvantages : Customization a bit limited for some specific needs. Fewer templates and integrations than the competition.

🔀 Best Alternatives to Dorik : Card, Weebly, Squarespace

❤️ Our Take : Dorik is ideal for quickly creating a professional site with a small budget. It is easy to handle, even for beginners. Despite some compromises that are sometimes necessary for very specific needs, Dorik offers excellent value for money to launch his site without taking the hassle out of his mind.

5. Shopify : Simplified online store

Shopify : top outils no code

Shopify is the essential platform for creating an efficient online store in record time.

Whether you are a craftsman, a creator, or a major retailer, Shopify offers you all the tools you need to successfully sell online. With its intuitive interface and powerful features, manage your e-commerce easily and focus on what matters most: the development of your business.


  • Custom online store creation with professional themes
  • Advanced product, inventory, and order management
  • Integration of payments and taxes for simplified management
  • Marketing and SEO tools to boost your visibility
  • Detailed analyses to monitor your performance
  • Mobile application to manage your store from your smartphone
  • 24/7 support via chat, email, or phone


prix de Shopify
  • Basic plan at $29/month: ideal for starting your online store
  • Shopify plan at $79/month: perfect for growing your business
  • Advanced plan at $299/month: adapted to high-growth businesses
  • Shopify Plus plan on quotation: for large businesses with customized needs

👍 Unique benefits :Complete ecosystem dedicated to e-commerce. Advanced customization for a unique store. Integrated marketing tools.

👎 Disadvantages : Some advanced features require paid third-party apps. Transaction fees. Full control requires technical skills.

🔀 Best Shopify Alternatives : WooCommerce, BigCommerce, Magento

❤️ Our Take : Shopify is the ideal solution to start e-commerce with ease. Its comprehensive features and intuitive interface make it possible to create a store quickly. Its comprehensive ecosystem helps optimize sales, but watch out for additional costs that can add up.

6. Typeform : Interactive forms and design

Typeform : outil  no code

Typeform is reinventing online data collection with its innovative conversational forms.

Captivate your audience with an engaging and intuitive interface that turns quizzes into real conversations. Easily gather the information you need while providing a pleasant and memorable experience for your users.


  • Professional and customizable template library
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop form editor
  • Conditional questions and personalized paths
  • Integrating images, GIFs, and videos
  • Responsive forms for an optimal experience on all devices
  • Collecting payments via Stripe
  • Integration with over 500 applications
  • Detailed dashboard and reports


tarifs de Typeform
  • Free version: 10 questions, 10 answers/month, 1 user
  • Basic plan at €25/month: 100 answers/month, 1 user, custom fields, conditional logic
  • Plus plan at 50€/month: 1000 answers/month, 3 users, remove Typeform branding, additional integrations
  • Business plan at 83/month: 10000 answers/month, 5 users, respondent history, priority support
  • Bespoke business offers beyond

👍 Unique benefits : Engaging conversational forms. Conditional logic for personalized paths. Modern and unique interface.

👎 Disadvantages : Limited number of monthly responses. Time-limited response storage. High rates for large volumes.

🔀 Best Typeform Alternatives : Google Forms, JotForm, SurveyMonkey

❤️ Our Take : Typeform is perfect for creating forms that are out of the ordinary. Its fun conversational approach and its numerous integrations make it an ally of choice for all businesses. The only drawback is that its pricing can quickly become high for large collection volumes.

7. Teachable : Accessible educational platform

Teachable : outil  no code

Teachable is the ideal platform to turn your expertise into engaging online courses.

Share your knowledge with the world and generate passive income with this intuitive and powerful tool. Without technical skills, create engaging and interactive courses with ease. With Teachable, your knowledge becomes your greatest asset.


  • Intuitive drag-and-drop course editor
  • Complete customization of the platform to your brand
  • Payment integration to easily sell your courses
  • Integrated marketing and promotion tools
  • Advanced student and enrollment management
  • Detailed analytics to monitor the performance of your courses
  • iOS application for learning on the go


prix de teachable
  • Free version: ideal for testing the platform
  • Basic plan at $39/month: perfect for launching your first training
  • Pro plan at $119/month: ideal for developing your online business
  • Business plan at $299/month: perfect for established online schools

👍 Unique benefits : Quick start without technical skills. Complete customization to your brand image. Integrated marketing tools.

👎 Disadvantages : Lack of advanced features for some specific courses. No Android app. Design limits for certain needs.

🔀 Best Teachable Alternatives : Kajabi, Podia, Thinkific

❤️ Our Take : Teachable is the ideal tool for sharing knowledge and generating passive income. With its intuitive handling and powerful features, you'll be able to create quality online courses in no time. It is the ideal partner to boost your online training business.

8. Notion : Unified productivity and organization

Notion : outil  no code

Notion revolutionizes the management of your projects and your digital life by bringing together all your content in one place.

Centralize your notes, tasks, documents, and more in this intuitive and infinitely customizable workspace.

Whether you are an individual, a team or a company, Notion adapts perfectly to your needs for increased productivity.


  • Unlimited creation of pages and databases
  • Pre-designed templates for different uses (notes, projects, wiki...)
  • Integration of various contents (text, images, images, videos, tables...)
  • Real-time collaboration with your team
  • Management of tasks and deadlines
  • Powerful search to easily find your information
  • Synchronize across all your devices


prix de notion
  • Free plan: ideal for individual users
  • Personal plan at $5/month: perfect for organizing your digital life
  • Team plan at $10/user/month: ideal for team collaboration
  • Enterprise plan at $25/user/month: adapted to organizations with advanced needs

👍 Unique benefits : Total flexibility to organize all types of content. Practical pre-designed templates. Real-time collaboration.

👎 Disadvantages : Learning curve to exploit its full power. No native desktop apps.

🔀 Best Alternatives to Notion : Evernote, Trello, Confluence

❤️ Our Take : Notion is perfect for optimizing productivity by centralizing all its content. Its total customization makes it a revolutionary tool for organizing your work. Getting started may require some time to adapt, but the efficiency gains are there.

9. Glide : Data-based business apps

glide : outil  no code

Glide is revolutionizing the creation of mobile applications by making it accessible to everyone, without computer programming language skills.

Turn your Google Sheets or Excel spreadsheets into powerful, interactive mobile apps in the blink of an eye.

Whether you are an association, a startup, or a large company, Glide allows you to create custom apps that perfectly fit your needs.


  • Creating native mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Synchronize in real time with your spreadsheets
  • Interactive components (buttons, maps, lists, forms...)
  • Full design and brand customization
  • Management of users and access permissions
  • Push notifications to engage your users
  • Analyzing the performance and use of your app


glide pricing
  • Free version: 500 rows of data, 100 users, 1 public app
  • Pro plan at $32/month: 25000 rows of data, 1000 users, 3 public apps
  • Business plan at $96/month: 50,000 rows of data, 5000 users, private apps
  • Enterprise plan on request: custom data volume, unlimited apps, SSO, on-premise

👍 Unique benefits : Turn a simple spreadsheet into a pro mobile app. Intuitive design interface. Real-time data synchronization.

👎 Disadvantages : Less suitable for complex projects. Customization a bit limited. Dependence on the structure of spreadsheets.

🔀 Best Alternatives to Glide : Adalo, AppSheet, Bubble

❤️ Our Take : Glide is perfect for creating a mobile application without breaking the bank or spending months developing if you also have no notions. Testing an idea or business examples, launching an MVP or digitizing an existing service becomes child's play. Its ease of use really democratizes app creation.

10. Zapier: Automate your work

Zapier  : outil  no code

Zapier is the ultimate tool for connecting all your applications and automating your repetitive tasks.

Say goodbye to copy and paste and tedious manual entries. With Zapier, create automated workflows in a few clicks and let the magic happen. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a team, or a large company, Zapier saves you valuable time and increases your productivity tenfold.


  • Connect more than 3000 popular apps (Gmail, Trello, Slack...)
  • Create automated workflows without coding
  • Customizable triggers and actions for custom scenarios
  • Integration with business apps and APIs
  • Detailed task history and error handling
  • Code editor for advanced automations
  • Intuitive dashboard to manage all your Zaps


tarifs de zapier
  • Free plan: 5 single-stage Zaps, 100 tasks/month
  • Starter plan at $19.99/month: 20 multi-step Zaps, 750 tasks/month
  • Professional plan at $49/month: unlimited Zaps, 2000 tasks/month
  • Teams, Company and Enterprise plans on request: advanced functionalities for large accounts

👍 Unique benefits : Connects more than 3000 apps. Creation of automated workflows without code. Triggers and tailor-made actions.

👎 Disadvantages : Complex automations that are less readable. Limited number of tasks on lower plans. Limited options for lesser-known apps.

🔀 Best Alternatives to Zapier : Make,, Microsoft Power Automate

❤️ Our Take : Zapier is essential for connecting applications and automating time-consuming tasks. It is a valuable ally for increasing efficiency on a daily basis, regardless of your business and the size of your structure. Be careful, however, of the limits of the free and lower plans.

11. Bubble: Intuitive web app development

Bubble  : outil  no code

Bubble is revolutionizing the creation of digital products by offering total design freedom, with no coding skills required.

Thanks to its intuitive visual editor, design dynamic and mobile-friendly interfaces in no time. Bubble manages deployment and hosting for you, allowing you to focus on what matters most: your product.


  • Drag-and-drop editor for simplified design
  • Scalable and secure data storage
  • Full customization for a unique experience
  • Possibility to create functional prototypes to test your ideas
  • Scalable infrastructure for multi-user applications
  • No storage, traffic, or user limits


tarifs de bubble
  • Free version: to learn and test the platform
  • Personal plan at $25/month: to launch an application with a custom domain
  • Professional plan at $115/month: for professional applications with more employees and more power
  • Production plan at $475/month: for high-growth applications requiring optimal performance and enhanced security

👍 Unique benefits : Total design freedom, no limits. Integrated scalability to manage growth. Ideal for moving from a prototype to a final product.

👎 Disadvantages : Longer handling than other no-code platforms. Achieving a complex design requires creativity. Community support needed.

🔀 Best Alternatives to Bubble : Adalo, OutSystems, Mendix

❤️ Our Take : Bubble is ideal for entrepreneurs and startups looking to develop ambitious digital products. Its flexibility and power make it possible to realize its vision without compromise. Apprenticeships can take a bit of time, but the opportunities are worth it.

12. FlutterFlow: Fast mobile app creation

FlutterFlow  : outil  no code

FlutterFlow is the revolutionary platform that allows you to create breathtaking native mobile applications, without any programming knowledge. Thanks to its intuitive visual interface, design and publish your apps on iOS and Android in record time.

With FlutterFlow, mobile development becomes a breeze, allowing you to focus on what really matters: the user experience.


  • Drag-and-drop visual editor for simplified design
  • Pre-designed and customizable components for a unique design
  • Firebase integration for a powerful serverless backend
  • Real-time user authentication and data management
  • One-click deployment on the Play Store and App Store
  • Live updates without additional submissions
  • Exporting Flutter source code for advanced customization


prix FlutterFlow
  • Free version: 1 app, 5 Firestore collections, 1 GB of storage
  • Pro plan at $30/month: 10 apps, 25 Firestore collections, 10 GB of storage
  • $100/month Enterprise Plan: unlimited apps, 50 Firestore collections, 20 GB of storage, source code export
  • Customized plan: for specific needs and high volume

👍 Unique benefits : Generate high-performance mobile apps using Flutter. Robust serverless backend with Firebase. Smooth and responsive user experience.

👎 Disadvantages : Concepts specific to mobile development to be assimilated. Exporting code only on the Enterprise plan. Learning curve.

🔀 Best Alternatives to FlutterFlow : Adalo, Draftbit, BuildFire

❤️ Our Take : FlutterFlow is the ideal solution for starting mobile development without learning to code.

Creating powerful native applications with an integrated backend is becoming accessible to everyone. A real democratization of mobile development, despite a slight learning curve

What is a no-code tool?

No-code tools are platforms for creating applications, websites or automations without computer programming skills.

Thanks to intuitive visual interfaces, you can carry out complex digital projects quickly and cheaply.

No-code democratizes digital creation in order to develop any project independently.

In addition to their simplicity, no-code tools offer businesses:

  • Significant time and money savings
  • Great agility to test new ideas
  • An increase in the skills of employees
  • A better model of synergy between businesses

Although complementary to traditional development, no-code covers a large majority of needs.

So, with platforms like Bubble, Webflow or Zapier, start the no-code revolution now and bring your digital projects to life!

Main categories of no-code tools

The world of no-code is full of platforms adapted to different needs. Discover the main families of tools to find the ones that will best suit you.

  • Application builders : Develop apps without coding with visual editors
  • Website creators : Start websites, blogs or e-shops quickly
  • Automation tools : Automate workflows and simple integrations
  • Database managers : Create and manage databases Intuitive
  • Conversational assistants : Design Chatbots without technical skills
  • Marketing automation : Automate your marketing campaigns and follow the performances

CThese no-code tools allow you to create, automate, and manage without the help of developers, making technology accessible to everyone.

Ideal for an MVP or operational optimization, their ease of use is revolutionizing digital creation. Explore these options to find the perfect tool for your projects.


This overview of the best no-code platforms on the market shows their potential to revolutionize the way you work. Entrepreneur, Start-ups, SMEs or large groups, you can gain in agility, speed and productivity.

No more waiting and excessive budgets to set up an application or a website with these software.

With these web applications, bring your ideas to life by drag and drop and in record time, without a developer.

Test new concepts, adapt to customer needs, launch MVPs... No-code is your ally for an agile approach.

But be careful, as a matter of principle, think before you go for it. Clarify your goals, target your audience, and choose the right tool for your use case. Then get started, starting simple to master the tool. The community and support are there to help.

The main thing is to practice to become a no-code pro. Your next successful application may be just a click away.

So, what tool are you going to choose to propel your business?

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